“Drone On” (Photo by Mike Muench)

In response to the growing popularity of remote controlled aircraft, helicopters and multi-copters (aka UAV or drones), Burning Man has established regulations under the Black Rock City Safety Team, and updated its guidelines for registering, and the terms and conditions for flying RC aircraft in Black Rock City.

Like mutant vehicles, BRC regulates all RC aircraft and requires that they be operated responsibly, and are subject to restricted fly zones and other rules of operation. The goal is to streamline the registration process, have all RC pilots be familiar with flying in the city, and make it safer for all Burning Man participants.

The FAA requires all pilots of RC aircraft flying within 5 miles of an airport to notify that airport of their operations. Virtually all of Black Rock City is within 5 miles of 88NV, Black Rock City Municipal Airport, and completing the on-line registration and on-playa briefing meets this requirement.

2022 Drone Information:

  1. Apply here for Burning Man 2022. 
  2. Please familiarize yourself with the policies for 2022. See Below.
  3. NEW FOR 2022 – All pilots must have an FAA Part 107 certification. There are no exceptions.
  4. RC pilots must receive an on-playa briefing, and operators will be required to wear designated safety vests while operating their aircraft. Registration and briefings will take place from 12:00 AM – 4:00 PM, through Wednesday of the event at Media Mecca.
  5. RC pilots are financially responsible for any harm or damage caused during the event.
  6. Drones are included in the BLM Closure Order, and only those permitted to operate during the event will be allowed to fly. RC equipment will be confiscated for unsafe flying or violation of BRC regulations, AMA, and FAA rules.
  7. Confiscated RC equipment will be held until the end of the event or when the participant departs Black Rock City. Confiscated RC equipment with video footage will not be released back to the participant at the end of the event.
  8. When possible, use a spotter to control onlookers.
  9. No First Person View (FPV) flying.
  10. Flying limited to a maximum altitude of 400 ft.
  11. Flying over crowds is prohibited. Maintain at least 25 ft. horizontal separation from people.
  12. Flying near emergency, police and fire personnel is prohibited.
  13. No flying near the Man beginning Friday night and continuing through the Man Burn, and no flying during the Temple burn.
  14. Flying is prohibited in the City, Center Camp, along the Esplanade, near the airport, and near the BLM Incident Command area.

Burning Man’s 2022 Drone Policy