Airport – 88NV

Did you know Black Rock City has its own Municipal Airport called 88NV? You don’t have to be pilot to join in the fun!

The next burn is always right around the corner so Airport welcomes new members to our operations teams all throughout the year. Logistics & Support Team manage infrastructure & Leave No Trace at the Airport. Customs & Charter Team run ground operations and assist traveling Burners. Aviators on Air Team keep an ear on the radio and an eye on the dusty skies. The Safety Team geek out over fire, rescue, fire, and emergency responses. Oh, did I mention they like fire?

Working a shift at 88NV is as much fun as you make it. Lots of fantastic people live here and you’ll become part of a rapidly growing community. If you have special skills let us know! Some training may be required for your role but there are plenty of opportunities for folks at all skill levels. Running an Airport at Point 5 takes a lot of friends, so you might meet some of the Box Office team, as well as Gate, Perimeter & Exodus team, and plenty of other cohorts from around Black Rock City.

Be aware that 88NV is outside the hustle and bustle of downtown BRC, but it’s totally worth the trip. Take 5:00 to L on the outer ring of the city, then follow Airport Road out to Point 5. Be sure to bike, walk, or ride a Mutant Vehicle because cars are prohibited!

All Airport volunteers sign up for shifts via Shiftboard. We will email you when Shiftboard opens up for the year in late Spring/early Summer. If you sign up for a shift and cannot make it, be a rockstar and tell us beforehand. To do us a serious solid, arrange your own replacement. Recruit a neighbor or a campmate! You’ll wish you kept your shift when you hear their incredible high-flying stories later on.

Log into your Burner Profile, and on the Volunteer Questionnaire click Airport. Our Volunteer Coordinators will respond to you via email and you’ll be ready for takeoff!

Send love notes and questions to

Visit the 88NV website at