Who We Are

We are the grinning face of Burning Man: A demographic sample, a community example. We are the First Contact between participants and the denizens of Black Rock City. We are the moment of impact: GROUND ZERO for INFO.

What We Do

We make the first impression. Greeting is a vital role that helps shape and form the initial perceptions and expectations of first time participants. Greeting is the one and only chance to communicate with each and every participant on a one-on-one basis, mano-a-mano, facia-a-facia.

Armed with wit, wisdom and infectious exuberance, we Greeters take advantage of this opportunity by becoming skilled information providers conducting helpful, informational workshops to carloads of people.

Sometimes wearing nothing but a smile, Greeters are dedicated to providing useful answers to all questions. Starting with our specialized greeting equipment that enables us to provide up-to-the-minute weather reports (“It’s been pretty dusty”), Greeters have enlightened tens of thousands of new and returning participants and done so with notorious flair.

Faster than the 5 m.p.h. speed limit, able to leap tall RVs in a single bound, Greeters do their darndest to drive home the major issues of critical importance, not only to personal safety, but to the continued survival of the event itself. Greeters are experts on such topics as “Leave No Trace”, Camera Tags versus Media Registration, the latest word on Tiki torches and other weapons of mass destruction.

From the mundane to the profane, Greeters are adept at dispensing practical guidance and, if pressed, will zealously describe, in visceral, gut-clenching detail, the consequences when porta-potties are incorrectly utilized as depositories for items other than human waste.

Well-versed in the guiding principles of the Prime Directive, Greeters are eager to engage discussion and clarify the concepts that define the atypical standards of our unique Burning Man community.

In short, the mandated goal of our Greeter mission is the orientation and education of each and every arrival before setting them loose as newly indoctrinated citizens of Black Rock City.

How We Do It

The medium is the message. How we communicate can have lasting impact.

Proven studies have shown that students absorb more information and retain it better when they are engaged in the subject matter. Well, boy-howdee, look out! As a Greeter, the attention-getting possibilities are as endless as your imagination – and your stamina.

Needless to say, creative educational techniques and other novel methods of communication are greatly encouraged. Past experiments in group and/or individual Greeting have included one-of-a-kind absurdist performances, clownish interpretive dance, friendly nudity, the ever efficient “no nonsense” method, and a variety-pak of endearingly hostile affectations (you know the type: Surly Greeter dressed in a playful tu-tu? Or, its aesthetic opposite, the super-friendly gregarious Greeter outfitted and accessorized for revolution and terrorism?) just to name a few.

Who You Are

Gregarious Philosophers, Guides and Messengers, Hosts and Ushers, Communicators and Educators, Troubadours and Clowns.

What We Need

Energetic, dependable and informed Greeters with fabulous Communication Skills and the Ability to Relate to just about Anyone. Qualified Greeters should be able to demonstrate an ability to recognize when (and how!) to exercise the recommended daily allowance of common sense. A modicum of patience and a good sense of humor never hurts.

Is Greeters your destiny or just your destination?

SIGN UP NOW! So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss this rare opportunity to share your talents and add your energy to our highly-dedicated (and sometimes sophisticated) team of zany Greeting experts and professionals. It’s easy!

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Greeters’ Operations continues to expand creating an ever-growing need for qualified and committed Greeters. Regardless of your level of interest, experience and/or skill, if you are interested in becoming a Greeter, we have a place for you. Check out the growing variety of positions to chose from, both on the playa and pre-event (during the annual planning process).