Playa Info

Do you like helping people? Do you like being in the center of the action? Do you like knowing what’s really happening in the City? Come join us under our cool shade structure at 6:00 and Center Camp.

We’ve combined many of the information services into one, easy-to-find, location in Center Camp.

You’ll find:

  • Directory – You can register your campsite or theme camp here. Let your friends know your exact Black Rock City Address. Directory information is available at any PlayaNet kiosk and through terminals at Playa Info.
  • Our Famous Oracles – They will help answer your questions, hook you up with volunteer opportunities, help you recover found items, locate a locksmith, and answer your more esoteric questions.
  • Found Items – Lost something and want to find it? Found something and want to lose it? Turn in found items to be reunited with their owners.
  • Volunteer Resources. If you’re looking to volunteer on the Playa, sign up at the Volunteer Resource Desk and help serve the Black Rock City community.

No matter what your level of experience is with Burning Man, we have a job for you. Check out details below on each of our playa information areas or email if you would like more information.


The Directory is a database listing theme camps and individual camps and their placement on the playa. No prior Burning Man experience is necessary to volunteer for the Directory.

Volunteering with the Directory includes:

  • Helping people to register — a great way to find out about theme camps and meet people.
  • Inputting data to update the new arrivals and locations of personal campsites. This is also a great way to familiarize yourself to find all the cool theme camps.
  • Helping people find their friends, family, or theme camps.

Responsibilities can be varied. Shifts are 4 hours, although shift times can be varied. The Directory is staffed from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. throughout the event.

If you’d like to volunteer with the Digital Directory, please indicate this by checking Playa Info under “Volunteer Interests” of our Volunteer Questionnaire, or contact for more information.


Know all the latest news. Amaze and dazzle your friends. Do you like helping people? Does answering questions while relaxing in the shade appeal to you? If you’ve been to Burning Man at least once and have a sense of humor, then the Oracles need you!

Oracles are located in our cool shade structure at Center Camp. Oracles answer questions, help with directions, and locate found items. We have the latest information on where to find bike repair stations, theme camps, rangers, medical services, and more. We also pride ourselves in answering esoteric questions with equally esoteric answers. It’s a great way to meet participants from around the world.

If you’ve got a bit of Oracle in your blood (and we’re not talking software here), then consider volunteering with Playa Info. Please indicate this on question #14 of our Volunteer Questionnaire or contact for more information.

Found Items

Playa Info is where we help reunite owners with their prized possessions. If someone has found a camera, wallet, backpack, sunglasses, set of keys, or something else that doesn’t belong to them, Playa Info is where those Found Items are turned in. As an Oracle, you’ll help receive and catalog Found Items and reunite them with their happy owners.

We need people willing to commit to 4 hour shifts, although shift times can be varied. Hours of operation are 9 am to 6 p.m. throughout the event.