Ways to Participate

In 2020, Burning Man took place in the Multiverse! During a time when many were unable to gather in person, something truly wondrous emerged — dozens of imaginative Universe creators built an ever-expanding virtual Burning Man Multiverse comprising eight Universes, a virtual Temple, and a globally distributed Man Burn.

Thousands from around the world visited us during Burn Week, August 30 to September 6, 2020.

People who go to Burning Man are no mere “attendees” but rather active participants in every sense of the word: They create the city, the interaction, the art, the performance and ultimately the experience. Participation is at the very core of Burning Man, and there are many ways to participate. Here are just a few to start with.

Make Something

YOU are Burning Man. Create your own form of participation! Create an art installation, a Theme Camp, a Mutant Vehicle, or performance. You can connect with an existing project through Spark.


Volunteer to help build the infrastructure of Black Rock City. First-time Burners can learn the ropes here.

Get Inspired

Browse the Art of Burning Man and our historical timeline and get yourself inspired!

Participation Videos

These videos are designed to entertain, enlighten and educate about our culture.


“Whether you make a cup of coffee for the folks camped next door or help someone you hardly know unzip the back of their costume in preparation to use the port-a-potty, you can be a participant of Burning Man. If you reach inside yourself and figure out that part of you that can be shared with others around you, chances are you will enjoy Burning Man. The only way to avoid having fun is to bring nothing of yourself to the event. If you just try to take everything in, you won’t ‘get’ anything.”

— Anonymous