Airport – 88NV

Black Rock City has its very own Municipal Airport, 88NV, so come get high with us!

It takes nearly 400 incredibly cool people four weeks to build, operate, live in, and disappear a hundred-acre Airport in Black Rock City every year. Yep, we said Airport!

Working on the Black Rock City Municipal Airport Operations Team isn’t just a mouthful, it’s crazy-exciting, fast-paced fun. Airport Ops Team (for short) builds and runs the Airport before, during, and after Burning Man. We oversee everything that happens at 88NV, from welcoming passengers to BRC, to radio communications and data processing, to MOOP patrols.  We do it all and we invite you to join us!


Airport gets by with a lot of help from our friends, who can also become your friends, including: the fabulous Box Office team, the Gate Perimeter & Exodus badasses, the ever-vigilant Census team, talented Airport artists and music makers, and Greeters so sweet you’ll get a toothache. You’ll run into plenty of Burners from all over the world here, too.

Even though 88NV is in its own corner of BRC, exciting things happen here all day from sunup to sundown. If you want to visit or volunteer with us, find the intersection of 5:00 & L  and look for the Airport Road to Point 5. Be sure to bike, walk, or ride a Mutant Vehicle because cars are otherwise prohibited and we will stop you!


Log into your Burner Profile, and on the Volunteer Questionnaire click Airport. Our Volunteer Coordinators will respond to you via email and you’ll be ready for takeoff!

All Airport volunteers sign up for shifts via Shiftboard. If you sign up for a shift and cannot make it, be a rockstar and tell us beforehand. To do us a serious solid, arrange your own replacement by recruiting a neighbor or a campmate! You’ll wish you kept your shift when you hear their seriously incredible stories later on. Magic, weirdness, and amazement await.

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Visit the 88NV website at