Taking Photos & Video

So, you want to bring your video camera and capture all those brilliant playa moments to show your family and your friends. Great! First there are some important things to know.

Photographer on playa, 2011 (Photo by Jason Mongue)

Our Photo & Video Rights and Responsibilities is an important read for anyone thinking about coming to Black Rock City with a camera.

If you are shooting images or video to release something “to the public” then you’re probably going to need to register as BRC Media. If you are shooting for noncommercial use to share with friends and family through your personal social networks, you do not need to register. (See more on Personal vs. Professional Use) Regardless of your project, under the Terms and Conditions every participant in Black Rock City with a camera agrees they will:

  • Respect other participants’ privacy ask for permission BEFORE shooting.
  • Not distribute imagery that violates personal privacy (eg. nudity, illegal acts).
  • Not use media in any promotional or commercial manner.
  • Seek and receive permission from Burning Man before any publication or non-personal use.
  • Remove images from distribution if requested.
  • Register any UAV or “drone” with the BRC Airport. Click here for more drone info.

While Burning Man supports the right of participants to express themselves using cameras and document their experiences, extra consideration must be taken to ensure the privacy of all participants is protected and media is used in a way that upholds our community principal of decommodification. Oh, and don’t be a creeper!