Fiscal Sponsorship

What is fiscal sponsorship?

Fiscal sponsorship is an activity by which a public charity (like Burning Man) facilitates tax-deductible donations to a project by providing financial and some programmatic oversight of projects that serve a public benefit but do not have their own non-profit status. Fiscal sponsorship allows projects to receive contributions that an independent project might not otherwise be able to receive.

Burning Man offers Model C – Pre-Approved Grant Fiscal Sponsorship

How long has Burning Man been offering the service?

Burning Man has been offering fiscal sponsorship since it took over the program from the Black Rock Arts Foundation (BRAF) in 2015. BRAF had a long history of offering fiscal sponsorship to projects that had received an Honoraria from Black Rock City LLC to bring art to the Burning Man Event. When Burning Man Project merged with BRAF, Burning Man Project saw this as a necessary tool for artists, continued the program, and explored other avenues to leverage this ability to sponsor outside projects. Since 2015 Burning Man has invested in capacity building around this program and now offers this as a tool to any mission aligned program or project.

What sorts of projects do we sponsor?

Currently Burning Man is able to offer fiscal sponsorship to any mission aligned project such as art destined for playa, civic art projects, education programs, 10p inspired civic programs, Burners Without Borders associated projects and programs, Burning Man regional groups, etc.

Does this mean that any mission aligned project is automatically approved for sponsorship through Burning Man?

Sadly, no. If you are an honoraria, Global Art Grant, or other Burning Man Grant recipient then you are automatically approved for fiscal sponsorship. Otherwise you must apply using the linked form below.

How do I apply?

Fill out the form (embedded at bottom)

Send any accompanying documents to

Accompanying documents include any presentation or description you have created of your project, a complete and detailed budget, Letters of Support from other organizations or individuals, etc.

Is Burning Man making money off of the projects it sponsors?

Nope! As of 2018, our fee is 3% flat, which just covers the cost of transaction fees we pay to outside service providers. As our gift back to projects who participate in fiscal sponsorship, we do not collect a fee for our administrative services.

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