Larry Harvey: The Mind Under the Hat

(Photo by Stewart Harvey)


“Uniquely expressive acts get transformed and elaborated into social rites, and through participation they accrue a breadth and depth of meaning which can only be produced in a communal setting. It is the primal process by which culture is created.”
– Larry Harvey 

Burning Man co-founder and Chief Philosophic Officer Larry Harvey wrote and spoke publicly about Burning Man since its origins, both under his own name and in the guise of his anagrammatic alter ego Darryl Van Rhey.

He is the author of Burning Man’s 10 Principles as well as many landmark essays and speeches concerning the event and the culture. He also founded the Philosophical Center, in order to nurture the ideas and values unlocked at Burning Man, instill them in our culture, and share them with the wider world.

He wrote for and edited the community’s early print newsletters, Building Burning Man (1991-1999) and the original Burning Man Journal (2000-2007). More of his writings can be found in our Historical Publications archive and the (newfangled) Burning Man Journal.

(Photo by Stewart Harvey)


Journal Posts

In addition to the links below, you’ll find some of Larry’s classic long-form essays and speeches in the navigation bar on this page. 

Introduction: The Philosophical Center — 2013

How The West Was Won: Anarchy Vs. Civic Responsibility — 2013

Commerce & Community: Distilling philosophy from a cup of coffee … — 2013

Consensus, Collaboration, Hierarchy, Authority and Power — 2014

Equality, Inequity, Iniquity: Concierge Culture — 2014

Following the Money: The Florentine Renaissance and Black Rock City — 2016

Radical Ritual: Spirit and Soul — 2017



Excerpts from Larry’s self-produced film, “Burning Man” (1991)

Larry interviewed on Charlie Rose, aired on March 19, 2014

Larry, Caveat and Stuart discuss Art, Money and the Renaissance at the 2016 Global Leadership Conference

Larry addresses the 2015 Global Leadership Conference

Larry presents at Design Indaba 2015

“Why the Man Keeps Burning” at the Long Now Foundation (watch on their site)

Larry talks about the origin of the 10 Principles at the 2013 GLC


Articles & Interviews

Burning Man’s Founder Looks Ahead — Wired, 2005