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Storytellers and documentarians have been an important part of the Burning Man culture since its beginning. The images and videos that come out of Black Rock City have helped extend the impact of Burning Man far beyond the playa. As we continue to nurture a nonprofit with global ambitions, the story of Burning Man is growing beyond an annual event in the desert and into a worldwide network of Regional Events and civic programs like Burning Man Arts and Burners Without Borders.

General Press Information

For an overview about the history of Burning Man, this year’s event, and the staff behind the organization, please see our Virtual Press Kit.

If you are looking to arrange an interview, request a speaker from the Burning Man organization, or include Burning Man in a book or other publication, please email with your request.

Decommodification and Image Use

Burning Man has a unique set of media and image-use policies guided primarily by our principle of Decommodification. While self-expression is highly encouraged, Burning Man does have an important set of policies surrounding media use. Burning Man images, video, and audio cannot be used in a commercial manner or to promote any products, brands, or services. Read more about our media policy here.

Burning Man does not maintain a portfolio of “stock” or PR images. If you are working on a noncommercial article or presentation about Burning Man and are looking for high-quality images, you can browse through a wealth of beautiful photos on the Burning Man Gallery. If you would like to use images located in the Gallery, you will need to do the following:

  1. Email the photographer of each image you would like to use and obtain permission to use the image in your publication.
  2. Email a copy of the photographer’s permission and a link to the image to, along with a description of the intended outlet.

Once you receive written approval of the image use from Burning Man, you will then be able to include the images in your publication.

Media and Press Projects in Black Rock City

Are you interested in completing a photo or video project in Black Rock City? Are you a member of the press looking to cover the event? You can find more info in our Press & Media in BRC section.

News Archive

The press sure do love talking about Burning Man! You can read through the full history of press and news articles about Burning Man and Black Rock City in our Burning Man Media Archive.