JRS Volume #5; Issue #25


The Jack Rabbit can hardly sit still long enough to speak. The excitement is building. 17 days until the start of Burning Man 2001. Everything is running smoothly on our end, and yours? Thanks to the web and sys admin teams for getting the new server up,and content migrated!

As you know, I’ve been spending time at the DPW. I was inspired by Miss Rivka and was gifted from Paul Norton the beginnings of a playa necklace including “spork”, knife and flashlight. I added a Hemp Nut lip balm (thank you to the founder/Burner for sending a box to the DPW), and my Bman lighter. After returning home to SF, I found myself compelled to continue wearing it all last week. On Monday another playa necklace arrived in the mail, thanks Linda. If you’d like to see a very classy playa necklace check out http://www.playanecklace.com. A lighter, flashlight and lipbalm all together and color coordinated, they’re made in a variety of colors!

And, don’t razz me about making reference to products and commerce. We can’t do Burning Man without commerce, try to get through a day or two without a commercial exchange. I do endeavor to limit my mentions to things that Burners might find useful to their Bman experience. This includes Sun Showers, B.O.B. trailers, coollight.com or coolneon.com, the K-Mart in Reno, and playa necklaces! 😉 The PLAYA is a “commerce FREE ZONE”, well almost.

So, let’s talk about some more good stuff. Info below includes, where to buy tickets, Playa-based technical info and resources (PlayaNET, Internet connectivity, BurnDir-Talkabout channels Database), Street names, Call for Exodus performers, Tips from JRS readers, Newbie questions, EVENTS for THIS weekend (including Temple of Atonement!), ETC!

And, listen, since AOL sucks (1100 rabbit readers receive this sporadically), and sometimes my lengthier posts are truncated I’ve succumb to requests to post old JRSs on a web page. I’ve resisted this since I’m a strong believer in “push technology”, and I feel you need to be “ON THE BUS” to get the info. This URL will be TEMPORARY in preparation for this year’s event, so don’t go unsubscribing from the JRS thinking you’ll just check an URL every now and then. https://burningman.org/culture/stories/jrs/archive/

Oh, and last year there was an appeal to our Permit, which still hasn’t made its way through the Interior Land Board process. But, I thought you’d all like to know that it looks like we were issued our Permit for 2001 a few days ago, and that there has been a filing for an appeal again this year. It is possibly just past the 30 day deadline, however. FYI. An appeal doesn’t effect you all, it just causes us and the BLM heartache, time and money to respond. The MAN WILL BURN!

After rereading this JRS, I think it’s just FILLED with useful info, so 😉 enjoy!


TICKETS & Survival Guide URL

Tickets are now $200. They will be $250 at the gate until Thursday, August 30, at 11:59 PM, after which time tickets will not be sold. Check the URL below for more info about Will Call, Ticketweb and walk up ticket outlets in: SF (Distractions on Haight), Reno (Melting Pot) and Winnemucca (Red Cat Records).

http://www.burningman.com/preparation/ marketplace_tickets/tickets.html

The redesigned and expanded Survival Guide is now on bman.com. READ IT, there is new info to help YOU survive Burning Man. Survival Guide PDF version is available as a link off of the Survival Guide index page: http://www.burningman.com/preparation/event_survival/ If you’ve never read the Survival Guide, this is the TIME to do so.

…Got PlayaNET?

PlayaNET is an internal wireless network for anyone to use. Last year we existed in brief stealth mode; this year we’re going hardcore with deploying three booths (center camp and both outposts) throughout the site. Each booth contains a number of kiosks (computers) for your browsing pleasure: view the latest Black Rock Gazette, weather forecast (with real-time local weather station), interactive mapping (puts MapBlast to shame), send short messages/drawings to Spin www.moeskitchen.com/kaltramps/spin net sex chat with other booth’ers, leave messages for others on the playa, etc.

We at PlayaNET encourage art projects, theme camps, villages, and anyone else to utilize the network for your own purposes. Please contact us prior to the event for additional assistance. See our web site for details on connecting your own laptop. See last years main web page at: http://sahara.playanet.org/2000/.

Email us at playant_content(at)torche(dot)com. If you would like to put some content onto PlayaNET for this years event.

–PlayaNET d00ds (Chris Petrell, Matt Peterson & Tristan Horn)

INTERNET Connectivity

The Oregon Country Fair Embassy camp will offer Internet access through a high-speed satellite link via an 802.11B wireless network.

The wireless network should cover the entire Playa area, and be usable from roaming laptops as well as in camps.

For more info please see: http://www.eugeneweb.com/~bm/ibm.html or visit us at the OCFE theme camp.


Forget the days of frustration knowing your friends are running around on the Playa but not knowing how to find them! This year, use BurnDir to publicize your walkie-talkie channels before you get to BRC and look up all your friends channels too. BurnDir is a web-based directory service that lets people search for Talkabout channels, camps and addresses of people they want to find at Burning Man. Burners can register their contact info and have BurnDir automatically notify their friends by email. In addition, the information stored in BurnDir will be added into the playaDirectory service running on PlayaNET so people will be able to look you up when they get to BRC too.

Sign up on BurnDir at: http://burndir.sogroovy.com/

EDITOR’S NOTE: I just added my name to the database. This seems like a cool idea, as more names are added to the page it may take awhile to download, be patient!

Call for Exodus 2001 Performers!
Clock More Cosmic Hours in the Playa Lime-Light Perform at The Exodus: Final Portal–Parting of the Red Sea

Getting 27,000 people out of Nevada’s 4th largest city simultaneously over a tiny, one-lane road is not an easy task, and it takes time. Think of it like draining a bathtub through a straw.

Thousands of dusty, tired motorists need YOU to break up the monotony of that lonnnnng, short ride out of Black Rock City. Participants will funnel out of our city and stream across the playa to the Final Portal–a buffer zone at the playa’s gravel-covered shores–keeping maximum flow on the asphalt and city congestion minimal. Here, they will await release into the world-at-large.

This is where we performers come in. You can help us to make participants’ last ride out of our wondrous city a unique, positive, and/or interactive experience. As an Exodus Performer, you will be one of the last Burning Man images our denizens see as they leave Black Rock City. You will ever after be in their photo albums, in their hearts, and in their minds.

Abolish boredom! Risk absurdity! Get out that last bit of glitter-sunscreen, mask, and goggles (it can get dusty out there). Sport your purple bubble-wrap tutu, green-platform-winged army boots, lounge-act lyrics, aluminum siding head-dress, alien-Pope robes, Greek gladiator skirt, or apocalyptic horse costume at the Exodus: Final Portal–Parting of the Red Sea. Interact with the masses of loving, patient artists and participants who will have worked so hard and who will be waiting at the end of the line before their long journeys home. You might even score some cool schwag!* Who knows what you’ll end up with?

To volunteer for Exodus performances:

  1. Send Devil Doll ( naiya(at)cesium(dot)com ) your information, as requested below (before August 22), OR
  2. On-playa (after August 25) sign up at Checkpoint Salon at Burning Man Information Center in Center Camp.

To learn more about Exodus operations, visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bm-exodus/ (Information on this Website should be current as of August 5th, 2001. We’re updating it!)

Again, please send the following info to Devil Doll ( naiya(at)cesium(dot)com ) if you wish to volunteer as an Exodus Performer at the Final Portal.

Name & Nickname:

Telephone (Optional):

Email Address:

Theme Camp or Organization (if applicable):

  1. Theme Camp Name:
  2. Location on the BRC Map:
  3. Time you’re usually around or available:

Time You Will Appear at The Portal (choose as many times as you like)
___ 1. Sunday 8AM-ish to 12PM *** (Morning shifts are the most fun, with the most people leaving)
___ 2. Sunday 12PM to 5PM
___ 3. Monday 8AM-ish to 12 PM
___ 4. Monday 12PM to 5PM
What will you be doing / performing as at the Final Portal:

More? Just a little: Additionally, we need lots of fluorescent, orange-clad saints and traffic-angels (Nevada state- certified flaggers) to keep things moving throughout Exodus. This short, on-playa course is free and will qualify you for many Nevada highway- and road-worker jobs. We’ll post more information about these volunteer positions very soon. Or, just check in at Checkpoint Salon, Center Camp, on the playa, and sign up on one of our sign-in sheets. You’ll find information there on flagger classes, Exodus shifts, and Exodus Final Portal performance sign-ups.

Help us to guide our people home! Let us know soon if you’re interested.

Thank you, wonderful Exodus volunteers. Have we told you we love you? WE DO!

Counting the days,

Devil Doll (aka Playa Naiya)
Burning Man 2001 Exodus Team
BRC Ranger Mentor

*Schwag: Burning Man chotchkies and random little gifts from participants, glad to be going home.

EDITORIAL NOTE: For those of you producing and sharing Burning Man “Schwag”, please keep in mind that Allegra would love to add your gift to the Burning Man archive. Use this form, http://www.burningman.com/installations/materialculture.html and bring your gift to the Artery! Everything we all create for Burning Man is part of the “material culture” of what we’re doing!

— TIPS from Readers —


from Michael Bluejay:

I feel guilty every time I write to you because I know you’re scrambling with more important things right now. But I saw this note about flats and, well, surprise surprise, I just happen to have a page about preventing and fixing flats: http://BicycleAustin.com/fixflat.html


Nevada Surplus Store:

Hi Marian. Just wanted to tell you about this wonderful surplus store in Fernley. Called Hutch’s Surplus at 70 Main Street. It’s between exits 46 & 48 off of I-80. They don’t have the greatest supply of varied sizes of water containers, but they do have the plastic 55gal ones for $13, which is half the price of Twin City Surplus in Reno. They also have a good collection of outdoor shower bags and all sorts of camping equipment. It’s just a nice alternative to anything in Reno or Sparks and it’s right at the exit most people will be taking to get to the Playa. Very friendly proprietors, Byron & Gloria, and they bend over backwards to help.


fyi – bike lights

easy and fun – find some light-sticks (the kind you always see at parties), snap to activate, and weave between the spokes in your bike tires. may wish to attach firmly with duct tape for ease of mind. a simple, colorful way to see and be seen. did this last year with great success. — Melissa

From Ray Leslie

I wanted to thank you for posting the bit about my selling bikes. The response has been Awesome! In fact, I’ve sold everything I had that had a tire bigger than 1.25 inch. I still have some 1.75″, but I’m not going to try to sell them on here. I’m also mentioning this because in my original post I said I would be selling bikes along the highway near Gerlach, and I don’t want anyone to think they can wait & get one then like they did last year. Since I don’t have any left, I obviously won’t be out there and I don’t want to cause any disappointment.


Here’s better URL for a 1km satellite photo of the playa than the one in the last JRS…this one is centered on Reno, so it’s way mo betta for Black Rock:



Worried about the wind pulling apart your camp, looking for strong and long camp stakes, look no further. Run, don’t walk to:

Steve Robinson
Owner/Master Blacksmith
Moose Creek Forge
PO Box 351
Forsyth, MO 65653
Visit our web site: http://www.moosecreekforge.com/
In Missouri call (417) 546-2542
Outside Missouri call (TOLL FREE) 1-8MOOSE-8544

Shameless plug, without remuneration. My camp’s bought about 30 of this guys stakes, and they are amazing.


QUESTIONS from Newbies:

– QQQQQ – Hans writes:

As first-timers, we have a couple ‘communications’ questions. We’re arriving in an RV after 6pm (most communications services seem to be 9-6pm). Other friends are arriving after us, by bus & rideshares also late night.

  1. How and where do we post where we’re located? Are there not only streets but specific street addresses?
  2. Where should our friends go (way after 6pm) to find out where our RV/camp is located. Basic question is how do people coming at different times from different places figure out how to hook up.

Thanks so much for helping us virgins out!


– AAAAA – Rabbit Answers: Info about all the information resources can be found on this page: http://www.burningman.com/on_the_playa/ infrastructure/info_services.html However, you’re correct in noticing that resources staffed by humans are not 24/7. I think that in the past you could still add and search the Burning Bell message, but I’m not positive that’s really the case or will be for 2001. The Dynamic Board is a large cork board in the shape of BRC this year located at Playa Info, and it’s accessible 24-hours a day. You’ll want to bring a tack or straight pin of some sort and in decorate it with a flag or piece of paper and markings your friends can identify. If the board is well used it could be like finding a needle in a haystack..heh hehSso there are other options. In addition to Burning Bell, and the Directory, you can use PlayaNet (see above post). Their kiosks are intended to function 24/7 and have a messaging function. They will also have an interactive map where you can mark your location and camp name so others can search and find you later. There are a number of useful resources. I’d suggest you cover your bases widely, and use several options so your friends can find you. And, don’t worry, being lost or disoriented, or not finding your friends is just part of the Burning Man experience. A wise old rabbit once said: You’ll find new friends by not having too many old friends around you!

For street names, check out the Plan (it’s what you have before you have a Map) http://www.burningman.com/on_the_playa/index.html


– QQQQQ- from Deb:

We are newbies and are wondering just how big is the area that is on the map showing the layout of BRC. Is it 2 miles across or 8 miles? How deep from inside edge to the entrance?

How long and wide is each “block”? How dimensions are the theme sites?

Maybe an “article” in JRS on this would help many first timers get an idea of space.

Thanks… Deb

– AAAAA – from pesky wabbit:

I don’t know if I have all the answers for you on this, but I’ll try to help. I’ve just phoned the Gerlach office, and they radioed Cowboy Carl, Minister of DaFence who says we occupy 3.87 square miles, or 2477 acres. The surrounding fence is in the shape of a pentagon with each side being 1.5 miles long. Fence to fence it’s probably less than 2 miles across. I believe it’s less than a mile from inside the City encampment from Esplanade spot to Esplanade spot crossing by the Man. Either way, you should bring a bike! (with a light).

I don’t know how “deep” from “inside edge to the entrance”, but you could walk to the Greeter’s station. However, it’s a bit far to walk from the Gate to the event. Harley who places the Theme Camps says the blocks are about 170 feet wide, and the road are 30 feet wide, from end to end the blocks are approximately 500 feet long.

Now, there is NO way to give you the dimension of “theme sites” there is no such thing as a “theme site”. If you want to create a theme camp just come, find a space that isn’t reserved for registered theme camps (first two streets) and plant yourself. Create your space, then you’ll have the dimensions of the “theme site” that’s all your own. Everyone has different needs, sites are not standardized in size, this isn’t KOA you know! I strongly suggest you read a few things and maybe that’ll help give you an idea of what to expect. Try reading ALL of the Preparation http://www.burningman.com/preparation/ section, and the Theme Camp/Art Installation section. I suspect as a newbie you’ll particularly need the “Securing your Structure” article.

-=-= -=BAYAREA-=-=-=-

A fetish event to benefit the Temple of Atonement!

Saturday, August 18th from 9am to 3am, there will be a fetish event to benefit the Temple of Atonement at Chevil Ate in Oakland.

Djs Joe Radio, Mitch, and Fernando spinning in the main room. Monitored BDSM play space. On the stage, belly dancing, fire dancing, and BDSM scenes throughout the night.

We will be opening the Temple of Atonement to penitent (and not-so-penitent) sinners from about 1am until 2am. If you haven’t been to the Temple of Atonement at Burning Man and don’t know how this works, there is an overview of it at http://www.sexmistress.com/atonement/atone.html


They can be acquired for a minimum donation of $13 at both Stormy Leather locations in SF, at Leather Masters in San Jose, at Curiosa in Santa Cruz, or on our website at http://www.sexmistress.com/atonement. They will not be available after Friday, August 17th.

So, come join in our hedonistic revels as we prepare to bring darkness and debauchery to the playa once again.

Fetish attire is strongly suggested.

The Temple of Atonement is a full BDSM dungeon at Burning Man. We have dungeon sessions staffed by our dominants, classes, an industrial dance space, and play space for others in the BDSM community who wish to play on the playa. For more information about us, our event, or our plans for this year’s Burning Man, see our website at http://www.sexmistress.com/atonement.


Come party with the B-town Burners at Butter every Tuesday night until Burning Man!!! Listen to the funky house sounds of Yedi, Paolo, Brian, and Nalayak from 9pm-2am!! This is the perfect time to try on some of your playa gear before the big week!! 21+ / NO COVER!!! Hope to see you there!!! Butter is located across the street from Slim’s at 356 11th Street in the SOMA district.

(this Bman evening helps fund a theme camp)


I am the owner of an eclectic coffeehouse in Santa Barbara. This year will be my first burningman, and I would love to throw a pre-party for all of my local friends and future friends. Muddy Waters Coffeehouse is in the industrial/artist part of Santa Barbara, just outside the “funk zone”. We have two patios which allow for spectacular fire shows. We had one a few weeks back. I would love it if you could spread the word about this party.

MID-SUMMER NIGHT’S FANTASY pre-burningman party at Muddy Waters Coffeehouse,
508 E. Haley St.Santa Barbara, CA. 805-966-9328.
Saturday, August 18, 2001. 9pm.
Fire show, DJs, beer& wine.
Fit right in dressed as your favorite mythological character.
Pans, wood nymphs, fairies, asses.
All are welcome!
Siobhan Mccleary

We are having a get together at a local cafe for burners and interested burners. I am planning on showing the videos that you have given me. We will also have a print out of the main sections of the web site and the book. Here is the info —

Burning Man regional get together
Mojo Cafe 140 Lithia Way, Ashland OR
6:00 Tuesday August 14th
Information, Videos, Food, Dancing
NO Cover, All Ages Till 10:00

My friend and fellow burner Greg can answer any questions. his email is splintermusic(at)aol(dot)com Thank you all very much,

John Peterson
Siskiyou Regional Contact


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