Community Care: Living and Working Together in Black Rock City 2022

Last updated 6/24/22 As we reunite after a long pause, we’re faced with new challenges, as well as many opportunities to care for ourselves and each other. We haven’t done this beautiful thing in a few years, and many of us are still figuring out how to be social with others on this scale.

There will not be any health or COVID-19-related entry requirements for Black Rock City this year. This means that Burning Man will not require proof of vaccination or a negative test as a condition of entry. This decision was made after careful consideration and ongoing conversations over the last year, following the guidance of medical experts, and observing how other events and gatherings have operated safely.

Instead, we are sharing some cultural parameters that we hope will create a healthy and safe event. We’re all in this together!

Here are some common sense guidelines we’ve come up with to help us better enjoy our experience in Black Rock City this year:

  • Contemplate ahead of your arrival in BRC how you’ll navigate the health, safety, and social aspects of your Burn. Reacquainting ourselves with being in close proximity to so many people provides a powerful opportunity to practice patience, compassion, kindness, and strong communication.
  • Encourage your campmates to read the Survival Guide before they pack – not after they’re already on the road! It’s chock full of info that’ll help you plan for a safe, healthy, and happy return to the desert.
  • Do whatever you can to engage safely with your community! For some that might mean getting a COVID-19 vaccine before the event. For others it could be COVID-19 testing before you arrive in BRC, and in BRC if you feel sick or think you’ve been exposed. Perhaps wearing a mask and/or social distancing is right for you. 
  • Consent is queen! And it’s not just about sex. Ask permission before offering a hug or touching someone else, whether you know them or not. Respect the fact that others may want more space than usual this year. There could be a wide range of comfort levels on playa in 2022. 
  • Healthy boundaries are cool! When you’re with your fellow Burners, express what you are comfortable with and what you’re not comfortable with.
  • Participants of all ages come to BRC. Keep in mind that our city welcomes everyone, and that includes the more vulnerable in our community such as the elderly and immune-compromised. 
  • Vaccination status, health status, concern about safety precautions, or COVID-related disagreements are not justification to treat others with disrespect. Lead every interaction with kindness and care. 

Share this page with your campmates! We intend to post some additional bits of guidance, things to consider, and information about staff spaces on this page in late July.

We’ve made it together this far — let’s have 2022 be the year of respect, resilience, and love.