Mutant Vehicle Transport (MVT)

Want to ride a Mutant Vehicle? Yes? Well, great! Mutant Vehicles want to take YOU!

Introducing the new Mutant Vehicle Transport (MVT) program.
Mutant Vehicle Transport



Mutant Vehicles love taking burners around the playa, but we know it can sometimes be hard to find one to hop on. There are now Mutant Vehicle Transport stops at various locations along Esplanade (on the Playa side) near 2:00, 4:00, 8:00, and 10:00 and at the Man, Temple, and the DMV. The stops are shaded with seats and are clearly labeled with the Mutant Vehicle Transport name and logo. If you’d like a ride, find a stop and take a seat. Mutant Vehicles may come along and pick you up. When they come and where they will take you is entirely random. The program runs Monday through Friday of event week.

Bait Stop