JRS Volume #5; Issue #28


Over-Arted — adj. doing too many projects for Burning Man. “I think I over-arted again this year…”

Kiki —

5 days until Burning Man 2001, do you know where your tent stakes are?

Wanna see the Mermen at Burning Man again? Read on.

BRING goggles and dust masks. It’s dusty, very dusty this year. Weather has been nice, slightly chilly in the evening. Forecast is for very warm next week.



In a conversation recently with Harrod Blank (art car artist, “oh, my Gawd!”, and 6x bman 16 mm film maker) we shared our mounting excitement with this year’s event. He pointed out to me that this year we’ll have a TON of art cars coming from Texas (mostly Houston) this year.The Roach Car, which I saw at the Houston Art Car Fest in April, is TOTALLY cool, like the Lobster Car of last year. Only it’s armored. The Carthedral (from the Bay Area) and the Forward/Backward Car both of which were hits in the Art Car parade are also coming. An entire art school from Japan (boy are THEY in for a time). The Black Rock Arts Foundation is funding a German fire artist’s visit to the playa. If you want a sneak peak of what you’ll see at the event, check out the Theme Art listings: (AND read the POEM below taking off on the THEME)

Or the registered and “placed” art installations.

Or the list of registered and “mapped” theme camps.

Or the list of unregistered theme camps.

It’s all enough to send a shiver up your spine. But, we all know Burning Man was better in the “old days” wasn’t it? HA!

SPEAKING OF THE OLD DAYS: I recently heard from Jaime Lieberman who’s been working with the Mermen. It looks like they’d like to come to Burning Man this year. Those of you from 1995, ’96 and ’98 will remember the perfection of hearing this band before the Man burns. Nothing like it. Imagine the sunset, the heat, faint dust lingering in the air, and the sound of the Mermen wafting across the playa! Meow meow. The event isn’t able to contribute any funds to their efforts to attend, but I’d encourage those interested in helping to get them to the playa to contact Jaime @ jaime(at)mermen(dot)net


Ladybee’s TOP TEN

From Ladybee, Theme Art Currator

A highly opinionated selection, in no particular order.

  1. Euphorium by Antenna Theater, 3:30 Esplanade. Experience the virtual opium-induced dream world of poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge. You will walk through an environment and experience the visions that led Coleridge to write the poem, Kubla Khan. While images float before your eyes you will hear snippets of the poem mixed with music creating a hallucinatory soundscape.
  2. The Mystic Krewe of Satyrs Moth Ball at the Cocoon Club – 9:00 Wednesday night, at the Center Camp ring and 11:00. The second annual Funky New Orleans Party, the “MOTH BALL.” Sample their Nectars and help cocoon the Caterpillar so it can “Mothomorphosize” on Friday night. This is a Costume Ball, with bugs bidding for the “Best of the Bar.”
  3. Black Rock Electric Parade – Sunday night at 9:00, starting at the roller disco in Center Camp. The annual parade of el-wire vehicles and costumes. Look for the giant mobile bumblebee!!
  4. Spinnin’ Anemeone Carousel by the Manatee Love Society…A pedal-powered carousel with six whimsical sea creatures, each with a name, a history and the proper accessories, and a center column with animated el-wire kelp and bubbles. Each night at dusk the fab fishy creatures will come out and celebrate the glorious lighting of the reefs. Let them take you on a sea cruise. In the Playground (theme art area).
  5. Mothomorphosis – Join the Mystic Krewe of Satyrs in parading from their camp to the Mausoleum to witness the FIERY TRANSFORMATION of a caterpillar to a butterfly, celebrating the death of technology in favor of a world driven by Primal Urges.
  6. Amazing Larry’s Lucky 7 Ages of Man – For those of us who prefer live musicians playing actual instruments to techno. Inside two giant red dice you will find a dark, sexy nightclub serving cocktails and featuring live jazz with a sultry vocalist, and a casino. Out on the open playa at 1:00 about a half-mile past the man.
  7. Dragging of the Lion – At 4:00 on Friday, a fifty-foot long lion, a prop from a production of Othello, will be dragged from Camp One Tribe at 3:30 and Esplanade out onto the open playa in the 12:00 position somewhere between the Mausoleum and the trash fence. When it comes to rest (around 7:00) “Trust”, a five-minute requiem for the 20th century, will be performed.
  8. Maze tours – daily from 4-6. In case you can’t figure out how to get through this insanely complicated Maze, you will be shown the theme rooms, center courtyard and gallery, and the other art within.
  9. Ziggurat burn – on Saturday night after the Man burns, (midnight-ish) the Ziggurat in the Playground area of the theme art will burn gloriously after a performance. As the 25′ structure burns, see the four giant flaming spheres ( wood, sage, underwear and —?) roll down their respective ramps, strike a set of art pins, and come to rest in their burn podiums.
  10. Temple of Tears grief ritual and burn – Sunday night, 10:30 ish, at the Mausoleum area of the theme art, out past the Man. David Best’s wooden filigree fantasy, bigger and more complex than last year’s Temple of the Mind, will be set on fire after a ritual of collective mourning. A fitting way to end your Burning Man.


Photo URL

“For those about to Black Rock, we salute you!”

Some lovely B/W photography from several different years: http://www.aleonash.com/photo/

useful URL: www.photonlight.com


Seven Scenes of Seven Themes

All the world’s our playa,
And all the men and women merely players.
They have their controlled exits and the entrances.
But one burning man alone comes every year,
Seeing camps being of seven themes.

“Where would I go, if I could go
who would I be, if I could be?
What would I say, if I had a voice,
who says this, saying it’s me?”

At first the lame newbee,
Mewling and puking in the Maiden’s arms
Too much, too soon.

Then the whining yuppie, with his satchel, cell phone
And shining ass, creepy and unwilling to listen.

And then the luckless lover,
Sighing with furnace loins, with woeful ballad
Made to Bianca’s ecstasy.

Then a ranger,
Full of strange oaths, round and bearded like the Bear,
Jealous in honor, sudden to quell the quarrel,
Seeking a double reputation, evening out the Bureau’s ways.

And then our just workers,
In their far round camp, lined with warnings,
With eyes and voice severe, beards uncut,
Full of wise saws, drills and modern appliances,
And they build our City.

The sixth age shifts
To the lean and slippered hatted loon
With spectacles on nose and paunch on side,
His youth was well saved by a world made wide
By his first burn, and his big manly voice,
Turning again toward childish treble, sings all Themes
And whistles in joy of hearing our sounds return.

Last scene of all,
That ends this strange eventful history,
Is second childishness and mere oblivion,
Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste,
Everything burns, everything burned.

Sleep now,
as under that ancient lamp
all twined together
tired out with so much talking
so much listening
so much toil and play.

(From visions by Wm. Shakespeare & Samuel Beckett, badly damaged by -lono-, gatekeeper of The Temple of Wisdom & Enlightenment.)


Burning Man Dreams

Don’t forget to send your dreams to the bman “dream weaver” who’s been collecting dreams for years. This person’s a Sr. Staff member who loves examining the significance of dreams. burningdreams(at)burningman(dot)com


Questions from Burners: (these really are real questions, I didn’t make them up)

QQQ: I will be driving to the event and plan to set up camp next to my vehicle (a mini-van). Since there is so much environmental concern within the BM community, I’m wondering about fluid drips. I’m planning to bring a piece of plywood to put under the engine/trans area but I’ve seen nothing about this on the site. Comments?

AAA: We encourage all participants to do their part in keeping the playa clean and pristine. Bringing a piece of plywood to put under the car is a great idea. I hope others will heed your lead.


QQQ: I see that ice will be available for purchase but there was no mention of price. I don’t plan to carry much cash with me so I would like some idea of what a bag-a-day habit will set me back.

AAA: I believe ice is still $2/bag.


QQQ: I plan to bring a camera but I have no intention of publishing my photos – I just want to capture some of my experiences. Do I need to have it tagged?

AAA: This question almost requires more explanation than I can do here. You don’t need to have a still camera tagged if you plan to use the images only for personal use. However, if you should ever be interested in selling an image, you must contact Burning Man for permission. MUST, MUST MUST. We have on more than one occasion pursued legal remedies when this requirement hasn’t been heeded. Read your ticket. IF, you have a video camera you must have it tagged. This includes professional and personal use. Read the Survival Guide for more information. Identify the fact you have a video camera at the Gate when you enter. They’ll give you a Personal Use Agreement. It can be returned at the Greeters station, Ranger Outposts, Playa Information Services. If you happen to forget you have a video camera you can PICK UP forms on the playa at the same places listed above where you can drop them off.


QQQ: What’s the deal with Tiki Torches, are they okay or NOT?

AAA: See the information below.



The plan for BM2001 is an experiment in community responsibility. The use of tiki torches and burn barrels is restricted by location and fire safety requirements.

Burn barrels and tiki torches are restricted to areas along the esplanade, villages, center camp, plazas, walk-in camping, 2 O’clock, 10 O’clock, and the open playa.


  1. All tiki torches and burn barrels must be firmly anchored to the ground with rebar or stakes. Burn Barrels must be elevated off the playa surface.
  2. Tiki torches and burn barrels must have at least 10 feet of cleared space around them, be especially of aware tents or flammable material nearby.
  3. If winds pick up, all tiki torches must be put out immediately. Burn Barrels must be extinguished if they begin to throw sparks.
  4. Tiki torches or burn barrels must be extinguished at the request of any Ranger or Fire official.
  5. If found unattended while lit, tiki torches or burn barrels may be extinguished and/or confiscated if there is sufficient hazard.
  6. Burn barrels are considered a public work for all participants to enjoy.
  7. All burn barrels must have a fire extinguisher nearby and easily accessible.

All who agree to, and abide by these guidelines will be allowed to enhance their camp with the ambiance of tiki or burn barrels.


Useful tip from a JRS reader:

One great way to have plenty of water is to buy a case of water ($5-6) and freeze most of it. They do not explode (or at least never have for me). Use them in your cooler as ice, and then pull a few out in the morning to defrost and drink. They don’t take very long to defrost. Great for fresh drinking water, and ice at the same time. Dry ice in your cooler will also help keep things cold longer. Just be sure you don’t keep opening the cooler unnessarily, and it will help keeps things cold for about 4-5 days (I kept that cooler in the shade). Day 6 I still had cold beverages. Last year, I kept dry ice in one cooler with some of my bottled water, and things I wanted to really stay cold… like the fish I brought to cook for the first two nights. Have a fun…. I know I will. Stephanie



PLEASE HELP!!! I recently read in JRS about what happened to the folks with the solar powered roses that got cut / vandalized. I hope that you would/could maybe (PLEASE) “publish” a bit about an incident which happened to my art at the event last year…(although, what happened to my art might be a little more malicious.) I am hoping that if we let the culprits know how we feel, and that it’s definitely NOT cool to vandalize other people’s art that they won’t do it again this year. And!

Maybe let them know that it’s not cool to bring such devices / weapons to BM!!! So PLEEEEAAASSE help! You folks are the only “avenue” to broadcast this message!

We are Camp FUCK. For anyone not familiar with our “schtick” it is thus:

We build and bring a big huge “sign”, ala the sign in the hills of “HOLLYWOOD”, that says simply F.U.C.K. Now, from outward appearances (of the sign, mind you) and imaginations it would seem that we are just a bunch of dumb, unruly, drunken, frat boys……not the case. We are real, nice people with a real nice big piece of art that says FUCK.

It’s all about the word…not the act of. Simple as that. Just a big word. Well, we stayed up awfully late just about every night/morning last year. But, someone managed to sneak past us in the middle of the night/morning and plastered us (our sign) with about a million paint balls! At first one might think this funny. But the fact of the matter is that it really wasn’t. Totally NOT cool, and totally NOT funny. My art, however crude, lewd, or whatever is just as valid as anyone else’s at BM. That said, I really don’t appreciate anyone plastering it to death with paint balls. It left a huge mess on the art as well as the ground. It also stained our clothes. I think that a serious case could be made A) for the mess that these jerks left us (who’s responsibility is that?) and, B) for the use of a “firearm” at BM! What the fuck, ya know? (No pun intended.) Please let these jerks know (regardless of my plight) that the use of these guns at BM is not cool and very much not in the spirit of BM, and that if caught they will be prosecuted by the authorities present at the event…i.e. Washoe, Pershing County Sheriff!

Thank you very much Maid Marian…I know we can count on you!!!



A better explanation of my assumptions about the cause of the weird playa surface (see JRS:5:23) follows. It should be noted that we do water the roads at the event for dust suppression, this is a requirement to our permit and costs us mucho $$, but is worth every cent. I’ve just spoken with Will Roger, and he says it’s been hot as HELL on the playa this week. 104-110. Evenings are on the warm side. This weather looks like it should hold through the event!

hey marian, you posted the following

“Yes, you’ve heard correctly. The surface of the playa is a bit different this year. It is NOT as hard pan to which you may be accustomed. Typically there is standing water on the surface which through the winter freezes periodically. I’m told that the dampness and freezing creates the hard surface.”

–this isn’t quite accurate (the serpents drank the water), the hard surface is formed from alkaline particles (generally halite, gypsum, and calcium carbonate) precipitating, compacting, and partially lithifying into the sediments which compose the playa— it is referred to as a ‘Salt Pan’. The pre-existing lake bed produced diatomaceaous material locally which helped to generate the responsible mineralogy. Eolian dust also greatly contributes to this process as well. As I told you before, the playa is in a reclamation phase. It is accreting material, the salt pan is there, it’s just a little deeper. Because it is a dry year, the mass of dust in the high deserts is most likely higher accentuating slight changes in the ecosystem that we generally overlook. Possibly the winter run-off produces the fluids which aid in the dissolution process, although the salt pan was initially formed when the lake was present. When it comes to geomorphology in the Black Rock, freeze-thaw phenomenons are drawn out of proportion because of the unique ice-raft formations which temporarily form in the winter. Many folks that visit the playa at this time of yr are marveled by what they see and give their faith away a bit to easily to the winter forces. Playas have not been scientifically studied since the early 70’s, little to nothing is known about their geophysiology, so sometimes trying to explain why something is the way it is, is futile.. Also, the playa has a wide variety of surface features (usually seasonally related), it is dynamic….. i have experienced the current surface features in previous yrs out around the black rock towards the Quinn River, this yrs surface reminds me of what i encounter in early early spring March/April-
-peace INNATE


WILL CALL – Ticket Information

IMPORTANT: If you have tickets at Will Call that are in someone else’s name you will not be allowed to pick them up unless you have the necessary info releasing the tickets to you.

You need to bring a photocopy of the picture ID of the person that paid for the tickets and a letter signed by them stating that they are releasing the tickets to you (your full name and address on this letter). *This letter should include their Ticketweb authorization code if they purchased online.*

If you simply walk up and say “John Smith said I could pick up his tickets.”, we cannot release them to you. If you are caravaning with people and the tickets are under one person’s name, THAT person is the only person that can retrieve the tickets. They can leave the remaining tickets under other people’s names, but they must sign off for them first.

Thanks and drive safely. Remember, it’s better to lose a bunny than a friend. DO NOT SWERVE to avoid hitting animals on the road on the way to Gerlach.

Be seeing you.


Participant Services
Desert Dog Info
Burning Man 2001



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P.S. I’ll be hosting a Kitty Cat prowl on Thursday night, 10 PM meet at the Plastic Chapel. Meow, Kitty, regalia required. The CatBus might be our transport!!!



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