Emergency Services

Black Rock City is just like any lively city on the map. As a participant strolling through the city and interacting with others, you may not be aware of the many other scenes being played out all around you 24 hours a day. Accidents, injuries and other events requiring emergency response come into play hundreds of times during the event.

Black Rock City’s Emergency Services Department (ESD) is there when you need them months before the event officially starts, and is on-duty well after the last participant leaves to support the playa clean-up efforts. ESD provides Black Rock City with several different key areas of service; these services include Fire Fighting, Rescue, Hazardous Materials, Emergency and Non-Emergency Medical evaluation and treatment, Mental Health services (including sexual assault response), 911 Dispatch, and providing the two-way radio communications infrastructure for all of Black Rock City.

The Emergency Services Department is interested in recruiting dedicated, skilled professionals from all areas of emergency services.  If the idea of volunteering with other community dedicated, fun-loving, energetic and professional emergency services providers is of interest to you, please select Emergency Services under volunteer team interest when you fill out our Volunteer Questionnaire.

For more information about ESD, please feel free to check out the ESD section of the Burning Man web site: esd.burningman.org.