Earth Guardians

Earth Guardians inspire, inform and encourage our fellow Black Rock City citizens to apply the Leave No Trace principles to life in our temporary desert home and to leave positive traces. Each year we try to think of ways to stimulate the Burning Man community to appreciate the Black Rock environment, embrace LNT and greener practices in their own creative ways. By focusing the community’s tremendous artistic, technical and spiritual energy, we can go beyond leaving “no trace” and leave instead, positive traces on the land.

Here’s a summary of the volunteer teams. For more info, visit the Earth Guardians website.

INFORMATION DESK: We operate an information desk from the pavilion where folks can come for information. We need YOU at our front line. All EG’s staying at the EG camp on the esplanade are expected to do at least one desk shift. Shifts run from 9-noon, noon-3 and 3-6pm each day of the event. Sign ups are on playa.

LNT/BLM OUTREACH TEAM: Interested in protecting the playa surface? Want to teach BRC citizens how to do so? We’re looking for a few experienced, outgoing, morning volunteers to ride along with BLM scientists and talk to citizens about protecting the playa surface from “problems” such as burn scars, leaky fluids from vehicles and RVs, and improper waste removal. Shifts are from 9-1, each day of the event, with a required pre-shift training on the Saturday before the gate opens, or on Tuesday afternoon of the event. Meals will be provided at the end of each shift and after the required training.

HOT SPRING PATROL: Burning Man has agreed with BLM that participants will not use the springs during the event as part of our permit. The springs are little treasures in the wilderness and cannot handle but a few occasional people. Earth Guardians visit the springs during the event to let people know about the restrictions and protect the springs. Interested? Shifts are from 7-noon, noon-5pm, and 5pm-overnight, each day of the event, sign ups are on playa.

ACTIVITIES / EVENTS: Earth Guardians that like to be in the lime-light can perform/present on the stage in the Earth Guardian pavilion. This year we’re going to have quite an array of activities and music during the event.

CAMP OPERATIONS: During the event, to keep our camp humming, we need help with managing our recycling/compost area, water runs, help with operation of nightly movies and daily tidying! Fun stuff for those of you who like to operate behind the scenes. We’re looking for someone to lead this team! Interested? Questions to

MOOP PATROLS: What better way to reach out and get others to deMOOP as you go. Let’s continue to generate excitement about MOOPing – can you pick up a shiny metal object on a dime? We go out each morning Tuesday – Sunday (the earlier the better) and occasionally in the late afternoons. We’ll be out at the trash fence and around the city. We’re looking for someone to lead this team! Interested? Questions to

PAVILION CONSTRUCTION / TEAR DOWN: We’ll need anyone handy with tools and willing to sweat to help put up our shade structure, put together the interior and help install lighting/decorations. At the end of the event, we’ll also need help pulling it all down and packing our containers. All earth guardians camping at the site will be expected to help with camp cleanup.

LNT GURUS: These are our in-house LNT experts. Before Burning Man, they compile cutting edge LNT information and prepare blogs, JRS entries, respond to emails and do trainings for burners. During the busy part of the event, they are on call for LNT consultations. The team also helps to organize a LNT tour during the event. Outgoing volunteers needed! LNT training required. Questions to