Burning Man Information Radio

Burning Man Information Radio (94.5 FM) is your nexus for essential information on the playa. Check BMIR for late-breaking event announcements and a melange of music. In the event of an on-site emergency, tune into BMIR for rumor-free updates and advisories to surf the storm to a sane conclusion.

BMIR’s daily programming reflects the needs of the community pragmatic, philosophical, and participatory.

Vital Community Announcements

Help avoid porta-potty meltdown and other cataclysmic catastrophes by checking in daily.

Diverse Perspectives

Listen to artists, organizers, and citizens of Black Rock City as they discuss what inspires them to their extremes of participation.

Event Announcements

Come down to BMIR (Center Camp between Ranger HQ and Earth Guardians) from 12-5pm each day to record event and camp announcements. Or relate your encounters with radical acts of gifting on-air to the city at large.

Weather Updates

When you need to know whether the weather will white-out your fluorescent green Mirabou boa, tune us in. 94.5 BMIR: It’s not just a radio station; it’s a radio station wired to connect YOU — a bunch of radical, celebratory self-expressionists living in the middle of the desert for seven days, creating the single greatest event known to humankind.

BMIR welcomes your participation. Please send comments and suggestions to bmir@burningman.org. We are thrilled to receive PSAs or interviews from the community at large.

How to Listen to BMIR on your Computer or Smartphone

*Please note – BMIR can be streamed live from approximately Thursday pre-event through Tuesday post event.

On a PC or Mac, you can just go to our website, and the built in Flowplayer should launch by itself (you can also just pause that and click on the “Listen Now” link, which should launch BMIR in your media player of choice).

BMIR also has its very own iPhone app and Android player, so you can listen to BMIR while you drive to the playa (provided you have cell coverage).

BMIR is also available commercial free on iHeart Radio (all platforms) by special arrangement with our friends at iHeart Media. You can listen from a PC or Mac by going to their website and searching for BMIR or Burning Man. Their app is available for all mobile platforms. Please note that iHeart Radio is not available outside the US, so if you are overseas and listening, listen directly from the BMIR webpage or use BMIR’s own Android or iPhone app.

Please also note that the iHeart stream is at a lower bitrate than the BMIR webpage, Android and iPhone apps, so it’s easier on your data usage if you are listening on a mobile device.

We can also be found on the TuneIn Radio app and web page as well as the Streema web page.

Check out the BMIR Facebook page for updates or more info.

Thanks for listening!