Leaving No Trace

Leaving No Trace is arguably Burning Man’s most important Principle. If we don’t uphold that one, no more Black Rock City. But Leaving No Trace is not just about the playa; it’s our ethic about the whole planet. Burners are environmentalists. It’s justĀ our nature.

This section contains detailed guidelines and tips about how to leave no trace on the playa.

Last Year’s MOOP Map

Each year, the Playa Restoration Team makes a map of the Matter Out of Place (MOOP) left in Black Rock City after the event. (Read more about the 2019 MOOP map or learn about the DA’s Black Rock 2020 MOOPathon in the Burning Man Journal.)


Moop Map Legend

GREEN: Low Impact to No Impact Trace. The MOOP line moves at a normal walking pace, picking up very little.

YELLOW: Moderate Impact Trace. The line must slow down in order to pick up all the MOOP here.

RED: High Impact Trace. The line must stop to clean up hotspots or very moopy areas.