Bay Area Community Events Team

Can’t get enough of that playa feeling? We on the Community Events Team know that desire for the dust well; that’s why we’re here, burning the other 51 weeks of the year!

Working with the Bay Area Community Events Team can be an immensely rewarding experience. The team works tirelessly to produce three large scale events in the Bay Area: Burnal Equinox in Spring, Precompression in Summer, and Decompression in Fall, as well as having an active role in the Global Leadership Conference (March), Desert Arts Preview (June), and Artumnal Gathering (November).

Are you a rockstar volunteer who wants to help with all levels of event production, including curation, placement, setup, strike, decor, ticketing, and more? Are you an artist with an urge to create unique environments and share works of art, heading to or returning from the playa? Are you an artist looking to collaborate? Are you a performer, musician, DJ, or VJ? Are you a theme camp producer, looking to set up an interactive experience or informational booth, to share your plans and collaborate?

Whatever your original ideas or unique ability might be, the Bay Area Community Events Team welcomes you!

Email with ideas and questions and don’t forget to check “Flambe Lounge” when filling out the Volunteer Questionnaire.

Don’t live in the Bay Area? Don’t worry! There are over one hundred Regional Groups worldwide! Find one in your area here.