JRS Volume #5; Issue #24


23 days left ’till Burning Man 2001. Holy shit, Jack Rabbit, that means I’ve got to go shopping this weekend and get my sparkly fishnets.

Just a quickie folks, there is a lot to do this weekend. Manitee Love Society benefit (see v5:23) and THUNDERDOME Benefit party! ALSO Unicycle riding lessons and coolneon soldering party at the same place!

Do NOT miss “Feeding Tofu to Cowboys” the online diary by a web-team member gone to the wild side now working with the DPW (Dangerous People Working). And, the CITY PLAN (not yet a MAP) is now online for you to download (see URL below)!

The WHAT/WHERE/WHEN playa-events guide is starting production. If you’d like to have your event listed, the time is NOW. Visit the Playa Events Calendar by August 6th (yes, it’s Monday, see more info below). The Survival Guide will be online early next week. It’s been heavily revised, you’ll want to read it.


The What Where When is the event listing for Burning Man which is passed out at the Greeters’ Station as you enter Black Rock City. It contains the Theme Art listings, Events on the Playa, Village Descriptions, and much more.

To ensure that your playa event is listed in the What Where When, submit it via our online form by Monday, August 6. Yes, that’s soon, so please act fast! We have to get everything in so that we can meet our printing deadlines. You can view the current listings online.


Death Guild THUNDERDOME Pre-Playa Parties

“God would be dead, if he partied like we do.
For Locations and more info click:

Send-Off Party — Saturday August 4th
18+ w/ID, 10pm – 3am, $10 Donation
East Oakland Location: Click link above

Playa Party — Monday August 13th
18+ w/ID, 9pm – 3am, $3 before 10 and $5 after
Raffle Prizes include: SNOG Tix, Metropolis Records,
Unspun Records, Neil Gaiman Stuff and MORE!
Location: The Manhattan Lounge, Market @ 3rd, SF



Just wanted to let burners know (in the Bay Area) that we will be teaching throughout August the ancient, mystical art of learning to ride a unicycle. This month’s National Geographic Magazine actually captured this lost art form in action on the Playa.

Our first free class will start this Sunday (Aug. 5th) from 4-6pm at The Funhouse in Oakland. There will also be an open house/coolneon soldering party going on there from 3-10pm. For info (510) LIP-LUST. The Funhouse trampoline might be up too!

One with the wheel,

Joe “Fun Meter” PlayaFish


ULRs to read:

Shaman’s online diary of working with the DPW.

Bman plan.


MORE bike info: lights, tires, etc.


Can you mention the danger of not having a light on bicycles at night? As bikes have increased the last four years so have the number of people riding totally without lighting of any kind in the pitch black. Some sort of mention now will give anyone who wants it enough time to buy some sort of lighting before BurningMan. It can definitely ruin the vibe when someone on a darkened bike hits or is hit by another participant(s).


Hi! Just a postscript to the bike bit: I will again be selling repaired bikes both out of my home the last few days before Burning Man and on the highway a few miles before Gerlach the first two days (27 & 28). I only sell them for two days so that I too can get to the Burn. I pick up these bikes all year and get them in shape just for the Burn, and I usually charge just enough to cover expenses, like $20.01 for a small tired bike and $30.00 for big tires, with a few exceptions. Some of last years customers have already reserved bikes, and altho I have 80 or so I expect to sell them all by the second day of the event. I live in Sparks so it’s convenient to stop by and choose a decent, reliable bike as you go by. I will also try to work for a few days at the bike repair. You can reach me at: nv_desert_rat(at)nvbell(dot)net or: demos111(at)nvbell(dot)net

Thanks! Ray a.k.a Da Rat



For bikers on the playa: I suggest low pressure tires. Get the fat BMX tires with all the pokey things coming out of it. I don’t know how well racing tires will work, but if that’s all you’ve got, try letting most of the air out of the tires. It may give you more traction. Remember P=FA, The Pressure is equal to the amount of force distrubuted over an area. The less force you put on the playa, the less it will move (F=ma; the force is equal to the acceleration of the mass). Snow shoes will work well as long as you don’t trip over yourself. Stilts will work even better, but one runs the risk of really sticking your self into the floor. That’s much higher math, though and I won’t get into it…


Fix-a-Flat. Just spray it in and ride away.

It’s great, I highly recommend it! I brought several cans last year and was really glad I did. Almost everyone in my camp had a flat at some point, and I was able to get all of them back on the road with Fix-a-Flat and some random folks on the playa as well.

I have an cool little story to go with it:
Between Winnemucca and the turn off of I-80 I had to stop and service my brakes. Some very nice burners stopped to see if they could help. I had it under control and didn’t need help but was grateful anyway. Well, out on the playa I ran into someone with a flat, guess who it was? Yep, one of the nice people who stopped to help me. I had her flat fixed within minutes and had her back on her way. Isn’t it great when good things come to good people and when you’re able to return a helping hand!

Wishing the best to all burners,
Rev. Terry

P.S. You could also go to a bike shop and get some green “Slime” tube sealant. This has the advantage of sealing leaks as they occur because it’s already in your tire. I would still bring some fix-a-flat for your unluck neighbors though.


Airfare URL:

BTW, here’s another of my sites that could be useful for Burners looking for cheap last-minute airfare:


I just bought my tickets tonight, $160 roundtrip from Austin. Travelocity would have been almost 20% more expensive.


Bring your FM radio to Burning Man 2001

Did you know that there will be over 40 FM radio stations broadcasting from within the limits of Black Rock City in 2001? Pirate radio has never been more active at Burning Man. When you’re lampin’ in your camp, take the time to surf the FM dial. From one end of the dial to the other you’ll find fellow citizens of BRC reaching out to entertain, challenge and connect with you! Station listings will be printed in the gate edition of the Black Rock Gazette and online at PlayaNet kiosks. For more information about Burning Man FM broadcasting contact ” maquino(at)ihot(dot)com


EL wire:

Thanks to Joel (Black Rock City Taxi and coolight.com), Tracey, Thermo, Quantum Glen, Ms B and the rest of the crew in Florida for sending me rabbit ears with pink EL wire. It touched my furry little heart.






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sorry to be so rushed.



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