Burning Man Hive

Burning Man Hive brings together individuals and communities to engage with one another, learn from each other, and tap into the knowledge and skills of the global Burning Man network and beyond.

Burning Man culture was born from the annual event in Northern Nevada where today, approximately 80,000 participants come together each year to build a collaborative, participatory, and creative city. Over the last three decades, Burning Man has grown beyond the annual event and transformed into a global cultural movement that is making an impact in the lives of people and cities around the world.

Just like the annual Burning Man event, you—the participant—are encouraged to help co-create Hive as a collaborative social learning space. That’s why we named it “Burning Man Hive.” This name is inspired by a quote that Larry Harvey, one of Burning Man’s founders, used to describe how the annual event is created and driven by you, the participants: “We build the hive. They bring the honey.”

The Hive Volunteer Team, aka The Swarm, will support creators in their efforts of creation in Hive, similar to Placement supporting Theme Camps or the Artery supporting artists.  

We’re building a team of worker bees who love buzzing around online. The Swarm could be the place for you if you… 

  • love creating online content and want to help others create it;
  • have mad community engagement skills; 
  • are good at helping people navigate the technical;
  • want to meet other Burners online.

You can read more about our ideal team structure in our volunteer handbook. (FYI — it is a work in progress.) 

In 2024, our team is excited to be launching projects around highlighting members of our worldwide community, telling the stories of our experiences in the community and on playa, and welcoming new members to Hive.

If you would like to volunteer with Burning Man Hive, please check the “Hive” box under the “Volunteer Team Interests” section on the Volunteer Questionnaire (profiles.burningman.org/volunteer), or contact us at hivesupport@burningman.org for more information.