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Potable Water Hauling Policies

Any person who is hauling, delivering, vending, providing, or selling potable water to any individual or organized camp other than their own private or individual camp at Burning Man must be permitted by the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health (NDPBH).

This policy does not apply to RV providers which provide a water already stocked in the RV for individual use.


Below are the ONLY ways deliveries can be made on playa:

Option 1: Deliver EVERYTHING Yourself!

This means you or your campmates drive your things in and out on your own, without relying on any third-party assistance, even if you’re bringing in large cargo, trailers, etc. Pat yourself on the back for being radically self-reliant! 

Option 2: Outside Services Program

Burning Man Project’s Outside Services (OSS) program supports projects by facilitating access to the event site by larger-scale service providers. 

Using an OSS provider is recommended for groups that do not have the appropriate equipment to safely transport their infrastructure into Black Rock City and need the support of someone with authorization from BLM and Burning Man Project to deliver directly to their campsite.

OSS providers may not drop any equipment or start any services until a camp has claimed their reserved placement from a member of the Placement team on playa.

Camps must have checked in with Placement, and at least one camp member must be present at the camp in order to receive an OSS delivery. An OSS provider cannot be the first to check in with the Placement Team on behalf of a theme camp or any other camp with reserved placement. Any provider who attempts to do so will jeopardize their future participation in the OSS program.

Potential new OSS providers wishing to participate in this program must be engaged year-round in their usual occupation and business activities that they plan to offer, have the required proof of insurance and business license, and be able to comply with all other terms of Burning Man Project’s OSS agreement.

NOTE: The OSS application process for the 2021 Burning Man event closes on April 30th, 2021. 

Service providers are required to apply or renew their SRPs with BLM prior to April 30, 2021.

Both Burning Man Project and BLM do not accept late submissions.

 All prospective OSS providers must apply to BLM for a Special Recreation Permit (SRP) and must complete Burning Man Project’s OSS application by the published deadlines.

At the time of the OSS application, providers must submit proof of insurance and a copy of their business license. 

The SRP application is available on BLM’s website here. Providers must call the BLM Winnemucca District Office before submitting or renewing an application: 775-623-1500. Burning Man Project will confirm with BLM that the provider has submitted all necessary paperwork to obtain a BLM SRP for the event. An SRP is mandatory for all providers in the OSS program.  

In order to participate in the OSS program, the provider must also sign a contract with Burning Man Project agreeing to the program’s terms and restrictions. 

Drivers with OSS credentials can make deliveries on playa via the delivery gate from 6 am until 6 pm each day beginning on the date specified in their contract. Any provider delivering potable water or prepared food must furnish a Nevada State Health Certificate. Any provider delivering fuel must comply with the fuel delivery requirements.

If you have any questions about the Outside Services Program, please email


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