2022 Art Installations

2022 Art Search for "Lantern"

BFL (Big F***ing Lantern)

by: The Clown Crown
from: Tokyo, Japan
year: 2022

This is a fucking big shape of Japanese lantern, “TOUROU” in Japanese. Ordinary, Japanese lantern is around 0.2ft cube.

The lantern is a tall cuboid structure of iron pipe sized 18ft tall, 6ft wide, 6ft long.

“TOUROU” is spiritual and traditional Lantern in Japan.
the light of a lantern represents the spirits of ancestors, beloved dead, and to imagine peace. This Lantern is the gateway to the world of birth and death.

At night, this lantern emits light. The light leaks from a Japanese papaer-like cloth stretched over the outer wall. The light shines in response to the participants.

Grandmother Tree

by: Wildflower
from: Talent, OR
year: 2022

Grandmother Tree tells the story of our love and will be a place for telling love stories of generations before and after us. The shape will be like that of a windswept Cypress. Inspiration for the look of the piece came from a variety of different trees: Madrone, Bay-Laurel, Eastern Redbud & Cypress. She will have an east facing 2 person seat at her core & a long root reaching south that acts as a bench. She will be made out of reclaimed wood, metal, and hardware recovered from previous Burning Man projects, fences, and construction sites. The visual impact from afar will be whimsical, mysterious and intriguing. At night time the tree will be lit, shining from inside out with multiple colors and lanterns hanging from her branches.

Playa Passage

by: Lantern's Shmanterns
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2022

The Playa Passage is a doorway to people’s imaginations. The door may be opened by curious participants, revealing a lighted interior ‘canvas’ with various media and materials to allow drawing, writing, and expression. Participants may then close up the door, leaving their dreams, ideas, and imagination for others to enjoy.

REM Cafe and Croquet

by: Iron Monkeys
from: Seattle, WA
year: 2022

At 60′ in diameter, the REM Cafe will have 3 – 6 metal and wood tables, each designed with playful and interactive elements. The centerpiece will be an approximately 8′ tall metal candelabra piped with propane flame effects and embellished with graceful blacksmithed details. Fire zen gardens will be placed throughout the space and a ring of lanterns will define the perimeter. Weaving in and around the space will be a croquet course with custom crafted mallets, balls and wickets made by the Iron Monkeys.

Stoicheia [Elements]

by: Lilli Szafranski and Jesse Banks, Lumina Lab
from: Portland, OR
year: 2022

Stoicheia [ELEMENTS] is an homage to Earth’s earliest thinkers and mathematicians, merging modern technology with the very foundations of mathematics, and dedicating it to the culture from which modern academia was born. A perfect dodecahedron, each side depicting the iconography of one of the Twelve Olympians, centered in a stained-glass rosary design, this four-foot hanging lantern is lit from inside with 2,200 morphing LEDs, the colors and patterns constantly changing, never repeating.

Temple of Thought

by: Dan Miller
from: Willits, CA
year: 2022

The Temple of Thought is a place to consider your thoughts and put a thought, written on paper, in the Man’s Brain. The Temple serves as a permanent address for the Man’s Brain that is on tour of Black Rock City. It has a mail slot for people to leave a thought for the Brain when the Brain is not there. The Temple design is in tribute to Larry Harvey, based on his Lamppost design, expanded out to include 12 lanterns, seating around the base with desktop space for writing notes… with shade too!

The Midnight Museum of That One Time at Burning Man

by: Jerry Snyder
from: Reno, NV
year: 2022

The Midnight Museum will be 25 faux stained-glass lanterns depicting artworks, events, and people of significant interest within Burning Man culture. Each lantern will be a box 3′ tall and 2′ wide on a 3′ high stand. Each will consist of a wood box housing a faux stained-glass panel on each vertical face. Each lantern will be lit from within and will be topped with a light pole. On the top of each pole will be an LED beacon that will display a variety of enticing colors designed to draw viewers in from across the playa. At the base of each pole will be a button that, if pressed and held down, will cause the beacon to dim. The lanterns will be arranged in a regular square grid with the lanterns 6′ apart on center.