JRS Volume #6; Issue #3


So, what can I say? That decompression party was fantastic. Fly-in visitors from Canada (Zac) and New York, (Steve, Cory and Leslie) and other places I’m sure. Saw so many familiar faces I felt overwhelmed at times! I spent a good part of the day near the DPW installation where all the bags of MOOP could be found. It was rather amazing really to see that there were about 6 large 40/gallon bags of MOOP (inside smaller ziploc bags). This was just the loose moop picked up by 40 sets (80 hands total) human hands over the course of 2 weeks. It doesn’t include ash and other large debris.

Thanks to all who contributed time, art, photos, videos, art car, theme camp installation, “supplies”, libations, volunteerism, love and affection to that great party. Damn the Mermen were good! Felt like the playa circa 1995. Playa dust camp with their playa dust and leaf blower were hilarious. Lots of photos (two many-feet-long by Brad Templeton), video footage (and night time video footage from the air by SkySquid).

Things are fairly quiet in the San Francisco office. The Senior Staff will be spending time at the end of this week and over the weekend reviewing our accomplishments, challenges and future plans for our departments and the event in general at our “Retreat”. After this we’ll be meeting with the BLM in early November to review the accomplishments of the Cooperators (various cooperating agencies) working on the event. We’ll begin our 2002 budget process in November, with an eye on determining ticket prices in December and ticket sales for 2002 to start January 1.

We also intend to produce a newsletter for the winter. In lieu of a December Town Meeting we’ll be creating an “After Burn Report” and Survey. Expected finish date for this is late November early December. The Survey may be finished before the “After Burn Report”.

Below we have a call for submissions of your personal experiences. These “Tales from the Playa” also known as Personal Reflections are the first step the web team is making towards creating a more dynamic and actually community-based web site. The section called Black Rock City Year Round is likely to go through some changes in the next few months. If you’ve not already volunteered to help the web team and are interested in helping us make the BRCYR a community resource please visit the Participate section and Volunteer Questionnaire. We need a good Bay Area based project manager for this new project, and additional roles in programming and scripting are still needed. If you know ZOPE we’d love to have you help with our Extranet project (though other skills are welcome as ZOPE is easy to learn).

If you’ve missed old JRS’s skip to the bottom of this email for the URL where they are secretly kept for YOUR use!

Also, I’ve been asked to report on the Sunday night vehicle accident, and I’ll do so (and other incidents to what degree I can) as soon as I receive one last bit of information from the Rangers.

Not much more to say, I have a yucky cold and want to climb back into bed…

Today’s bunny sez:

Call for Submissions for new section on the Burning Man web site: Introducing “Tales from the Playa”

Fellow Citizens of Black Rock City,

The Burning Man web site exists to provide a forum for our community to stay connected throughout the year, and I¹m sure that everyone reading this has visited the site many times. With the exception of the Burning Man event itself, the web site is the largest gathering point for the entire community, as it can be accessed by burners from all over the world. All news, information and community goings-on can be found on the site, as well as hundreds of photographic images from the event. Also on this site is the beloved e-playa, which provides a forum for our community to communicate with each other; sharing ideas, tips, thoughts, questions, and of course, anticipation and afterglow as the event comes and goes each year. The site has been built and is maintained by many Burning Man participants who are committed to keeping these connections to our community alive and strong.

This year, we are pleased to announce the addition of a new section that will soon be added to the web site. This new section will be called “Tales from the Playa”. Our vision for this is a community driven section; a section comprised of literary contributions from you, the community, about your experiences from the playa, preparations for your journey to the desert, local or regional gatherings with fellow Burners, and friendships that have blossomed from Burning Man related meetings. This section will be frequently updated and changed, so as to share as many contributions as possible. We are beginning to get this new section ready to add to the site, and we NEED YOUR HELP!

Please help us get this new section started by submitting your tales to us. We would like to get your stories, poems, musings, prose, and other written contributions to be posted on the Burning Man web site. We will be looking for original writing pieces that are tasteful, non-slanderous, reflective, creative, thoughtful, and of course, Burning Man related. There are, at this time, no restrictions in regards to length. Please keep in mind that we strive to keep the web site tasteful by avoiding unnecessary foul language and imagery, so we ask that you help us maintain this standard. We may need to edit your work, but will contact you first before doing so.

The success of this new section is dependent on you and your willingness to share your experiences with the community. The potential for this section is extraordinary, and we have more ideas for expanding this interactive area, but we need you to help us get the ball rolling. Please send your submissions, as well as your questions and comments to: reflections@burningman.com. Watch upcoming issues of the Jack Rabbit Speaks as well as the home page of the Burning Man web site for this section and for new developments of “Tales from the Playa”. We know that you will make this the most wonderful, community-oriented section of the site. Thank you in advance for sharing your experiences with our community.

– The BMan web team and content wranglers

Post playa greetings from the Black Rock Pooch Pen warden.

Hi there Burners, PlayaFrog here with a not-so-nice report of the lost and neglected dog situation at Burning Man. As a veterinary assistant, dog mother and animal advocate, I am really pissed off at the handful of participants who obviously didn’t give a rat’s ass about the condition and well being of their dogs at Burning Man. There were several dogs that were taken repeatedly to the Pooch Pens, one being a 6 month old puppy that was suffering hearing loss because of the sound system at his Esplanade camp (The Lost Penguin). This same puppy even ran away from his owner as they were packing up to leave the event. There was an even younger puppy staying next to a van that said “Mars or Bust” on it that was not tagged at all and was reported wandering into camps all over his block and being passed off to strangers to watch. A BR Ranger contacted me and was concerned that the puppy was dehydrated. When I went to check on him he was alone and tied to the bumper of a truck with a dirty bowl of water next to him. The pads of his feet were cracked and raw. Another dog was found with a tag around its neck saying “I’m not lost, I’m just wandering around. Please give me water, food and love.” When I contacted his owner, he did not seemed concerned in the least that his dog was wandering in the desert. One dog was dropped off at the pens and when I went to the camp that was listed on his information, no one in the camp knew the woman’s name nor anyone with a dog in the area. Sadly, 2 dogs were found that no one claimed after the event. Both were not tagged or collared. One was a large black and white longhaired male and the other was a black lab found near one of the hot springs. Please call Bex and the SF office if you lost or found a dog and we can try and help you. 415-550-3080 ext 109

I’m so angry that some participants had no regard for how their animals and neighbors were treated. To think that everyone around you is OK with caring for your dog, and that your dog is happy with the surroundings at Burning Man, are both very crappy assumptions.

I thought that people who brought their dogs to Burning Man would be careful and responsible. I guess that was a crappy assumption on my part. Because of what I have seen this year I am of the opinion that dogs that are not staff or DPW should not be allowed at the event. However, I alone do not set the rules.

The DPW and staff dogs were great. I thank all of the participants and staff that tagged their dogs. “Ricky” Baughman was a model dog whose parents were great. Ricky even did a few greeter shifts proudly sporting the Burning Man dog tag. Ricky’s parents were kind enough to let me borrow some dog food when I was caring for one of the lost dogs.

I would also like to thank both of the Sharons for keeping an eye on the Pooch Pens when dogs had to be placed there and Rick Brown for building the safe, comfortable, shaded pens and bringing them from Reno. Ellen Hinds, a great person and vet from Texas, was on call and prepared for emergencies. Thankfully we did not have any reported.

I also wanted to say that the Box Office crew and Gate staff rocked this year! Props to ya.

That’s my report from the playa.


Participant Services Desert Dog Info

Request from Goat Rodeo

If you are going to be doing any sort of post burningman JRS, we at Camp GoatRodeo have a request. We were the ones with the giant Goat that had the Anus of Truth. You could stick your head inside to receive truth from the Oracles inside. Anyway we were wondering about what happened with all of the serious truthseekers that solicitated our help and we wanted to know if you would post something to the effect of if you stuck your head in the goat’s ass would you write about your experience, who/what you saw, what truth you got and what happened afterwards to goat(at)deprecate(dot)org especially if our truth had any major effect on your life or BM experience.

bianca’s foresight 10/20

Club Galia – 2526 mission (between 21st and 22nd)
Saturday, October 20, 2001
8:00 pm to 2:00 am
21+ with valid ID
$10 presale tickets at Decompression (just find the bianca trolls)
$10 before 10:00 pm (heh. foresight, yo)
$15 after 10:00 pm

bianca loves you.
she’d like to remind you
that while hindsight may be 20/20,
the future is harder to see with clarity

bianca’s foresight is no closer to 20/20 than yours,
but she does know that the future looks best when
the present is full of hope…..

bianca knows that hope is most abundant when there’s plenty of love between people so she’s inviting her friends to join her in an evening of sharing, love, and yes, bootie shaking

bianca’s hoping that 10/20 will fill your foresight with hope, and that you’ll take that hope and share it with the rest of the world

why? because bianca loves you, and she’s looking ahead!

(proceeds will cover costs and fuel bianca’s burningman project(s); we may look a little different next year)


bianca’s foresight 10/20
Club Galia — 2526 mission (between 21st and 22nd)
Saturday, October 20, 2001
doors open at 8:00 pm

The silent auction begins at 8:00 pm
bids are due in by 12 midnight… or they turn to cheese!
Preview the auction items at http://www.bianca.org/auction/

Shackgroove, chill, grilled cheese, and other culinary delights served until foresight becomes hindsight at 2:00 am

http://bianca.org/upcoming.html for additional information

bianca loves you!

Playa del Fuego – Mid-Atlantic Regional Burn

Date: October 19-21

Location: Vietnam Veterans Motorcycle Club of Delaware, near Odessa, DE

Ticket info: tickets in advance $20 and $35 at the Door, which you can now pay by paypal


Two nights and mornings of feasting, burning company, burning art and general craziness at a new location! Keep the desert spirit alive from the Big Burn. Celebrate our East Coast flavored burning community. Bring your art, stories, music, performance and anything else creative!

We’ve some great times on Assateague Island in the past, but have outgrown the ability of the Park Service to manage our events, so we have relocated to private land. This is our Rubicon as a Burning Man community, new territory, new challenges and many new friends.

  • Please buy in advance if possible. We need to cap attendance at 500 due to limits on our event insurance. PLEASE NOTE! This is our first event that requires ticket sales. There is no such thing as a “reservation” as there has been in past Beach events. This is a whole new ballgame, so the *only* way to ensure admissions is to purchase a ticket now. Tickets are limited to 500. There is no guarantee that tickets will still be available at the gate. Tickets are not refundable.
  • Fenced private land, which allows public nudity without worrying about park rangers citing the nudists among us.
  • The ability to have music run late.
  • No more worrying about placing the fire below the high tide line.
  • Seven acres of space for whatever art projects or performance we care to do.
  • There is no running water, just like the desert you need to bring your own water, showers, food etc. All dogs must be on a leash. You are responsible for cleaning up after them

Better located for folks flying in from around the country.


SpaceCowboys & SpaceLounge present:
:::TumorLounge::: hospital theme costume party

9:00 PM – 6:00 am
3140 22nd Street/ @ Capp
San Francisco
$20 donation (required)

SpaceLounge and the SpaceCowboys are once more joining forces to present……..TumorLounge!!!
(a hospital themed costume party).

This party is going to be in an abandoned church on 22nd and capp, in the mission, on friday october 26th. We’re going to have fire spinners and fire sculptures, 2 sets of decks, hospital themed libations and so many more things i cant even begin……. And we’re going to be going all god-damn night……til the sun comes up or the cops bust us.

Join the ‘Space Cowboys’ and ‘Spacelounge’ in a benefit for their friends Peter Kimmelman and Marcus Brooks. PK had a benign tumor removed from his brain on August 13, and Marcus was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in his spine on August 6, which has since spread to his lungs. Pk was medivacced out of bman and Marcus was admitted to hospital the day after we got back. All proceeds from the party will go to help Marcus Brooks family pay for medical costs, as he has no insurance.

see http://www.relaxmusic.tv/tumorlounge.html for up-to-date info on DJs and Special Guests!!

Fire Garden Installation by Therm

Rare SF appearance of the Space Cowboy’s amazing Unimog

NeuroErotic Cocktail Paraphernalia provided by Mistress Lolly and the RIPE Nursing Staff

Euthanasia and Unnecessary Surgical procedures provided by trained SpaceLounge Medicologists

Breaks and Beats by your favorite Space Cowboy and SpaceLounge DJs until 6:00 am.

For more information: contact: mailto:llibutti@pacbell.net
FEEL FREE….to pass this onto your family and friends….

If you can not attend this event your donations of any amount would be greatly appreciated. For information concerning cash, check, pay-pal, & possibly credit card contributions please e-mail your inquiries to: nealmurray(at)yahoo(dot)com

Looking: for photos of CampArtica igloo

they built it, but forgot to documentit. looking for photos of campartica and igloo, email iceman(at)burningman(dot)com


admin on and off

on: bman-announce-subscribe(at)burningman(dot)com
off: bman-announce-unsubscribe(at)burningman(dot)com (incorrect info last week)


thanks to my friends for rocking my world on Sunday.

meow meow


Maid Marian
Burning Man
jackrabbitspeaks(at)burningman(dot)com (for questions and post requests)

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old rabbits: www.burningman.com/blackrockcity_yearround/jrs/

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