JRS Volume #5; Issue #21


Hey Burners, it’s another Jack Rabbit Speaking! I was drafting this JRS directed towards potties, etc. However, I have more URL checking to do, and I’m yawning every 3 minutes, so you’ll find some useful poopie info in the next JRS any moment now. What we have here NOW is ticket info, COOL NEON.com info, write for Piss Clear!, Ministry of Statistics 2000 info, a reminder from a participant of the heartbreak caused by vandalism to art, the closing party at the Luther Burbank Center for the Arts in Santa Rosa among other things. Next issue: Toilets and RVs, Volunteering, doing, and more. For those that keep asking, and haven’t yet attended the Man burns on Saturday night, that’ll be Sat. Sept. 1, 2001. And, it’s hard to say what “time” he burns. We like to say “sometime after dusk,” and anyone can tell you that’s about as accurate as it gets!



*** Greetings from Ticketland! Your Ticket Fairy has an idea that could save us all from worry and despair. To process ticket orders, we need 4 weeks. This is to allow the bank 3 weeks to clear checks. HowEVER, many of you have been sending in your credit card numbers on the orderform, and so we have been able to reduce the processing time to a few days for those orders. :>

Soooo, unless you can wait until Mid-August to love and hug and squeeze those tickets in your hand…send in a money order, cashier’s check or credit card number with your contact information to our ‘Box (PO Box 884688, SF, CA 94188). For speedier delivery, take advantage of the Priority Mail/Signature Confirmation option for $10. HUrray for peace of mind!

ALSO, if you’ve been procrastinating, and don’t want to use the web interface that ticketweb.com provides for you, we are also able to take your ticket order over the phone at the office. Call: 415.550.3080 x0 from 10 am to 6 pm M-F, and be patient with us!

*fairy luv ~Uni ***



After posting info about el-wire in the last JRS, I heard from more than one person that I’d failed to include a third Bay Area provider, supplier, and instructional resource for electroluminescent wire. It’s the people who do the famous school of fish on bicycles. The following post will hopefully rectify this inadvertent omission.

Oh sweet Maid!

Let’s not forget about our own Benjamin James of CoolNeon.com ! He is right here in Oakland/Berkeley. CoolNeon supplied the wire for the “Running Man and Running Woman” animations that Marilyn and I brought to Burningman last year (and will again this year).

Benny and Paul have done “Camp Sunscreen” for many years and “Roller Disco 2000” last year. He (and others) did the school of CoolNeon playa fish as well.

Benny, through CoolNeon.com, holds many workshops, called “soldering parties”, at no cost, to help people with their projects.

CoolNeon has supplied the wire and, technical assistance for many Burningman projects. He has special Burningman prices and all the technical assistance anyone will need to make a fabulous Burningman project.

Thanks for your ear, love.

Frank & Marilyn Bonita

Benjamin James
PO Box 4672 * Berkeley CA 94704
phone 510.547.5878 * fax 510.597.0996


Maze Mural Painting Party

Come help us paint a 300 ft mural for the exterior of this year¹s maze. All levels of painting experience needed.

Saturday July 28th 10am – ?
In the parking lot between Piers 27 and 29 in SF
(behind Teatro Zinzanni)
Street Parking or $8 for the lot

Bring a brush if you have one.

For info contact:




Now in its seventh year of publication, PISS CLEAR, Black Rock City’s only alternative newspaper, is seeking articles, rants, stories, photographs, and comics for its two upcoming Burning Man issues! To submit, pissclear(at)blue-period(dot)com


Ministry of Statistics 2000 URL

I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know that the 2000 survey results are finally finished and posted on our website: http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/~mos. It took a lot longer than expected because we lost access at the last minute to the high-speed form scanner we were planning to use to enter all the data. We weren’t able to locate a replacement system until around April. I’ve been slaving since then to get everything done, but I think the results will prove worth the wait. There is a ton of new information on the site; people will have plenty to chew on.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make the Ministry of Statistics happen again this year. My friend and campmate Jon Syder is hoping to construct a display board somewhere on the playa so people without web access can view the new results. But that will be the limit of our presence. In fact, I’m not even going to be able to make it to the festival myself. I moved to Hawaii in December, and I don’t have enough money or vacation time saved up to make it out there this year. Hopefully I’ll see you out there in 2002 though. Have a great time! I hope it’s warm for a change, but not too warm!


NOTE TO THE BLM AND OTHER AGENCIES THAT RECIEVE THE JRS: The Ministry of Statistics is an independent theme camp. We do NOT control the questions they ask of the public. We did however beg them to remove the responses from the web site which reference drug use at the event as this very question asked by this very theme camp has come back to haunt the organization on a number of occasions. Note to participants: in light of the ‘group survival’ nature of this request, Marc reluctantly complied.



It’s late at night.
And, instead of doing more relevant things, I have been working on Camp Chaos Issues for Burning Man. And Now.
I am just tired.
And I’ve got to get up early to take my daughter to school.
I spent all my energy on Black Rock City, and
for what end? To what purpose?
Does anyone really even care? Am I putting too much effort out
instead of just relaxing and letting it happen as it happens?
I wonder
Now, I am just tired.

Black Rock City will happen
with or without me and my participation. Black Rock City is bigger than me.
Black Rock City is like its own being. We are just cells.
And I’m not
of critical importance.

or am I?
I will continue to do my best to motivate those I come into contact with. For it is the individual that makes Black Rock City a reality
and a success.
And for to Burning Man to be deemed a success the majority must all be thinking and living
in the spirit of cooperation.
Burning Man is about giving
and Accepting.
Burning Man is about Community.
We have the opportunity to create in seven days a utopian community. One of both yin
and yang.
Yes, there will be disagreements and there will be problems. There will probably be an arrest or two, but you know what, in the end, we always look back and we wonder, “could we make it last all year … every year?” Utopia can only last a short while.
At maximum occupation,
maybe seven days is too much.
Is this what we think?
or believe?


wind, sun, earth to dust
feel the playa in your Lungs
wanting and needing

Mike of Bunny
Camp Chaos


Correction to the veterinary posting in the previous JRS.

Due to OSHA regulations, dogs cannot be taken to the Medical Tent nor can the human medics treat them. Any and all vets that would like to help and haven’t contacted me already should be aware of this and all participants should spread the word that dogs are not allowed at Medical and should be taken to the Pooch Pen in an emergency. Check Playa Info in Center Camp for the exact location of the Pooch Pen.

Thank you to all the techs and vets that have responded so far! You rock!




I spend a fair amount of time in Gerlach, and own property nearby. I pay close attention to how the locals pronounce the name of their town. The most common pronunciation is “Grr-lock”. This is the closest English equivalent to the German pronunciation, which is appropriate since the name has a German origin.

I do know one local who pronounces it “Girl Lack”. But he’s just making the point that, as a young single male, the local young single female pickings seem slim to him.



dear Maid Marian and JRS readers…

“project time” is upon us! as you read this, thousands of folks (and I bet this means YOU) are out there pouring their time and hearts into great and wacky things for all of us to enjoy on the playa this year.

we ( http://www.sunbrothers.com ) make the garden of solar powered copper plants with glass flowers that you may have seen since BurningMan’98. well, last year we built a big rose bush, and someone cut off two of the stems. *gasp!* (about 20″ stems, with solar panel-leaves and flowers on each one… lots of work). we were crushed that someone would do something so selfish after all we had given by bringing that piece to the playa. I actually lobbied for us to NOT build a garden this year because of it. of course I couldn’t stop our enthusiasm for creating and participating, and we will be back with new stuff.

I’m not submitting this to JRS to rant at it’s readers, because I know that’d be preaching to the B.M. project choir, but maybe this anecdote will make it’s way into whatever flyer reminds people “destroying other people’s art is not participating”.

still bummin’ over the broken rose bush, but looking forward to seeing you all this year…


regarding a previous reference in a JRS, which I must say I took directly from the info submitted to me. I have no idea if this rant is correct, but it amuses me. People are SO TOUCHY!

JRS said:

> www.ventura.org/gsa/surplus.htmBR> > They even DELIVER (for a fee) They’re out of LA tho,
> sorry.


I am from Ventura. Would it have been so goddamn hard to have written that they’re out of Ventura? It is a freaking Ventura County Web Site. Over a million people live in that county. Sheesh.

The next time about an event is happening in San Francisco why don’t you write that is is in San Jose? San Jose is bigger and everyone knows where San Jose is? Get it? Gooooood…



IGNITION PARTY ­ Luther Burbank Center for the Arts­
Sat. 28 ­ Santa Rosa

Where: The grounds of the Luther Burbank Center for the Arts, Off highway 101 on the north end of Santa Rosa. For directions: http://www.lbc.net

When: Saturday, July 28, 6-11pm

What: Join the Sonoma Museum of Visual Art and the Northern California Bohemian for this unique celebration of Art from Burning Man. The party begins at 6 pm. Bring a picnic and meet the artists who have installed large, interactive sculptures. At 8:30 pm the fire ceremony begins with Elizabeth Moriarty as Mistress of Ceremonies. Bring an instrument and join in a jam session under the tent. Adorn yourself in costume and get in for free.

Artists: Byron Chell, Michael Christian, Cassidy Curtis, Charles Gadeken, Steve Hall, Dale Huntsman, Dan Das Mann, Steven Raspa, Christopher Schardt, Greg Scoby, Becky Stillwell, Michael Tscheu

Fire Performers: Marque Cornblatt, Rebecca Firstone, Susan Glover, Elizabeth Moriarty, Pamela Quatrocchi, Chris Sia, Diana Thompson, and Tobias Weinberger

for more information: gays(at)lbc(dot)net


Spin will be set up and running at the SMOVA “Art of Burning Man” closing night party this Saturday night at Luther Burbank Gardens in Santa Rosa. If you’ve got a theme camp to promote or some other message or artistic expression to share, you can test it out this weekend. Go to: www.moeskitchen.com/kaltramps/spin to learn more about Spin and download the software that enables you to create animations for it. Email your creations back to Christopher Schardt, the creator of Spin, and he’ll play them at the show this weekend and at the Playa.



Modern Tribalism is a film a portion of which includes Burning Man (in addition to a portion on Body Art and more). It will screen San Fran on the 29th of July as a part of the San Francisco Digital Underground Film Festival at the Yerba Buena Arts Center at 3pm.

“Modern Tribalism” July 29th, 3 pm, Yerba Buena Arts Center, San Francisco


Burning Man Jeopardy:

What do Survivor, Playboy and the Man have in common?

Readers of the JRS in January will remember my post of an URL relating to the show called Survivor. Those who followed the “Survivor 2” show (and surrounding publicity) know of the person on the show named Jerri who¹s attended Burning Man. I did hear from her shortly after my original post, and we’ve maintained a correspondence since the first episode aired after the Super Bowl. I also heard from Burners throughout the length of the show. In particular Burning Man participants remarked about the necklace of “the Man” which Jerri wore throughout the entire series. We’ve even received one email from someone asking where he could “buy the necklace like the one Jerry’s wearing”. Most of us proudly express our affinity to our gathering in the desert, and Jerri is no exception. On the newsstands July 28th, and on the cover on the internet now: our very own Playboy bunny.”



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