It is only a short time until the Man burns and that means we need to be thinking about strip searches, belly button inspections, contraband feathers, and checking “ze peppers” of arriving aviators and their trusting passengers. We operate the Customs gate at the airport for about 10 hours a day and that means we need many volunteers to make the whole thing work

Some but not all of the jobs that need doing include:

Box Officer, who awaits all incoming traffic, ready to takes tickets and give a friendly smile

Interceptor, who meets the arriving aircraft and, importantly, is the first playa person arriving pilots and passengers see

Border Control and Customs Agent, who make sure only authorized people come and go across the event boundary (an event boundary is not the same as an event horizon and is not, therefore, related to a singularity) and generally answer questions for all and sundry.

Squadron leader, who floats between the Box Office, Customs Gate, and Interceptor and Border Control. If you have been a Customs Agent before and would like to be one again, ask yourself if you could actually manage a shift as a Squadron Leader.

– If you are simply interested in helping Burning Man in general and Black Rock City Spaceport in particular, being an airport volunteer is a great way to go.

Working a shift is as much fun as you make it and is often as much fun as you can have with your clothes on. You will meet lots of great people and be a part of the rapidly growing airport community. So, if you can fully commit to work a shift, please let us know. If you have special skills we should know about, let us know that too. Some training may be required for your particular role. If you commit to a shift and then cannot make it, it becomes your responsibility to find a replacement.

Sign up for the Airport by filling out the Volunteer Questionnaire and check “Airport” under Volunteer Options.

If you have any questions or comments, write to