Virtual BRC 2020

Across the many folds of the Multiverse, the idea of Black Rock City persists outside time and space, a virtual metropolis waiting for us to come Home. This year we can still build it together, and be together, and Burn together, only digitally instead of in the dust.

We realize that VBRC can never replace our beloved, wild and magical city in the desert. Think of it instead as a parallel reality, splintered off by the hammer of circumstance. After all, as much as we love our playa Home, Burning Man was never as much about the place as it was about the humans who bring it to life.

Building VBRC is going to take a lot of ingenuity and creativity, and a ton of collaboration. And it could still be a colossal failure. But when has that ever stopped us before? Let’s do this together.

Busting to get onboard? Let us know how you want to collaborate here.