Performance Opportunities

“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players…”
William Shakespeare

Each and everyone of us is a player performing on the playa. Burning Man casts all of us at every moment in a heady series of unstaged productions. As one walks or bikes the streets of Black Rock City and out on the open playa, people will be found shining with their talent, every moment of the day and night.

Where’s the Main Stage?

At one point in our history Burning Man did have a Main Stage, but it created a division between audience and performer. In short, large stages promote spectating — and we are all about participation. Black Rock City is the stage: things are happening all over the place 24 hours a day, and we are all participants in this grand performance.

As there is no Main Stage at Burning Man, find your audience on a smaller, more intimate scale. Maybe you have something special in mind, a talent or a skill to contribute? You may be a juggler or a musician or a fire dancer, or perhaps a costume or theatrical designer. At Burning Man, you’ll find your audience!

Are you an artist looking for a stage? Check out Spark, where you can connect with the Burning Man community and post a listing about what you do, and what you’re looking for to make your creative dream a reality.

Theme Camps

Your theme camp should create an ambiance, a visual presence, in some way provide a communal space or provide activity. It may be the anchor for a larger event taking place. The best camps succeed by simplicity. Concepts that are too big, like scholarly attempts to debunk complex social theory or Titanic-length storytelling arcs, will die from disinterest. For more information visit Theme Camps. Please note that new and improved sound restriction will apply.

Fire Conclave

Fire performers are like the celestial fireflies of the playa, and Black Rock City is a perfect environment to play with fire. Official Burning Man fire celebrations and fire dancing all week long lead up to Saturday night when the Fire Conclave creates the Ring of Light before the Man is released in pyrotechnic delight. We welcome fire performers from all over the world — for more information on how to get involved visit Fire Conclave.


Every day of the event, as the sun sets, the Lamplighters set out to light the streets of Black Rock City. They request the participation of drummers, musicians, and performers of all types to accompany their processions through the city. The walk takes about an hour, is done every evening, and is made infinitely more ceremonious and special with performers joining along, all are welcome. For more information visit The Lamplighters or email


The Drummers Collective exists as a clearinghouse and contact point for drummers who wish to contribute their art to Burning Man by providing music for performances on the playa and at Burning Man events year round. One example is the Ambient Drummers, which assembles ~200 drummers for a powerful drum rhythm to accompany the Fire Conclave as they dance before the Man is burned on Saturday night.