Center Camp ~ the Playa’s Living Room

Center Camp rises each year as the largest public social space in Black Rock City. It offers an acre of beautifully designed, shaded space that welcomes one and all to bring and share their gifts, wild ideas, shenanigans and experimental happenings with one and all. 

Center Camp is YOUR space, to bring and experience whatever it is you love to do: tarot readings, marching bands, wild acrobatic shenanigans, participatory art, yoga… bring it, share it, and meet your playa neighbors!

Center Camp, 2019 (Photo by Kate Beale)

Located in the middle of Ring Road, Center Camp is the largest temporary freestanding tensile shade structure in Black Rock City. With almost an acre of shade, two stages, a community-use area for pop-up events, and interactive art installations, this beautifully lit communal space is a round-the-clock hive of dusty activity.

Whether you’re in free camping with friends, or part of a theme camp, you are welcome to create and participate in the random happenings and communal activities and experiments that come to life in our city center. There’s art — bring your own, or enjoy the creations already installed. There are alcoves where you can share your gifts, and two stages that host musicians, contortionists, poets, and showpeople of all kinds.

Monkey Chant at Center Camp, 2017 (Photo by Susan Becker)

Center Camp has one of the most dynamic volunteer communities on the playa. The construction, event production, clean up, art, decor and lighting of this amazing space rely on the devoted efforts from hundreds of volunteers. Take a look at the many Center Camp volunteer opportunities to find out how you can participate before, during, or after the event and get involved in this diverse community. If you already know what you want to do, please fill out the Volunteer Questionnaire in your Burner Profile.