Kids at Burning Man

So, you’ve decided to bring the kids to Burning Man? Great! It’s not an easy decision, but it may prove to be one of the best field trips you could ever take them on. With a little thought and care, the experience can be more fun for you, your kids, and everyone around you. If you’ve taken your kids camping, you’re already halfway there. Many of these ideas apply to different age ranges, of course, so make your judgments based on your kids’ ages and abilities.

The Black Rock Explorers isĀ a programĀ for Burner kids based on the 10 Principles. Camps and services host educational field trips, events and volunteer opportunities for kids. Explorers earn patches, tokens or pins for things learned, survival skills achieved, good deeds and volunteering. Visit their website and Facebook page.

Anybody under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian aged 21 or older in Black Rock City. Children 12 and under will be admitted for free, but (as of 2015) must have a Kid’s Ticket, which helps us to better understand the composition and diversity of BRC’s citizens. Children ages 13 and older require full-price tickets. Be prepared to show proof of age.

As for survival tips, everything in the Burning Man Survival Guide applies double to kids. Water, food, shade, sunblock, comfortable clothes, and knowing their (and your) limits are all important to being able to enjoy the experience. Read the Guide and trust its suggestions. However, there are a few extra precautions to take with kids. Adults love the lack of structure at Burning Man, but most kids need some structure and security to be comfortable with their surroundings.

To that end, we’ve created a downloadable Family Survival Guide (PDF), which provides helpful information about how to survive and thrive with kids at Burning Man.