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Yup, it’s another pesky rabbit chattering in your email inbox. 67 days before we get to see one another!

Don’t hate me because it’s been so long since you’ve received a Jack Rabbit Speaks! I have been engaged in a number of adventures one of them unplanned when I flew to Buffalo to be with my seriously ill 64-year-old father who after 2 weeks of battling a Staph infection is now on the mend. I shall spare you any further details, but to say that it was not a fun two weeks though it was a time for reflection.

This FIRST of several JRS posts this week comes to you filled with Events GOOD events, Burning Events including this Saturday’s THUNDERDOME benefit..so read on!!!

A related digression: In many of my JRS posts I include events that are directly related to Burning Man or produced by Burners in the spirit of Burning Man (including regional events and theme camp fundraisers). Sometimes I reach a little beyond this boundary and include a random event that might be of interest to Burners. I try not to include events too overtly political in nature. (Burning Man participants are diverse in their politics, and I endeavor to not offend political sensibilities.) I WILL include posts that are political in nature if they are remotely related to the survival of the event or the Burning Man organization. I steer away from posting events that are more general in their nature. There are a number of useful, regionally-specific event lists and online calendars to which one can subscribe to receive the info and I’d like to keep the JRS as interesting to as many Burners as possible.

Sorry for the short notice, but it’s worth it for you to clear your calendar and attend the THUNDERDOME Benefit on Saturday, June 23 in San Francisco. I’m looking forward to hearing the lovely Marisa sing as she did briefly during a recent DPW work weekend. I enjoyed one of last year’s TDome benefits in Oakland. The music rocked and the fire performance was sensual and mesmerizing. The Pound is located very near the Bman SF offices.

Leave a space in your calendar for the FLAMBE LOUNGE to be held July 21st at Pier 35 in San Francisco. Brief details below, with more info to come.

Those within reach of it, should stop by the SONOMOA COUNTY MUSEUM OF ART which is presenting a number of outdoor interactive Burning Man art pieces. They’re throwing a closing event on Saturday, July 28th. (see below) And, speaking of ART, two Burning Man artists will be included in the month-long RENO ARTTOWN festival. This is the first year Burning Man artists were encouraged to apply for a grant to show our flavor of public art in Reno. Grant recipients were Charlie Gadeken and his Illumination Project, and Finley Fryer’s Chapel of the Burning Book. Both installations will be moved to Burning Man after the month-long Reno show.

If you travel to Reno to check out the citywide ArtTown event you should aim for a night when Reno Burners are hosting an activity. See more info below on how to connect with the always loyal RENO BURNERS. Below you’ll also find a reminder about the SEATTLE Phoenix event and the UTAH Synorgy!

And, speaking of events around the country keep up to date on DANGER RANGER’s road trip with the SILVER SEED and the events happening as he travels across the country. Gatherings have come together in Arizona and Atlanta, not to mention his attendance at Austin’s Flipside event, and an over-night stop in Houston with Art Car folks. See: http://roadtrip.burningman.com or go directly to the map and journal page. He’ll be at the Utah Synorgy event, and at the Oregon Country Fair in Eugene before returning to the Black Rock Desert in mid-July. ALERT TO KANSAS CITY residents: baring vehicle trouble, Danger Ranger is scheduled to be in Kansas City this Sunday… contact kansascity(at)burningman(dot)com for more info.

And, I’d love to encourage Burners to use the tools on the web site for organizing and attracting folks to your events and projects. We’re hoping to continue to put more energy into the “Black Rock City Year Round” section of the web site as there’s a great deal of potential to create a community resource worth returning to frequently. (Anyone with ideas and energy to help make them happen please contact me directly) Currently you’ll find the EPLAYA BULLETIN BOARD there, and due to popular demand we are considering changing the approach to include some “moderated” boards with more serious discussions.

Visit the CALENDAR where you can post your local event or …it’s that time again… post your PLAYA EVENT which will appear in the WHAT-WHERE-WHEN onsite events guide! The Year Round calendar is currently showing 2002, but that will be fixed as soon as someone wakes up from a nap!! For those of you looking to connect with others in your area, check and see if there’s a “regional”. Email your REGIONAL CONTACT if you’re hosting and wishing to announce an event or just want to find where the Burners are hiding!

If you want a Burning Man TICKET update scroll right to the bottom section of this email! The deadline for $175 and $185 tickets is in 10 days. After that they’re $200 until the event starts…and then $250 on UP! at the gate (we reserve the right to set this at any amount at anytime!)…and then of course, like last year..no tickets sold at the Gate after 12:01 am on Friday.

LAST, but not least, check out the online version of the Burning Man Journal, our paper-based newsletter hitting your mailboxes this week 34,000 of them! Here’s the URL. Of special note for all of you who’ve been asking about donations to a “NON-PROFIT” is the “Life of Art” article announcing the formation of the BLACK ROCK ARTS FOUNDATION with a mission dedicated to funding interactive public art around the world. The birthing process for this was tremendous. Though a number of people contributed to making this happen, I must tip my bunny and kitty ears to: Paul King who was instrumental in bringing advisors to us including Adam Wolpert and other members of the Occidental Art and Ecology Center and David Atkins and the Non-Profit Support Services in Eugene, Oregon a lawyer completely dedicated to helping non-profits come to life! Without these three individuals there would still be lots of confusion and no non-profit. And, the BRAF wouldn’t be a living progressing organization if it weren’t for the wonderful new Executive Director, Claudia Haskel (who previously ran the Luther Burbank Center in Marin). more info can be found in the newsletter or info(at)blackrockarts(dot)org, or call 415 641-0949.

Oh, and if you’ve not yet listened to the Grace Cathedral interview with Larry Harvey, get on it! It was a lovely “conversation” with the Very Reverend, and could have gone on much longer than the 60 minutes allotted.

Stay tuned for a JRS to appear in the next day or so…and scheduled to include information on how YOUR BMan “gifts” can become part of the “material culture” archive of Burning Man, some wacky “Personal Hygiene” info submitted by a participant, and several large scale Theme Art Projects that need help! And, we ARE crafting a report about law enforcement at Burning Man…but that won’t be done this week.

It’s nice to be back in my “city by the Bay” after being absent for nearly 28 days. Please pardon the less than tidy nature of this JRS. I’m exhausted and jet-lagged. Meow meow.


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/ San Francisco – Bay Area

June 23 – Death Guild Event
July 21 – Flambe Lounge
Sonoma County Museum of Art (closing event July 28)

/ Reno

Monthly Gatherings & new Discussion list
Bman at Reno Arttown – July – Reno, NV

/ Seattle

July 6-9 – Phoenix Festival

/ Utah

June 29 – July 1 – Utah Synorgy

/ Bman Event – Ticket update

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//// Attend Me //////



When: Saturday, June 23rd 2001 – 9pm to 3am – 18+ w/ID
Where: The Pound-SF / Pier 96 on Cargo Way
Why: Death Guild is raising money to purchase a NEW THUNDERDOME! We spend about $10,000 a year getting to the desert. This only happens with YOUR help!

Help support our trip to Burning Man 2001 and enjoy a great party!

Cover: $16 Minimum Donation (add $1 for online/credit card purchase)

Performances by: STROMKERN & Diva Marisa
DJs: Fernando, Melting Girl, Joe Radio, The Reverend Slick, Hick Smokey
Fire Performances by: Burn Unit
Activities: MINI-DOME BATTLES! FIRE! Dancing, Drinking, Video, Live Shows!

Vending By: Unspun Records & Rhiannon Jewelry
Advance Tickets: http://www.unspunrecords.com
More info at: http://www.deathguild.com or call 415.337.1340

Directions: Take 4th St. South past PacBell Park. Right onto 3rd St. and go all the way down to Cargo Way. (just south past Ceasar Chavez) Go Left on Cargo Way and drive to the end of the street. Plenty of parking on Cargo.


Flambe Lounge – July 21st – San Francisco

Mark your calendars for July 21st, from 8 pm until 2 am. Tickets will probably be $15 with costume and $20 without (unless you have a better ticket price suggestion so we can crack the nut this community mixer will cost??) More info to come, but I’ll tell you this. We’ll be at Pier 35. (That is, if they don’t try to rip us off to the point we get pissed and cancel the event). If anyone has a relationship with the SF Port Authority let me know, ASAP. Theme Camps, artists, participants and volunteers wishing to make this event rock can email flambelounge(at)burningman(dot)com. We could use some helpers not already fully engaged in large-scale absorbing projects!



DATE: May 5-July 28, 2001
PLACE: Grounds of the Luther Burbank Center
TIME: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day
PRICE: Free!


S*MOVA Burning Man Ignition Party,
July 28, 2001, 6 to 11:30 p.m.

Beginning May 5 and running through July 28, the Sonoma Museum of Visual Art presents the first outdoor exhibition of art from Burning Man. Nine works of art are on display throughout the grounds of the Luther Burbank Center for the Arts, where they can be viewed from 9 to 9 every day. Each of these artists donated their time in delivering and installing their works:

The Telestereoscope – Cassidy Curtis & Chris Whitney
Playa Bells – Byron Chell
Poetry & Fire/Letting Go – Michael Tscheu
Real Imagined – Steven Raspa
Somavillion – Greg Scoby, Steve Hall & Becky Stillwell
Big Giant Head – Dale Huntsman
The Bronchial Tree – Michael Christian
The Lovers – Charles Gadeken
The One Tree – Dan Das Mann

Most of the works are interactive and designed for close inspection and touching. The “Art From Burning Man” exhibit is partially underwritten by Jean Schulz. The exhibition is co-curated by Gay Shelton and Sarah Stolar.

To close the exhibition with a flourish, a “Burning Man Ignition Party”, proudly sponsored by the Northern California Bohemian, will be held on Saturday, July 28 under the big tent at the LBC from 6 to 11:30 p.m. Come with a picnic, meet the artists, play with the art, bring your indigenous instruments and rhythmic soul for an interactive jam session. As darkness falls, the artists will begin turning on and lighting up their works.

Elizabeth Moriarty, our Mistress of Fire, will present excerpts from the fire opera “Prometheus’ Revenge,” and will introduce fire-dancing performances by Susan Glover and others. The party will be a no-alcohol, family-oriented event designed to celebrate the artistic visions inspired by the Burning Man Festival. $10 donation requested. Come in an outrageous costume and get in free. All donations will go to benefit the exhibiting artists and the programs of S*MOVA.

For more information contact:
Gay Shelton, Sandy Thompson or Carol Cuzner at S*MOVA, (707) 527-0297.

***** JACK RABBIT EDITOR’S NOTE: Though the Museum’s closing night event is sponsored by the Bohemian newspaper this in no way should be confused with Burning Man being sponsored by anyone other than YOU, the Participants.

//// Reno //////

Reno Reno Reno

Reno has a group of fire spinners who practice each Sunday. They are also beginning a monthly Burners event at a lovely space. AND, they’ve also taken the plunge and started a discussion list for Burners in the Reno area, which augments the announce-only list which has been in existence for 4 years.so get connected folks. To get on the reno-announce-subscribe(at)burningman(dot)com, to get onto the reno-list-subscribe(at)burningman(dot)com. If you have a question for the folks in Reno, reno(at)burningman(dot)com. And, do NOT flood them with questions on where to rent and RV, they’re all sold out.


Burning Man at Artown


(quoted almost directly from the Highlights page under Visual Arts)

A taste of the Black Rock Desert art scene hits the heart of downtown Reno this July. Watch, participate and admire as artists Finley Fryer builds a two-story chapel constructed entirely of plastic recycled bottles and Charles A. Gadeken brings his Illumination Project with enormous outdoor pieces some 200 feet by 20 feet high. The works are co-funded by Burning Man, Nevada Museum of Art and Artown. Both pieces will be installed at Burning Man 2001.

***** JACK RABBIT EDITOR’S NOTE: There was a Burning Man art exhibition (of images, art and material culture) for ArtTown 1999 at Bruka Theater, however this opportunity is different in that the woman who started ArtTown solicited us directly. She suggested we contact interested artists who might like to apply for a grant for ArtTown from the city of Reno, and the two who applied were accepted.



You are cordially invited to burn and be reborn this summer at the second annual Phoenix Festival..

The Phoenix Festival is three days of art, fire, music, and mayhem created by the meeting of mad and brilliant minds such as yours. Your creativity, energy, magic, and madness make the Festival what it is. Come play! Come create!

Do you have a crazy idea for something to add? Art? Music? Performance? Experimental structure? Interactive reality? Bring it on! The Phoenix Festival is your stage, your canvas, your testing grounds! We’ll provide the basic amenities, but it’s up to you to make the madness happen.

Tickets are now on sale. Prices will rise between now and the event, so purchase early! More information is available at http://www.phoenixfest.com or email mez(at)phoenixfest(dot)com



WHAT IS SYNORGY?: SynOrgy is the Regional Event for the people of the Utah area and anywhere else there is heart with a burning desire to join us in our magical desert landscape.

WHERE/WHEN: SynOrgy will take place June 29-July 1 at a “yet to be” disclosed location roughly 3 1/2 hours from Salt Lake City. Last year was great, read more about SynOrgy2000 here: http://home.earthlink.net/~aspenmoon/synorgy2000/ Thanks to Aspen for keeping this page alive. The website will be up soon!

CONTACT: Hope at utah(at)burningman(dot)com


DANGER RANGER IN KANSAS CITY this Weekend. email: kansascity(at)burningman(dot)com




oh, and if you’ve not yet listened to the Grace Catheral interview with Larry Harvey, get on it!

//// TICKETS // TICKETS ////

Greetings from Ticketland! (from the ticket fairies)

Hopefully, the Journal is generating some enthusiasm for those of you who did not yet buy your tickets. If that didn’t do it for you, I have a few more incentives to spark that fire.

The prices of $175 and $185 are only available through this lovely month of June. You may request the $175 by mail ONLY. Ticketweb prices start at $185. All tickets will be $200 starting July 1st.

Ordering your ticket now will insure that your address will go into our database. That means that we can send you the Survival Guide, and you can get packing for the desert!

So…if you are sending in checks for the last $175 and $185 tickets, please include insurance checks. There is no need to send a check for the amount of the next price level, just the difference. In other words, one check for $185 and one for $15, instead of one for $185 and one for $200.

AND, please note, we DO prefer you mail in your orders over using Ticketweb. Though TW is cheaper YOU do suffer a charge from them, and WE do pay credit card fees for using the nasty credit system, AND our merchant banker keeps 25% of all monthly transactions over a certain ceiling. Checks ARE preferred thank you!

A word to the wise…the postal system is crazy. If you want to avoid the agony of a lost ticket in the mail, you can take advantage of the Priority Mail and Signature Confirmation option. Also, if there is a chance that you are moving or will not be at the address that you give us, consider having your tickets held at Will Call. The forwarding process can delay mail for months, so don’t chance it!

A small shpeel on free rides since it’s the time of the year when we start hearing from people who suddenly want to volunteer to get a free ticket…The only way that Burning Man exists is by people buying tickets. Those who would like free tickets, please realize that EVERYONE puts a lot of energy into the event. That’s why it is so alive with energy!!!! Money is just a form of energy, and contributing yours for a ticket is the first chance to exchange energy with our great community.

Even if you are volunteering, performing, etc, you must be responsible for your ticket. Just think: The more you give, the more you get!

many thanks ~ The Ticket Fairy* – partiserv(at)burningman(dot)com


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