Fire Performance

What was once a specialty dance created by a few has spread like wildfire. Fire Dancing has grown and matured into a full-blown performance art form, where the art is as varied as the imagination of those who dance with the flame. Fire Dance has its roots in many cultures and is embraced at Burning Man on a scale that is unmatched anywhere.

Fire Conclave

The Fire Conclave is a composition of select fire groups from around the world who create choreographed fire dances to honor the Man before it burns on Saturday night, creating the largest gathering of fire performance in the world.

For general information on fire performance on the playa, visit Fire Conclave Convergence in Center Camp. Fire Conclave Convergence is staffed Monday through Friday, 10am-6pm. There you will find lingering fire dancers, and a large dry erase board with notices of happenings, where participants can share information about performances and spin jams on playa.

Before heading to the playa you may want to join the Fire Conclave Announce email list.

Basic Fuel Storage Information & Fire Performance

  • Fire Performers at Burning Man must always follow basic safety practices when dealing with fuel. For information on the safe use of specific fuels you should first read the recommendations printed on the original fuel container.
  • Fuel should be kept in the original container or other containers clearly marked as containing fuel. Water bottles or other containers that might lead to the accidental ingestion of fuels should not be used.
  • Keep your fuel out of direct sunlight and away from any open flames, burn barrels and other sources of ignition.
  • When transferring fuel use a secondary containment such as a 5-gallon bucket or other larger container to prevent spills. Do not dump excess or unused fuel on the playa.
  • More information about the storage of fuels at Burning Man can be found here.

Basic Guidelines for Fire Performance

  • Please be aware of your environment and surroundings anytime you are performing with fire.
  • Respect boundaries set by camps and campers.
  • Fire can cause serious injury, disfigurement and property damage. All fire performers must perform sober and act responsibly.
  • Before beginning any fire performance check your equipment for any damage or issues that might cause the device to come apart and potentially cause a flaming element to be thrown into camping areas or at those gathered to watch.
  • Always have proper fire suppression equipment at hand. Fire suppression equipment should include clean wet towels or duvetyn for extinguishing performers and a separate one for extinguishing tools and props.
  • At least one BC rated extinguisher should be on hand for extinguishing fuel fires. Note: do not use dry chemical fire extinguishers on performers as the chemical material will need to be removed from burns and that will hurt!
  • Do not leave flames burning on the playa surface (you may be ticketed by BLM).
  • Do not spin or shake off excess fuel on the playa; use a spin off bucket or zip-lock baggies to catch your excess fuel. That means burning off those fuel trails on the playa surface is a no-no.

Fire Safety

  • There are no formal Fire Conclave Safety Trainings, however you may always stop by Fire Conclave Convergence or check the What, Where, When for information about trainings that may be presented by theme camps or individual fire troupes.
  • All fire performers must have a second person on hand acting as a safety. This person should be able to extinguish tools using a flame retardant material (such as duvetyn) and a second piece of wet clean natural fiber (such as a cotton towel) should your costuming be ignited.
  • The safety person should also be able to deal with any situations you may not be aware of as you perform. You never know when something may go wrong so be sure to always have a sober fire safety. Just because you have your act together doesn’t mean the people around you do.

Nevada State Fire Performance Permitting and Laws

  • Nevada state law does not regulate fire performances at Burning Man. Which means there is no special permitting required, though unsafe behavior will not be allowed at any time. Black Rock Rangers or Emergency Service members may ask those found to be performing in an unsafe manner to stop and correct safety issues.