JRS Volume #6; Issue #2


Gotta love it today is: 10:11:01. A numerical palindrome

I apologize to all of you who’ve been waiting for a JRS from me. I have been tormented for a month by the desire to write one, but without the words. Ultimately, all the JRS messages I contemplated never made it to the tips of my fingers, to a word processing application, or you. A few nights ago, as insomnia began to set in, I knew it was time to sit still and not move until I typed the demons out.

In addition to wanting to communicate thoughts about the event (and my new favorite URL), I’ve wanted to remind anyone who might not already know that this Sunday (10/14) is our DECOMPRESSION party. The weather so far this week has been stellar, and assuming it holds Sunday will be a beautiful day!! You’ve probably checked the home page of the web site, received a postcard or read the first post-BM-01 JRS v6#1 from Action Girl…. scroll right to the bottom here for a list of expected performers, theme camps and artists. I DO KNOW that we’ll see the much-missed Cyberbuss! The Suicidal Bunnies are playing early in the day, and The Mermen are playing at a later hour. (check the web site for tentative performance schedule) I don’t know how much food is sold in Cocomo, last year it was hard to reach, the line was long and they ran out early…I plan to bring my own munchies and a picnic lunch! We have more street space than last year and DO have access to Esprit Park! I don’t know for sure, but there might still be a few spots for art and a theme camp or two at the all day Decompression Street Faire. Email: flambelounge(at)burningman(dot)com if interested. They’re also taking slide and video submissions, and volunteers are needed still. Volunteer: safetygirl(at)burningman(dot)com

We passed part 1 of the clean up inspection on October 4. I personally helped pick up moop on the playa, and some pretty weird stuff was found. Also, lots of stuff that should have been picked up by camps themselves. The last of the DPW leaves the Work Ranch tomorrow enroute to the Decompression and with them their bringing as many bags of MOOP as possible so you can see exactly what you’ve left behind. Good news: you left the playa significantly cleaner this year than last year..and the random sample during inspection concurred. A list of moop items, and number of burn scars, and a report to come soon. Thank you to each and every person who did his/her part.

Below you’ll find a link to remarks by Larry Harvey on the brouhaha know at the event as the “jiffy lube incident”. We’d like to put this stuff to rest for a while.

If you’ve read our summer paper-based newsletter, you’ll know a little bit about the non-profit arts foundation: Black Rock Arts Foundation which some of Burning Man’s organizers founded in May. Reminder, the entity that produced Burning Man is Black Rock City LLC, the Black Rock Arts Foundation is a non-profit with even further reaching goals of funding interactive art and connectivity around the globe. It did grant funding to an Austrian artist to bring a fire-piece to Burning Man 2001. It’s not like any of us has a great deal of money at this time, but if you understand what the art at Burning Man can accomplish, and you’re inclined to support a non-profit organization with a tax-deductible donation, take a look at the message below from Claudia the Executive Director. Please seriously consider support of this new organization.

/ So, where do I begin?

Burning Man 2001 was fantastic. From the moment I arrived on the Work Ranch, August 15th, until I left the playa in an intense dust storm, on Wednesday, September 5th, I experienced one magical day after another. Just when I thought a moment of boredom was going to set in I was surprised by the smooth transition into another moment of perfection. Too much, almost, but NOT quite. 😉

Burning Man 2001 gave me more than I’ve ever received before. It’s only after working to help bring out the five most recent Burning Man events, that it has seemed as if the stress, insanity and problems were under control enough that I and the other organizers could actually enjoy ourselves. We’ve been working hard to teach what we know, and learn quickly what we must know. Each year more competent people have come forward to help. At times, amazing people appeared unexpectedly and took on leadership responsibility. We saw more groups and large-scale camps developing their own culture within our culture than ever before. We saw volunteer teams embracing those that want to take part, and guiding those that are lost to a place they’d like to be. Because my “work” absorbs me, it’s rare I have a chance to see this. But, on Tuesday night, I was drawn into Lamplighter camp. I think it’s fair to define them as a large-scale-theme-camp-volunteer-team with a civic purpose…or, as described by the author of my new favorite web site, they’re a “guild”.

The Lamplighter camp was HUGE! It took up an entire block. At that time, they estimated there were about 200 people camping there, and they were expecting more. In addition to the work area, where the lamps were brought, cleaned and refilled each day, there was a large shaded chill space adjacent to a well-appointed community kitchen. People were bustling around the dinner table keeping the pasta pot, saucepot and salad bowl full. I heaped food on a plate and someone handed me a glass of red wine. The woman who offered me the glass indicated she and her husband were first time Burning Man participants. As I ate and listened to the stories it was revealed that a fair number of participants in the Lamplighter camp were newbies. They each indicated, however, that they knew the best way to be part of the event was to contribute. In 1998 the Lamplighters struggled to have enough people to light the lamps each night, and were often devising incentives to convince a volunteer to follow through on their commitment. Now, the Lamplighters were bursting at the seams. This wasn’t a camp of people who all knew each other, but one of strangers and friends taking roles and doing something together. Some only knew of each other via a discussion list.

We saw this kind of organization happening everywhere. It’s one of the reasons why this year’s event was so successful. Anyone who’s helped organize a group of people into a common goal at Burning Man will detail the trials and tribulations. Despite the pitfalls of bringing people together, we’re all getting better at it.

The day, which was the most lyrical for me, was Sunday, September 2nd. The entire day was powerful, but I had no idea what was in store for me with the burning of the Mausoleum. I was looking forward to the burn with some trepidation. Would the burning of that beautiful structure cause everyone to be sad and morose, or wild and violent? Did I want to be near something that conjured up images and meanings of death for so many?

We found our way through the blinding dust storm to a side spot at about 9 o-clock on the perimeter. As we waited the visibility was barely 10 feet. We could only see the other onlookers gathered immediately around us. Larry lit a cigarette, took a contemplative drag and quietly said, “We are the dead”. Wrapped up in goggles, dust mask and hat, and trying to sip water, it seemed like I inhabited a world of ghosts. Thousands of people had come from our city to wait there in silence while wrapped in a cloud. There was absolutely no indication we were still in Black Rock City. The only thing I knew for sure was that the night sky above me carried stars. I listened on my staff radio to quell my anxiety, and, as I heard the signal given to commence, the dust began to lift. It parted like a curtain to reveal the massive temple standing in our midst. Participants had heaped its altars with mementos of the dead. David Best, the artist who created it, had told us as it burned it would be transformed and retitled the “Temple Of Tears”. Loud, crackling fire quickly ignited the walls, silhouetting its delicate designs, and a seven-story flame shot outward to the northeast. I looked up at the sky. The moon was shining blue as the fire raged. On the ground, tornadoes of ash and dust spiraled out of the blaze. I was at that moment madly in love with the man who has inspired so many, and with whom I was wrapped in a warm embrace. Around us, everyone was hushed. It felt as if a soul had been released. It has been hard to know what to say since September 11. But I think of that crowd, its quietness, and how we were there together.

This year some of the organizers gathered in First Camp (where many of us live) to toast our success. We’ve never had the time or possibly felt satisfied enough to collectively pat ourselves on the back. But this year was different, and everyone felt the same. Burning Man 2001 was the best year ever. Let’s do it again!


“Millions of men have lived to fight, build palaces and boundaries, shape destinies and societies; but the compelling force of all times has been the force of originality and creation profoundly affecting the roots of human spirit.” -Ansel Adams


Re-entry to the “big world” isn’t easy. Just as I do as I prepare to leave for the event, I also have dreams for the first few weeks’ back. If you’d like to share your dreams with us, please email: burningdreams(at)burningman(dot)com

“jiffy lube” sign…the saga.

If you have any interest in the ongoing saga surrounding the “jiffy lube” sign at Burning Man you’ll want to read these recent remarks from Larry Harvey


Several Burning Man producers and veteran Burning Man participants have launched a new national non-profit organization to help bring the experience of Black Rock City closer to home. The Black Rock Arts Foundation will support and promote community-based interactive art year-round in cities across the U.S. What is interactive art? It’s art that generates social participation. The process of creating it and the way it is displayed or performed inspire actions that connect people to one another and a larger community.

Sound interesting? Here’s what we plan to do: Artist Grants will furnish artists with direct financial aid for the production and display of interactive art works. Exhibitions will take place around the San Francisco Bay area and in communities across the U.S. The foundation will assist artists who receive Artist Grants to develop communal networks that can help supply material resources, technical assistance, volunteers and financial aid. We will also produce educational events and programs to inform the general public about the value and social relevance of interactive art.

The Black Rock Arts Foundation will need outstanding citizens of Black Rock City (this means you!) to become members and to help us channel large and small financial contributions and resources to artists and groups or networks that create and exhibit interactive art. Anyone can join. It’s a big vision and your participation is needed!

If you are interested in finding out more, becoming a member, exhibiting art work in your community, or making a contribution to the Foundation, contact Claudia Haskel, the foundation’s director, at Claudia@Blackrockarts.org. Or you can call 415-641-0949. Claudia or a volunteer will contact you with more information.

My favorite URL and others I like a lot…

We’ve seen 3-D photography of Burning Man, and now we have photography from a kite. This is in the top 3 of “all time favorite BMan URLs”. It’s actually my favorite, but number 2 is a close second and high on the list for other reasons. I’ll post that one at a later date as it’s related to 1996, and not this year. I only realized this morning as I finished perusing the length of the site, that Charles Benton is not yet done with his web site of KAP images. Unfortunately, I’m too excited about the uniqueness of these BMan images and I’m going to post his URL anyway. Work in progress: http://arch.ced.berkeley.edu/kap/gallery/gal187.html
I’m still waiting to see PINHOLE photography at Burning Man. ahem.


Rob Brezny’s post about his experiences at Burning Man http://www.freewillastrology.com/allsigns_032300/b+t_036.shtml and Burning Man inspired horoscope references: http://www.freewillastrology.com/allsigns_032300/092701all.shtml


Village Voice article about Burning Man. The title is off-putting and not really related to the meat of the story. http://www.villagevoice.com/issues/0137/werde.php


A singularly cool image: http://www.liquidedge.com/area51/BM2001/pages/DSCF1995.htm


I always LOVE Rick Egan’s photos. He’s been attending Burning Man since at least 1995. Some of you are familiar with his photo/poster of the colorful rainbow-painted people dancing under the Man. http://www.sltrib.com/photo/staff/rick/index.htm


LIGHT’N WIRE PRODUCTIONS is involved in electro luminescent wire both as an art & technology resource and as a supplier for illuminated fashions, props, toys, bicycle lighting and night lights for evening wear. Design Lightwire costumes for the Decompression. We are offering a discount for Burning Man attendees as well as free consulting in designing in solving design problems for custom or prop use. Curious ? Learn about using light wire for fun, fashion and folly.

Take advantage of our buying collective to purchase lightwire and component parts in bulk at affordable process.



e-mail: lightnwire(at)hotmail(dot)com
questions: Louie Lights (415) 664-0694 /

BURNING MAN Presents its 2nd Decompression HEAT THE STREET FaIRE!

INDIANA STREET bet. Mariposa and 20th, SF
Enter at 19th St & Indiana
Also inside Club Cocomo, 650 Indiana St
$10 Blackrock Attire; $15 Street Wear
Shine or Rain
All ages outdoors (Kids Welcome!); 21+ inside Cocomo

In the midst of darkness and inhumanity it is even more important that we gather as the radically inclusive community that we are to express ourselves in decidedly positive and life-affirming ways. Please join us and participate in making this day a meaningful gathering and an amazing celebration of community.

Burning Man presents Flambe Lounge DECOMPRESSION 2001, a Street FaIRE-with a twist. Instead of craft booths and pricey food stalls, we’ll have three city blocks of interactive theme camps, processions, a tribute to fallen fire fighters, unusual performance, live music, art, circus and all manner of Burning Man beauty and spectacle reassembled and transfigured to transform SF-yet again! Bring food and a blanket for a BYO-picnic in the park, bring your Burning Man videos and imagery, write a letter to the world, join us at 10pm at the outside stage for a special Moment of Light, express yourself and dress your playa best for the fashion show!


ART and artist talks by: David Best (The Mausoleum), Jenne Giles (Mandala and Bassinette), Susan Glover (Fire Ring and Chamber of Creation), Chris Schardt (SPIN), Peri Pfeninger (The Coliseum), Jericho Reese & the Bicycle Rodeo, Michael Christian (Flock), La Cesari, Colin Stuart, Jim Mason, Suzanne Soltara (giant drinking bird), Ethan Turpin, Kiki (Firefall), Stephen Richter, CC and Christo’s Casa Azul, Annie Hallatt (Black Madonna Spinning Angels), and many many more…

THEME CAMPS: Azteca, Illumination Village, Space Cowboys, Space Lounge, Eggchair Camp, Spaghetti Western Camp, Pamper Camp, The Mindshaft Society, Playa Video, the Department of Public Miracles, Magic Glasses, Playa Chicken, Western Karaoke Camp,Affinity & Monkey Boy, Camp Phaedrus, Y2 Gypsies, Firetown, Crystal Palace, Lorax Camp, the Lost Penguin, Camp Sunscreen, Community Trance, Icarus, Supersnail, Technomania Circus…


On the Street: The Extra Action Marching Band!, Tribes of the Opera Diaspora and the Black Madonnas Spinning Angels, CellSpace Puppet Collective, Pinkman, Breakfast, Funkmobile & Acid Cabaret…

Outside Stage: Vorpal Madness, Radio Free Burningman DJs, Yard Dogs, The Mermen, Rosin Coven, The Compassion Fashion Show, Matty the Mutaytor, Brain Garden, Mystic Family Circus

Cocomo Patio: DJ Anemone, Suicidal Bunnies, DJ Supertastee, Artist Talks, spoken word, El Gato, Rob Brezny, Diana Trimble, Flamenco guitarist Michael Olsen, DJ Alaric, DJ Laird, Cat Five, DJ Laron, Omen Project, Mark Deutch on Sitar and Bazantar

Inside Cocomo: Burning Man videos and imagery, Burning Man artist presentations, Mr. Lucky, DJ Niell, Kooken & Hoomen, Technomania Circus, Zach Darling, Dr. Friendly, Land of the Blind, DJ Chika, Children of Paradise, DJ Aureal

ART CARS: Rebecca Caldwell’s Carthedral, Loco-motion, Harrod Blank’s Oh My God!, the CYBERBUSS, ART VAN, John Wilson and Susan Hughes’ Wandasarus, Catherine Boyd’s Evilution, Adrian Rulle’s VolksWagner, Danny Mac’s Darwin Car, Bob Castaneda’s Radio Flyer Wagon, Amacker’s Justice bike, and more…

…and very best of all–YOU!

All this on 3 outdoor blocks and an indoor club with patio, 3 stages, dance floor, mezzanine chill space, 6 bars and multimedia wall of imagery. PARTICIPATE and help bring a little playa spirit to the city!

To share your playa images, bring VHS tapes, 35 mm slides in carousels, and photo images on CD-ROM to the Visuals Check Point in Cocomo.

MORE INFO: visit www.burningman.com, e- mail flambelounge(at)burningman(dot)com, or call 415-TO-FLAME.

PRE-RELEASE PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE (subject to change) can be found on the BMan web site.

Decompression “Peace Catapult”

A 30′ trebuchet from BM ’98 is planning an appearance at the Decompression Party. Justjoe could use a local 20′ flat-bed or stake-bed truck for Saturday, Oct. 13th and Monday the 15th. Does anyone have a large truck (not pick-up) or a favorite “Burner-friendly” truck or equipment rental outfit in the City? Also, we’d like to throw some “peaceful” projectiles from the catapult. We need a large teddy bear, bouquets of flowers, or anything else that won’t hurt anyone on the ground. We’d also love to fly a Burning Man flag if anyone has one. Finally, we’re desperate for a spot to store the catapult until next year’s burn. We’ll trade a ticket to BM 2002 for a corner of a warehouse. Please email justjoe(at)burningman(dot)com. Thanks! See you on the asphalt playa!

Misc: Thanks, etc.

(pardon my own self indulgent moment)

To everyone that did anything you were proud of; for all the leopard paraphernalia; to 35+ kitty-cats that prowled with me on the mobile living room; to the amazing yellow furry cat bus for even coming all the way from Canada; for a box of 100 kiddie kitty-cat masks from my aunt; a startled-looking wooden cat from mother; enlightenment to the wisdom of Rob Brezney’s horoscopes @ realastrology.com (which recently included numerous references to Burning Man, and he’ll be on stage at Decomp.); to my family for coming and playing; to all the kitty cats that make me purr and hiss..meow.

I apologize for coveting the burning man shot glass that Bill the Texaco guy in Gerlach has, and a small silver bracelet charm seen on a passerby.


JRS v.6 #2: fueled by: Kava drink, and a bunch of classical music to calm the savage beast, after everyone in the world went to sleep, my phone stopped ringing…and i could write. JRS distracted all month by: slow return to reality, trips back to the playa, moop, trouble makers, writer’s block (several blocks), people to see, emails to write..etc.

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