JRS Volume #5; Issue #23


1:00 AM – PDT – Work Ranch, 22 miles north of Gerlach, Nevada. Temp: 58 degrees.

A woman’s work is never done, rust never sleeps, a rolling stone gathers no moss, all work and no play make jack a dull boy. I have nothing witty to share, except to say that there are 25 days until the start of Burning Man. TODAY Tony and his crew begins to survey Black Rock City.

Hey, read everything below, it’s good for you! There are Mermaid Masquerades, Greeter training in LA, the Trailer Bitch Project, advice on Communal Kitchens, where to find water and more in Reno, Ride Share info, weather and some comments about the surface of the playa.

Today’s tip: Upon arriving at the event REMEMBER TO HYDRATE immediately. (I increase my water intake as I turn off of I-80) Drink water like there’s no tomorrow. Medical services cost us $125,000, it wouldn’t be so high if we didn’t have the majority of cases involve IV’s for dehydration. Be smart, people: “water, pee, no i.v.!”


~~~ the Mermaid Masquerade ~~~

a full-moon underwater-costume dance party fundraiser for the Spinnin’ Anemone Carousel

Saturday August 4th
$15 presale/$20 door
at The Noodle Factory in West Oakland
http://www.myndst8.com/mermaid_masquerade ticket info, directions and map online or call the party line: 510 444.1142

Join us in an underwater-themed fantasy and dance your scales off in three rooms of art, music and fishy fun! Come and see the fanciful riding creatures before they head out to the playa. There will be lots of great beatz going all nite, free water and fruit, a juice bar, henna tattooing, face painting, massage … and more.

All proceeds will help with the transportation and construction costs for the Spinin’ Anemone Carousel, our BM theme art project that will be located in the playground area at Burning Man. If you would like more info on the project, or check out photos of our progress, check the website: http://www.myndst8.com/carousel


We will be on the road and in LA on 8-11-01 for our final training meeting before we go to play. Come and join us for wonderful ideas, important facts, fun-filled times together as we devise our H.A.P.P.Y plans on all unsuspecting Burners.

When: 8-11-01
Time: 4PM to 6PM
Address: 320 4th Avenue #2–Venice Beach (loft is down the side of the house in front,come down the little path on the right side of the house) If you need any info-contact the house of Twan (310) 396-3326

From locations East:

Take the 10 Freeway west (towards Santa Monica) Exit Lincoln Blvd. Left turn on Lincoln. After a little over one mile you will see Rose Ave. Right Turn on Rose, Past one traffic signal (7th Ave.) At 2nd 4-way stop sign make a Left turn (4th Avenue) On left hand side almost immediately

From locations North:

take the 405 Freeway to the 10 Freeway. Take the 10 Freeway west (towards Santa Monica). Exit Lincoln Blvd. Left turn on Lincoln After a little over one mile you will see Rose Ave. Right Turn on Rose Past one traffic signal (7th Ave.) At 2nd 4-way stop sign make a Left turn (4th Avenue) On left hand side almost immediately

From locations South:

Take the 405 Freeway to the 90 Freeway (Marina del Rey) Take the 90 Freeway west (towards Marina del Rey) all the way to the end The 90 ends at Lincoln Blvd. Right turn on Lincoln Blvd. Pass Washington Blvd. Pass Venice Blvd. After a little while you will see Rose Ave. Left Turn on Rose Past one traffic signal (7th Ave.) At 2nd 4-way stop sign make a Left turn (4th Avenue) On left hand side almost immediately

See ya on the playa,

Greeter Voice


Hola fellow burners on bikes!

As this year’s event nears we would like to mention a few crucial things to anyone bringing a bicycle to Burning Man.

No matter what kind of bike you bring, please bring a spare tube or two that will fit your tires. Also bring a patch kit or two. Bring a spare tire if you can…and a spare chain isn’t an awful idea. All of these things are available at bike shops, as well as many toy stores, hardware stores, and large drug stores.

Many of our visitors last year stopped in Reno on their way to the playa and picked up bikes at thrift shops and garage sales. If you plan to do this, the need to bring a few spares is even greater…many of those bikes were barely street worthy, let alone playa worthy.

We ran out of tubes and patches very quickly last year and we (as well as all the other bike repair camps) would like to be able to help fix everyone’s bikes this year.

Hope to see you back home in BRC,
El Queso Grande de Borrachos Y Bicicletas

EDITOR’s NOTE: Ray, a member of this camp, makes the best damned ‘ritas west of the Mississippi. I know cuz he made them this weekend at the Work Ranch Saturday Night Beach Club party.


Hi Burners,

I LOVED to have my own Art Car last year! I met tons of people, saw lots and lots of playa art and really ‘came around’.

So this year, for all those folks out there who’d like to have a rolling art piece, but shiver and shake when they think about motors, engines, drivetrains etc., I came up with something new: The Trailer Bitch Project.

It’s so simple: attach some wheels to something that you like to sit or dance on, put this super simple trailer hitch in the front and in the back, and I will pull you around the playa (or any other Trailer Bitch equipped Art Car).


Please let me know what you think! Any recommendations for the web page, the concept etc. are very welcome.

If you like the project, please forward the mail. If you don’t please let me know why 😉

The Bitch Himself,



For those of you wanting some great advice about creating a communal kitchen, read this article written by the lovely Eden Somberg.


By Jerry E. Smith

Here is an overview of what water, camping and survival supplies are available in the Reno area for those of you who are Burning Man bound.

Reno and Sparks lay in a basin called the Truckee Meadows, an area of former wetlands through which flows the Truckee River. There are two stores in the Truckee Meadows devoted exclusively to water and water products. One is Simply Water in Reno, the other is The Water Mart in Sparks.

These two stores have significant similarities. Both provide delicious, high quality water purified by reverse osmosis (“r/o”) at 35 cents per gallon. Both are in shopping centers anchored by a major chain 24 hour supermarkets where you can pick up many of your other supplies. Both water stores are enthusiastic supporters of Burning Man. Last year both stores stayed open extra hours to accommodate Burners, and expect to do so again this year. Neither have websites, but both can be reached by email and phone.

Simply Water is at 411 Keystone Avenue in the Keystone Square Shopping Center on the western end of Reno. Take the Keystone Avenue exit from I-80 and its right there, just south of the freeway, on the west side of Keystone Avenue. Their Summer hours are 9:00 am to 6:30 pm, Monday through Friday, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Saturday, and 11:00 am to 5:00 Sunday, however, they will be staying open until at least 9 pm or later for Burning Man. The Keystone Square Shopping Center is anchored by an Albertson’s Supermarket.

Also of interest in their area: all of the major chain fast foot outlets, a Ben’s Discount Liquor Store, and Crystal Ice (1345 W. 4th Street) where you can get both “party,” block and dry ice. Simply Water is next door to a Radio Shack and near Sundance Books. One block away is The Sportsman sporting goods store at 401 Vine Street.

The Water Mart is on the other side of the Truckee Meadows in northeastern Sparks at 1249 Baring Blvd. Take the Sparks Blvd. exit from I-80 and go north about 2 miles to Baring Blvd. The Water Mart is in the Baring Village Shopping Center on the corner of Sparks and Baring Boulevards. Their hours are 10 am to 7 pm Monday through Friday, and 10 am to 5 pm Saturday, Sunday and holidays. They will be open late on request – call or email if you need later service. Baring Village Shopping Center is anchored by a Smith’s Supermarket (where you can get block and dry ice). The Water Mart has ice made from purified water at 89 cents for an 8 pound bag, $1.99 for 20 pounds and $4.49 for 50 pounds.

Next door to The Water Mart is Bikes, Etc. where you can rent or buy new and used bicycles, the best way to get around at Burning Man. Their hours are Mon-Sat 10-6, Sun 11-5, and they can be reached at 775.358.2513, Fax: 775.358. 7366 and via email at info(at)BikesEtc(dot)com. Bikes, Etc. also sells “camelback” hydration packs and other accessories that might come in handy on the playa. Also in The Baring Village Shopping Center are several restaurants (including an A & W, a Round Table Pizza, and one of the area’s best Chinese establishments) and an Ace Hardware and Auto Parts store.

Both Simply Water and The Water Mart stock a wide variety of bottles and jugs in sizes from ½ liter, 1 liter and 1 ½ liter, and ½ gallon, 1, 2, 3 & 5 gallon. Prices vary with size, style and type of plastic used in their construction. The Water Mart has two types of 5 gallon polyethylene utility jugs in stock: a mid-grade for $8.75 and a heavy duty for $10.50. Both jugs have a convenient spigot for easy dispensing. One gallon polyethylene “milk” style jugs are just 55 cents. All prices include being filled with water. Simply Water may have some containers larger than 5 gallons available – call or email your request.

If you bring your own container both stores offer purified water at 35 cents per gallon. Both stores have the capacity to fill any size container from a sports bottle to a 55 gallon drum to an RV. Keep in mind water weighs 8.3 pounds per gallon. If you are planning to transport a lot of water, be sure your vehicle is up to it!

Both Simply Water and The Water Mart stock a variety of other water related products. For example, The Water Mart has PolarT neck and wrist wraps that will go a long way toward keeping you cool in the desert heat. Simply Water will be selling cases of water this year as well as all of the usual assortment of containers, totes, pumps and other things Burners will need for water.

For containers larger than 5 gallons go to Twin City Surplus. Twin City, a.k.a. “The Big Red Barn” is midway between Reno and Sparks at 1675 E. 4th Street. From I-80 take the east 4th Street exit (the first exit east of the junction of I-80 and US 395) and turn west on 4th Street. They try to keep 20, 30 and 55 gallon sizes, both new and used “food grade” containers, in stock for Burning Man. As they are a surplus store their prices and stock on hand changes constantly. They also have just about every kind of camping and adventure gear and military surplus you can imagine -tents, tarps and parachutes are a specialty. They’re not cheap, but neither are any of the other sporting goods stores in this area. If you don’t like waiting in line for the port-a-potties at Burning Man, pick up your camp toilets here.

A word of caution about using used containers. Even if the container is rated as “food grade” and you thoroughly clean and disinfect it, there is still a high probability that there will remain a taste from the previous contents. Keep in mind that if your water tastes crappy you will be less likely to drink it and will risk dehydration (which can lead to serious injury and even death). It is highly recommended that if you do bring water in used containers that you use that as utility water for cleaning and bathing and such, and keep your drinking (and cooking) water only in new containers.

Also in the Truckee Meadows are a number of other stores and attractions of possible interest to Burners: There are several sporting goods stores, such as Big 5 and Mark, Fore and Strike. My favorite is Sierra Trading Post which sells major brand new clothing and gear at outlet prices. Near Sierra Trading Post is the REI factory story. There are several specialty and health food retailers, the most popular being Trader Joe’s and Wild Oats. Wild Oats has a (very slow) Culligan water vending machine in the store with r/o water at 39 cents per gallon.

Before finalizing your travel plans, check out my page of links to my (most and least) favorite places, people, and events in the Truckee Meadows, Lake Tahoe and Northern Nevada. http://www.blazing-trails.com/jesmith/linkindex.htm will take you to the index page of my section of several pages of links, each page grouped around a subject Use the navbar at the top of the screen and click on “Virtual Reno.” I work at The Water Mart and attended Burning Man last year and will again this year. To read what I experienced at Burning Man 2000 click on http://www.blazing-trails.com/jesmith/beholder.html

Simply Water
411 Keystone Ave., Reno, NV 89503
voice: 775 337-8111
email: Cadena4(at)msn(dot)com

The Water Mart
1249 Baring Blvd., Sparks, NV 89434-8669
voice: 775 358-2500
fax: 775 358-6180
email: plee(at)accutek(dot)com


Flying into Reno? Skip the rental car and let the No Stress Express take you to the playa! The shuttle will go from the Reno airport, with stops for SUPPLIES and GROCERIES on the way, and drop you squarely in center camp. Schedules will be determined based on number of interested participants, so visit www.nostressexpress.com/events to find out how to make your reservation!

Ride share info from around the country can be gathered and posted on the E-playa: http://bbs.burningman.com. Or, email your regional contact directly. To see if there is one in your area, go here


Yes, you’ve heard correctly. The surface of the playa is a bit different this year. It is NOT as hard pan to which you may be accustomed. Typically there is standing water on the surface which through the winter freezes periodically. I’m told that the dampness and freezing creates the hard surface. This year’s dryer than normal winter kept this process from happening. The surface is instead more like the top of a brownie, and a bit granular. What does this mean to you? We’re not totally sure. The good news is that the event site will be located exactly where it was last year, and though the old streets are not highly “compacted” their previous existence could help improve the surface at the event site. WARNING to all those with 4″ tent stakes, you’re going to be sorry if you don’t get longer 10-12″ stakes. Not only is wind a frequent weather challenge, but with a softer surface there’s less for the stakes to grab onto.

I’ve not tried to use a bike on the playa yet, but I suspect it’ll make bike riding a bit more challenging.

Weather? Well, it’s been a dry year, and hot as usual. At times it’s windy, at times perfectly still. No matter what we’ll have dust, so figure on that. Get your particle/dust mask now. We can never predict the weather, but you can keep an eye on it at two URLs:

Satellite photo:


Weather stats:

http://www.intellicast.com. They usually have Gerlach weather instead of just Reno or Lovelock like other web sites. Here’s the exact URL I used, but I don’t know if it’ll translate for ya: http://www.intellicast.com/Local/USLocalStd.asp?loc=usnvct9727&seg=LocalWeather& prodgrp=Forecasts&product=Forecast&prodnav=none

Personally speaking? I expect it to be somewhat like what we’re experiencing up here now. Warm days, cool chilly nights. I think rain is a long shot this year.

Either way, the unpredictability of the weather is part of what we have to accept about Burning Man! What would it be like without the challenge of Mother Nature? Just another dumb camping trip!


Hmm, what was I going to write here? Can’t remember.

This space left intentionally blank.


Tickets are now $200. They will be $250 at the gate until Thursday at 11:59 PM, after which time tickets will not be sold. Check here for more info including SF, Reno and Winnemucca walk-up ticket outlets.

http://www.burningman.com/preparation/ marketplace_tickets/tickets.html

Survival Guide is nearly finished and will be mailed out next week. Internet version will be online by Monday.



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