2023 Art Installations

All artworks in these listings will be presented by these artists on the open playa in Black Rock City. Honoraria Art H has been awarded a grant by Burning Man Project. Registered Art includes all other projects that have registered for placement on the open playa in BRC. You can learn more about the BRC Art program here.



by: Misha Libertee
from: Yerevan, Armenia
year: 2023

The massive inflatable pink tiger stands tall amidst the dusty playa of Burning Man. Its size and bright hue make it impossible to miss, drawing people in for a closer look. The tiger’s majestic form is both impressive and whimsical, evoking a sense of childlike wonder.
Bright pink color of the installation serves as a reminder of the struggles that these animals face due to habitat loss, poaching, and climate change.
#Vagr functions as an eco-educational tool, offering burners a chance to learn more about the problems facing tigers and what they can do to help.
By doing so, they become more aware of the importance of conservation efforts and the role that each individual can play in protecting these magnificent animals.

Vagr – Tiger (Armenian)

1000 & 1

by: Tyler Fuqua Creations
from: Eagle Creek, OR
year: 2023

Mechan 1 & Mechan 1000 – Two robots frozen in time. One is made of metal and appears fresh off the factory line and one seems to be an ancient prototype for it is made of wood. Both robots have a hand outstretched towards the other with a finger pointing right at the opposing robot. The metal one holds an axe. The wooden one holds a wrench. Are they here to fight? Did they some how create each other? And where did they come from? Who built them? So many questions that can be answered with a bit of creative sleuthing.

1000 Hands

by: Nicholas DeBruyne & Maria Gotay with Wevolve Labs & Art Island
from: Austin, TX
year: 2023

This 50′ tall collective tapestry illustrating a world on fire stands as one of the largest & most vivid works at Burning Man, transforming shape by desert winds and participant interaction.

By day, the work depicts a fiery landscape, sparking reflection of our climate reality. At night, a serene scene illuminates in light, inspiring waking dreams of a hope-filled future.

Participants are able to swing from the base of the tapestry and experience the sensation of “the world on their shoulders,” witnessing the ripple effect of their actions displayed on a monumental scale.

As the name “1000 Hands” suggests, over 500 participants co-created this artwork, forming a community for whom the process was equally as important as the final product.

A Mechanical Menagerie

by: Esmeralda Nadeau-Jasso & Caleb Hull
from: Slocan, Canada
year: 2023

A small forest of carousels that seeks to pique the interest of passing citizens of BRC.. It will reward the curious with interactive art that will showcase several mechanical animation styles. Each carousel will have a mechanical animation within them that will be a collection of Zoetropes. Spun by either the wind or a participant, they will reveal these hidden animations.

The carousels will have an antique aesthetic and will be made out of thin wood. Each carousel will have a flywheel that will be powered by a wind-catching device on top of the carousels. They will light up have little musical box soundscapes. The animations will vary and but will have a few animals to keep in this year’s theme.


by: Laura Salcido
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2023

The artist wants to create a space that entices engagement with curiosity and delight.
Three Alebrijes will be resting in an open area of which its borders are soft white faerie lights. The Alebrijes are large and magical creatures with colorful markings and symbols throughout their bodies. While wildly different they are of the same other world. There are benches placed around for visitors to rest with the Alebrijes if they so choose.

The artist meaning behind this is for us to ponder how beautiful things are when we slow down and ponder the unique pull in the diversity of colors.


by: Trey Watkins, Mara Greenberg, Alan Becker & the Frogma Art Collective
from: Los Angeles, CA
year: 2023

Alight is a flock of birds, a bridge. Birds of all shapes, cultures, and histories. A bridge that is traversable, reactive, and punctuated by fluttering in flames. The structure will respond to participants crossing. The form invites flight. Its transience will culminate with its immolation at the end of the week.

All In Your Head

by: Kathryn Wingate - Jeff Dobrow - David Posner
from: Charlottesville, VA
year: 2023

All In Your Head is a 12 foot tall 360-degree immersive, experiential installation that is a dance of physical art and digital art in motion. It consists of four head profiles with adjacent inner head profiles that participants can climb inside. The piece will feature eight murals for display during the day, and it will feature 3D mapped projections that will transform it at night. The citizens of Black Rock City will be able to explore a physical structure that allows them to look inward and beyond.


by: David aiu Servan-Schreiber
from: London, United Kingdom
year: 2023

Amun-Ra, an art installation by David aiu Servan-Schreiber, stands as a 15ft cubic structure that encases a central golden planet. This striking piece links spirituality and sustainability. Powered by solar panels for illumination, Amun-Ra promotes the use of renewable energy

As participants walk around the structure, they are encouraged to reflect on the interconnectedness of all living beings and their environmental responsibilities. The installation fosters connections and raises awareness about sustainability through observation and discussion, without requiring direct physical interaction. Amun-Ra serves as a testament to the profound gratitude for our planet.

Analog Shepard Tone Generator (Chaos Wheel)

by: Nate Lieby
from: Santa Cruz, CA
year: 2023

Behold! The Chaos Wheel! Buckets of an ever-rising tones emanate from this kinetic sculpture. It spins and plays its eerie harmony for all to be hypnotized and drawn ever closer.


by: Susanna Weinholt, Tea Time Initiative
from: Oakland, CA
year: 2023

Turtles move at a pace that is all their own, they see change living through their long and serene lives. Some believe in the “World Turtle”, a turtle that supports the entire world which in and of itself, rests on an even bigger turtle, into infinity. Others use turtles to represent the problem of “Infinite regress” by using the expression “Turtles all the way down”. The turtle is a strong symbol no matter your journey. By bringing a turtle to the Playa, we hope to cast light on the magic we create year after year in the desert and why the re-creation, the build, tear down and re-build of our beloved Black Rock City


by: Cole Pischke
from: Phoenix, AZ
year: 2023

ANIMAL-ia welcomes all who wish to express their inner drummer to come and jam out in a public forum. Whether you are just wanting to hit things or if your a regular Neil Pert come and put on a show! Your rhythm will be translated into a light show for everyone to enjoy!


by: Kathy D'Onofrio
from: Truckee, CA
year: 2023

Branchinecta Gigas have finally arisen and evolved through their cryptobiosis. Now they must coexist amongst Dust Devils, blood thirsty Mormon Crickets and the frivolous Free Spirits of Black Rock City. Rejoice!

Anya and the Void Bunnies

by: Steffin Griswold
from: Minneapolis, MN
year: 2023

Visiting dignitaries from beyond space and time receive a gift from the hart of fire.

Apex of Azure (AoA)

by: Anna Gribovsky
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2023

Apex of Azure invites you to walk around and inside a transparent, three-dimensional painting. The structure is made of ten triangular plexiglass sections that are hand-painted with alcohol inks and epoxy resin. The effect is that of futuristic stained glass, depicting scenes of water and sky. From afar, the structure looks like a pyramid; from above and up close, it resembles an “x” (or the man symbol!). At night, AoA is backlit along its borders with LEDs. During the day, the sun passes through the panels, casting colored shadows and cutout patterns on the ground.

Apocalyptic Deep Sea Portal

by: Apocalyptic Deep Sea Portal Art Collective
from: Reno, NV
year: 2023

The apocalyptic portal appears on Playa for the sixth time to provide Black Rock citizens the opportunity to move back and forth between the non apocalyptic world and the apocalyptic world. In the non-apocalyptic world, the citizen will enter into a world in which covid has never happened, everyone experiences adequate human rights, and war is a distant memory. Hyperbolically developed sea creatures will guide you between the two realms. The portal is a cube made out of recycled, reclaimed construction wood posts, with the Apocalyptic Emblems and the Guiding Sea Creatures hanging from the frame and interconnecting wire lines


by: Friends of a Feather
from: South Lake Tahoe, CA
year: 2023

Ascension is intended to evoke dual meanings: The concepts of Spiritual and Astrological Ascensions.

This sculpture is a woman’s form suspended above the playa by wings that resemble a combination of silks and hawk wings representing Kelly’s passion for aerial arts and her beloved red-tailed hawk. The body will arch toward the sky, reaching for ascension.

The inspiration for this piece was born from the unexpected loss of a beloved community member last November. An accomplished aerialist, Kelly created a performance art community based out of her studio that has inspired students and collaborators of all ages to pursue their highest calling and connect with their true selves.

ATABEY's Treasure

by: NiNo
from: Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico
year: 2023

ATABEY’s Treasure is represented as a fish leaping off the ground. The goddess of fresh water to the indigenous Taíno people in the Caribbean. Given the environmental challenges my Puerto Rico has experienced recently, we chose to honor her spirit. This will be ATABEY 2.0


by: Lanterns Shmanterns
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2023

Awaiting consists of five life-size sculptures of people. Two as solid wood figures and three as thin metallic outlines. All with glowing hearts. Awaiting is meant to represent the feeling of hope and longing for someone to enter or return to our lives–the desire to make a connection with a person we have not met or who is no longer with us.

Awaken Thee

by: Darrell Ansted
from: Boulder, CO
year: 2023

Awaken is 3 wooden/steel stupas like the ancient towers of Angkor Wat. It offers the opportunity to sit, ride through, climb and discover the beauty of the playa from above. The playful LEDs that light up the night


by: Ryan Elmendorf and Nick Geurts
from: Denver, CO
year: 2023

Awakening is both a large scale articulating sculpture and an immersive camera obscura that represents our coming into existence. As a large scale articulating sculpture the piece is comprised of three separate related structures; the head facing toward two hands rising out of the ground.

The human body is the most highly engineered object in existence, a machine of uncountable parts and unfathomable function. Its workings have served as inspiration for all of humanity’s greatest inventions. This work serves as an homage to two most amazing mechanisms in that machine: the human eye and hand. They represent what separates us/life from the rest of the universe, the ability to observe the world around us and manifest change in that world.

Axolotl Frequency

by: Gio Mantis & Elana Novali
from: Reno, NV; Montreal, Canada; San Francisco, CA
year: 2023

Axolotl Frequency is inspired by the creature’s unique ability to regenerate its body through the power of its heart, connecting to the very essence of life. These art pieces aim to express the importance of protecting this endangered animal and symbolize the power and wisdom of the heart. Two sculptures of 13 parts engineered to create a realistic depiction of an Axolotl, giving the impression of floating on water while the body and tail emerge from it. Intricately designed skin with transparent sections will allow internal light to shine through, enhanced with stained glass, mirrors, and gems. The chest section will have a transparent opening with internal lighting that pulses with a simulated heartbeat simulating its heart frequency.

Axolotl: A Spirit Guide

by: Riikc
from: Monterrey, Mexico & Brussels, Belgium
year: 2023

Axolotl: A Spirit Guide” is a massive, luminescent sculpture that will bring the colors and mythology of Mexico to Black Rock City. In the day, an enormous aluminum structure measuring over 20 feet long stretches out across the playa, giving the impression that this Mexican creature is crawling across the desert earth. Then at night, external gills made of fiber optic cable light up along the neck and tail of the axolotl, dazzling spectators as the colorful lights ebb and flow. That’s not all: the lights react to sounds in their environment, so citizens of Black Rock City are encouraged to interact with the axolotl to unleash its full potential.

Back to the Future: Dystopia about the Space Dogs

by: Firecup & Victory of the Surreal
from: Los Angeles, CA
year: 2023

The installation “Back to the Future: Dystopia about the Space Dogs” brings us back to the golden age of sci-fi when faith in the omnipotent human mind and spirit was boundless. The design of the art object uses the works of different artists from science fiction novels. The heroes of their works – conquerors of outer space, extraterrestrial landscapes, as well as intelligent and faithful to mankind robots.
The installation is composed of the 5 fire pit orbs. Five orbs, that tell you the cosmic legend are located around the magnificent fire pit flower.

Bad Covid Advice

by: Magic Man and Sugar Plum
from: Silicon Valley, CA
year: 2023

Bad Covid Advice & Testing is a highly interactive Bad Advice booth. In the spirit of Burning Man, it provides much needed bad covid advice! Vaxman is the centerpiece of the kiosk, which is fully Dr. Fauci approved and is colorfully embellished with zany and crazy covid art, bad advice, tests kits, and more!

BAJ (Butt Activated Jellyfish)

by: OctoEyes
from: Seattle, WA
year: 2023

BAJ, the Butt Activated Jellyfish, is ready for action! Sit, bounce and contemplate life in the deep sea while stimulating BAJ’s lights using one of your best assets.

Barrel Oh' Monkeys "The Great Escape"

by: Iron Monkeys
from: Seattle, WA
year: 2023

Barrel Oh Monkeys ‘The Great Escape’ is a 15′ tall climbable steel & leather barrel with shade, lighting, & tiered seating. Windows provide a portal to enjoy the world outside. It has benches inside and outside, and occasionally a wood burning fire pit may appear.

Be Here Meow

by: Zoë aka Lightbulb
from: Las Vegas, NV
year: 2023

“With the right catitude, anything is pawsible!” Be Here Meow closely resembles a cat tree. The structure is 14′ with a 10×6′ footprint. There are three levels, with cozy rooms on the first and second level and a view tower at the top. Be Here Meow aims to inspire playfulness by experiencing the joys of being a pawsitively pampered kitty cat. The piece encourages participants to tap into their feline nature, to be curious, to play but also to lounge or take a cat nap. By creating an environment that helps humans feel more animalistic, Be Here Meow inspires more compassion and care for our furry friends at home and their relatives in the wild.

Bench of Bending Thoughts

by: Bernhard T. Manning and the Pow Plant Playskool
from: Alta, UT
year: 2023

The “Bench of Deep Thoughts” is a bent metal and found object piece. Just as life provides ups and downs, the ins and outs are now fuzed at the playa for some deep movements from below the centerline. Rusted carbon steel, atop of powder coated spring steel, fusion has taken off from the playa with a twist of levitation.

Best In Show

by: Tim Treguboff, Paul Keister, and Mike Murray
from: Phoenix, AZ and Los Angeles, CA
year: 2023

Climb atop this extra-large, Best In Show podium and show the world how you’re a champion!!!!!

It’s an oversized reproduction of the yellow and purple Westminster Dog Show, Best In Show, championship podium. It stands 48″ tall by 96″ wide and deep. The perfect size for everyone to stand upon and be recognized for their absolute beauty, both inside and out.

On the front of the ‘Best In Show’ podium, will also be an extra-large purple and yellow bow made of thin-gauged metal. Like the original Best In Show bow, the ribbons will flow down the podium and across the dusty playa.

Big Spinning Wheels

by: PDA
from: Roxbury, NY
year: 2023

Simple, Yet complex! Big Spinning Wheels are not for the faint, but rather the open of heart. From close or a far, they evoke a secret and sacred tantalizing beauty. Placed at the bounds of BRC, and the edge of reality….patience is a virtue….


by: Emma Lindsay and Emma Lefley
from: Oakland, CA
year: 2023

Binary is an interactive art installation designed on the outside to look like bathroom stalls. The work is intended to confront the socio-cultural dichotomy that gender often is thought to be, i.e. men and women. Since non-cisgender people are often made to choose between two gender options (man or woman) in everyday life, Binary is requiring people to confront a different gender dichotomy.


by: colin odonnell/crime.wav
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2023

BitCube is an interactive installation that transforms 224 standard IBC water totes into single pixels in a massive low-resolution cube display towering 30 feet over the desert. The installation creates a minimalist, abstract visual narrative that defies the ubiquity of hi-res displays. BitCube embraces the limitations of a low-res medium and encourages viewers to find beauty in simplicity. The installation’s audio-reactive capabilities reflect the collective heartbeat of the Burning Man community. Light patterns range from abstract shapes to minimalist representations of life and energy, resonating with Burning Man’s spirit of creativity, self-expression, and community in a stripped-down interplay of light, space, and perception.

Black Rock City Supreme Court

by: Flirt Camp / Stove
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2023

The Black Rock City Supreme Court is in session for you Burners! If you need a playa name, have a playa wedding and/or divorce, confessions of any kind, high-dea patents, etc, then, for the record, this is your next stop! Passers by can participate as jury or onlookers, anyone can take the gavel and adjudicate over any issue or idea that comes up in the moment. Come to court to be judged on how awesome you are!

Black Rock City Taxi Stand

by: A Nice Camp
from: New York City, NY
year: 2023

The Black Rock City Taxi stand will provide a ride service to stranded burners out in deep playa, bringing weary travelers from one place…. to another.

We are here for all burners in need of a ride to your next destination. All we ask if for something they are contemplating in return, which we will discuss (as any good cabbie would).

Black Rock Estates Billboard

by: Doyle Bussey / Sophia Olson / Brian Sullivan
from: Concord, NC
year: 2023

A billboard in the middle of the playa showing a future housing development with all the comforts of home. Watered lawns, trees, modern homes with all the conveniences of living beyond the capabilities nature can provide. The back side of the billboard shows the aftermath of this hubris and what happens when humanity ignores the realities of desert living.

Black Rock Observatory

by: Black Rock Observatory
from: Portland, OR
year: 2023

The Black Rock Observatory serves as a gateway to the wonders of the cosmos. For years we have brought together thousands of participants to experience with views of planets, galaxies and nebulae, sharing meteorites, and giving talks on a multitude of scientific and artistic topics.

A beautiful wooden observatory dome houses an 8-foot tall Dobsonian reflector telescope, and several other smaller telescopes that participants can use to view the night sky.

Kids’ Night at the Observatory is a particular favorite, where young burners go to get their universe on. Dozens of kids hear tales of the night sky and receive real meteorites!

Black Rock Station

by: Black Rock Transportation Company
from: Felton, CA
year: 2023

Black Rock Station is a classic rural train station built in the mid-1930s to serve Black Rock City and the communities scattered throughout the vast Black Rock Desert. The station has come unstuck in time, unstable and oscillating through various moments over the last 150 years and beyond, with ghost trains heard but not seen, an ever-shifting interior life, and a subtle narrative that cuts against conventional historical themes.


by: Weld Queen
from: Planet Earth
year: 2023

The art object consists of two installations. It’s Airfield for Walking in the Clouds, created at the Burning Man 2019, a small airfield with 2 takeoff and landing pads, a waiting area, and a brightly lit runway. This airfield is home to 10 cloud-seating seats. These are airplane chairs can be physically boarded and rocked for “flying” and watching the sunrise.
The second one is Blastoff, a new object, which is both an airplane and a tower blasting vertically upwards into the sky. Its spiral staircase can be climbed, then, from the wings, opens a view of Playa. The fiery tent-tail saves from the heat, residents can drink tea and take shelter from the scorching sun. The object allows to freely get off the ground and fly toward your dreams.

BRC Wheels on Meals - Year 10!

by: LYSA MORGAN/Dazzle!
from: Livermore, CA
year: 2023

BRC Wheels on Meals will driving around the playa during build week delivering hot meals and pudding cups to artist groups at their installation during build week. No reservations required or needed. Our motto is food coming at you at 5MPH!

Breaking Open

by: Butterfly Heart Tribe
from: Topanga, CA
year: 2023

A broken heart stands as a chrysalis to new life within, a symbol of the potential for healing and transformation. The heart is ignited and as it burns away, it reveals the butterfly, now free to fly.

Build A Seat 2.0

by: Mo Osunbor
from: Brooklyn, NY
year: 2023

Build A Seat 2.0 is a collective art piece made by Black creatives, intentionally inviting us to contribute their presence, energy and voice to the Burning Man experience.
Each seat will well be created by a Black artist, shining a light to their individual experience at Burning Man.

Burden of The Beast

by: Walker Babington
from: New Orleans, LA
year: 2023

“Burden of The Beast,” is a fantastical folk art sculpture depicting a bison with a house at its torso. It symbolizes the task of relocating one’s intrinsic understanding of ‘home.’

Both the bison & the house are made with materials from New Orleans structures which have been destroyed by climate disasters, as though the pieces of a fallen home had the sentience and will to collect what could be salvaged, stand up, and head toward higher ground.

Burning Time

by: Robert and Laurel
from: Eugene, OR
year: 2023

Twelve old timers gather round to share stories by the fire. The time is always now. Until it’s not.


by: DM
from: Miami, FL
year: 2023

Introducing a stunning and thought-provoking butterfly sculpture, standing 12 feet tall and spanning 10 feet wide. This magnificent sculpture is made of a metal frame and PVC panels, lit up with addressable LED lights. An integrated touch screen gadget allows viewers to explore the concept of cause and effect, highlighting the butterfly effect and other complex phenomena. This interactive element invites viewers to engage with the artwork on a deeper level and contemplate the ways in which our actions can have far-reaching consequences.


by: Founders - Jason Blanda and Andrew Lazorchak
from: Kinnelon, NJ
year: 2023

BYTE is comprised of the first two truly sentient robots freed from robot slavery named “Chip” and “Tera”.

Chip and Tera are big cuddle bots with bulbous mirrored eyeballs that emit dancing beams of light at night.

Chip’s underbelly gives life to a hanging wisteria garden where adventurous humans may find hidden gifts hanging among the flowered vines or wedged in the graffitied bones of Chip’s belly, along side beautiful messages of appreciation and art from past BRC Citizens. You may even find a serene chill space with a cargo net and big fluffy pillows for some “me” time!

Tera piggy backs Chip creating another snuggly hideout, enveloped in fur, for escaping the harsh elements and meeting new fuzzy friends.

Cactus of Life. A Mirror of truth. Awaken your true self

by: David Lombrozo, Tania Ordoñez, Pablo Fernandez and Humberto Wong
from: México City, México
year: 2023

Cactus of Life is a sculptural piece that offers a glimpse inside of oneself. The Mexican traditional Tree of Life and the iconic cactus come together as one. Here all are welcome to see themselves as they are, no prejudice. By doing so, all can share a better version of their self with the world.

The first symbol comes from the Mexican artisan tradition of the “Tree of Life.” Made of clay, this tree is adorned with many figures related to different themes such as the sun and the moon.

The second symbol is a cactus, the desert plant that survives harsh conditions and welcomes all beings who come to find life. Cacti also contain psychedelic properties that help the recipient to see inside themselves.


by: Anna Silivonchik
from: Minsk, Belarus
year: 2023

The installation is called “Camouflage” and consists of oils in which natural and anthropomorphic features are intertwined. This work visualizes a longing for an ideal world, where man does not try to oppose nature, but feels its heartbeat and breathes in unison. Turning empathy to a maximum, one hears the subtle vibrations of the earth, reads the emotions of trees and grasses, understands the language of animals and birds, knows what fish are silent about.
Disguise, mimicry, and camouflage here are not just a way of hiding, of blending into the landscape, but a way of trying on the image of the other. An opportunity to become different, to think more broadly and to feel more deeply.

Cannibal Crane

by: Christine G. & Fam
from: Oakland, CA
year: 2023

Meet CeeCee, your resident Cannibal Crane. He is hungry. His cuisine of choice is baby origami cranes. He always has quite the appetite. For every 1000 cranes CeeCee eats he will grant one random wish.

You will find him, beak open and ready to eat. In order to feed him, a crane will need to be folded. Instructions provided on the pedestal in front of him.

Good luck and good eats!

Chapel of Babel

by: Michael Garlington
from: Petaluma, CA
year: 2023

From the irresistible imagination of Micahel Garlington comes yet another magical creation – The Chapel of Babel. The Chapel is a re-occurring dream, years in the mind, reaching its manifestation. A hexagonal wooden structure will be clad with Garlington’s signature black-and-white photographs of various sizes creating stunning visuals throughout the structure. The human element in the portraiture, animals, flowers, insects, and leaves, will convey that we all belong here and will hold room for everyone in all versions and reiterations of their expression.

Charming Chiming Spider

by: Davyy Anthony Vargo
from: Lama, NM
year: 2023

Charming Chiming Spider is a wooden spider with 8 legs which will rest on 8 wooden poles that are 10 feet tall and approximately 16 feet in diameter. At the highest point, it will be 13ft (from the Playa floor) in the center. Wooden chimes will be hung from the legs and body of the spider. The wind blows and the resulting sound can be loud or soft. The shadows from the chimes on the Playa floor create a mesmerizing visual. People can sit or stand or lie down under the spider or in the surrounding area, while watching or listening to the chimes. People could take time/space/energy to slow down so that they could feel the chimes, letting them sink in. And maybe find the inner call to one’s life and follow it.


by: Dan Barnes, Tinker
from: St. George, UT
year: 2023

When you stumble on CHILL, you will find five suspended gongs. The X frame structure and gongs are constructed with repurposed materials and prior Burning Man art projects. If you find yourself at CHILL in the day you can relax and enjoy the sound of the gongs as you strike them. If you happen on the art in the night the light emanating from the gongs will beckon you. Again you can relax and enjoy the sounds. Maybe you can enjoy a sunset or a sunrise CHILLing at this art installation.


by: Rachel Rein
from: California
year: 2023

Chromosomatic is a 2023 sculpture by Rachel Rein consisting of 23 translucent lanterns representing the 23 pairs of chromosomes comprising human DNA. Each lantern houses individually addressable LED lights controlled by custom software. Each time Chromosomatic pulses on, it shows a representation of the DNA shared between the one of the artist’s parents and someone in the world who was curious enough to take a DNA test and open enough to consent to matching with other people. Chromosomatic is a portrait built from genetic connections. The artist describes the sculpture as, “a conversation, a way of talking about my DNA research in the language of art.”

Color Dance

by: Space Potatoes
from: Boulder, CO
year: 2023

Colordance is six 10ft poles, arranged in an arc. Atop the poles are 4×4 grids of colored lights, aimed at the apex of the arc. The lights cycle through patterns which create kaleidoscopic colored shadows. A control interface lets participants choose the vibe.

Compass of the Four Winds

by: Freedom & Fox
from: Birmingham, AL
year: 2023

The Compass of the Four Winds is an interactive piece designed to invite contemplation by asking questions. The four answers given by the central compass are North (No), South (Maybe), East (Wait), and West (Yes). Each direction also has a totem animal and color associated with it. Around the central compass there are four structures for shade and reflection on your question and the Four Winds’ answer.


by: L'Attitude Collective
from: Petaluma, CA
year: 2023

A shrine to commemorate the moment when unicellular eukaryotes began to aggregate and become one. One multicellular organism. Genesis Animalia. A fractalized cubic tower stretches up towards the heavens housing the spiritual nucleus altar inside.


by: Kinsz
from: Fort Worth, TX
year: 2023

A castle toy box in a little girls room. Look inside the toy box to see the development of gender identity.

Conversation with a Squad

by: Alexia DeFluff
from: Les Roches l'Evêque, France
year: 2023

Conversation with a squad consists of a small squad of squids eager to engage in conversation with humans, using light as their visual language. In front of them is a communication device; a human to squid translator. Thanks to this intriguing machine, it becomes possible to dialogue with the squids in bioluminescent signals. We will then witness a small shoal of humans who discuss through light signals to a shoal of squid. But do our little humans even realize that they themselves use light to communicate with their peers and try to attract breeding partners, with their costumes covered in LEDs and luminous accessories?

Cosmic Nexus

by: Ken Hacke Arts
from: Calgary, Canada
year: 2023

“Cosmic Nexus” is an immersive installation showcasing the beauty of the vector equilibrium, a fundamental geometric shape theorized to be the base geometry of the universe. With 36 iluminated vectors, each 1.5m long, it creates a mesmerizing 360-degree light display. Through an interactive interface, participants can shape unique light patterns, fostering personal expression. This visually striking piece represents the interconnectedness of art, science, and spirituality, provoking contemplation of universal truths. “Cosmic Nexus” invites viewers to explore the profound beauty and connection that permeates our existence.

Cradle to Grave

by: Torchmouth and Sepia Syndicate
from: Loveland, CO
year: 2023

A spirit being will arise at BRC on a mission to introduce harmony into the realm. Her steel body stands 15 feet tall with a 30-foot wingspan. The harbinger of peace attracts visitors by breathing out gusts of icy-cold CO2. The cooling blasts encourage community and comfort in the unforgiving desert heat. As the evening visits BRC, so will a mechanical owl. The spirit being rescinds as the bringer of death emerges, trapping her inside his body. The owl then embarks on his quest to scorch the skies with his bursts of flames. He raises the wings he stole from the spirit being as he beckons an audience to witness his fury. He shoots flames to remind us that life is fragile and we must answer the urgent call to unify before death arrives.


by: Walid Nasrala - Twilight Language
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2023

Creating the Unimaginable is a red location pin standing on a mirror platform. it talks about infinity and links the skies and the earth blending all boundaries together. The viewer is immersed and can see their reflection as well an infinity symbol reminding us of the nature of imagination.

Crystal Cairn

by: Robert G. Burch
from: Carbondale, CO
year: 2023

Cairns have been a way to mark trails since the beginning of humanity. Its an easily recognizable object not specif to one culture. If you are feeling lost or needing direction, this would be a lovely piece of art to go visit and be with.

Crystal Evolution

by: Kay Sims and Kasey Minor
from: Portland, OR
year: 2023

Crystal Evolution is a fire sculpture made from recycled steel and found objects. The sculpture combines dramatic steel tentacles, glowing eyeballs, and shining steel crystals with LEDs and fire to create a unique effect. Two benches sit by the fire, making Crystal Evolution both a sculpture to be experienced visually and a space for community and connection.
This sculpture is a piece that is in constant evolution, representing the fluidity of creativity. The artists have shared it in multiple settings and have made changes each time, reflecting their observations of how people interact with the sculpture and expressing inspiration gathered from their own experiences and connections with other humans in the space they have created.

Curtains of the Soul

by: Lisha Chen
from: Chongqing, China
year: 2023

The “Curtains of the Soul” art installation is a colorful metal-framed curtain made of cloth strips, set up in the desert. Inside is a large mirror where participants can see their reflection and write messages of encouragement or advice to themselves. The curtains are burned to symbolize the release of emotional baggage, inspiring personal transformation. It’s a physical manifestation of self-exploration, inviting participants to engage in introspection and self-discovery.


by: David Gomez
from: Brooklyn, NY
year: 2023

Cylica is a pair of 6ft diameter metal discs filled with LEDs. While slowly rotating, the geometric cutouts in the disc and patterns of light in each disc meld together creating new forms. While rotating quickly, wind wands placed on the disc vibrate and make deep sounds. The movement and lighting of the piece work together to form an abstract representation of human emotion.

Day Trip Lullaby

by: Camp Babe
from: Crested Butte, CO
year: 2023

Sharing your music with somebody is an act of love. However, music is also a language, and one not everybody knows that they can speak. Day Trip Lullaby is a translator to teach people the love language of music. By sharing a jam together we are hoping that users will become more connected, transcend their individualness, and make something beautiful spontaneously.


by: 3V
from: Santander, Philippines
year: 2023

Lantern heads with dioramas inside participants will be able to look in.

Desert Rose

by: Robert Loucks
from: Ukiah, CA
year: 2023

Rose made of steel.

Desert Splash

by: Stanislav Shminke and Irina Shminke
from: Reno, NV
year: 2023

This is a public pool on the playa, a place for play and summer relaxation, but perhaps it’s just a mirage.

Diabolus in Musica "Hell's Bells"

by: Dusty Minds Imagination Collective
from: Oakdale, CA
year: 2023

“The Devil’s Tritone,” two rustic bells that, when struck, release unresolved tones. The project challenges musical norms and promotes acceptance that nothing is absolute. The installation reflects Radical Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity values by indiscriminately affecting all who experience it.

DNA(Dress up the Naked Animal)

by: Koujirou Inoue and Genomers
from: Chiba, Japan
year: 2023

We bring one wooden naked animal (something that looks like) to the playa.
In the beginning it is indeed naked. But it will dress up more and more as the day goes on. (For example, what will it wear on Tuesday? LOL)

Do NOT Touch

by: Cjay Roughgarden
from: Oakland, CA
year: 2023

The piece is a colorful representation of a vintage neon Motel sign, with fake neon (LEDs) including a flashing NOT, marquee Edison style bulbs around the NOT, and an arrow with chase lights. The all-metal sign will be connected to a mild, harmless electrical shock.

Door to Somewhere

by: Teri Bevelacqua
from: Olympia, WA
year: 2023

A Door to Somewhere is just that. A door to pass through and a place to sit. Three encaustic translucent paintings make up the panes of the door. Interactive, open day and night.

Doorway to Everything

by: Pedro Loughran and the Woodbutchers Collective
from: Sebastopol, CA
year: 2023

The piece is a door on a platform. It is a portal to pass through to everything. there will be ornate woodwork and design. The meaning is every door is an opportunity to something new.

Dopamine Molecule

by: Lynn Strybosch
from: Hailey, ID
year: 2023

This large scale replica of the dopamine molecule is a visual representation of the role and impact of dopamine in our lives.


by: Mike Malecki, "Festie" & Dmitriy Yastrebov, "Yastronaut"
from: Willits, CA
year: 2023

DraGong is an Inspirational piece using a healing vibration tone that will travel across the playa. An instrument used to promote transformation within the body and the mind. A call out to the beast inside us all.
Consisting of a 1200lb gong repurposed from an abandoned railroad tank car and an 800lb repurposed downed oak log. A tripod designed structure with a large Dragon head atop the framework. At night it awaits in a slow turning of bands of white light. For when drawn back to strike the lights will speed in revolution giving off the illusion of those caught within the lights to be moving in stop action or slow motion. As the tone dies down so will the speed of light revolution till it awaits, slowly turning, waiting……

Drama Llama

by: Kendal Maxwell and the Llama Keepers
from: Los Angeles, CA
year: 2023

Llama Drama is an art piece like no other. It is for the animal lovers out there who appreciate the silliness of llamas and wish to take a seat to gather their thoughts with others and the llamas themselves. It consists of several llama chairs and a table to “spill the tea” at. Who knows, you might get lucky and hear some llama drama from the furry creatures themselves if you stay around long enough.

Duck, Duck, Gaggle

by: Meghan "Juniper the Magic Bunny" Rimelspach
from: Baltimore, MD
year: 2023

6 colorful geese sculptures, semi realistic in shape, 1:1 scale are perched on a circular wooden bench facing inward. The orientation of the geese will draw participants into the middle. There is space between each goose for humans or other members of animalia to sit and rest, commune, preen or play a rousing game of duck duck goose. The geese sculptures will be wearing handmade cloth outfits that are changed throughout the week to create added visual interest.

ear Book

by: ear book Team
from: Kanagawa, Japan
year: 2023

Today, focus on the ears of the people around you. You may discover something new.
This earbook is a cutout panel of ears. It is the same as the cut-out panels of faces often seen at tourist attractions in Japan.

Have good ears. & Have a good year.

Ego Death

by: Kindle Collective
from: Austin, TX
year: 2023

Ego Death is a dark representation of conscious metamorphosis.  It is an interactive electric chair to put to death your old self or thoughts and walk away with a transformed thought of self.

El Diabla

by: Crimson Rose and Iron Monkeys
from: Seattle, WA
year: 2023

On the first Monday of the event, Crimson Rose extracts a flame from the sun to light a fire in El Diabla, a special cauldron located in Center Camp. For the flame to continue burning it must be stoked, disturbed and kept alive throughout the entire week. We encourage all those that encounter El Diabla to help keep this flame alive.

Elder Mother

by: Charles A. Gadeken
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2023

Elder Mother is inspired by a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, the Elder-Tree-Mother. The boy in the story meets the Elder-Tree-Mother, who sits atop an Elder-Tree that grew out of the teapot next to his bed (in his dream). She speaks with him, and they go on many adventures and explorations over time. She gathers memories and shared experiences. She illuminates and night and provides shade during the day. Come and listen to her story.

Electric Dandelion

by: Abram Santa Cruz
from: Long Beach, CA
year: 2023

The Electric Dandelions are 24 ft tall dandelion sculptures that double as fireworks at night. The dandelion bulbs come to life at night as the LED animations take hold and mesmerize you with their bright and intense light show. Sit down and enjoy the lights or dance and see the beautifully geometrically designed metal and acrylic sculptures.

Empyrean Gate

by: Anthony Fieldman and James Tramel, with the Entheos Community Artist Collective
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2023

To our ancestors, the Empyrean was well known as “the highest heaven”. It was comprised of æther—or fire—and thought to be made of celestial beings of pure light—the source of all creation. The concept of Entheos—or “the creator within”—puts the power of Empyrean creation into human minds and bodies. It endows each of us with the capacity for self-authorship: in the creation (or re-creation) of self, and of community. The Empyrean Gate is a sixty-foot diameter shaded structure lofted 21-feet in the air, with a 13-foot ‘gateway’ at its center, aimed at the Empyrean. At night the structure pulses with light issuing from a radial array of 25,000 computer-addressable LEDs connected to reactive software and interacted with by participants

End of the Rainbow

by: Hunter Leggitt & House of Fābl
from: Denver, CO
year: 2023

In a realm imbued with enchantment, a journey is extended to all who dare to discover the mystery that lies at the End of the Rainbow. Artist Hunter Leggitt and House of Fābl unveil the mythical pot of abundance this year upon playa. Journey inside and uncover the wonders that await within.

Eternal Inquiry

by: Sharon DeMattia, Patrick Wylde, and Rory Weber
from: Fairfax, CA
year: 2023

Gather within the flames, dance, and play in the great mystery of Eternal Inquiry. Wander into a transformational portal held by The Guardians of Transition; wise beings sculpted, burned, and brought back to life from the fallen trees of a mountainous forest.

Arrive into an experience of Creative Partnership and the consideration of the limits that push against the unlimited; the endings that are simultaneously beginnings. There is nothing to solve in this space, rather it offers a deep exhale and easement of the mind available only through the friction of unease. To be truly ALIVE requires us to be prepared to die.

Beauty is found in the blurred edges, soften and receive the heat.


by: Max Elliott
from: San Diego, CA
year: 2023

Eukaryot is a model of our ancient origins. It represents the way in which animal cells began to differentiate from the other kingdoms. It is a Tensegrity Cuboctahedron which has been used in scientific studies of cellular motility (motion!). Its daytime appearance is ephemeral. The rigid members of its structure appear to be floating unsupported in space. It glistens and gently deforms in the breeze. Its vibrant night-time appearance alludes to the ways in which signals within our cells manifest our intentions as animals.

Everyone is connected

by: Francesca Wade
from: New York City, NY
year: 2023

Everyone Is Connected is a large scale painting anchored as a shelter, set in deep playa. The installation provides a shade structure in which to lie under – a protective space where the individual is encouraged to be – led by movement, this painting is about getting out of your body and into your soul. Energy regulates how we perceive reality and it is this energy that is visualized ultimately show that everything around us is connected, that each one of us has everything we need inside us.


by: Laurence Renzo Verbeck
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2023

Expanse takes Vitruvian Man as a starting point, and subverts it. The figure is female, no longer bound by geometry; the arms, morphing to wings, extend beyond. She is forward of, and greater than the circle, growing out of the ring into something other. New and limitless experience. Geometry is the basis of art and language, it is the starting point of who we are as a species. But it is not the end of who we are. Expanse is a reminder that our solace and burgeoning reside in both the honoring and challenging of geometry. That we live best when we become the ground where rigidity and expansion meet and resolve.

Exquisite Animalus

by: KJ Boheme and Stefan Spins
from: New York, NY
year: 2023

What is animal?
Exquisite Animalus moves beyond the physical and allows for fantastical reinterpretation and celebration of earth’s gorgeous biodiversity. Viewing the piece opens a discussion of human’s role within the animal kingdom. Interacting with the Exquisite Animalus affords the participant a God-like ability to design their own creature. Sharing the experience with other contributors allows for the unlocking of the word puzzle which reveals the collective’s secret message of the piece. All roles: viewer, interactor, participant or contributor will be provided an absurd opportunity to create and deepen one’s connection with the building blocks of our Animalus kingdom. Nature is wild and beautiful!

Faradays Gallery

by: Paul Robertson
from: Houston, TX & Santa Fe, NM
year: 2023

Faradays Gallery is a 19 ft. tall, conceptual steel tree featuringng brilliant multi-hued spinning leaves and brightly colored geometric patterns. This climbable, interactive piece is an oasis for relaxation & reflection and offers a colorful counterpoint to the harsh desert environment. Once inside the piece one will see that is also serves as a gallery space for diverse works of art.

Farmer the Rigger

by: Zulu Heru & the Burger Boyz
from: Los Angeles, CA
year: 2023

Farmer the Rigger is a giant Afro-eccentric magical entity made of weathered steel, supported by his hands that he uses to traverse the playa when it is dusty enough to do so undetected. Farmer the Rigger is a monument to the working class, skilled laborers, and the culmination of hours spent mastering one’s craft. Farmer the Rigger is a guardian, watching over this safe space we collectively create for all beings especially people of color to express them selves freely and to be celebrated for doing so.

Fat Panda

by: Torpedo and Carriesnarf
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2023

The Fat Panda is a steel and flame sculpture that invites you to enjoy it from afar as well as participate by pressing its buttons.

Ferrous Flora

by: John and Shawna Gardner
from: Portland, OR
year: 2023

It all began with a marriage proposal. For the bride and groom, Burning Man was the obvious choice for their wedding ceremony. To show their appreciation for the years of gifts the playa has provided, they are building this art installation for the citizens of Black Rock City. They have chosen to create a tree, but build it out of scrap metal. This contradiction represents the combination of two opposite elements, organic plant life and non-organic metal. The uniting of opposite forces is inevitable in the coming together of persons. As the saying goes, opposites attract. Akin to a marriage, a tree can provide protection, nourishment and a safe space to grow and play.

Field of Flowers

by: JOBI
from: Treasure Island, CA
year: 2023

In Field of Flowers, you’ll notice a beautiful garden of approximately 150 electronic singing flowers. Walking through the garden, you’ll realize that the flowers are reacting to your movements with waves of color and sound, creating a truly immersive experience. By changing direction and walking at different speeds, you can guide the waves and create beautiful interference effects with other people. It’s as if you’re a pollinator gliding through these Nevada native flowers. With its emphasis on movement and cooperation, Field of Flowers provides a unique and interactive experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who encounter it.

Fire Bird Tower

by: Liaohui Guo
from: Shanghai, China
year: 2023

Fire Bird Tower represents a kind of golden pheasant in Southwest China, where the minorities developed a traditional dance for important celebration by transform the gestures and characters of golden pheasant. The tower shows a character of wings of a bird and flying up to the sky. The fire bird represents a culture which has a long history and human beings live in harmony with nature. Thus to celebrate the meaning that the animal human beings live with to our culture and society.


by: Bryan Argabrite Artist
from: Santa Cruz, CA
year: 2023

Flameout is a rising spinning twirling phoenix reborn from the ashes of its nest of pains. Fires, discomforting prejudice born of generational misguidance, familial unrest and racially motivated murder are part of the reasons this bird died and is now leaving that behind for a sweeter loving future.

Flamin-go with love

by: Fiona Aboud
from: New York, NY
year: 2023

Spreading love at burning man has inspired me to spread love in the default world. The digital version of this sculpture supports unconditional basic income distributed on the blockchain to people making less than $2 a day worldwide. This year at burning man, to celebrate spreading love, I will make a flamingo sculpture called “Flamin-go with Love.” The two flamingos embrace and come together to form a heart. They sit upon a base so that the shadow of the sculpture spreads across the playa as the sun moves through the sky.


by: Jamie Starlet Becher, Hivemind Art Collective
from: La Honda, CA
year: 2023

Flutter is a set of larger than life butterfly wings mounted on a box. Inside the box is a comfortable bench to rest and take refuge from the sun or wind. The design on the butterfly wings is made of recycled retro-reflective material, the same material that is used to make traffic and street signs. The piece is best viewed at night when the reflective design becomes the most apparent. Flutter is made to portray the fluttery “butterflies in the stomach” feeling that someone might feel when preparing for Burning Man. The mural of chaos covering the inside walls of the box creates a dreamy, ethereal atmosphere that captures the feeling of butterflies in the stomach.


by: Gus, Marie & WayLate
from: Paris, France
year: 2023

FlyTrap is an interactive LED star ready for you to make it dance at night.

Fortune Fish Temple

by: Jonathan Lim
from: Salt Lake City, UT
year: 2023

The Fortune Fish Temple (FFT) is an immersive divination temple based on the I-Ching, the ancient Chinese divination text, and Human Design. Inspired by traditional East Asian temple architecture, its sweeping curved roof line and cantilevered roof joinery will interplay organically with the contours of the mountains surrounding BRC. Within the temple a wheel circumscribed with all sixty four hexagrams of the I Ching can be spun – when the wheel comes to a stop, a unique fortune is communicated to the participant. The FFT inspires people to consider themes of free will, predestination, and the illusion of reality. How does one face the invariably changing seasons of life? How do we have free will if there is no self?

Fragments Together

by: Iah
from: Johannesburg, South Africa
year: 2023

Shadows dance, fragments of a broken pot are reconnecting.

Friends Arch

by: Jeff Tangen, Disciples of the Dust
from: Port Townsend, WA
year: 2023

The Friends Arch is an arch decorated with stained glass flowers. The flowers will have 1″ diameter pictures of Burner friends in their center. The walls will have fabric columns with 4″X6″ pictures of Burner friends decorating them along with the flowers. During the day the flowers will sparkle. At night the columns will be back light with white fairy lights and the flower lanterns strung on the ceiling will provide down lighting.

Friends for Dinner

by: Jim Cortez
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2023

The dinner table is set for no one and everyone, lit by a chandelier with a mind of its own.

G String

by: Precious
from: Boise, ID
year: 2023

Remember Spirographs? Unlike the 3 inch diameter geometric swirls on a flat piece of paper, G String is a 5′ diameter x 46′ long, 3 dimensional portal that emits from the third eye of Wholesum our resident bunny. This portal tantalizes the eyes and fascinates minds. When supervised, G String is a giant toy. That’s right, you can play with it when supervised. Did we mention it’s wearable art? That’s right bunny burners, stick your head in Wholesum’s tight little hole and gain a unique perspective. its more than a must see; interactive hours are a must do. Rule#1 If we have to hit the off button, you have to drop your drawers until we hit the start button.


by: Bolston Jones & The Skateboard Team
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2023

A wooden skateboard structure that is 6 feet in elevation and 25 feet long and 6 feet wide to be installed at the Burning Man events in Summer 2023 and Summer 2024.

Phase 1, the summer of 2023, the structure will consist of a platform designed to resemble a skateboard, that will be propped up on its side, KickFlip Model (at 90 degrees to the ground surface) and supported by bracing on one side of theplatform and is a climb through structure supported by skateboard decks as access ladders to climb through structure

The art piece missions is to bring people together from all walks of life to foster diversity and inclusion in the communities they serve.

Gear Heart

by: Kelly O'Brien
from: Houston, TX
year: 2023

Gear Heart is a kinetic sculpture made of steel, wood, reclaimed foam, and sculpting mediums. Its tapered gears create the shape of a heart before shifting out of alignment, then realigning once more. The textured outer surface provides a striking contrast to the smooth meshing gears on the interior. Beyond its visual appeal, this interactive sculpture serves as a reminder that in the face of breaking, we are not alone, and with time, we can be whole again. It is a reflection of the human experience and our ability to adapt, evolve and find harmony in the midst of adversity.

Giganty's Space Emissary

by: Sarah Gonsalves & Sassy Galaxy Art
from: Los Angeles, CA
year: 2023

Little Hex, Giganty’s Space Emissary, traveled from space on a beam of star trails and landed here at BRC to check on us and report back before Giganty arrives next year. Little Hex‘s Landing Pad, a 6’ high climbable platform and shade structure (made of 8’ steel hexagons with a star trails railing) provides shade and sends messages back to space. Little Hex dances when participants dance and measures joy with spinning pinwheel meters . Participants can feed Little Hex messages to be sent to the Boss out in space or read the story book to learn of Giganty’s wanderings through the universe. Nightime lighting is star powered!


by: Patrick Clements, Jillian Leedy, Shawn Gehle, Christian Roberts
from: Los Angeles, CA
year: 2023

“Heartburst” is a sizeable translucent heart firmly rooted into the Playa floor with bamboo scaffolding extruding from its core. The heart pulsates via embedded LEDs, alluding to blood pumping into and from the earth through one shared BRC heart. The heart is concave, allowing participants to walk or cuddle within its core and reset within its slowly pulsating sound and light.

Hold On

by: Robert Wicklund
from: Los Angeles, CA
year: 2023

Composed of 13 firewood towers surrounded by a lumber nest, our piece is a meditation on the tensions of protection, fragility, combustibility, strength, vulnerability and self-love.

We’ll be out deep.

Hooman Food

by: That CAT Camp
from: Houston, TX
year: 2023

AI is killing art. We are hoping to express unease with AI output in general. Much like AI images, we’re hoping for people to stop and look and interact because it’s colorful and ‘wrong.’ It’s loud, it’s bright, and it’s also unnatural. The machine itself is off square, and plays sound loops and video loops that are incomprehensible (audio loops are Esperanto played through Japanese speech models – which sounds like enthusiastic nonsense), and the community video loops will be fed though AI models to give humans large, unblinking eyes and tinny voices.


by: Laboratorio Mexicano de Diseño
from: México City, México
year: 2023

Hubowl is a 12 feet tall sculpture mainly crafted with fiberglass, wood and metal, with a “telescope” inside that allows people to interact with it by observing images of fantastic worlds, actual footage from Hubble telescope, or surroundings.

Owls are often used as a symbol of wisdom because of their big eyes that can gaze into the darkness of night. Hubowl expreses the importance of observation as means to gain wisdom, it doesn’t matter if you observe the fantastic, or the real, everything can build on wisdom in the observers mind.


by: Lindsay Brown
from: Seattle, WA
year: 2023

AAAAAAHHHH!! North America’s only marsupial, a three dimensional fluorescent opossum passel is waiting to be your watchful friend. If you see it in the day don’t be alarmed its actually highly resistant to rabies! They are nocturnal and that is the best time to view the passel in its habitat.


by: Jordie Laidlaw & Zachary Canuel
from: Terrace, BC, Canada
year: 2023

Ignus is steel sunflower that blooms in flame in the desert. Two upstretched burning leaves illuminate the playa while the inverted flames of the pistil warm participants below.

The petal design chronicles the life of the sunflower growing and blooming only to wither, drop its seed and die. This is not the end, the seed is reborn in flame and the new sunflower grows to warm those in its presence.

The idea of Ignus was born from the feelings of hopelessness and sorrow experienced by the artist working in the ICU throughout the pandemic. Socialising around a fire was a core part of our species development and Ignus scratches that primaeval itch.

Illumina Radiata Grove

by: Eric Zann and the Illumina Radiata Art Guild
from: Kirkland, WA
year: 2023

Nine plasma cut metal “trees” stand in a grove, each distinctly individual in character, but all combining to create a diverse forest grove, representing our uniqueness as individuals while still being members of a greater community. As forests are healthier when they are more diverse, so are our communities.


by: Sharón Chandally Pedrini
from: New York City, NY & Tel Aviv, Israel
year: 2023

The Infiniswing is a face-to-face swing framed by a double twisted Möbius loop. By allowing participants to move together, the piece creates the conditions for spontaneous communication and play. Part swing, part upside down see-saw, the Infiniswing is a single, unified structure, but one that can only be propelled when at least two participants consciously choose to sit on opposite sides of the swing and work/play together. The swing then becomes an experiment in creating cooperative motion.

Infinite Bubble Oasis

by: Captain Stick
from: Westminster, CO
year: 2023

An infinite bubble oasis in the desert.


by: Matt McConnell
from: Raleigh, NC
year: 2023

‘Inifinity’ represents upward energy and growth, expressed by a central tower surrounded with five vessels that undulate as you move around them. They present a small piece of an endless column of life that can be animal or plant in nature, depending on your perspective. All act as perches, to be climbed for a higher view, with platforms at the top. They will be lit with colored LEDs and also from the top with pin spots to create shadows in the dust at night. The visual effect creates motion as you pass by either up close or at a distance, and activate all six elements simultaneously.

inter-Species Message Service iSMS

by: Blue + Felice
from: Los Angeles, CA
year: 2023

A young person takes flight upon a majestic Peregrine Falcon in order to deliver messages from the human species to the animal kingdom. If communication as humans know it could be manifested and shared with animals, what would we say? How might our relationship change with the animals of earth if we could communicate with them in a verbal way?

Invisible Trojan Unicorn

by: Invisible Pink Unicorns
from: Los Angeles, CA
year: 2023

Given the challenge of getting the tickets, we invited the easiest and cheapest way to get to Burning Man – inside the Trojan unicorn. Please come and check if it is open and if we successfully get out to the Playa and are not trapped inside (and help us get out if we are still in)!

Invoke the Fiery

by: Artist Héloïse Roueau and Makers Tex Kang and John Kilty
from: Paris, France
year: 2023

Invoke the fiery is an installation in the form of an arch. It invites us to pass through, leaving behind what no longer belongs to us. Its spiderweb pattern canvas holds our demons while its flame consumes what weighs us down, like a ritual that comes to act this invocation to change.
It invites a symbolic act intended to arouse the emotional commitment of participants. Burning the paper engages the participants to question themselves: what do they want to leave behind? They will send these unwanted garments to burn in a flame, then pass under the arch, as an invocation to change. Whether it is the passage under the arch, like an initiatory passage, or the burning of the papers, the work invites to an interactive and ritual experience.


by: Joya
from: Buenos Aires, Argentina / Punta del Este, Uruguay /San Francisco, CA / Portland, OR
year: 2023

Joya is a black metallic structure that has the shape of an upside down diamond formed by six columns, six levels of removable static platforms. It has six sides. The columns are structural irons and the platforms are folded metal plates.
The art piece has a deep meaning in our Argentine culture. “Estoy Joya”, means when people are having a good time, all they say is “I’m Joya!”.
An English translation would mean that you’re in a jewel, splendid place. Or state, frame of mind.
Surrounded by six structural totems, making the area for dancing and enjoyment bigger, enhancing the idea of inclusion while boosting the light show.
The gathering, the sharing, the root and fundamental of having a great time, while connecting with other beings.


by: Jenny Mount and the Department of Spontaneous Combustion
from: Richmond, CA
year: 2023

Justice is a 18′ steel sculpture of Lady Justice standing upon a pedestal, with a ornate golden halo and her sword head overhead and scales flickering with flame. The pedestal is inspribed with key tenants of justice; Equality, Rights, Liberty, Dignity, Hope and Integrity. When several participants work together to push to turn the base a disc behind the halo spins to create a moire effect and climaxes in an explosion of flame out the top of the sword. Those who gather together to do the work to make the beauty of the piece come alive can’t see it and must ask others to engage so they too can see the effects of their efforts. She stands as a call to action and a message of hope in troubling times.

Jíbaro Soy...

by: Mark Rivera aka Kidnetick
from: Bayamón, Puerto Rico
year: 2023

A large scale sculpture of a shameless Jíbaro reveling where and what its made of, inspired by a song of protest written by composer Raphy Leavitt expresses anti-colonialism and freedom to be respected for whom he is and where his from.

Kinki Yokai

by: Ko-Tyat-Ki Kollektiv
from: London, United Kingdom, New York City, NY, & Tel Aviv, Israel
year: 2023

Kinky Yokai is a multi-dimensional portal inviting to explore self-discovery, honesty, and creativity. Tactile, interactive sculpture to delve into the relationship between confinement and curiosity through tension and touch. This immersive experience allows to shed societal labels embracing true selves in a safe environment. Engage with its enigmatic allure and connect with fellow explorers. Experience shared play with a visual musical instrument, create a kinesthetic symphony and connect through interactive sandplay and visuals.
Pull it, play it, enjoy it, and become one with the Kinky Yokai. Let this mystical creation anchor you in the present moment, savouring the surreal atmosphere crafted to blur the lines between realities.

l'arbre de vie du passé

by: Whitney Webb (Possum Bottle Baby)
from: Knoxville, TN
year: 2023

Artist Whitney Webb has created a sacred tree that explores a future earth void of plant and animal life. With a fervor for sustainable art, she has built a tree from found objects bound for landfills and adorned it with organic materials encased in resin. The piece stands vigil, day and night, as a warning of a future that is avoidable by working with our planet instead of against it.


by: Eli Pillaert
from: New Orleans, LA
year: 2023

Ladyfingers is a wind activated sculptural piece that incorporates themes of womanhood, open armed community, and handicraft. This installation is an act of intentionally obtuse domesticity. Vibrant, and towering in spite of a society that asks women and the work of their hands to shrink.

LAKA'LELUP | Coming Together for a Common Purpose

by: Mia Hanak, Millennium ART
from: Missoula, MT
year: 2023

LAKA’LELUP – a powerful Washoe (Wašiw) term meaning Coming Together for a Common Purpose – is an environmental art installation with a visual and sonic exploration of climate change impacts on the biodiversity of the Lake Tahoe Basin. The art installation provides two experiences: REFLECT / by day, humans witness and contemplate themselves reflected in their environment on the 2-way polycarbonate mirror; ILLUMINATE / by night, the installation transitions with the mirror illuminated from within by a custom designed LED system presenting striking visualizations with an array of animal species native to the Tahoe Basin, combined with symbolic patterns from Washoe basketry. The installation further comes to life with an ambient soundscape that intertwines words of ancient wisdom transmitted through ethereal spoken word and songs sung by members of the Washoe Tribe, calls of the wild from local animal species, and music that takes you on an otherworldly voyage. For an immersive sound and light experience, traverse through the tunnel between the two mountain-like panels and discover what’s unveiled to you. This dynamic art experience is designed to remind us of our sacred connection to all beings, as in the Washoe’s words… the land, the water, and the people are ONE.

Lever with Me

by: Chelsey Hathman
from: Dallas, TX
year: 2023

People understand math in their bodies. Children use physics to balance, run, jump, and fall in order to play. But as we file into the education system, that intuitive knowledge is replaced with numbers and y=mx+b. I want to try to heal our connection to math and this universal observation of our world. To lead with curiosity and experimentation.

The mechanical world around us can be reduced to six simple machines: wedge, screw, lever, pulley, inclined plane and the wheel and axle. Each of these simple machines gives you mechanical advantage, but at a cost. I’m exploring this relationship to math and play with this series. Leverage is the first of the simple machines I will explore.

Liberated Bliss Love Seat

by: Mash_Noir
from: Colfax, CA
year: 2023

“Liberated Bliss” is a beautiful love seat made from driftwood and animal skulls that represents togetherness, freedom, joy and bliss. It’s a place where people can sit, talk and connect with one another. Gifts of love, including sacred rocks, crystals, tarot cards, and amulets, are chosen specifically for each person who sits on the bench, connecting them to the energies of the earth and the universe. It’s an art installation that reminds us to appreciate the beauty of imperfection and the importance of connecting with one another and nature.

Driftwood collected from Santa Cruz CA, Yellow stone river, MT and Puntamona, Costa Rica.

Life is a Circus

by: Sandra Bérubé
from: Vancouver, BC, Canada
year: 2023

An elephant is lifted in the air by an airship filled with a flock of birds. A contortionist, hand-balancing on the elephant’s trunk, analyzes the direction to take. The improbable convoy seems ready to take off. Ropes still anchor it to the ground, and red flags are waving in the wind…

Life is a Circus is inspired by the weight of power dynamics and how lines can get blurred between real and fake, safety versus danger. Relationships, money, work, living situations, and mental and physical health can lift us as much as pull us down. Our supports, or ball and chains, often are not who or what we thought they would be. Here is a tribute to fighting to not fall entirely out of balance and find the strength and courage to harness the madness.

Lincoln Bear

by: Mr & Mrs Ferguson
from: Alameda, CA
year: 2023

A tribute to the Lincoln Memorial and the coin with the image of Lincoln and memorial stamped on it. The Lincoln in this chair is a 10 foot tall grizzly bear that has fur made with tens of thousands of pennies.

The original sculpture depicts President Lincoln’s gaze as he contemplates decisions that will save a nation with a gaze that charges one to uphold those decisions. Lincoln Bear’s gaze also contemplates, but his decisions and those are ones that may save the natural world.

Liquid Forest

by: Richard Wilks
from: Los Angeles, CA
year: 2023

Liquid Forest is comprised of 3 whimsical, jellyfish-inspired creatures measuring 12 feet tall by 15 feet in diameter. Each one is a freestanding, hands-on spinning sculptural experience. During the day, people dance, whirl & flow through the family of jellies as lacy, sunlit shadows wash over them as well as make use of a free project app called ‘ilumiscope’ to view the hidden zoetrope artwork. At night, the radically illuminated jellies pulse and morph to create an artful ‘bio-luminescent’ playground! Each sculpture contains over 10,000 LEDs concealed in the recycled plastic rods and the strobe light bubbles activate the mirrored zoetrope art disks when the jellies spin!

Living Knitwork Pavilion

by: Irmandy Wicaksono and the Antidisciplinary Collective
from: Cambridge, MA
year: 2023

The Living Knitwork Pavilion is an interactive textile structure consisting of seamlessly 3D-knitted optically and electrically-active yarns that seamlessly lights up and changes color through the day and night. The functional yarns, intricately embedded within the knitwork, are able to sense touch, proximity, and strain to drive a responsive lighting network and color-change dynamically to reveal hidden cultural-contemporary patterns during sunrise. The pavilion also serves as a communal and gathering place for human-nature-textile interaction, where our presence and environmental changes contribute towards the entire state, glow, breathing, and ambience of the pavilion, amplifying a sense of immersion and connectedness.


by: Calidos
from: Tarrega, Catalonia
year: 2023

Loophole is a light installation that starts from a toroid, a basic yet beautiful geometric shape, that recurs in nature and the universe. Most importantly, it’s the shape of the magnetic shield of planet Earth that protects LIFE from cosmic ray storms and particles. The circular platform symbolizes our planet where humans and animals are protected from the cosmic particles and LIFE can grow and celebrate. At dark it will also remind an insect with many illuminated legs.

Los Animales de la Playa

by: Muchos Amigos
from: Forest Knolls, CA
year: 2023

Los Animales de la Playa are a fun interactive expression of Oaxacan folk art. Each colorful animale, jaguar, armadillo, hawk and wart hog are designed to be ridden like a rocking horse.

Loss in Translation

by: Hami Melon Benevolent Association
from: Oakland, CA
year: 2023

Loss in Translation is a structure inspired by a bottle gourd (lagenaria, calabash). The structure houses non-English recordings and sound art from PoC and minority artists around the world. The recordings are spoken in the artists’ native tongue and will remain untranslated. In a white, English-speaking world, artists from other backgrounds are pressured to make themselves legible to the dominant audience, often at the cost of deeper self-expression. With Loss in Translation, we evoke a vision of a world without a lingua franca, finding beauty in the diversity of human expression at a time where the machine of global capitalism commodifies, homogenizes culture and accelerates the death of languages around the world.

Lost Reflections

by: The Real Grass
from: Durham, NH
year: 2023

Lost Reflections is a hexagonal mirror maze visitors can enter, explore, and solve. Within its walls, BRC citizens will encounter many versions of themselves, which will work alongside them (or perhaps against them?) to find a path through the structure. Obscured treasures abound along the way, some tangible and some metaphysical. A trip through Lost Reflections invites participants to meditate on themes of self-love, playfulness, and acceptance and challenges them to see themselves in a powerful new way.

Love Thy Beast

by: Zea Narvaez
from: Portland, OR
year: 2023

Love Thy Beast is a multifaceted interactive installation that welcomes everyone to participate in the journey of self-discovery. Divine beings have gathered together on the Playa to offer the healing gift of introspection. Bearing a mirror on its chest, each being offers a moment to explore the depths of our reflection and a chance to greet ourselves with love. Adorned with hand crafted masks, the beings display otherworldly creatures, unique and strikingly surreal. A representation of who we are as part of the animal kingdom and the different masks we wear for protection and preservation. Rooted in the center, a merry-go-round awakens the inner child and creates a visual shift in perspective. From stillness to chaos, step into this playful realm to face your beasts and experience the transformative power of self-love.

Lucid Beacon

by: Hannah Warner
from: Birmingham, AL
year: 2023

Lucid Beacon is a stunning installation of three 6-ft-tall metal geometric shapes arranged in pattern. At night, mesmerizing programmed lighting creates an awe-inspiring glow, providing warmth to participants on cold playa nights. During the day, the metallic surface reflects sunlight, framing the mountains in the background. With seating placed around the fire pit, the installation invites participants to relax, reflect, and connect with each other amidst the chaos.

Lux in Fabula - Jewel of Talking Animals

by: Jukka-Pekka Heikkilä & Burning Stories science-art collective
from: Helsinki, Finland
year: 2023

Lux in Fabula aims to increase our understanding of burner culture, and the weird human animals we are, from the crossroads of art, technology and science. The central part of the piece is language, a central element that distinguishes the human animal is the basis of both, its rise and potential fall within the animal kingdom. Our art piece at deep playa conveys this endeavour, by inviting the animals of BRC to share stories, to understand the transformative powers of the human species.


by: Elsa Acosta and Brenda/Patter Reno, NV and the Decade Burners
from: Reno, NV
year: 2023

As a Burner walking upopn the Macrame’ Arch one will know that it is exactly what it is. A larg arch made of macrame’ knots. All knots are connected and can porvide some shade on a sunny afternoon. Macrame art is usually done at a much smaller scale. Wall hangings, planters and other much smaller knots like jewelry bracelets. I want Macrame Arch to be a pretty place for maybe shade and photos. I will be showing large knots and small knots. Eye Candy is what I’m going for. At night the solar light will automatically illuminate the arch. I’m hoping for a good spot so I could take beautiful sunrise pictures.

Magic Jelly

by: Jin Ma X RedShadow
from: Shanghai, China
year: 2023

This art piece looks like a huge Jelly fish, in the night it glows like magic in deep ocean.
By playing with Magic Jelly, we want to protect ocean animals.
In Oriental philosophy, the structure contains four sides: 东(east), 南(south),西(West),北(North), which are where the stairs and slides sit. Adding four swings in southeast, southwest, northeast, northwest are total eight directions. In Chinese “four sides eight directions”(四面八方)means “all over the world”. The project wishes acceptance and integration all over the world.

Make your Mark!

by: La Gata Rosa from Camp Exclamation Mark!
from: Orange County, CA
year: 2023

We want to encourage participants from every walk of life to express what feels right to them. Whether it is something they’re striving to be or something they recently discovered about themselves . Art is meant to tell a story, make you think. We’ll help burners ask themselves that question, to get the wheels turning. Maybe realizing something about themselves they want to improve on or celebrate! The whole point behind our piece is to get others to interact with the art to make them feel included, like it’s something they helped create. We want people from all backgrounds to be able to radically share their version of what life, love and happiness means to them, not only freely but celebrated out where everyone can see it, on la playa!


by: Christopher Schardt
from: Oakland, CA
year: 2023

Participants primarily interact with Mariposa by collectively creating a temporary community every night, sitting or lying down, bathed in its light. The playful music, curated to inspire wonder and awe, provides a narrative that entices participants to linger, sometimes for hours.

The butterfly’s proboscis (tongue) extends down from the head. When participants pull on it, the body moves down, then springs back up upon release, causing the wings to flap. The proboscis is made of cord lightweight enough that if a visitor tries to hang his/her weight on it, it breaks rather than put a large strain on the butterfly.

The LED flowers in the flowerpots disguising the speakers change their animations in response to touch.

Masterpiece #999

by: Benjamin Rowe
from: Oakland, CA
year: 2023

Masterpiece #999 is the latest in a LONG line of project exploring the potential for simple materials to communicate geometrically artistic messages.
This spire stands about 2x as tall as a person and can be seen pointing triumphantly away from gravity. A spectre in the dust.

Mellifera @ The ARTery

by: Ceratina Collective
from: New Orleans, LA
year: 2023

Millifera @ The ARTery is an installation in the space that every artist of Black Rock City comes for support, guidance and logistics. For this reason, the space we want to create for The ARTery will be a garden for the hive. We will incorporate greenery and flowers to create the environment where bees thrive, creating a path that will lead to an installation of a hive. Visitors will be able to walk through the “field of flowers” and will be able to enter “the hive” acting as the bees.

Memorial Totem to My Pets

by: joni-o
from: Orangevale, CA
year: 2023

5 foot memorial totem to animals/pets.


by: Lead Artist Olivia Guethling & Designer/Engineer: Mar Ricketts — Presented by Superwhelm
from: Portland, OR
year: 2023

‘Migrations’ is a migratory bird sculpture, built with golden fabrics and aluminum carbon fiber. The dynamic, 15′ tall bird seems to lift off the deep playa where it offers shade during the day, and showcases a programmed LED light show at night.

The installation and the accompanying audio exhibit contemplates the beauty and struggle of human and animal migration.

Mikey's Hug Deli

by: Michael Stubbs
from: Altadena, CA
year: 2023

Mikey’s Hug Deli is a yellow delicatessen that serves different flavors of hugs on the playa since 2005. Any person can purchase a hug from the menu for the affordable price of 2 compliments. Any person can work behind the counter and serve hugs. Important note: The compliments are to be given before the hug is rendered (If not, the customer loses out on participation). Thanks!

Mini Dirty Secret

by: Oz Wilcox
from: Richland, WA
year: 2023

Mini Dirty Secret (MDS) – is the fourth art piece in a series of Dirty Secret Art. The 3 previous were Tiny Dirty Secret, Big Dirty Secret, and Little Dirty Secret, in which each has been a huge sensation. They have gathered thousands of Dirty Secrets and are always a cool place to sit and chill

Everyone has a secret; this will be the place to write them down and release them.


by: Cliff L. Biffle
from: Berkeley, CA
year: 2023

The speed of light is very fast, and also not that fast relative to the vastness of the universe. Visitors can adopt their own pet photons! But because Black Rock City doesn’t allow pets, they must then fire them into the cold, uncaring void of space. This is why you’re not supposed to bring your dog.

But the photons will enjoy it, we promise.


by: Miao He
from: Shehong, China
year: 2023

“Mona” is an 8-meter tall metal rabbit sculpture, resembling a plush toy with a pink exterior, standing gracefully in the desert landscape. Representing the theme of ANIMALIA, the installation serves as a symbol of love, warmth, and childhood memories. As participants gather around “Mona,” they engage to have deep connection between each other. At night, illuminated by lights, the pink rabbit becomes a recognizable landmark. The artwork aims to transport Burners into a whimsical world, reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland, where the rabbit guides them on a journey filled with hope, inclusiveness, and freedom.


by: Monster by Kitsune
from: Calgary, Canada and Wellington, New Zealand
year: 2023

Monster is a site specific piece made for play and adventure. The viewer will be invited to play with the Monster via the seesaw jutting from the base of the plinth. As the viewer rides the seesaw the movement will manipulate the internal mechanics of Monster. This will in turn move the limbs of the Monster. This engaging piece will breakdown the at times oppressive and sterile experience of viewing art creating instead an experience akin to playing with an imaginary friend Monster.


by: Moonshadows
from: Seattle, WA
year: 2023

Moonshadows is a Sundial and Moondial for Past, Present, and Future Events.

Moroccan ParTea

by: Hind Baghdadi
from: Kenitra, Morocco
year: 2023

My installation art is to honor my Fellow Moroccans and the Moroccan hospitality; to honor their generosity and their beautiful hearts.
A Moroccan citizen welcomes everyone with open arms and open hearts no matter their age gender, religion, race, color none of that matters, a mint Tea is always offered from the heart and with pure love.
I am building a massive Moroccan teapot with teacups and call this installation “The Moroccan ParTea”
to Welcome even more people to the Moroccan beauty in design and craftsmanship.


by: Nour Tohme / Onusa / habRitual
from: Paris, France
year: 2023

Mothership is an immersive installation that explores the connection between feminine wisdom and nature, and the importance of amplifying the Feminine to create regenerative futures for all.
Within modernity that has lost its connection to myths and magic, Gaia has come to symbolize a reverence for nature and ecological consciousness. The piece invites us to experience Earth as a complex being, full of aliveness and mystery. In the midst of the desert, Gaia appears to hold the citizens of BRC in a loving embrace.
Through a journey across cycles, stories and ancient feminine wisdom, Mothership invites us to reframe our relationship with the living world, and explore the concepts of inter-being, animism, kinship and responsible stewardship.

Museum of No Spectators

by: John Marx and Absinthia Vermut
from: San Francisco & Oakland, CA
year: 2023

Out in the dusty playa of Black Rock City lies a different kind of museum. As you approach this intriguing and mysterious building with its unusually shaped galleries, appearing part machine, part creature, part abstract and surrealistic form. It may appear as a blank slate, the letters spelling Museum of No Spectators hovering above. Its dynamic shapes appear otherworldly yet grounded. It is waiting for you to approach and become a part of it. MoNS encourages participants to enter through its Gifting Shop, where you will be assisted in making a gift before entering. The building guides you along, as a partially covered hallway leads you to galleries on either side, until you have spent time in all eight galleries.


by: Flaming Lotus Girls
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2023

Mutopia has germinated and is evolving, creating an zone of growth, mystery and
possibility. Starting as one strange Seedpod, each successive plant
evolves as it matures and adapts, willfully incorporating features and forms of the plants, animals, and machines it interacts with in its surroundings.

Mutopia’s series of evolving plant beasts is an exploration of the evolution by mutation that underlies all life. It creates a fantastic space for all manner of playa creatures to play in. Embrace the joys of kinetic fire effects and scruffy tendrils. Did they think you were just a plant? They didn’t realize you are on a journey.

My Body, My Home

by: Ray Frost & the Coyote Crew
from: Reno, NV
year: 2023

My Body, My Home is a larger than life coyote skeleton participants can climb inside. She represents resilience and survival – she lived through her worst traumas and died peacefully of old age. This project is meant to remind participants that they have all survived their worst traumas and offers them a place to leave a reminder of those traumas so they can let them go and move forward without them.


by: Sukant Panigrahy and Sandeep Manyam with the Discovery Collective
from: Mumbai, India
year: 2023

Nazar is sight, it is perception, it is attention. It is the exchange of energy, good or bad that could happen in all of a second when you glance at someone perhaps or stare deeply into their eyes. It requires no words, yet can communicate a spectrum of emotions such as glee, fear, anger or even embody a deeper connection of trust and care. It is primal, it is visceral, it cannot be faked. We present “Nazar” in the form of a giant eyeball, rooted to the playa to communicate with her. It sweeps the landscape, beckoning one and all to interact with it and find a window in to your own soul.


by: Brenden Darby, Simón Malvaez, Ollie Newth, Evan Connelly, Sergio Garrido-Ramirez, Cruz Ramirez
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2023

NOSOTRES is a monument to the ancient history of the queer community. Standing at 50′ tall with depictions of nonbinary faces and Mictlan (The Aztec Underworld) this evolution of our 2022 Burning Man Piece, THEM, Serves as a reminder that queer people have been here since the beginning of time. Queerness represents our past, present and future and we honor the many deaths of our past selves that help us move forward.

Not Your Monkey

by: Victor Moss Man
from: Seattle, WA
year: 2023

Not Your Monkey is an art installation where a monkey is sitting on a robotic bicycle. The monkey is half human, his face is robotic. The main question is do we, sapiens join the robots or do we fight them?
During the week of burning man the monkey records the sound of Playa out of which a music track will be released.

Nothing For Sale

by: fnnch
from: San Francisco
year: 2023

“Nothing For Sale” is about Decommodification. The tube dancer is the ultimate symbol of commodification — it exists solely to advertise and promote. But it is also a joyous object, full of color and motion. “Nothing For Sale” liberates this symbol and its beauty. It subverts the original meaning of the object and highlights Decommodification by juxtaposing a commercial symbol with non-commercial language.


by: Nova Cluster
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2023

You are in the Cookie Cluster, deep in an exciting region of space known for frequent Novas, with stars scattered around 69% of a circle. A SuperNova is one of the rarest events in the universe. Your mission is to enter the Cluster, stimulate the Nova Core and trigger a SuperNova.

A Nova Sherpa will be your guide during your journey. Before you enter, you must prepare for your trip. Your Sherpa will hand you a simulator to hone your skills. Once you are ready, you will enter the Cluster and position yourself in the center. There’s no going back now!

Using the skills you honed during your time with the simulator, how far can you go?

Numinous II

by: Chad Rice
from: Fernley, NV
year: 2023

Numinous II is a dimensional, forced-perspective piece that constantly changes based on where participants are located around or within the structure.  Using geometry to channel the power of the spiritual and supernatural, Numinous gives participants a view into the infinite possibilities of shifting reality.


by: Nathaniel Hale Garnon
from: Erie, PN
year: 2023

“Nyurmok” is a playa installation, an architectural shrine in the name of microtonality and the entirety of the pitch continuum. No more than 10 feet in height. A gathering place in the Deepest Playa, for the curious pilgrim. The chapel utilizes a simple-but-unique 5-sided aluminum framework to facilitate more dynamic and complex attachable cover sections. Upon closer inspection, an entire urban design, of fantastic proportion, can be seen “growing from the seed”, along with other intense ornamentation and attributes. There’s some intense stuff going on here. Hopefully more-than-enough treats to stimulate those in the vicinity.

Oculus Oculeye

by: Philip DePoala and Tatiana Lupashina with EDGE
from: Berlin, Germany
year: 2023

The biological makeup of our body is the multiverse within. Atoms, cells, organs are constantly communicating in complex patterns creating a certain output we all strive to understand or to merely observe. The duality of the eye as both window and veil makes this organ a beautifully unique component of our sensory experience. Oculus reflects on our own perceptive sphere and those of all creatures around us. Eyes have carried various meanings over many centuries in human cultures. Oculus Oculeye explores the multiverse and microcosm which is provided to us through the biological makeup of our eyes, our bodies, and the natural world around us.


by: Clayton Blake Art
from: Currumbin Queensland, Australia
year: 2023

ODYSSEY – A 27ft stainless steel RETRO ROCKET. An inhabitable and interactive artwork complete with sound scape and CO2 cannons that mimic the steam explosion of a real spaceship launch. A celebration of our innate desire for EXPLORATION, DISCOVERY, TRAVEL & ADVENTURE.

Of a Temporary Nature 2.0

by: P. Michael Quinn
from: Gossburg, TN
year: 2023

Fairy shrimp are strange, almost alien looking crustaceans. Although they only inhabit temporary aquatic habitats, they have been here for millions of years floating on their backs and undulating through life. “Of a Temporary Nature” presents an arial flotilla of large fairy shrimp wind sock sculptures that hopefully entice participants to wonder and draw nearer to their intriguing yet simple forms.

Temporary water gives rise to the fairy shrimp and Black Rock City gives rise to the Burner. We are all of a temporary nature. We should do more to live like fairy shrimp – eat, mate, dance, and accept and enjoy each other’s company as much as possible while our habitats remain as we may not realize the temporary nature of our very own existence.


by: Wizard
from: Oakland, CA
year: 2023

Ohm looks like a 12 foot silver donut. Stainless curved tubes wrap around to form its shell. The donut is suspended to allow viewing from all the way around. Walking around the object creates visual patterns as the curved lines overlap.

omega flats

by: The Omega Flats Crew
from: Las Vegas, NV
year: 2023

The philosophy of “Omega Flats” is one of respite….Out on the edge of the horizon is a blurred line where the known and the unknown meet. There sits a lone, shade covered way station. A Place of respite, Where one’s rourney becomes an adventure.

On point

by: Seth Johnson
from: Carson City, NV
year: 2023

The sculpture is the interpretation of the abstracted energy in the power and commitment of the sentinel Canis.


by: Kirsten Berg
from: Berkeley, CA
year: 2023

Oneiros: reflecting that which arises from the deep well of divine dreams
Eros: Archetypal life force, the creative pulse, excitation

Oneirotica : A giant, iridescent mirror-steel orchid draws us in with dazzling magenta, reflective petals, rising like a shrine from the future. As we move beyond the allure of our own reflections, we alight and take our place at an altar, where a book of “Nectar” awaits, offering gifts of reflective questions and answers: What matters? Best insights? What truly stimulates, brings a deeper buzz to our lives? Diving into our well of experience, we draw forth these deeper treasures to savor and share at this cross-pollination station of meaning, abuzz with the creative pulse, fertile with inspiration, to brighten and lighten our path ahead.

Oracle io

by: Daria Zhest
from: Brooklyn, NY
year: 2023

We already plunged into the unknown world of bending our realm of existence in new fascinating ways. The oracle will gather its thoughts and speak loud and clear. We all have questions, so many of them. All we need to do is ask. Who knows, this will be a total experiment, something absolutely new! Even I don’t know what end results of this spectacle would be.
We, the machines, the interconnection. How much of it makes sense? Barely anything. How far can an artificial philosopher go in establishing the new paradigm? Let’s find out. Are you with me?

Our Perpetual Lady of Lost Souls and Secrets

by: Candi Carrell
from: Tucson, AZ
year: 2023

This art piece is a 9 foot metal base with a Jackalope half body and head. Our Perpetual Lady of Lost Souls and Secrets would like the citizens of Black Rock to tell her your inner secrets so the wind can take them away giving the individual release. The rabbit as a spirit totem represents the individual to stop, look and listen to their inner voice to help them into enlightenment. Also signifies the journey into our unknown consciousness.


by: Joshua Olson
from: Fox Island, WA
year: 2023

Ourcelium is a light and music instrument in the form of a mushroom fairy ring. Gently touching the pads on the mushroom caps produces sound and light that multiple people can play together.

Like mushrooms, we all are linked by unseen connections. As below, so above. We are one, and I love you.

Over Ruled

by: Cody Smith & Looking Up Arts
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2023

A large red sign commands “NO DANCING” in big, bright letters, visible from afar. The provocation dares participants to defy with a boogie, shuffle, or strut, and perhaps even gather together into a sweaty, rhythmic rebellion.

Ground mounted spotlights cast enlarged silhouettes of dancers up onto the letters, broadcasting the disobedience across the playa. Crowds thus magnify their energy, sending out ripples of mischievous joy, and luring in reinforcements.

Approaching reveals smaller text on each letter, a true story of someone’s collision with a rule and the consequences: banishment, termination, expulsion, or incarceration. If the tincture of joy and grief give way to a desire for restorative justice, then Over Ruled’s goal is fulfilled.

Panopticonotopia 3.0!

by: JJ Holoubek
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2023

Incarceration – In Style!

Welcome to Panopticonotopia 3.0!

With abundant eye-catching curb appeal, this cozy and comfortable unit takes impoundment to the next level, leveraging end-to-end, all-inclusive security and surveillance services. Great for entertaining– and re-education — this expansive, detached SFH offers a rustic, open floor plan that comes fully furnished and move in ready.

Schedule a private viewing today with:

Fink, Inc. Developments
A division of the VeriLarge Corp. family of products and services.


by: Giuseppe Palumbo, Jaguar Visions
from: Eldorado Springs, CO
year: 2023

This artwork is intended to be visually pleasing as well as activating our unconsciousness to the mystic and sacred spirit of the Jaguar.


by: William Chojnacky
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2023

It is like a lot of lights in the sky dancing to the earth.

Perception III

by: Dave Clay
from: Seattle, WA
year: 2023

Perception is an interactive light sculpture made up of transparent windows spread out in a spiral-circular space. The windows shift colors, inviting people to look through windows at each other. As they engage, the colors respond, interacting with the windows around in light reverberations. As more people interact with windows, these reverberations overlap to produce new colors and patterns that can reach out to the entire space.

This piece reminds us to acknowledge perception of reality is based. on interactions with the environment and with each other. It encourages us to play with how we see each other, how things look different based on who we are and where we are at in our lives.

Perennial Playground: Germination

by: Gloria Lamb and The GASS Co.
from: Agua Dulce, CA
year: 2023

Germination is the next chapter of Perennial Playground. Planted last year and fertilized with years of grief, anger, fire & plague, and a dusting of magical fairy shrimp, we’re excited to see what has started to sprout!

Returning are raised garden beds filled with colorful fairy light “buds” that sway in the breeze & bloom shaped chairs around the perimeter. This flower garden play area will have GROWN to include a raised central padded fuzzy yellow ovary accessible via colorful petals of climbing net ladders. Reaching the top is an adventure, & gives explorers a chance to see things from a new perspective, having overcome an obstacle & being able to see the growth from last year.


by: Kerry Veenstra
from: Santa Cruz, CA
year: 2023

Persistence promotes an unfamiliar visual perspective and prods people to help those around them to see it. As an unmonitored public canvas, Persistence simultaneously inspires both collective creativity and individual anarchy–its images documenting a war between refinement and ruin.


by: Olexii Say
from: Kyiv, Ukraine
year: 2023

Phoenix symbolizes the resilience and tenacity of people of Ukraine in their struggle for national identity, sovereignty and independence.

Piece of Mind

by: Piece of Mind
from: Sunnyvale, CA
year: 2023

Need a moment of quiet? A moment of self-reflection?
“Piece of Mind” is a light shimmering box from the outside, a quiet and cozy room on the inside.
It represents a space for introspection, mindfulness, and connection amidst the excitement and energy the outside world. It is intended to offer citizens of Black Rock City a moment of respite, inviting them to engage with their inner selves and find a sense of peace. The use of sustainable and eco-friendly practices, such as the solar generator and ventilation, reflects the importance of conscious and mindful living. Overall, “Piece of Mind” is a physical manifestation of the belief that creating spaces for mindfulness and connection can promote healing and growth.

Playa Art Park

by: Friends of the Playa Art Park
from: Oakland, CA
year: 2023

The Playa Art Park is an on playa sculpture garden and community space in a park-like setting. The layout contains up to 20 small to mid-sized art works each done by a different artist. At the center of the park area there is a central seating pergola with a big park lantern. The layout allows for people to relax and linger in a unified area while surrounded by art.
Six Park benches with nearby bike racks will be scattered within. One of the benches will have a genuine bronze memorial plaque for Larry Harvey. And this year some other benches will have memorial lettering hand painted on them to honor other great past burners.
A circle of garden lights or spots is set up around each art piece for safety and group recognition.

Playa Beam

by: John Vallerga
from: Oakland, CA
year: 2023

Playa Beam uses reflecting prisms to refract sunlight into a spectrum that can be projected across the Playa. Observers in the beam path will see a bright point of colored light on the Playa horizon. At first, Observers are surprised at this mysterious light appearing in full sunlight and then intrigued by its color changes, from red to violet.

The source of the beam is a pair of prisms located ~3000 ft north of the Man. The prisms are attached to an adjustable mount on a 4 ft pyramid. The direction of the beam is aimed by volunteer “Beamers”.

The Art occurs when Observers see the light and there is a Beamer aiming the beam to the Observer. As Observers see the light, a fraction will be drawn to the beam origin where they become Beamers.

Playa TV

by: Reed Morse and Pacific Hydroplane Research
from: Oakland, CA
year: 2023

Sit back, relax, and watch Playa TV from this deep playa living room.

Playattic Forest Revisited

by: Webster Rasmussen
from: Napa, CA
year: 2023

Playatic Forest is warmly lit space on the edge of nowhere. A garden of sorts, it moves ever so slightly in the wind, casting its glow in an isolated, distant, dark patch of playa. Meditative? Exciting? Erotic? Calming? A venue for hide and seek? A place for a tea party? Anything you can imagine? Welcome.

Playful Again!

by: Valerie Mallory with They Collective
from: Oakland, CA
year: 2023

Playful Again is a whimsical piece featuring the pure, excessive, alluring world of pure play.

Inside are the rotating cast figures on an ever-spinning trapeze. In front of the piece will be a playground with a geodesic dome, and tables with Ouiji boards and various objects for play. In front will also be casts of humanimals. These are human casts that are combined with animal features that line up with the Animalia theme. This provides an exhilarating spectacle of the human world plus animal world. It alludes to fantasy, mythmaking, and of course, magic.

Playfulness at its core, is the business of selling dreams, one morsel at a time.


by: Taylor Dean Harrison
from: Penngrove, CA
year: 2023

Polymery is an installation of five sculptures that cast light and shadow far and wide creating a patterned field of constantly evolving color mixing on the ground. During the day, the flower-like pods invite the viewer to look upwards at their curving, mirrored surfaces to see warped reflections of the environment. At night, the flowers ‘bloom’ into a larger installation, each pod casting its petals onto the ground and inspiring exploration.

Porthole Portal

by: Eric, Jade, Sage and Crystal--Ascension Tribe
from: Salt Lake City, UT
year: 2023

Looking across the barren land, the waves of the ocean draw attention to the Porthole Portal. The mystery beneath the waves, transforms the playa into a world to explore. Approaching the 12 foot tall archway the participant is immersed in the sights and sounds of the sea. Finding themselves among the creatures of the deep blue they are free to play and find adventure. Peering through portholes into other worlds, the participant is surprised by what they find.

Project Flashlight

by: Neal Strickberger
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2023

Project flashlight is the joy of light at grand scale.
Pure, incredibly bright white beams like fingers of god in the dust, contrasts with the night sky, scale across the open playa, interplay of beams, light in motion.
Military/NASA billion-candlepower searchlights, reanimated for art! Interactive with tablet controls.

Promise of the Decade

by: Alyssa Oliveira - Alpine Meadows Artists
from: Alpine Meadows, CA
year: 2023

The Promise of the Decade allows for experiencing light in a new way. A not so fleeting playful rainbow and curious stretching shadows. Between the plexiglass is a sparkling and twinkling light diffraction film that casts long-lasting, splashing rainbows when placed in direct sunlight! This structure provokes, letting go of sophistication, and welcoming simplicity & innocence in minds. Tapping into the mindset of childlike curiosity and inspiring others looking back into the world with more gratitude & wonder.

Provocative Paleontology

by: BRC Jurassic History Society
from: Los Angeles, CA
year: 2023

Immerse yourself in the prehistoric era by joining the Black Rock City Jurassic History Society at our active fossil dig site. Unearth the remnants of the recently discovered Triceracocks and Pegasaurus, two of the majestic dinosaurs that once roamed the Playa 65 million years ago.


by: dawn jian and the PādaP'goda Collective
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2023

PādaPagoda is a 27’x21’ double-layered kinetic pagoda which explores the dynamics of social interaction, interdependence, and expressions of AAPI heritage outside of Asia. The experience of being Asian American often leads to the formation of a presentable facade, one which masks a deeper expression of our true emotions. The feeling of inner turmoil tucked away is represented in the construction of a rotating inner core built within a static envelope. A climbable ladder at the center of the core is available only to those who can find their way into the heart pillar and ascend amidst the movement, symbolizing a journey of grounding into one’s truth regardless of external influences. The majority of the structure is created from bamboo, a sustainable material which has roots in many Asian countries. This piece creates an interactive third space where aspects of our cultural heritage can be re-imagined and shared.

Queen Cobra

by: Andrea Greenlees, Andy Tibbetts, and Josh Haywood
from: London, United Kingdom & Reno, NV
year: 2023

Queen Cobra is a large art installation made of gleaming powder-coated tubular steel and hand-beaten copper. It takes the form of a huge rearing cobra with a coiled body, a beautiful copper-scaled head topped with a magnificent crown, and a spreading hood. Her body is a hooped structure that invites climbing and play, appealing to the child in us all.
Queen Cobra references the ancient shared mythologies of many diverse cultures. Specifically she represents the awakening of Kundalini, a form of divine feminine energy, which is visualized as a serpent uncoiling from the base of the spine and ascending through different levels of mystical experience until it reaches the top of the head, leading to a profound transformation of consciousness.

Quetzalcóatl Reborn

by: Crescent Art Collective/Lisa Regan & Ley Brashka
from: Coahuila, Mexico & Tulsa, OK
year: 2023

Quetzalcóatl manifests in a large scale installation piece made out of ¼ inches metal sheets with prehispanic symbols plasma cut all over his serpent body with jewelry bracelets at some parts of it and a drum corn tail.

The bracelets will be stained glass as well as some of the prehispanic symbols, so with the light of the sun it transfers the colors on the playa ground and the people at day time.
Led lights and metal fluorescent paint in the other symbols as well as led lighted in all the profile of the piece so it can light up at night and have a great presence both at day and night, and a great visual impact in the middle of playa.

Rabbitsaurus & mallardsaurus

by: Yanan dong
from: Beijing, China
year: 2023

Dinosaurs are mysterious ancient creatures that live in the form of birds around us today. 2023 is the Year of the Dragon in China, designed for the Rabbitsaurus and mallardsaurus. The structure of the device is made of handmade paper, bamboo and wood. The device restores the shape of the giant dinosaurs in the Cretaceous period. The prototype of the rabbitsaurus is Nashiungosaurus Bohlini family in the Cretaceous period, which came from Jiuquan, Gansu Province, China, in the Cretaceous period.
Mallardsaurus refer to the characteristics of mallard ducks and Cretaceous plant eating dinosaurs. Birds have dinosaur genes. This design hopes to restore the Mesozoic animal morphology.

Rain God, Chaac

by: Miguel Guzman and Iyvone Khoo
from: Mexico City, Mexico & Singapore
year: 2023

A Mayan inspired Rain God surrounded by animal deities.

In Mesoamerica, animals were not lower beings but neighbours, alter egos and a way to communicate with the gods.
In the Popol Vuh, animals assisted in human creation and were the guardians of the natural world.
Chaac, the Mayan god of rain is a symbolic representation of the elemental forces of nature that ensures that natural cycles of life are preserved.
In most creation myths, Gods created humans and Gods created animals.
As we are all descendants of animals, it was in fact animals that created humans and humans that created Gods.

This piece explores an alternative Creation Myth, one that laments the human-animal separation and recognizes our kinship to all lifeforms, past and present.

Rats- R- Us

by: Bruce H Brodie and Diane I Ballard
from: San Anselmo, CA
year: 2023

Rats-R-Us is a kinetic Rat, similar to a whirligig.
Constructed of steel, powered by a wind driven wheel.
Mounted 14′ above the Playa and upwind of The Man.

Recyclosaurus Renocores (aka R2)

by: Reno Core Project
from: Reno, NV
year: 2023

We envision a dinosaur that will have characteristics taken from many species and eras, built from recycled metal. Partly skeletal, partly skinned, partly feathered. Current plan is a backbone with Stegosaurus type spines that will have flame effects, as well as sound and lighting effects trigger some type of participant interaction. We plan to place “eggs” (colored rocks) around the playa that the R2 can visually recognize as they are found and placed into its nest. We will redistribute the eggs daily for participants to find and interact with.

Remote Work

by: Interns
from: Arcata, CA
year: 2023

An office-less office, a remote work station to remotely work. This little space is novel now, but will provide respite from a dusty storm and shade from the sweltering sun. It is simple in its installation and the theme is open to interpretation. Casual Fridays are mandatory here though.


by: Eva W - 706
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2023

Respirator – a wind catcher and an embodiment of the desert’s breath.
The installation is a cube structure composed of a transparent shell and translucent, multi-colored chambers inside. It interacts with the environment through pressure sensor-controlled apertures on its shell, which open during wind or storms and close during calm and quiet weather. The installation invites people to pay attention to the breath of nature, just as we do to our own. Visitors are also encouraged to step inside and experience the interior, feeling the wind’s pressure from various directions.

Rhythm Jism

by: Helzos Gonzoria / Gonzo Rock
from: Venice Beach, CA
year: 2023

When you stumble upon Rhythm Jism in deep playa your inner drummer will experience sweet release.


from: Amsterdam, Netherlands
year: 2023

“Rise” represents inspiration and new found purpose in the wake of uncertainty.

For DRIFT, insights from nature offer clues as to how we might tackle the myriad challenges we face today — from the global pandemic to climate change to geopolitical conflicts. DRIFT’s Lonneke Gordjin explains, “True evolution comes from adaptation and from getting into unknown and uncomfortable situations, to learn and become better. We have a massive challenge ahead of us. If we understand how nature works in uncertain circumstances, it will become easier to accept and embrace that we have to go step by step and constantly change and adapt to remain a part of the evolution of this earth.

DRIFT explores how to reconnect people with nature through technology.

Roots of Alegria

by: Pablo Gonzalez Vargas & Frances Schwiep
from: Mexico City, Mexico & New York, NY
year: 2023

Roots of Alegria is an interactive sculpture where you experience how the energy of love and human consciousness are deeply intertwined with nature through one of the world’s most environmentally important and diverse ecosystems — the mangrove tree forest.

As you enter, the roots of the forest come to life, illuminated by hidden LEDs that evoke the different textures and shapes of the roots, branches, and leaves. At the center, two human forms, intertwined with the roots, symbolize the unbreakable bond between humanity and nature.


by: Twilight Language, Lead artist: Michael Ciulla
from: Larkspur, CA
year: 2023


Sculpture created by Twilight Language.



by: Sergey Gornushkin
from: San Diego, CA
year: 2023

The sculpture depicts a giant 3D fiberglass fish head decorated with riveted leather mosaic and industrial size fisherman’s net. The fish head will be suspended in the middle of a giant
fabricated steel tepee structure. The artwork will be adorned with motion activated LED lighting, laser beams pointed upward into the sky as well as a laydown lounge area below the fish simulating an underwater diving experience.


from: Reno, NV
year: 2023

One year ago, an unknown tesseract landed in Black Rock Desert. The citizens of the city named it “The Cube.” Two individuals were called forth by the vibrational waves that surged through the dusty grounds, emanating from this unearthly material. They were encoded with unique information that sent them through a black hole to an intelligently inhabited planet, “Arcanum-9.” There they were given mathematics and language to bring back to the people of Earth, to show them mysteries of consciousness. Two crystals, one black and one white, are intercepted by a large stone carved with unique alien language and translations. Three guides ground the magnetic field, respectively representing the passage of mind, body, and spirit.

Sanctuaria Oasis

by: Cecilia Pagkalinawan and Sanctuaria Regenerative Art & Architecture Collective
from: Brooklyn, NY
year: 2023

Sanctuaria Oasis is a haven and sanctuary for all Animalia and inhabitants of Black Rock City. The structure emulates the aesthetic of a cave though with a modern architecture exterior inspired by a crystal cave. Sanctuaria is a refuge from the harsh elements of the playa, from scorching heat and blistering dust storms. Within the safety of Sanctuaria, Animalia can contemplate, feel, and heal.

Sanctuaria is a solar powered art installation and its accompanying oasis will be powered 100% with renewable energy. Building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) tiles will be used to construct part of the cave facade. The structure is built with sustainable materials including timber from trees which have been killed by recent droughts and wildfires.

Sangye Menla Medicine Buddha

by: Virginia and Guy Connor
from: Las Vegas, NM
year: 2023

Sangye Menla is an interactive 10 Feet Medicine Buddha statue.
His royal deep blue, unusual color will stand on the Golden Playa. At night, the statue will also be lighted.

Traditionally the Medicine Buddha is a powerful representation of an Healing Buddha. Its aim and mantra is to relieve pain, illness, disease and emotional suffering for all sentient being.

Sans Seraph

by: Skylark Collective
from: Portland, OR
year: 2023

Sans Seraph is a steel-framed candle, burning at both ends. The artists designed the piece to represent over-work, pushing oneself to the limits, and losing sight of other parts of life like health and relationships. The dynamic flame creates a unique and captivating visual experience that encourages reflection on the balance and what’s really important. A truly participatory experience with the art alights intention.

Secret Temple

by: Genie (Sami Romanick)
from: Rochester, NY
year: 2023

Story has it, genies of the desert are the spirits of good and evil. To understand evil, a magical genie set course to learn the secrets of the world, to know the unknown, see the unseen, and hear the unheard. An enchanting gold lamp lures you into a confessional temple. Mesmerized, body paralyzed, the faintest whisper, “what is most unknown, unseen, and unheard?”. A therapeutic release fills the walls of the temple and sends you on a euphoric departure.

Secret Temple encourages you to release something that has never been known, seen, or heard. Secret Temple allows the healthy and therapeutic release of whatever might be holding you back. Secrets fill the walls of the temple and reveals (anonymously) the toxic evils that consume us.

Serendipity Dispenser

by: The Serendipsters (crew) Artists: Alicia St Rose & Van Granaroli
from: Santa Barbara, CA
year: 2023

The Serendipity Dispenser encourages gift giving experiences by providing three components: The experience, the person to gift, and the time window in which to do it. The playa becomes a setting for a delightful scavenger hunt to find that person who will receive your gift.


by: Perry Katz
from: Los Angeles, CA
year: 2023

Shakti is a visual representation of one’s Kundalini energy. A15 ft tall legless skeleton with an LED cobra snake ascending the spine.

Shit$torm 2.0

by: Deborah Colotti
from: Sebastopol, CA
year: 2023

A large brown turd shaped as a dollar sign has a toothy mouth for entry, and after a few intestinal bends, a crawl-out anus. Flies and other bugs hover outside, and weird microflora roam inside, all made of plastic and detritus from our throwaway consumer culture.

Assimilated micro-plastics and phthalates have entered our gut, bloodstream, lymph, and even our brains, to the detriment of our collective environment, and our personal health. In a sense, when we release the payload into the crapper our excrement reveals that we are pooping dollar signs made of plastics.

Fecal factoids on table linens embellish the inside flushing out curious and relatable details of our need to “unloose the caboose, offload some freight, or curl some pipe”.

Shots Fired Coffee

by: PocoJoe and the Shots Fired Crew
from: Tucson, AZ
year: 2023

Shots Fired will be served out of “JoJo” (as in Joe’s Joe). This is a 1964 travel trailer that has been renovated (kitchen, beds removed and coffee service installed).

Snailing Around Splay-ro-Graph

by: Rob Colbert
from: Fort Collins, CO
year: 2023

Snailing Around is interactive playa art, where a Snail shaped push cart moves the giant spirograph disk to create an ever changing spirograph design on the playa. This social art brings the participation, expression, and the importance of respecting future generations by only leaving our trace in the dust. Tugging at our sense of nostalgia, enthralled in curiosity for spirograph art, is made possible only by community participation. This human art displays the ever forgiving cycles of creation and destruction, change, impermanence, and silence. Snailing Around is based on the the idea of folks getting together for art, not knowing what they are getting into, and still creating anyway.

Solunis Pyramids

by: Stranger Things
from: Bozeman, MT
year: 2023

Solunis celebrates the Heliosian culture who believed that the sun and moon are symbols of life and vitality, and that their energy is the source of all creation. The Heliosians vanished, leaving behind only their pyramids and their legends. People still gather at the pyramids to celebrate the cycles of the sun and moon and reflect on the mysteries of the universe.

Visitors to Solunis are invited to enter the larger pyramids and to bask in the warm glow of the sun. At night, the pyramids are illuminated with LED lights, creating a mystical and otherworldly atmosphere that transcends time and space. The installation will inspire others to reflect on the mysteries of the universe, and to find beauty and meaning in the natural world around us.


by: Ying Ying Liu
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2023

An interactive instrument made with PVC pipes, paddles, and a pentatonic scale. The top of the pipe keys can be spanked with the paddles to voila! Make music. The pentatonic scale is very forgiving for improvising melodies, even if you’ve never touched an instrument in your life besides that recorder that one time back in elementary school. Can the paddles be used for spanking percussive butts? Also yes.

Sparkle Bonies

by: Society for Humerus Art
from: Alameda, CA
year: 2023

The Sparkle Bonies (Burner names: Relic and Marrow) are both a tribute to and gentle mockery of the various tribes of Burning Man. We hope you get a laugh out of it, and maybe it will spark some reflection. Since we all look like them on the inside, the piece reflects every burner regardless of age, gender, sex, race, or ethnicity. Be sure to come by every day to see their new styles.

Spider Trap

by: Josh Zubkoff & Looking Up Arts
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2023

Rising from the playa landscape is the larger than life Spider Trap. With its long spindly steel legs, Spider Trap stands towering, but not menacing. It has two webs: the interactive lighted one above can be controlled from the web hammock below, providing a comfortable place to take in the art and meet people.


by: BoKo Fine Art
from: Las Vegas, NV
year: 2023

Loosely based on desert plants this sculpture strives to understand and recreate the forces of nature. The piece is very industrial in appearance with the sheer steel facade and plastic bubbling light fixtures, and so, the elements of nature are represented by the gradual shift in color of the light and the ever persistent shrieks and thumps of the sound. Just like the vibrations of life, this sculpture’s life force will pulse through it in a slow and melodic manner. The piece, although beautiful during the day, is dormant, only coming to life as the sun sets each night. People are inevitably be drawn to these representations of energy forces and so the sculpture and its surrounding environment will inevitably become a serene social space.


by: Neri and Hu, Bonnie Chen
from: Shanghai, China
year: 2023

The famous Star Bunnies coming from China represents hope and love with people who have been together hosting sustainable charity events to support autistic children’s art. It’s been 12 years for this project and it’s the year of rabbit in the Chinese calendar. Those inflatable PVC bunnies have been touring around the whole of China and now ready go escape all the chaos into the desert. They come with signatures and blessings written from a lot of people and hoping to collect more of this kind of good energy from the BRC. This project is created mostly by women, helping the minority. This charity attracts people to volunteer from mother to daughter like a beautiful tradition.

Stardust in the Wind

by: Runester
from: Oakland, CA
year: 2023

The Stardust Casino was a place for fun, glamour and criminality. This BRC casino game is operated by participants without the need of a pit boss. Dice are rolled to answer questions of light-hearted entertainment to the most extreme depths of incite suited to taste. The accurate star-map up on the ceiling of the space represents the night sky at the exact time and place of the Man Burn. The names of the constellations have been updated and translated to complement this year’s theme. The dice game inside is based on Elemental Divination by Stephen Ball which has been adapted for easy usage. Links are made between the forces of chance, the earth, cosmic scope and internal inquiry as they mix with playa dust and our own inner star dust.

Still Human

by: Chaos On The Playa
from: Los Angeles, CA
year: 2023

Still Human is a continuation of the StairRamps to Heaven Project. We want to challenge our fellow burners to be radically inclusive of all burners. We want to show you that disability does not mean hiding away. The alter abled are here at the burn. We challenge you to see the person hidden behind the disability.

Sunrise Deep Island

by: Karine Porto
from: Corumbau and Bahia, Brasil
year: 2023

Burning Man has been noisier, lighter and gigantic every year. But Burning Man is not just that. There are those who recognize the magic and mystery of the desert. Sunrise Deep Island is square, almost handmade, minimalist, simple, but with every point made with intentionality. A tree carved all by hand with garbage and paper, a piano with great sound and hairy to give a touch of magic. Building every part to create an intensely utopic reality that feels another dimension and connects worlds. When we chose it to be all white it was to be like a mirage. Until you get very close, you don’t know if there’s anything there. The difficulty of reaching the island is part of the experience of going through portals and finding an “isolated” place.

Superior (Mother)

by: Kate Kuaimoku
from: Oakland, CA
year: 2023

Mother (Superior) is an optical illusion, ripples of light reflected in the hot desert air. She consists of a series of rotating, reflective, stainless steel stems.
Each stem is made of a bent steel tube, rotating and centered upon steel plates as bases. Her poles are bent to create organic, asymmetrical shapes; these create a pattern of disruption along the horizon line. With all her arms moving, Mother (Superior) will be Black Rock City’s first three-dimensional, moving mirage.


by: Lampe
from: Salt Lake City, UT
year: 2023

“Tantra” in Sanskrit means “weaving.” Much like a tapestry-maker creates ornate designs by weaving threads through a loom, tantric practitioners are able to affect change in themselves and their environment by weaving their thoughts into the reality that surrounds them. Squids are also capable of using their thoughts to weave themselves into their environment. Through neural impulses, squids can control the shade of chromatophores in their skin to visually weave themselves into their surroundings as a form of camoflauge.

Tantracles is a loom in the form of a life-sized giant squid through which approximately fourteen miles of fiber optics are hand woven. It is a celebration of both tantra and the tentacled cephalopod!

Te Wheke - The Octopus Alien Abduction Experience

by: Purple Cow Arts
from: Las Vegas, NV
year: 2023

Glowing day and night deep on the playa, with long flowing tentacles to climb under and experience a glowing, pulsating other world.
Animalia of the sea and space unite.

Tear Drop

by: Lukas Mark and Jettinae VonJaeger - @MarkDesignGallery -
from: Wuerzburg, Germany
year: 2023

The Tear Drop is an interactive kinetic art sculpture. The one Teardrop in the middle, drops and crates waves, in the form of glistening metal rings. One single tear in a vast ocean of choices, potential, and repercussions.
People can turn the crank in both directions, to discover how their motions will impact the wave going in and out of eternity. Regardless of the direction and path they choose, they will always create cause and effect.
By night the LED lights will reflect on the rings, illuminating the surroundings and illuminating the impactfull waves of their decisions.

Temple Anam Cara

by: A Celtic Light and Obsydian Studios creation
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2023

The Temple Anam Cara is a Mexica pyramid with multicultural references to a collective of ancestral heritages. A kinetic tree sculpture emerges from the temple roof with an interactive prayer wheel that engages the canopy of sculpted branches and roots in celebration of the cultural similarities shared through a love for mother Gaia. The base sanctuary is adorned by murals, mirrors and sound reactive LEDs to welcome all to offered ceremonial experiences. This sculpture is a creation in honor of the indigenous wisdom embraced by the creators of Temple Anam Cara, a shared expression of love of community, life and earth.

Temple of Floating Compression

by: Colin and MJ at the Del Dios Glass House
from: Escondido, CA
year: 2023

The opposing forces that act upon the world are as obvious as they are invisible; tension and compression make up the twin logics of pulling and pushing, distance and proximity, stretching and squashing. When these forces are balanced in equal opposition to one another, they create the conditions for harmonious architecture. One term for this is tensional integrity, or “tensegrity.”

The Temple of Floating Compression is a tensegrity sculpture made of a dozen wooden beams that do not touch each other, but are instead held apart by stainless steel cables. In the center, suspended, is a ten foot diameter tensegrity icosahedron.

The sparse, gravity-defying, improbable structure creates a contemplative, reflective mood.

Temple of the Five Elements v2.0.23

by: Matt Scott & the To5E Crew
from: Sylmar, CA
year: 2023

Inspired by The Fifth Element, this is an interpretation of the altar & plinths from the temple room where burners will be invited to combine the elements of Earth, Air, Water & Fire to transform themselves into the element of love & illuminate their surroundings with the power of their love.

Temple of the Heart

by: Ela Madej and Reed Finlay
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2023

Temple of the Heart is a vessel for reconnecting with our hearts and a space for communal healing. Holding space for anyone processing grief, She helps channel it up to the sky. Through flowers, Eastern European lacing, and warm feminine energy, She induces the feelings of maternal love, acceptance, and protection.

Temple of the Paper Rabbit

by: Geodesic Temple
from: Selemadeg Timur, Indonesia
year: 2023

Amidst the intricate folds of a paper rabbit lies a thought-provoking paradox: an object of fragility yet imbued with a quiet resilience. The Temple of the Paper Rabbit (TOPAR) invites us to contemplate the essence of existence and the inherent duality of our human experience. Through the delicate craftsmanship and imaginative playfulness of the paper rabbit, we are reminded of the power of art to reveal the hidden depths of our souls, and to illuminate the beauty and mystery of the world around us.


by: Alice, Malice in Wonderland Studios
from: Brea, CA
year: 2023

A Tesseract is the cube what the cube is to the square. This mirrored representation of a fourth dimensional cube “tesseract” or “hyper cube” has a myriad of inner workings creating the illusion of a quaternary-dimensional effect. Developed from a dream, this sculpture is made of multiple types of mirror, glass, LED and your perspective.

The Alpaca Pakka

by: Jacob Stelzriede
from: Campbell, CA
year: 2023

The Alpaca Pakka! I’m building my favorite fluffy thing. Approximately 15ft wood structure made of recycled wood from previous projects. Come and watch the sun enter and leave the playa with us!

The Cat's In The Bag

by: Jordan Schweizer
from: Cottonwood Heights, UT
year: 2023

“The Cat’s in the Bag.” As much as you may wish, you can’t let it out of the bag this time.

The Chakra Temples

by: Spencer Edgerton and Deep Psyche/Deep Orbit
from: Tucson, AZ
year: 2023

Explore your relationship to the universal energy flow at the Chakra Temples!

At night the seven domed Chakra Temples appear in the form of lotus flowers beckoning with a fierce rainbow glow. From above the project forms an image of a meditating female Yogi with the temple domes representing activated Chakra energy points. Inside of each temple there is a 400lb quartz crystal center-piece, seats for meditation and ambient music associated with the characteristics of its individual Tantric energy nexus.

The Cosmic Messenger

by: Miki Masuhara-Page (WholeLavaLuv) and all of my amazing friends
from: Portland, OR
year: 2023

The Cosmic Messenger, also known as Ms. Peggy is an interactive piece that allows others to express themselves. The steel is painted with chalkboard paint so that people can interact with it and write messages to the cosmos. Peggy is a life size Pegacorn made of steel with mosaic glass representing her chakras. There are lights both on the inside and outside of her so that she lights up the night. The color changing LEDs create a beautiful rippling rainbow light effect that almost makes the piece seem as if she is breathing with rainbows. Peggy embodies the manifestation of finding the light through the darkness. Symbolizing true self expression, by embracing one’s identity and true self acceptance. LOVE is the answer and Peggy provides.

The Dream Briefcase

by: Chad Bare, Dyan Phillips and the Space Jellies
from: Mesa, AZ
year: 2023

This piece started as a secret project locked inside Chad’s briefcase. For several years, he kept the project to himself. This all changed when one night Dyan had a dream that she was inside a pinball machine. She told Chad and stopped him in his tracks because the art inside his briefcase resembled a pinball machine. This moment inspired him to share his secret project for the first time. He invited her to become art partners and thus The Dream Briefcase was born. It includes pinball-machine inspired Beings headed towards the Steps of Ascension, representing humanity’s journey in the Great Awakening. They wish to connect burners to nature through the grains of heartwood and crystals, which reflect millions of years of ancient wisdom.

The Flamingo Project

by: Dennis Leon
from: Portland, OR
year: 2023

The Flamingo Project is a large-scale interactive structure with multiple rooms & spaces representative of different facets of everyone’s personalities. Using color, texture, lighting, and sound, each of the distinct spaces is designed to invoke a different set of emotions. There are designated areas of the structure for participants to add onto or otherwise modify the piece, making it a constantly evolving work in progress. Just like you.

The Hedgehog temple

by: Yaroslav Korets, Kurenivka
from: Kyiv, Ukraine
year: 2023

The Hedgehog Temple is a powerful, visually striking tribute to the diverse Ukrainian creative community members who bravely defended their country during the war, including DJs, musicians, artists, journalists, and film directors. It encourages visitors to contemplate the sacrifices made by these individuals and the significance of community, support, and dedication.
This installation, composed of a cluster of anti-tank hedgehogs, forms an abstract figure that evokes both an animal hedgehog and a looming thundercloud, which often carries a foreboding threat. For Ukrainians, these anti-tank hedgehogs symbolize protection and unity. During the early days of the war, ordinary Ukrainians created thousands of hedgehogs from three sections of iron I-beams welded together to safeguard their communities.
Inside the Temple, visitors can uncover stories of war victims who dreamt of attending Burning Man and pay tribute to the thousands of courageous and talented individuals the Ukrainian creative community lost due to the war. Through this installation, the artists seek to express gratitude for those who lost their lives defending their homeland and those who continue to stand guard. The Hedgehog Temple represents hope and resilience, reminding us that the human spirit can triumph even in the darkest times.

The Journey Aquatic

by: Mark Dill
from: Fleming Island, FL
year: 2023

The Journey Aquatic is a 5 times life size loggerhead turtle. It is meant to express the joy and wonder of seeing turtles in the ocean. As well as the fragility of the turtles’ lives and the dangers to their existence.

The Lite of Spring

by: The Brat Pack: Ronnie Allman, Brent Ledvina, Chris Meister
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2023

“The Lite of Spring” is a striking art installation featuring a pair of imposing double thrones with a 12-foot wingspan made of wood and antlers. During the day, the wings appear as a natural extension of the thrones, but at night, they come alive with fire system built into the structure, creating a warm and inviting glow.

The installation is designed to make visitors feel powerful and in control, inviting them to engage with the piece on multiple levels. The use of natural materials like antlers is meant to convey the fleeting power of nature and challenge visitors to consider their relationship to power and control.

The Lovers (T4T)

by: Little Arcana Arts Collective
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2023

The Lovers (T4T) is a larger-than-life tarot card and a queer reimagining of the classic Rider-Waite scene. The art celebrates the natural diversity in sex and sexual expression that humans share with many animals. In tarot, The Lovers card represents love, unity and connection. Often interpreted as romantic love, it also means self love, community connection, and finding harmony within oneself. The Lovers (T4T) is about trans love, community support, celebrating trans beauty and joy in a world that tries to strangle it. This art is a message of belonging on open playa, and a love letter to queer and trans burners to feel seen and represented.

The Opposable Thumbnail

by: Nicole Adams
from: Charlotte, NC
year: 2023

This massive monument of a fashion-forward opposable thumb is built for challenging play. Can you rock climb? Were you good at the monkey bars as a child? Then try this nail ornament on for size.

The Peace Signs

by: Scott Froschauer
from: Los Angeles, CA
year: 2023

“If there is to be PEACE in the World,
there must be PEACE in the Nations.
If there is to be PEACE in the Nations,
there must be PEACE in the Cities.
If there is to be PEACE in the Cities,
there must be PEACE between Neighbors.
If there is to be PEACE between Neighbors,
there must be PEACE in the Home.
If there is to be PEACE in the Home,
there must be PEACE in the Heart.”
Lao Tzu

The Playa Statistician

by: Kinky Statisticians
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2023

This interactive piece consists of two main elements:

1. A terminal that enables users to answer different questions. The questions are displayed on the screen, and users can select their response by clicking on one of the numerical buttons (0-9, ?, or infinite).

2. A dynamic display board that shows the average answer to each question asked, updated in real-time as new responses are collected.

The questions are about your sexual well-being on the playa : )

The Prairie of Possibilities

by: The Moonlight Collective
from: Seattle, WA
year: 2023

The Prairie of Possibilities highlights the transformational power of storytelling. Pass beneath the glow of whispering portals to be transported to a realm between realms . Traipse through an infinite field of shimmering grasses swaying gently in the night. Find serenity and connection within this harmonious soundscape. Under midnight’s velvet curtain, explore the question of what it means to be human by offering a personal story to “the Entity” and in turn receive the stories of others. Emerge from this journey transformed. In lumine lunari es renascentis. In moonlight you are reborn.

The Salvaged Spoon

by: Jason Kuster, Taylor Simpson, Nate Herrmann & The Sunrise Art Collective
from: Seattle, WA
year: 2023

Burners can gather in this chandelier-lit gazebo around a dining table to rest, chat, eat, and play games. The space may elicit memories of stopping at a late night diner after a night out with friends, visiting a grandparent’s home as a child, or perusing a thrift store. Surrounded by a menagerie of secondhand and salvaged materials and objects, it feels somewhere other, perhaps even a different time period. Senses are heightened—on a visual hunt, full of curiosity and gratitude, savoring each bite, feeling each laugh so deeply, time seems to follow no logic.

The Solar Library Phase 2

by: Jared Ficklin & The Other Singularity
from: Austin, TX
year: 2023

The Solar Library is a rhythmic repetition of triangular yellow huts with bright sun orange doors. The steel framed huts present solar panels at an ideal angle to the sun. At night they bathe in soft yellow light reminiscent of the sunlight collected all day.
Each is a self-contained 1600 Watt solar charging supporting other art projects. Instead of generators artists buy batteries & charge them each day at The Solar Library. This allows artists to convert to solar power without the cost, fumes & engineering of placing panels next to their art.
A whisperia flower out front tells the story of the art projects in each unit when a handle is cranked like a music box for spoken word.

The Spirit of the Healing Siren

by: STuro
from: Reno, NV
year: 2023

Standing at about 8ft tall and lit with color changing LED lights on the inside, the metal sculpted bird features a rotating head with four different human faces. In Mongolian ancient philosophy, and in that of many other cultures, the bird symbolizes wisdom and compassion as it flies above and sees everything below. “The Spirit of the Healing Siren” acts as a messenger, bringing clarity, understanding, and forgiveness to the people, shining light to illuminate the darkness we tread in, showing us the path of unity.

The Split Flap Bicycle Counter

by: Pierre Barban Design Inc
from: Montreal, QC, Canada
year: 2023

A cyclist-shaped red LED sign will be placed on top of a box, which will sit atop a silver pole next to the road. When cyclist pass pass by the sign, the red cyclist LED will light up and appear to move. The box below the cyclist will have a counter that will increase in number each time a cyclist passes. This installation will promote the popularity of cycling on the playa in a fun, data-driven way for all to appreciate.

The Star Kingdom of Oba

by: Dipo Doherty, Jacquelyn Omotalade, Tayler Ava Friar, ART|unknown.
from: Lagos, Nigeria
year: 2023

This multi-sensory star-shaped installation will marry the inter-species connection between man and animal with African heritage. Using mythical creatures in Benin cosmology, this work emphasizes that humans and animals are born of the same consciousness.

The piece will consist of a star-shaped wooden frame. The three points of the star will represent the three mythological creatures of ancient Benin (the leopard, mudfish, and ibis) along with the feminine and masculine symbols.

The Unchanged Future

by: Rave Revolution
from: Valletta, Malta & Kavala, Greece & Madrid, Spain
year: 2023

As you approach the Unchanged Future you observe a red 22-foot oil drum ascending from the playa. The drum is surrounded by mannequins dressed as Burners with their heads in the sand. There’s a small doorway; inside adult hands emerge from the interior walls holding oil covered babies, as if strangling future generations. The infants hold children’s art from around the world, drawings and paintings illustrating how climate annihilation causes terrifying personal distress, the extinction of favourite animals, the danger of forest fires. A lectern in the drum interior, dramatically lit, has a phone to record a response to this question: “What will you tell your grandchildren about what you did to stop the fossil fuel death machine?”

The Ursas

by: Jen Lewin
from: Brooklyn, NY
year: 2023

Named after the constellations Ursa Minor and Ursa Major, The Ursas features two towering polar bears. In 2022, Ursa Minor, a 13-foot tall sculpture debuted on playa. Inspired by Polaris, the work’s glowing and multi-paneled infinity-mirrored body reminds us to “Look Up.”

In 2023 Ursa Minor will return, but this time with her big sister. Standing over three stories tall, Ursa Major’s hollow body is filled with glowing infinity mirrors, each reflecting mosaic drawings of extinct animals from the past 12 months.

The pair, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, stand in solidarity.
Ursa Minor in hope, looking up.
Ursa Major, as a cathedral and tomb, to species lost.

The Well at the End of the World

by: David Bell
from: Phoenix, AZ
year: 2023

A well leads to the center of the earth.

The West

by: Ross Asselstine
from: San Anselmo, CA
year: 2023

This piece is a massive piece of barbed wire.

Why is the West? What is The West? Who strings up so much damned barbed wire? Who is on either side of barded wire?

The Whale

by: The Polish Whale Collective
from: Warsaw, Poland
year: 2023

As the sun sets on Black Rock City, a surreal sight appears on the horizon. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a giant inflatable whale!

But what does it mean? Is it a commentary on the plight of marine life in the desert? Is it a nod to the great Moby Dick himself? Or is it simply a playful reminder that anything is possible at Burning Man?

Whatever the meaning, this giant inflatable whale is sure to capture the imagination of all who lay eyes on it. Marvel at its sheer size and absurdity. Who knows, maybe they’ll even catch a ride on its back and be transported to another world!

In the end, the true beauty of this installation is that it can mean whatever you want it to mean.

The Windy Wobbler

by: Paul Outram
from: Green Valley, CA
year: 2023

A dozen cloth triangles go flipety flopety as they dance in the wind.

Tip of the Iceberg

by: Melissa "Syn" Barron
from: Oakland & Big Sur, CA
year: 2023

Our mysteriousness is intentional in order to keep this art installation under wraps until its unveiling.

We hope to recreate vintage BRC life – before iPhones & social media – when participants showed up on playa & were astonished, at times bewildered, by the art they encountered real-time.

One clue, this piece is inspired by girls & women since our multi-dimensional stories need to be told – especially now.

If your curiosity can’t wait until Burning Man (as we’re hoping yours can’t) – then please click on the donate button to find out how to support our project & learn project details.

Toilet Murals

by: Jae and Pastime
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2023

Street artists paint a wooden canvas to beautify the toilet blocks at 3 and 9 o’clock.

Touch the Sky

by: Martin Taylor and Chromaforms
from: Oakland, CA
year: 2023

Touch the Sky is a sculpture of a mythical winged creature with the head of a human preparing to take flight. The sculpture is fabricated from a myriad laser-cut sheet metal plates welded together. The face is rendered in sharp detail with eyes closed in dreamlike rapture. The hair flows back in the wind. The skin is made of reflective stainless steel heat treated to a rich gold color. The surface of the sculpture is outlined by geometric tattoo-like perforations that accentuate the shape of the body and emit light at night. Wings made of golden stainless and patina’ed steel stretch upwards from the back in a dramatic pose. Touch the Sky serves as a visual metaphor for taking leaps of faith to achieve our dreams and fly.

Tower of Tooter

by: Robert & Penny Cox
from: Kalama, WA
year: 2023

“Tower of Tooter” is a vibrant 13′ tower of 20 wooden musical pipes actuated with eight human-powered air pumps. Colorful lighting and gothic decorations add to the brightly painted beams cut from last year’s “Hooter Tooter”. The “Tower of Tooter” arouses the senses both visually and aurally, luring burners to gather playfully and have fun creating music and cacophony with this unique instrument.


by: Paige Tashner
from: Point Richmond, CA
year: 2023

When a cat shows you her butt, she absolutely trusts you. She’s like, “Here! You’re my human and I feel good about it.” And it’s funny!

Trust is a circle of 5 large, metal, cat sculptures with their butts and tails in the air, buttholes facing inward. Each butthole is decorated differently.

Within the circle of cats, participants will find a scratching post themed podium with a binder of laminated pages of trust exercises. People can explore and interact with each other inside the “ring of trust.”

Trust provides comic relief to help people let down their guard and, hopefully, feel safe to trust themselves and other people they encounter within the ring

Udon It!?

by: Croissant Crustaceaneers/ LittlePinkPills
from: Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica
year: 2023

The Udon It!? Shrine is a shrine to respect all things Noodley! We believe in the wisdom of the noodle, to teach us, to move like the noodle, to improvise, and to connect us all like the infinite loops of the universe. We see the noodle in the Oroborus snake that eats it’s own tale, in the infinity symbol that eternally returns us from stardust to playa dust. Udon it!? is a place to send dreams to smiling cats, to imagine in anime, to ask yourself Udon it? while simultaneously affirming that – Udon it!


by: Peyton Scott Russell
from: Minneapolis, MN
year: 2023

Umbra exhibits the power of humanity and identity in collaboration with nature.
The sculpture celebrates, respects, and honors the Indigenous people of the Playa and Burning Man area of Pyramid Lake, Northwestern Nevada: The Paiute Community. The faces of their ancestors, elders, community members and youth will adorn the sculpture and cast powerful shadows onto the land – symbolizing the bond and strength of the people’s connection to the Playa.

Built to capture light from sunrise and sunset, the structure may cast shadows of more than 300′ in both directions. The strongest and most clear shadows within 30′ – 60′. The shadows move across the Playa as the sun moves, and moon shadows may manifest with the full moon on August 30.

Unfolding Humanity

by: Diane Hoffoss and ArtBuilds
from: San Diego, CA
year: 2023

Unfolding Humanity is a 12′ tall dodecahedron whose exterior faces resemble computer screens emulating The Matrix animation. An open face leads inside, which is lined with 7′ mirrors. The sculpture highlights a famous unsolved question in astronomy, and illuminates the complex relationship between humanity and technology. 

Astronomers don’t know whether the universe is finite or infinite; the mirror-lined interior of the sculpture helps visitors understand life in a finite universe that nevertheless appears infinite.

Technology is a conduit for human interaction, and also a way to wall oneself off from humanity; each face of the dodecahedron separates the tender human reflected in the mirrored inside from the rest of humanity outside.

Unpopular Music (or UNPOP)

by: Evidence (Stephan Moore + Scott Smallwood)
from: Chicago, IL & Edmonton, AB, Canada
year: 2023

UNPOP, or “Unpopular Music,” is an intimate listening environment in deepest playa. It features exquisite, detailed sound works, including field recordings, abstract electroacoustic music, ambient textures, and other (mostly) non-beat-oriented sonic experiences, composed by many artists from around the world. Encompassing a circular space, the piece is built around eight custom-built Hemisphere loudspeakers, which enclose a listening area complete with soft couches for comfortable seating.

Warriors Two

by: Kaleid-Escape Experience
from: Saint George, UT
year: 2023

Warriors 2 is both a place to rest and a call to action.
With everything happening around you, take a moment to find your internal and external balance. Burning Man is about participation, so while you take a moment to catch a break, do look around and see yourself in the art!

We Are

by: Aaron Feinberg (design) / Max Lemaire (build)
from: Kaua'i, HI
year: 2023

Since attending my first burn in 2012, I have been documenting the citizens of Black Rock City. That first year I started taking portraits using one particular lens and photographing full body while asking people to just do whatever they feel. The inspiration was to capture the unique self-expression that is such a huge part of this week long event.

To really get the best feel, reaction and emotion possible I wanted the prints to be life size. So that as someone approached and looked at the portraits it felt like that person was there in front of them. Helping translate emotion through scale.

We Must Sleep In It

by: Hannah Lewis
from: Los Angeles, CA
year: 2023

In a world where fashion has become another form of disposable waste and detriment to our environmental and societal fabric, we must change how we consume, or We Must Sleep In It.


by: Jimboree
from: Mexico City, Mexico
year: 2023

Whack-O-Vision to distort your everyday life.

Wheel of Consciousness

by: Victor Spinelli
from: Ibiza, Spain
year: 2023

The spinning wheel of consciousness will be created with steel, Wood and 33 multi colored ceramic heads. It will be 12 feet in diameter and will be floating horizontally and parallel, 3 feet above the playa floor. Like a giant roulette wheel.

Wind Sanctuary

by: Bill Barclay and Alex Wyndham
from: Santa Barbara, CA / New York, NY
year: 2023

In the distance you hear the soft melodic ring of wind chimes beckoning you deeper into the desert to enter the round room composed of shining aluminum tubes. Once inside, the wind activated sound from the wind chimes envelopes you from 360 degrees, lightening your weight on the earth and lifting you to the sky.
Sit at the table with another person, put on the headphones and let us lead you on an interactive theatrical journey of connection with each other, self discovery, joy and creativity.

Wings of Glory - The Return

by: Adrian Landon
from: Reno, NV
year: 2023

“Wings of Glory”, the Center-Camp keyhole sensation from Burning Man 2019, is a giant interactive metal mechanical Pegasus sculpture that gallops and flies in slow motion. She is elevated in the air on a pedestal, on fire at night, and is returning to BM23!

Winter's Touch

by: An Uncouth Lark
from: Portland, OR
year: 2023

Emerging from the desert floor, a 6 foot wooden and silver fox will greet all the citizens of the desert. Curious about the revelry and city, it will touch down onto the playa and bless us with its mythological presence. No ordinary winter fox, this is a fox that has visited us from the cold tundra of the north, its tail still lit in the brilliant blues and greens of the aurora borealis, which, legend has, our fox is responsible for creating by simply being its curious and frolicky self across the winter desert of the northern hemispheres. Every drop of snow it flicks into the atmosphere becomes the colors we see.

Worth a Thousand Words

by: Deborah A Lambin and "My Thousand Words"
from: Carson City, NV
year: 2023

This piece is a combination of several things, but first the construction is a very simple combination of eight, eight foot 4 by 4’s laid out like the spokes of a wagon wheel. Then there are eight, eight foot 4 by 4’s standing up right at the end of each spoke. They will all be supported by using hemp rope as guide wires and the lack of any solid areas will mitigate the sail affect which might blow the piece apart or collapse it in place. The center has a smaller statue with rope connecting it to the tops of each of the perimeter 4 by 4’s. The majority of the piece is biodegradable with metal brackets and bolts to hold high stress points together. There will be solar lights on top pillar, in the ground where every guide wire is anchored and spotlights in the columns focused inward.

The concept or statement is that the government is able to any program they wish, in ways that allow for very little input by the community. The center sculpture is smaller in size and represents the government project. The ropes leading from the top of the outer columns represent input from the community. And the best part is the interaction between the artist and the attendees in that the artist will be teaching her art of folding used books into various articles to be hung from the connecting wires. The smaller sculptures are intended to represent the community’s support or aversion to the government project.

Imagine the community peacefully fighting the government’s desire to construct a geothermal drilling rig in their unspoiled back yard by connecting all of their thoughts together and focusing either positive or negative thoughts from on high.

WPCF ( why people can't fly)

by: Made by
from: Miami, FL
year: 2023

1. Why People Can’t Fly, We often see people holding balloons—they walk around the streets while keeping them from flying away—but what we have in this sculpture is the opposite: the balloons aren’t letting the man fly. The weight of the balloons acts as a metaphor for our daily problems and anxieties, as well as the waste we produce. Today’s negative actions prevent us from realizing future goals.
2 . W Horse – Horses represent expressed creativity without using expensive or any kind of of materials but old dry wood picked up at nearby area. Sustainability at its Best.
3. Butterfly . Butterfly effect – any action has a consequences


by: Simone Engelen
from: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
year: 2023

Yaza 夜座

‘Yaza’ is a Zen Buddhist term for the final meditation of the day.
A Japanese mountain monastery tradition, now to be found in deep deep playa, where the view over the city is at its best. There, a lonely meditation pillow awaits,
for you to find a moment of zen within the intensity of our new reality.

Check the schedule for guided meditations inspired by the teachings of zen and a hint of playa dust.

You can kiss yourself in the mirror only on the lips

by: Maria Tarletskaya
from: Minsk, Belarus
year: 2023

The title of my composition «You can kiss yourself in the mirror only on the lips». It’s a creative and convenient photo area for everyone.
Kissing on the lips has always had a sacred meaning; for many of us it is an expression of the strongest and sincerest feelings.
If sombody try kissing yourself in the mirror with compassion on the forehead or formally on the cheek. No!!!
It is impossible: Only on the lips!


by: Camilo Quimbayo / Santiago Caro
from: Bogotá, Colombia
year: 2023

¨Yuluka¨ means balance for Precolumbian indigenous communities descendants of the Tayronas; their cosmovision represents the concept of duality: The sun and the moon, light, and darkness, life and death.
All around the universe talks about duplicity and the natural opposites, which function as a way to maintain a universal and cosmic balance.
This concept is represented in a double head cayman forging a unique piece of goldsmith jewelry work on a large scale. Bringing to the deep playa a part of this magic animal ancient representation.


by: Morteza Ansari & Konoon Studio
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2023

Zhina was created to honor the women of Iran and the freedom movement they are leading. Zhina (Mahsa) Amini was killed by the morality police for not properly wearing her hijab. Her death sparked one of the most powerful uprisings in history led by women.

Zhina represents the freedom expressed in the hair flowing in the wind that has been a symbol of the movement from the beginning. Panels of red fabric covered with paintings, messages, and poetry created by a number of international artists, create passages for the audiences to explore. The audio/visual content designed to tell a more personal story of the movement. At the heart of the installation there will be an intimate space that will be a place to connect, reflect, share, and heal.

Zodiac Rabbit House

by: Elemental Studios
from: Seattle, WA
year: 2023

The Zodiac House is shaped like a rabbit’s head. The curved arch entrance leads to a small intimate cave covered in soft mother’s mats and interactivity within. The meaning behind the art piece is discovering one’s Zodiac animal sign and our connection to all living things.


by: Dragnet
from: Manhattan Beach, CA
year: 2023

TRASH PHENCE ART RETURNS! Project #12 finds animals – lots of animals inside tennis rackets and perched upon the fence at the farthest point on the playa. As you ride along the deep playa fence, you will be smiling at the folk art pieces out there and wondering are ZooZ a good thing or harmful. Lots to see always when you get out to one of the special places at BRC – the deep deep playa. Dragnet continues to bring art that is almost entirely recycled, repurposed, and reinvented to the trash fence. There will be a special thank you to the late Cowboy Carl who meant so much to the DPW, also managing the fence since day 1. People like Carl shaped this city and never sought the limelight, preferring the Black Rock starlight.