JRS Volume #5; Issue #13


108 days…we’re rolling down to the double-digits, gang!

Jack Rabbit Speaks at you through me – again!? OK, I know you miss Maid Marian, and I told you all she’d be back after her return from Texas (Note to self: Art Car Weekend = Houston, not Austin. Duh, AG!) However, she hopped in the door and had to hop right back out for Burning meetings, and here I sit, with more news-that-can’t-wait in my hot little hands. Ergo – one more time, with Action!

Today’s menu: for creative burners (and isn’t that all of us?) some information on recycled artist’s materials; a movie by Susan Barron about the building of Black Rock City this Friday in San Francisco; Greeter Training comes to Sacramento; Chicken John buys a bar in the Mission; plus, Burning Man goes to church this month when Larry Harvey speaks at the Forum at Grace Cathedral!

Also upcoming today: a separate events-only JRS installment.



** WORKING FOR THE MAN: A film by Susan M. Barron**

Last summer, Susan Barron set off to the desert with her cameras. Before Burning Man, before the DPW crew even arrived, and when there was nothing on the playa but the winds, she began work on a documentary about the building of Black Rock City from nothing to everything and back again. No one has ever attempted this project, and to see it carried out by this subdued, thoughtful waif of a woman (“Quiet Girl Productions” is the name of her production company) is strong testament to her determination and perseverance. Susan was there from day one, weathering the harsh conditions of life in the desert, stayed all the way through cleanup, and even travelled to various public meetings to capture all that she could for her film.

Susan M. Barron’s Working for the Man will be premiering on Friday, May 11 at 7:30pm at the San Francisco Art Institute Lecture Hall.

This eccentric and imaginative documentary, approximately a year in the making, follows the event from the building of the Burning Man Project’s Black Rock City 2000, past its firey end and through the clean-up process. Interviews with key participants and event creators are introduced along side explosions, heavy machinery, and glimpses of the various subcultures that come together to make Black Rock City a unique place.

Susan M. Barron was responsible for the deployment of 168 hand sewn “Mr. Hankeys” on the porta-pottie walls at Burning Man ’99. This past year has been spent working on this documentary. This summer she plans to return to the desert with an homage to Playskool building blocks called The Building Block Bridge.

Time: Reception 7:30pm. Screening 8:00pm

Place: San Francisco Art Institute Lecture Hall, located at 800 Chestnut Street, between Jones and Leavenworth in San Francisco. For directions call 415-771-7020.

Date: Friday, May 11.

Contact: SFAI at the number above or Susan M. Barron at filmrag(at)hotmail(dot)com

***There will be a $3 cover which goes directly to the payment of the projectionist and reception server. However, no one will be turned away for lack of funds.


Larry Harvey at Grace Cathedral – “Radical Ritual”

As director and spokesperson for Burning Man, Larry Harvey has delivered lectures in all sorts of locations, including museums, university halls, libraries, at Internet technology conferences, and, of course, in the desert. This month, he is honored to be invited to speak at yet another fascinating forum: historic Grace Cathedral in San Francisco.

Burning Man brings together art, performance, fire, and temporary community to create what has been called “ritual without dogma.” Larry Harvey, Founder and Executive Director of the Burning Man festival, joins The Very Reverend Alan Jones, Dean of Grace Cathedral, to discuss the creative power of ritual. How does ritual help us express our spirituality? Join us when The Forum at Grace Cathedral looks at “Radical Ritual.”

WHEN: Sunday, May 20, 2001 9:30 – 10:30 am Pacific Time WHERE: Gresham Hall at Grace Cathedral (in the crypt) 1100 California Street at Taylor, San Francisco

This program is FREE and open to the public and will also be WEBCAST LIVE at: http://www.GraceCathedral.org

Questions will be taken from both live and Internet audience. Details for the audio webcast will be on the web site by May 14. This program will also be available on our site an on-demand RealAudio file by Tuesday, May 22.


PS — A friendly warning to all: the Bay to Breakers race is also on May 20, and many streets throughout SF will be closed starting at 8 am. You may wish to consult the bay to breakers web site for more info and plan your travel accordingly (or join us via the live web cast).



Do you live in or near Sacramento and want to be a Burning Man Greeter? We’re the face on the entire event and a newcomer’s first impression of Black Rock City. Our mission is to orient and educate citizens while spreading our infectious exuberance. We explain Leave No Trace principles, clarify community (Burning Man style), and answer all questions in a silly, yet helpful, way! Greeters are the one opportunity to communicate on a one-to-one basis with each and every participant. If you have greeted before come and learn to be a “Lead Greeter”. WE NEED YOU! Come and be trained!

Where: At the fabulous new “Horse Cow Gallery” 1409 Del Paso Blvd, Sacramento, Hosted by Alan Denault and Steve Vanoni (916) 929-7699

When: 2 PM, Saturday, June 2nd

How to get there: From SF, take I 80 east to downtown Sacramento. Continue East to the Placerville- Reno split. Take business 80 toward Reno. approx. 11/2 mile , exit Arden Blvd West ( just past Cal Expo), go west on Arden and at the del Paso Blvd intersection, turn left onto Del Paso Blvd. The Gallery is on the right about 1/4 mile.

Other planned activities:

4PM – Barbecue at the Gallery

9PM until ?- Benefit party for the Gallery ($5-7) Get a preview of the hottest new spot on Del Paso’s art mile. Entertainment to be announced.

This is a very large venue with several rooms. The main area is large enough for multiple fire performers and rollerblading. The acoustics are such that the noise doesn’t carry from one area to another. This will be an excellent site.


USEFUL URL’s – Playa Love

Survival on the playa – it isn’t just about sunscreen and pissing clear. Have you thought about your _relationship’s_ survival? Attending the event with a partner – a longtime loved one, or a brand-new squeeze – can have implications beyond those you might expect; the realities of Black Rock City life can test even the strongest of bonds.

Venus Jones, luuurve goddess, tells it like it really is in the “ Relationship Survival Guide” – helpful hints to guide you and your darling one through the pitfalls of playa romance. Don’t learn the hard way! Read here:



Around these parts, we all agree that some of the coolest art is made from things that otherwise might’ve ended up on the scrap heap. Here are two great resources for materials that are a creative wellspring as well as a favor to the landfills. Donate, or search for materials for your camp or group’s project.



California Materials Exchange
CalMAX … a free service designed to help businesses find markets for materials they have traditionally discarded. CalMAX helps businesses, industries, and institutions save resources and money.

CalMAX … a simple idea “One business’ trash is another business’ treasure”. Business, schools, and nonprofits can utilize CalMAX to search for available and wanted materials.

CalMAX … conserves energy, resources, and landfill space by helping businesses and organizations find alternatives to the disposal of valuable materials or wastes.

Since 1992 more than 650,000 tons of materials have been diverted from landfills and over 5.5 million dollars have been saved through CalMAX.


SCRAP stands for Scroungers’ Center For Reusable Art Parts. Founded in 1976, SCRAP acts as a nonprofit conduit for unwanted materials from businesses and individuals to students and others who can reuse them.

In addition to this core program, SCRAP also educates the public on the re-use of waste material for the purpose of protecting the environment and saving money and resources.

Location: 801 Toland Street (Entrance on Newcomb Avenue) San Francisco. telephone: 415 647 1746
email: scrap(at)storyvault(dot)com



The Black Rock City Post Office (BRCPO) provides basic lines of communication between all citizens of Black Rock City (BRC). Simply, we deliver mail in a 5-square-mile city that is often tumultuous, spontaneous, and chaotic, but our messages get through. We also will deliver mail off-Playa to a US Postal Pickup site– IF it is pre-stamped, we have been sufficiently induced to do so, and we feel like it*. (We run on what we call a “bureaucratic barter system,” but we DO NOT vend US stamps. We barter only BM stamps, postcards and our services.)

The BRCPO is currently accepting volunteer applications for BM01. Of the many positive statements made by BRCPO volunteers last year, perhaps the most concise was: “Working at the BRCPO was SO much fun that it should be illegal!” (This statement came from a former US Customs Official.)

There are many enjoyable facets to being a BRCPO volunteer, which include getting out to meet people and see the city while delivering mail, working at our Center Camp Central Office or at one of our Outposts to disseminate information and communiques while collecting good barter items, and the chance to either lovingly mock bureaucracy or vent some bureaucratic angst.

We are accepting applications for Clerks and Carriers. However, we also have many niche categories of volunteerism for one of our new specialty service– the Playa-Gram. For this we need performers– dancers, singers, novelty acts, and generally uninhibited and creative souls willing to deliver a message through performance.

If you are interested in volunteering for the BRCPO at BM01, then respond to brcpo(at)yahoo(dot)com and– and this is important– your NAME and STATE/ COUNTRY in the Subject line. We will send you an application once you complete this step.

Postmistress General, BRCPO

* We offer NO delivery guarantees. Off-Playa delivery is a courtesy service offered through the BRCPO by The Postman of the Playa.

(The BRCPO is a subsidiary of the Soup Advisory Board and the Playa Express Delivery Services — PedEx. For more information on our general esprit de corps and proclivity toward bureaucratic obfuscations, you may want to visit these sites.)


CHICKEN JOHN – Enterpreneur??

You heard me right. Not satisfied with assaulting our senses from just any old stage, local hero Chicken John has up and bought his own nightclub. The man Larry Harvey once called “a punk saint” puts it to you here in his own words:

“The Odeon Bar, 3223 Mission At Valencia, has been home and haunt to a gaggle of fine upstanding Art rejects for the past 2 years. A small club with a small stage, it has hosted many a fine night of quality entertainment such a the likes of Porn-e-okie, Attaboy and Burke, The Torture King, DJ Toph One, Phat Mandee, local bands, fire performers and everything else. As one of the main booking people, Chicken John spent alot of time there and it was just around the corner from his house. So when it came up for sale, he bought it. He entered escrow today, and by escrow close on July 1st, it will be all his. That is, if he can raise the buttload of cash he misrepresented as having when he signed the papers… so come to the Odeon on Tuesday nights, every week we’ll feature a tip of the hat to a local Burning Man artist and with Flash as your bartender and the Jehrico Reese Dead Man’s Record Show as the DJ; it’s well worth the price of admission you needn’t pay. In other words, it’s free, McGee…

“This first week, Tuesday May 15, we will be featuring ARTIST MAXWELL MALICE and showing our appreciation to all his efforts to the Burning Man Project. Mr. Malice will be available at the bar for back slapping/slashing and to air his views on the project (Editor’s note: and to bum cigarettes), where it has been and where it is going in the future. Mr. Malice has been a contributor since 1995, and enjoys a unique opinion of the project (Ed: and himself) which he doesn’t mind sharing, and will do just that this week.”

I must admit I think Tuesdays at the Odeon will be something to look forward to.



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