JRS Volume #5; Issue #20


It’s the 5:20 issue, like 4:20 only an hour later!

Welcome to the Jack Rabbit Speaks internet newsletter with information for Burning Man 2001. I was reviewing the list of items below in preparation for writing an introduction for you, and it’s quite a bunch of “stuff” for your perusal. In fact, there was too much, and I’ve moved some items to another document to post hopefully before weekend.

AND, I know you’re waiting for the Law Enforcement information I’ve promised. Larry and the Senior Staff have crafted a “rights, responsibilities and penalties” document on the subject that will be included in the Survival Guide, but it will be posted here first within 10 days. We’ll also assure you as to what you can expect this year. For those that saw the CNN clip yesterday…they reworked the AP story to our detriment and agreed to correct the info on their “headline news” when I called their Atlanta bureau, I actually believe the story stopped running shortly thereafter. And, regarding yesterday’s AP story, for those who saw it…don’t worry….we’ll provide information so you know what to expect this year.

The weather on Saturday for the Flambe Lounge is expected to be great…at least for SF at this time of the year! High in the low 70’s low in the mid-50’s. I’m looking forward to this party as we’re all getting geared up, amped up, packed up to head for home. Come PLAY with your friends on Saturday night on the Bay!

Check out info on “scholarship tickets”, and reader response to my Rant about forms of “participation”. If you love the entrance signs at Burning Man, or even if you hate them…you now have a chance to contribute to those words of wisdom. And for all those folks asking about how to find EL-wire….read on.



FLAMBE LOUNGE ON JULY 21st!!!!!!!!!!

Our Blackrock City Blastoff Flambe Lounge will be at historic Pier 35 in San Francisco on July 21st. This is going to be an amazing event. The Burning Man Flambe Lounge team has been working waaaaay overtime on this one! Note that higher expenses associated with the new venue required raising the entry prices from $10 -$12 to $15-$20 to cover costs. But hopefully you will agree it’s more than worth it to have a view of the bay, fire performances and enough space for more of us to get together!

Here’s some additional information and the invite text you may have already received in the mail. Dress and bring things that relate to any/all of the Seven Ages.

See you there!!!


Burning Man Flambe Lounge presents:

A Night of Seven Ages 7/21/01

Pier 35 at Embarcadero & Bay on the waterfront in San Francisco, 7:30pm-2am
$15 in Costume Finery; $20 not. (Dress for indoor and outdoor on the Bay), 21 and over

Twilight Outdoor 2 for 1 Cocktail Hour 8pm.
Report from Organizers starting 9:15pm.

Hourly processions, games and events pertaining to the Seven Ages theme.

Main event: You!

Each hour will feature a different age. Doors open at 7:30 and hourly processions, initiations, and performances begin sharply at 8, with a new age featured EVERY HOUR until 2am.

8:00-9:00pm The Infant/Cradle (also twilight Happy Hour)
9:00-10:00pm The Child/Playground
10:00-11:00pm The Lover/Chapel (wear your wedding gowns!)
11:00-12:00pm The Soldier/Coliseum
12:00-1:00am The Justice/Maze
1:00-2:00am The Pantaloon/Mausoleum
2:00am The Man/Temple of Wisdom

Including art, processions, art cars, performance, sounds, imagery, theme campery, games, and surprises by: Tim Black & the L2K team, Casa Azul, Dr. Friendly, friends of Draka the Dragon Dept of Public Transportation, Tod Dworman & Charles Trapolin’s Maze lounge, The Extra Action Marching Band, The Fire Conclave, Diedre La Franceaux & Jan Nunn (the Cradle), Jenne Giles’ (Mandala and Butoh performance), Annie Hallatt’s Black Madonnas and procession, Keith Hennessy-Spiral Dance, The Hypknotron, KaosmiKitty & Uri (Mausoleum procession), Liquid Lights, Manatee Love Society (Playground), Medicine Planet Center, Mystic Beat Lounge, Mystic Family Circus, Peri Pfeninger and Coliseum artists & competitors, Playa Video, Radiofree Burning Man DJs+, $teven Ra$pa, Jericho Reese & the Bicycle Rodeo (Playground), John Richer’s recycled gun coffin, Dr. Howlin’ Owl Robins (performing a mass wedding!), Supersnail, Technomania Circus, Technofartz Camp, Russell Wilcox, and more. Best of all Y-O-U!

See the Flambe Lounge section of www.burningman.com

Flambe Lounge is a gathering of like-minded artists, eccentrics and other PARTICIPANTS. It is one way Burning Man creates COMMUNITY year-round; a venue to showcase new ideas for Burning Man 2001, to learn what others are working on, and to share information. Flambe Lounge is a forum for people who have experienced Burning Man before, as well as those who are thinking about going for the very first time. It is an opportunity to find collaborators and to volunteer in areas that interest you! It is time you set aside to meet friends and begin planning your theme camp, art installation, performance, ritual, or other means of PERSONAL EXPRESSION-whether your plans are for the desert or your own backyard!

Want to volunteer, create a game/procession, contribute imagery? We are especially seeking Seven Ages-inspired art, theme camps and “players.” flambelounge(at)burningman(dot)com

See http://www.burningman.com/installations/bm01_theme.html for more about the Seven Ages theme.

Burning Man 2001 tickets on sale at this event



First of all, for all yooz who have bitching about Burning Man not offering low-cost tickets…here’s the answer we have for you. This WAS announced in the paper-based newsletter, but since we’ve NOT been flooded with requests it makes sense for the Jack Rabbit to remind everyone it exists. We have a limited number of $95 “scholarship” tickets available. You’ll need to send your inquiry to: scholarships(at)burningman(dot)com and you’ll be sent an URL to fill out the questionnaire. The criteria is based upon need and contribution to the community.

For those curious about number of tickets sold. It’s slightly less than last year, though some of you will whoop with delight, those of us overseeing the budget are cringing in pain since we have zero wiggle room in the budget. Last year our peak population was 25,500 people sometime on Friday. We sold more tickets than that, but over 1000 left early. We are expecting about the same for this year.

If you’re in San Francisco we now have a walk-up outlet for your ticket purchase convenience. This includes the outlets in Reno and Winnemucca!

1552 Haight St.
between Ashbury and Clayton
hours 11:00 am – 7:00 pm all week
no phone calls please
Payment by check or cash only

Tickets WILL be sold at this weekend’s Flambe Lounge.

Buy now, don’t wait and make us sweat.



One of the first interactions you will experience at Burning Man occurs between our gate and the Greeter’s station, and in some way it sets the tone for all that is to follow. Along this curving roadway you’ll encounter a series of small signs spaced at close intervals. To an older generation, they are reminiscent of the famous Burma Shave signs that once lined America’s highways. Each displays a word or phrase, and, together, they form a sequence that is animated by the movement of your vehicle. These signs were first installed in 1999, and they have communicated some of the following messages:


You Are Temporary

Making reasonable excuses
for your behavior since 1992












Approaching Complex Sentence:

Free your mind

of a design,

an object,

an end,

a purpose,

a system

or a limit;

of the petty,



you have substituted

for reality.

This series, in 2000, included our favorite sign:

Larry Harvey

Our initial reason for erecting these signs was to get people to slow down. Participants are eager to arrive and set up their campsites, but the speed limit on the entrance road is 10 MPH (5 MPH in camp). Without something to arrest their attention, drivers tend to speed up, generating dust plumes that enshroud our city. Our second very practical motive was to convey important public information, such as messages about Leave No Trace environmental ethics, the prevention of burn scars (no fires on the unprotected playa), survival strategies in the desert, and the potential for harsh weather conditions. If these messages are to truly serve their purpose, however, they must be entertaining.

In the past, we have founded several public institutions, such as the Lamplighters and Greeters, and then invited participants to take over these functions and creatively craft them into personal roles. In 2001, we’ve decided to treat our introductory street signs this way. This is a fun thing to do. It is an opportunity to transfer the words and thoughts on your computer screen onto the vast backdrop of the Black Rock Desert. It is also a chance to address thousands of your fellow citizens in a disarmingly intimate way.

We are now calling for submissions. Approximately 125 individual signs will be installed this year. We’ll judge these entries according to a few criteria. Each sign should consist of no more than 12 words (less if possible), and one-word sequences of moderate length are encouraged. Preference will be given to messages that address the real public concerns that are outlined above, but pure flights of fancy or philosophical reflections and quotations are also welcome. Submissions should be written in a sequenced format, such as indicated above, and no announcement of selected signs or their authors will be made. This will be left for you to discover when you arrive. That way, we can at least be sure that YOU will show down. Be ready also to surrender ownership. The best signs in Black Rock City invariably disappear at the end of the event. Words written on the wind are an ephemeral phenomenon. Be pleased that someone thinks enough of your words to steal them. Please email your sign ideas to mailto:signs@burningman.com. The deadline for submission is August 1.

(ED NOTE:this post was written not by the Rabbit, but by the Hat)



(from the PlayaNet folks)

Picture this: You’re out on the playa, you’re far from your camp, but you’re near an outpost. You think to yourself, “Hmm.. I wonder what the weather will be like later on?” Playanet is your answer! Just go visit a playanet booth, and see the current wearther and forecast! Want to read up on the latest Black Rock Gazette? Same thing, head to a playanet booth, and get caught up! Have your own wireless gear and want to check out playanet’s web content? Never fear go to www.playanet.org just before the event to see what you will need so you can connect from the comfort of your own camp!

Playnet is a wireless computer network that was online in BM 2000, but most people did not know about it! Well things are changing! This year we want everyone to know about us, and to use the network if you see a need to.

We DO NOT provide outside internet access, only services which you want, or feel like providing for Burningman during the event. We provide the network, and the servers, and you the user participate, or use the network!

We will have things like weather, BRG, event updates, Current playa news, Maps w/ camps, and many other services online, all for your use.

Take a look at http://sahara.playanet.org to see last years content.

Do you have a service you would like to have on playanet during the event?

If so , email us at services(at)playanet(dot)org or visit us at http://www.playanet.org. You can also join our mailing lists via links from the main playanet web page

– Matt, Tris, Chris

An ambitious project known to us as the “interactive map” (conceived and designed by Zahahi Stewart and implemented with the assistance of a dedicated team) will debut on PlayaNet at the event. It’s currently being used by Harley and Holly to place and map all registered “theme camps”. Onsite, you’ll be able to use a PlayaNet kiosk and the map interface to locate friends that have been officially “mapped”. You can also add YOUR camp to the “map”. After the event the “map” will appear on burningman.com and will continue to be interactive.

ADDITIONALLY: INTERNET ACCESS. There WILL be wireless internet access at Burning Man this year, as there has been the past few years. You will NOT be able to access the “internet” through the PlayaNet public kiosks. You’ll need to bring your own laptop. Here’s the info from John Gilmore and Clif Cox: “Get an “802.11b” wireless network card that works on your laptop. Make sure it works in your computer somewhere at home first — debugging new hardware on the Playa is doing it the hard way. When you get to Burning Man, turn on the machine, and you should come up on the Internet. If in your part of the Playa it isn’t working properly, try down near Center Camp and see if that improves things.”

If you need more details, or would like to get on the list where they might discuss this more, but don’t seem to do so much, then here’s how you do it, send an majordomo(at)toad(dot)com with the text “subscribe ibm” in the body of the message.



There seem to be more than one group independent of each other reaching out to the Burning Man community to help YOU get the EL-wire you crave. Both of the groups listed below are Burners.


From Joel the BRC TaxiMan:

Last year (actually all year long) we had special pricing just for burners, all they have to do is know some trivial thing about burningman to take advantage of it (you’d be surprised though…), and we were mobbed as we were attempting to leave last year for the Burn. so, i thought it might be a good idea to adopt Burningman’s philosopy on ticket sales – drop the price, and slowly raise it as we get closer to leaving, giving those burners an incentive to get the wire they were planning to get anyway, a little sooner.

follow these instructions to get the special pricing page:

from http://www.coolight.com
click on “photo gallery”
click on “freeform”
scroll all the way to the bottom.
line your cursor up with the left hand border of the last image, drop down and move your cursor till you see the cursor change to signify a hyperlink. click.

Joel (Taximan)

WAIT, THERE’S MORE from another group:

LIGHT’N WIRE PRODUCTIONS is involved in electro-luminescent wire both as an art & technology resource and as a supplier for illuminated fashions, props, toys, bicycle lighting and night lights for evening wear. We are offering a discount for Burning Man attendees as well as free consulting in solving design problems for costome or prop use. Curious ? Learn about using light wire for fun, fashion and folly.

We are also forming a buying collective to purchase lightwire and component parts in bulk at affordable process.



e-mail: lightnwire(at)hotmail(dot)com
questions: Louie Lights (415) 664-0694 / Steve Boverie (415) 566-1426



In addition to all the other work being done by the DPW, they’re currently doing the last bit of detail work on the 1998 and 1999 event sites where some stray matter and burn scars have returned to the surface. If you’re able to spend a day or two during the week or the weekend helping with this project please email the PK, DPW volunteer coordinator at: pk(at)burningman(dot)com.



Enjoy the live web cam from June 28th until Aug. 1st http:www.burningart.com/illum/done17.html

They even DELIVER (for a fee) They’re out of LA tho, sorry.

A couple of dozen sites all over California.

CalMAX – California Materials Exchange
Toll Free: 877-520-9703
Tel: (916) 341-6614
Fax: (916) 255-4580

From a concerned citizen: “I have a mannequin rental service in Oakland, called Mannequin Madness and I wanted your input on how to get the word out to Burning Man participants. Perhaps some of them would like a mannnequin for their art installation. We also have mannequin parts and pieces available for sale from time to time.”



  1. thank you thank you thank you for your rant! burning man is about self-expression, and that means you should be allowed to wear whatever you damn well please, whether that be platform shoes, jeans and a t-shirt, or nothing at all. burning man is about following your impulses, not compulsively conforming to external standards of acceptable “participation.” given a free and open atmosphere, people will *always* express creativity, there’s no need to pressure anyone into this. i will walk around the playa this year in my boring shorts and t-shirt as proudly as in my most outrageous costumes, because at any given moment i will be exactly whatever i am at that moment, and that’s the whole damn point!bless you,
    The universe rearranges itself to accomodate your conception of reality.
  2. In response to your participation RANT of BMan-Update! Vol.#5:Issue#18c, I completely agree. That kind of cliquish and intolerant ‘drunken frat-boy’ behavior is a big part of what BRC is not, for the most part. Inclusion and tolerance for a WIDE range of behavior and appearance is precisely the engine of creativity at burningman that makes for a rare and wonderful human experience. Simple freedom to exist within such an accepting community magically transforms itself into creative energy, and love, and ultimately “participation”. Participation means ‘be here now’ as completely as possible, and engage as performer or audience for that performer. The pejorative term ‘spectator’ is intended to characterize those that do not give of themselves while at the event, only interacting through the prurient eyes of ‘pervs and peeping toms’, and occasionally those people stealing images solely for commercial benefit. The phrase ‘No Spectators!’ is intended to urge all who come to open their hearts, minds and souls, and to leave leave their wallets and mercenary habits at home. I feel that being an active spectator is a HUGE way to participate, say by rudely heckling Chicken John for example, or finding a way to deeply appreciate anyone or any gift of art on the playa. Every artist needs an audience. Everyone doing their best to be open, honest, generous and engaged is participating.
  3. Thank You for the much-needed Rant!!! I have been an active participant-citizen since 1994, building theme camps, etc. but my playa fashion tastes tend towards the rather uninteresting “modern bedouin” (average camping nerd). I have been taunted on more than one occasion over the years for being a “spectator” simply because I wasn’t in a costume and had a camera. It always saddens me that these people have no clue how much I have contributed over the years, and how much fun shit I have dragged out to the playa, simply judging me based on how I look. (It’s happened to me 4 different times now over the years.)I’m not usually the type to complain, but I thought you should know that there are probably more victims of this type of behavior out there than are speaking up.I wouldn’t mind seeing more rants of this kind in the future, to get the much-needed message out — participants come in all shapes and sizes.

    Thanks again.

    Fellow BRC Citizen,


This came to me after I posted about the Dragon and directly relates to my comment about liking magical things. They’re looking for help, and refer to “this weekend” which i believe was actually “last weekend” (7/14), but I’m sure they can still use help:


If you’re interested in magic stuff, we’re doing a major undertaking of an art car that will debut at BM2001.

It’s a huge magic carpet, with a very magical control mechanism (lots of truly amazing magic). To learn more, with an accurate understanding of its motivations and scale, follow these three easy steps!:

  1. Read our inspirational documents at: http://epile.net/carpet/us/lets_make_some_magic.html
  2. Browse the project site, where we’ve got all kinds of development information, and a huge archive of pictures from the past year:
  3. Now that you’ve seen some pictures, check out these pages, which are very up to date:

So anyway, this weekend we’re in need of some help, and some bodies to take part in a test ride! In particular we need an experienced welder, to assemble a pair of support trusses I’ve designed and cut stock for. We also are in the market for some obtanium, like a pair of 12″ subwoofers, a few small patterned persian throw rugs, some appropriate fancy pillows, and a nice patterned 2.5′ square table covering, among other things.

If you know any interested and dedicated people, let ’em know! This weekend in Sacramento will be our 16th carpet party since the project began after BM2000, but is probably going to be the most important one!

See you at BM!



NYC to BRC Shipping container still has room!

Do you live in or close to NYC?
Need to get your art/camping gear/bikes/stuff to the playa?
The NYC burners are shipping a container to and from Black Rock City and they have room for your stuff too.

go to: http://www.houseofindulgence.com/shipment.htm read the page and fill out the form.

any questions? email: ladymerv(at)flyingpan(dot)com


Need source for Envirotex Lite

Needed: an inexpensive (or better, free) source for Envirotex Lite or some other comparable weather resistant non-yellowing epoxy coating for signage for the Center Camp Caf. At the most conservative end of the spectrum I need enough to coat 100 sq. feet (about 3 gallons) but ideally I’d like to cover all of the signs which is more like 450 sq. feet (about 13 gallons). If you know of a good place or person for this, please contact Rebecca at cnimbus@hotmail.com or (415)563-5375. Thanks!



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