The ARTery

about this photo
about this photo

The ARTery is the on-playa headquarters of Burning Man Arts. It houses many teams including the ARTerians, the Fire Art Safety Team (FAST), Art Support Services (ASS), and Eyes on Art.

The ARTery is located near Center Camp at 6:30 & Esplanade and shares a structure with the Everywhere Pavilion. The ARTery functions as a check-in and service center for artists as well as a hub for information about art.

Mission Statement

The mission of the ARTery is to serve and defend artistic expression at Burning Man. The ARTery’s goal is to be an artist resource center that facilitates the placement and display of art on the playa during the Burning Man event.

What We Do

The ARTery provides a variety of services to playa artists. We also provide the following services for participants:

The ARTery is constantly filled with artists and other visitors. Some simply enjoy the lively atmosphere and chill out in our structure. Others come to learn more about the art installations, from the current or past years.

For this purpose, we have a large map of the open playa that plots where the art installations are located. ARTerian volunteers also facilitate art discovery experiences, guiding participants to explore the art first-hand.

The ARTery is a drop-off point for contributions to the Material Culture archive. This is a collection of interesting playa artifacts – like stickers and jewelry – given as gifts from participants to participants. We gratefully accept your contributions and catalogue them post-event.

Be an ARTery Volunteer

Over 5,000 registered art projects since the beginning of Burning Man:

  • 1,000+ Honorarium projects
  • 200+ ARTery volunteers each year who make these impressive statistics happen

Interested in joining us? Learn more here.