JRS Volume #5; Issue #18A

JRS/v:5:18a/06.28.01 (coming to you in three parts 18a, 18b & 18c)

Hello my dear Burners. 58 days and counting, things are just SPINNING in the office these days. This is the “JUST DO IT” (no relation to tennis shoe company) issue of the JRS. The event depends on all of us. It’s all what YOU/WE make it to be, and this year promises to be so cool I honestly can’t wait (I’ll spare you drippy sentimentality).

Ask NOT what Burning Man can do for you, but what YOU can do for Burning Man!

Actual quote from a volunteer: (stolen by me from the dpw web site)

“Yeah I love working at burning man because it feels like I’m a functioning member of the society we are creating. it makes it feel more real for me having this responsibility to ‘go to work’ in the context of this extremely chaotic and spontaneous environment. it felt grounding to have a ‘job’ to do.”

The JRS and the volunteer-announce list are important resources we use to find help for various art projects, organizational needs and other miscellaneous requests for PARTICIPATION in the collaboration that is Burning Man.

If you have already offered to volunteer, but aren’t engaged in a project, if you’ve not yet volunteered to help, or if you’ve volunteered and still have more of your time and skills to share PLEASE read the listings below.

Now, even if you DON’T have time to volunteer you should still take the time to read this post. You’ll have a better perspective off the various roles and help the event needs from the participants to make it happen. Along the way you’ll read a little rant from me about how you can’t read a “participant” by it’s cover!

Below you’ll notice a number of posts calling for help of all kinds MOST OF the help needed isn’t skilled. In some cases your smiling face, helping hands, and dedication is all that’s necessary. Don’t start whining saying you don’t know how to helpÅ there’s something for everyone including: performers, truck loaders, artists, carpenters, musicians, welders, sound, video and audio engineers, kids and kids at heart, drivers, veterinarians, postal carriers and postal clerks (BRCPO), leaders & followers, video artist, wedding participants (off ALL sorts) and specialists of many other kinds. Each listing was writing by a member of the team/group looking for the assistance.

Remember, many hands make light work.



WHAT IS IT? It’s L2K !

These guys are working at the Burning Man office so you’ll get to see the inner workings of the Bman organization! They could use more than a dozen happy helpful hands. All the equipment for the repair work has been purchased and is ready to go. Additionally, it’s probable that Tim and Co. won’t be leading the efforts to maintain the L2K next year and they need to pass the torch to a special someone who can care for and is fascinated by this wonderful art piece. PLEASE, keep L2K alive!

From the L2K team:

“It’s been called an alien landing strip, the worlds largest trip toy, and the magic light ring, but mostly just “what the hell is that!” It’s L2K, the ring of 2000 lights that have decorated the playa for the last two years and it’s back!. This year L2K.1 joins the man as a permanent part of Black Rock City. L2K is an electronic computer network of 200 micro controllers, 40, fifty foot wiring harnesses and 2000 plastic and concrete light pods. It’s the only computer network ever designed to be buried in the playa. As you all know, a playa is more of a bitch than a beach. The wiring harnesses have been damaged and they need repairs and improvements. We now need to build 1000 new pods, among other things.

The L2K.1 project is in need of volunteers. You know you love to look, now it’s time to stop being the voyeur. Get your fingers into the intimate details of hidden wiring, enjoy the organic slipperiness of wet concrete, thrill to the intoxicating aroma of liquid plastic.

Work groups are forming for the different tasks that must be done in the next 10 weeks. Most of the work does not require any special skill. Some tasks need soldering, but it’s not hard and we’ll show you how as needed.

Here is a list of things that need done:

  • Harness rework:
    • hook up and test the existing wiring harnesses.
      (plug things in and look at the pretty lights)
    • Remove the existing gray tape wrappings from the harness boards.
      (think of it as unwrapping 200 little Xmas packages)
    • Wrap the new protective plastic tubing around the harness wires.
      (like putting the skin back on a snake, but a lot easier)
    • Mount the new plastic boxes around the controller boards.
      (they are smooth and black, ooh)
    • Squirt some silicon caulking into the ends of the boxes.
      (you like things that squirt, right?)
  • Pod Building:
    • Mix up some concrete and pour it into foam plastic bowls
      (what’s not to like about wet concrete…)
    • Make new plastic lenses
      (ok, this is hard and it stinks, but most of the last 2000 were all made by one person and she’s not going to do it again, so just deal with it)
    • Cut wire and attach the connectors
      (not too hard, think of it as a meditation)
    • Solder the wires onto the LED lenses
      (kind of fun, well kind of, and you’ll get a sense of accomplishment at having done something good for the world)
    • Glue the lenses to the concrete bases.
      (we did this at pod parties, the beer helped)

The meetings for L2K.1 will be held at Burning Man Headquarters in San Francisco- 3450 Third Steet, Suite 3E. (just below Army Street)

If you want to help with a specific part of this, please contact Melissa Rowland at mkblack@earthlink.net for more information.

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00000000 0 0 0 0 0 0 00000 0 0 0 0000 0
(rabbit rendition of the L2K pods)


DPW Wish list and Work Ranch stuffs:

Okay, all you who say, “I’d love to work for the DPW, but blah blah blah.” Here is your chance to donate some time before the Big Event on the Playa. The DPW needs your help NOW. Most urgently needed are welders and a Head Electrician. General labor help is also needed, read on


Reporting from Gerlach (and mind you if you pronounce it “Girl-Lock they’ll know you’re not a local…to the natives it’s “Girl-Ack”. (That would be um, Girl Lack.)

The crews are happy, healthy and productive, but could use some help. You can contribute to the building of Black Rock City right now, in your underwear from home, if you’ve got any of the items listed on the newly compiled DPW Wishlist . Take a look and see if you’re able to contribute. Other bman department lists

We will need more people eventually, but what we really need (always) are skilled Laborers, Riggers, Mechanics, Plumbers, and Electricians. Right now (in June) we are looking for a Head Electrician. The people we’re looking for are familiar with working in the sun all day using power tools and engaging in creating projects. It’s hard to fully understand the DPW work environment until you have volunteered your time with the team. Our feeling is NOT “the more hands the better,” but “dedicated hard workers” are our heroes!

If you have the time, dedication, and focus then consider spending some time helping the DPW team now.

The best thing you can do, if you’re able, is to head out to the Work Ranch for a day, or a week, or however long you can. People of all skills and no skills are needed. Life is good out here…hard working days and deep sleeping nights! The stars are incredible!


If you have any questions about volunteering, or if you can come out for any length of time, call the Gerlach office: 775.557.2200 (ask for Ada or PK) or email: pk(at)burningman(dot)com. At least one day’s advance notice is helpful.

If you plan to work this special pre-July 4th work weekend, June 30th you MUST RSVP to help plan for projects, available campspace, number of strippers per capita (got yer attention, did I?) and meals.

=^;^= / =^;^= / =^;^= / =^;^= /

Below is a request from Mr Klean about what’s needed. Please bring what you can, and limit the sugary-sweet munchies that tend to send us on a sugar-high only to be followed by the sugar-burnout.

Will Roger wrote:
Wish List: for visitors to the Work Ranch Please Bring:

  • Red Potatoes
  • Soft Drinks (coke, Pepsi)
  • Whole Grain Bread
  • Rolls
  • Bagels
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Butter
  • Eggs
  • Breakfast Cereals
  • Trail Mixes
  • Granola Bars
  • Vitamin Packs
  • Emergency C’s
  • Beer
  • Cheese

The Work Ranch is 100 miles from the nearest good store. Bringing the basics will help offset the cost of getting and keeping food at the ranch.”



admin on and off:




What are you waiting for? Now, GO HELP!

Maid Marian
Burning Man

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