Playa Info / Lost and Found

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. Maybe you’re looking for your best friend’s camp. Or you’ve got a flat tire and need to find a pump. Or you’re just curious to know what time the Opera starts on Friday night. Fret no more! Head straight for the hub of Black Rock City and you’ll find a helpful crew and a wealth of resources.

Playa Info is located at Esplanade & 5:45, and is open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm throughout the event. (Unless otherwise posted)

At Playa Info you’ll find:

  • Oracles who will help answer questions about theme camp placement, events, and volunteering, enlighten you with their profound wisdom, and help you locate just about anything you need within the vast resources of Black Rock City
  • Directory. You can use the Playa Info computers to register yourself and your camp location or to look up your friend’s exact Black Rock City address. Via the online Directory, you can leave messages for friends to let them know where you’re camped and even find and post event schedules, ride shares, and other services. Sorry, no Internet access
  • Found items. Lost something and want to find it? Found something and want to lose it? Turn in found items to Playa Info to be reunited with their owners.
  • Burning Man Information Radio. Tune in throughout the event for public service announcements, event info, and other news.
  • Playa Bulletin Boards. Bulletin Boards are always available for artful posting of events, messages and general information.
  • Volunteer Resources. Want to volunteer your time and energy for Black Rock City? Sign up at the Volunteer Resources desk and contribute to your community.


Our Oracles are well-versed on any topic relating to Black Rock City or Burning Man events. We offer answers and advice to those seekers who need the most up-to-date info on where to find such things as bike repair stations, theme camps, porta-potties, and medical services. If your quest is of a less practical nature, your esoteric questions will be met with equally esoteric answers. So be prepared for some noble discourse with BRC citizens from around the world.


The Directory is a computerized, organized listing of theme camps, individual camps, individuals, and their location on the playa. Maybe you’re looking for directions to The Barbie Death Camp and Wine Bistro or you sort of heard about this cool camp that started with a “V”. Stop by and use the Directory to consult the official map of Black Rock City. Our friendly crew can also give you ideas of where to visit next. Or equally important, they can help you register your own camp so the Burning Man community knows where to find you.

The Directory is also the place to leave messages for those friends who you haven’t seen in a year, or that guy or gal you met last night. Let your friends know where you are camped, specify your plans for the night, arrange a rendezvous, or report on your latest adventure.

You can also post messages for Ride Shares on the directory, whether you’re looking for a ride or offering one and need some companionship and gas money for the drive home.

Volunteer Resources

Should you feel the call to participate during the event, Playa Info is also the center for volunteer opportunities in Black Rock City. Just stop by our Volunteer Resources Desk and sign up to help with your community.

Volunteer for Playa Info

Playa Info volunteers wanted! If you enjoy guiding the wayward and enlightening the perplexed, then consider volunteering for Playa Info. For details, check out our Volunteer page or email