2019 Art Installations

2019 Art Search for "kiumako"

KIUMAKO – sound shape structure

by: Kunst-Technik-Einheit
from: Berlin & Weimar, Germany
year: 2019

Reminding some of an ice cream cone or a lobster in a shell, KIUMAKO is halfway a straight geometrical structure from the outside, that metamorphoses at its highest point into a jungle of fabric tentacles, dancing to a seemingly unknown song.
The answer waits inside though, where everyone’s acoustic expression contributes to form a flow of sounds and melodies accompanied by an immersive shape-shifting panorama wall. The cone shell certainly has a life of its own, yet this life is also directly derived from the participants input inside, thus crossing the borders between sound and visual shape and the new field of algorithmic generated music and the most essential instrument of mankind – the human voice.