Once Upon a Time in the Dust: Burning Man Around the World

About the Book

In 2018, Roxane Jessi set out to experience seven Burning Man Regional Events first hand, to get to the heart of an ever-evolving global culture that is creating community in a disconnected world.

Once Upon a Time in the Dust: Burning Man Around the World chronicles Roxane’s journey to six continents — from Afrikaburn (South Africa), to Black Rock City (Nevada, USA), from Blazing Swan (Australia) to Burning Japan (Japan), Fuego Austral (Argentina), Midburn (Israel) and Nowhere (Spain).

Through storytelling — which is central to Burning Man culture and knowledge sharing — Roxane shares her adventures and impressions of each wildly unique event, and introduces you to the Burners who live, love, imagine and create global Burning Man culture.

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Thirty-five years since Larry Harvey and Jerry James burned a wooden Man on San Francisco’s Baker Beach, Burning Man has grown well beyond the annual event in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. As of 2022, participants in the global Burning Man community co-create more than 100 annual Burning Man Regional Events around the world every year. 

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About the Author

Roxane Jessi has spent her life exploring communities around the world, traveling to more than 60 countries. Her career has been anything but conventional, working on Congolese police reform, Iraq counterterrorism, and women’s rights in Africa. Disillusioned with our disconnected societies, she had an aha moment during her first Burning Man sunrise. She became fascinated with how Burning Man manifests across cultures, eventually embarking on a yearlong round-the-world tour of seven Burns to find out. She worked throughout, alternating between suits and tutus while trying to stay sane.


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