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Jack Rabbit Speaks.

Actiongrl again, here (the not-feline half of the JRS duo.) Wow! The energy is building with 171 days left until the event, and another busy season sets in. If the Burning Man year has tides, then, well, we’ve struggled into our wetsuits and are running toward the water with our boards, because this is where the fun really starts in earnest. (This issue of the JRS is being composed in my bedroom in the Sunset District, and through the open patio door the blustery spring wind carries the sound of the waves to my ears as I write. Thus, a surfing metaphor wends its way out of my brain and through these fingertips and into your mailbox…duuude.)

Of course, you have read the AfterBurn Report, didn’t you, my burning friend? Yes, of course you did. I wouldn’t need to prod you again. Another gentle nudge toward http://afterburn.burningman.com is hardly necessary, I know. Ditto the Survey at http://afterburn.burningman.com/survey.php. I mean, you’ve already taken the opportunity to contribute your opinions and let your Black Rock voice be heard, right? I needn’t pester you. Really. ūüėČ

The Survey 2001 will only be active for another 10-14 days, so fill it out now.

Ha! I love technology. As I am compiling this missive with the windows open, just this minute I get an IM from Metric in Gerlach, and it goes like this:

dpwhualapai: holy cow dpwhualapai: we just got snowed on AGfromBRC: wow! get pictures! dpwhualapai: running around the ranch doing damage control

Hmm..I just might have to head up to Nevada next weekend to see about what the playa looks like on St. Patrick’s Day.

OK, then. Let’s roll. How about some red hot TICKET INFO? (including kudos for the designer) Some words about upcoming BURNING EVENTS and in San Francisco, Portland, Austin, Vancouver…everywhere…Burning Man somethings, somewhere near you. Calls for help from the CAFE and WEB TEAMS, too. FILM SCREENINGS. ART PROJECTS. POWER TOOLS. BURN BARRELS. MUTAYTING.


…are we there yet?

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Table of Contents:

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We thought to mention (since it’s not shown on the ticket) that the BEAUTIFUL new 2002 tickets were designed by L.A. graphic artist Mark Matthews, aka SpaceCat ( spacecatprods(at)aol(dot)com) Mark represents the playa as a body of water and depicts an Asian flute player sailing on it in a boat, with the man floating in the distance. Very poetic, very Floating World. Thank you, Mark! We once again have a ticket worth saving as a memento.

Now PLEASE read this update from the ticket sea…

We have been working fast and hard to get the 6000+ tickets processed and in the mail to you. We have also been swamped in emails and phone calls wondering about ticket status and such. Please read on, this might help answer some questions that might otherwise distract us from processing and mailing those tickets to you!

1. “I sent in my money on the very first day and still have not heard anything or received my tickets. Is everything okay?”

Everything is just fine. We are working as fast as we can to get these tickets in the mail to you. Sometimes no news is good news. **Please do not email jackrabbitspeaks@ or partiserv@ with this question.** Answering email takes time away from entering ticket sales and only slows down the process. If there was a problem, you would have heard from us. (See #3)

2. “I sent in my order on the same day as my friend. They already received their tickets, but I have not received mine…”

Not only did you and your friend send in for tickets on the same day, but so did several thousand other people. Please be patient and do not fret. There are 4 people working as fast as we can to process and mail your tickets to you.

Maybe your friend ordered their ticket online. Online sales are handled by our new ticket vendor, and they have an automated process that moves very quickly. Mail order sales are processed the old fashioned way by real humans. We’re sorry that we don’t move as fast as computers do.

3. “How will I know if I received tickets at the price level I requested?”

This is the most commonly asked question. If you have not been contacted by us regarding your order, then it is safe to assume that you will receive the tickets at the level you requested.

4. “I just wanted to check and make sure that Burning Man received my order for tickets.”

If you are concerned that we did not receive your order, you can try calling the 1-800 # on the back of the receipt for your money order. This will tell you if it has been cashed or not. If it has been cashed, it is a good indication that we received everything.

5. “I had requested that my tickets be sent via Airborne Express and I still have not received them. Where are they?”

The Airborne Express service was chosen for security reasons, not for speed. Your ticket still needs to go through the manual process of being entered into our system. You should receive an email from Airborne when we prepare the shipping label for your order. This email will tell you that your tickets are on the way and it will give you a tracking number for the package.

Some other juicy ticket info:

Tickets can be purchased at the following 2 walk-in outlets in Nevada:

The Melting Pot: 888 S Virginia Reno NV

Records: 1051 W 4th St Winnemucca NV

Both outlets have a limited number of $165 tickets for sale!

The rate for tickets is currently $175, and they are going fast so get one today!

Have a question that is not addressed above? Email us partiserv(at)burningman(dot)com

Have a question about an online sale? Email In- House Tickets support(at)burningman(dot)com

~~~adrift in the ticket sea~~~


EDITOR’s NOTE: If you’re interested in the lowcost alternative to big-name ticket vendors, visit the In House Ticking web site

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Help bring it to the desert!!

<now channeling from Dr. Jones>

Center Camp Café:

As always building and running the Center Camp Café is a huge task. Most of our team works year round to bring you the largest community gathering space at Burning Man. Below is a brief outline of current Café needs and volunteering opportunities. To learn more about to the Center Camp Café check out http://www.burningman.com/on_the_playa/infrastructure/cafe.html

Center Camp Café Coffee Shop:

Do you want to get involved while meeting and interacting with thousands of Burning Man Participants? Last year we had the best Coffee Shop Crew to date. If you have Bad Ass Barrista Skills, Cashier Personality, or the ability to work in and conduct chaos, please contact cafe-volunteers(at)burningman(dot)com.

We offer Barristas, Cashiers and Support teams 4 hour shifts at 7, 11 and 3 PM and AM 24 hours a day for the entire event. Come create the hottest Coffee Shop on the planet. For more information check out http://www.burningman.com/participate/cafe_coffee_shop.html

Art, Decor and Lighting:

CALLING ALL ARTISTS BIG AND SMALL. The Café space, structure, portals, and surrounding areas are a showcase for interactive art installations and thematic expression. Your art will be seen by nearly everyone in Black Rock City. We are looking for thematic art pieces and interactive installations for the Café interior, main and side entry portals and several exterior locations. For more information contact café-décor@burningman.com or check out http://www.burningman.com/participate/cafe_art_decor_lighting.html

Want to get creatively involved with the Café, the largest structure on the Playa? This year the ART DECOR AND LIGHTING TEAM NEEDS A VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR to help facilitate our high level planning and volunteer communications. Individuals interested in helping should:

  • Live in San Francisco or the surrounding area and be able to attend Cafe Volunteer Coordinator and Cafe General Team meetings at least twice a month.
  • Be able to work with Art, Decor and Lighting Team Managers developing team concepts into a cohesive plan to be communicated to potential volunteers.
  • Enjoy working with a diverse group of creative and eclectic individuals from around the world.

If interested please contact cafe-volunteers(at)burningman(dot)com.

Cafe Performance:

PERFORMERS, MUSCIANS, ORATORS! Join us in our underwater foray to fill the bustling hub of the Floating World we call Center Camp Caf√© with joyous sounds, pleasing tones and powerful words. We need You to grace our stages, one for music, the other spoken word. Last year was so excellent, we weren’t sure we could top it, but get ready, we’ve found a way! Send us a note at cafe-performance(at)burningman(dot)com for early booking and more information. We’re ready to take submissions and make up this year’s schedules. Get the lowdown from our pages on the web: http://www.burningman.com/participate/cafe_performance.html

Café Documentation:

The Cafe Documentation Team is looking for individuals who are self-contained video production units to create several montages for inclusion in this year’s Cafe Documentation Project. If you’ve got an itchy “Record” finger and you’re looking for some small projects to sink your teeth into, contact cameragirl(at)burningman(dot)com to learn more about joining the Cafe Documentation Team.

Café Sound:

Each year the Sound Team must acquire NEW AND USED WORKING SOUND EQUIPMENT to bring life to our Music and Spoken Word Stages. We always need:

  • Stage parts, modules, risers, materials
  • Microphones & mic stands
  • DI (direct) boxes
  • PA mixers, amps & speakers
  • Home stereo amps, tuners, & speakers
  • CD Players (component or portable)
  • Effects processors
  • Cables (mic, instrument, speaker, line, snake, etc.)
  • Extra long cables!

Help make it happen by contributing your well-worn but working equipment. Contact café-sound@burningman.com for more information.

Café Construction:

Every year we carpet the entire Caf√© to keep the dust down and make the space comfortable for participants. And every year a good amount of that carpet is destroyed by the elements. This year we again are looking for large amounts of free carpet to cover the Caf√© floor. If you have access to 5,000 square feet or more (50×100), or know a good source for carpet in the Reno Area please contact caf√©@burningman.com

For a complete copy of our wish list and to view changes please visit http://www.burningman.com/participate/wishlist.html


The Café Crew

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A FULL WEEKEND of epic BURNING MAN EVENTS to kick planning season into high gear!

In past years, Burning Man has held two town meetings – the “open forum” town meeting for topical discussion in December, and the Volunteer Recruitment one in the spring. As you may know, we took a different approach in the post-2001 glow and set about building the AfterBurn Report and Survey, a more permanent, more widely-scoped means of wrapping up the event with the community. This brought the post-event feedback concept to an audience beyond San Francisco, provided a far superior opportunity for detail, and finally entered the whole of the effort of building Black Rock City into the collective consciousness.

While the ABR was a tremendous success, we found ourselves missing the stimulation of face-to-face conference with the community that we hadn’t had in December. So, when we started planning for the Spring meeting, it only made sense: let’s have our cake and eat it too!

This Spring Town Meeting will combine the formats of both the open forum and volunteer recruitment. Tables will be set up, staffed by teams which are eager to involve new participants, and operated throughout the day. Slipped into the program (at around 1 pm) will be a 1.5 hour discussion period with the senior staff, focusing on the Afterburn report, and broadening out to open questions from the audience. We will offer a printed program, with key staffers’ faces pictured and responsibilities listed, to facilitate participants in finding the people with the answers to their questions, post-discussion.

This event is always a delightful time to reconnect after the winter and get plugged in. Aside from all the organizin’, recruitin’, and communicatin’, the Town Meeting is a POT-LUCK BARBECUE, and a great chance to mingle! So whip out that hot wings recipe (guess my favorite food) and bring yourself over to get connected to your community… and to a volunteer team that needs your unique brand of you-ness to make BRC a reality.

WHERE: SOMARTS, Brannan, near 9th, in SF
WHEN: Saturday, April 5, 2002 12 – 5 PM

But that’s not the end of the fun that weekend. Oh, no. There’s more…


April 6th evening

BRAF Award Ceremony and Cocktail Party –

After our Town Meeting the Black Rock Arts Foundation is holding its first-ever Art Grant Award Ceremony and Cocktail Party from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM at SOMARTS. (Admission $15.00. Expect local celebrity bar tending and food service, a WONDERFUL raffle and ceremony to award the Foundation’s first grant recipients. Cocktail wear encouraged!) For more information on how you can support the BRAF visit <http://www.blackrockarts.org>. Many thanks to all of you who’ve been stepping forward and volunteering and contributing financial support to this growing Foundation.


April 7th

Flambe Lounge –

Join us for a night on the fanciful shores of Flambe Island: A Pirate, A siren, A Sea Farer’s Folly. Sunday from 4:00 to midnight at the Cocomo.

More details on those as the time draws nearer. Stay tuned, and we’ll see you in April!

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NEW YORK EVENT: Larry Harvey speech at Cooper Union!

Here’s a save-the-date for ALL participants in or near the NYC area: Burning Man is coming to New York! In conjunction with SEAL (http://www.sealspace.org) and the Black Rock Arts Foundation (http://www.blackrockarts.org), Larry Harvey will present a lecture at the historic Cooper Union, on Thursday, April 25, 2002.

You’ll receive more information in a future JRS…very very soon. For now, mark your calendars for this truly special event.

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PORTLAND OR: Kaosmosis – Celebrating the Art of Burning Man!

Celebrating the Art of Burning Man

Thursday, March 28, 2002
Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR
Art Car viewings 6:30
Doors open 7:30pm
AIGA professional and student members: $10
(Tickets available at the Crystal Ballroom box-office with membership ID)
Non-members $17
Charge by Phone: 503-224-4400
or buy online at tickemaster.com

This is a 21 and over event
Limited seating available.

The phenomenon of Burning Man has gained worldwide recognition. AIGA Portland proudly brings “Kaosmosis: Celebrating the Art of Burning Man”, to Portland. Guest speakers Larry Harvey, the event’s founder, and Burning Man Art Curator Lady Bee will be presenting an overview of the history of art at Burning Man. Larry will also speak about the social philosophy of interactive art. They will be accompanied by world renowned performance artist, Steve Raspa. Following their presentation will be a celebration that will last until 2 am.

Other highlights of the event include: a show of some of Portland’s best art cars, Burning Man art, Alchemy fire performers, a performance by the 20 Foot Man, Cross Dress forLess, Cybelvis, DJ Doctor Zomb’s Radio Obscura and many more surprises.

**** EDITOR’S NOTE: *This event is produced by the Portland chapter of the professional organization: the American Institute of Graphic Artists. But wouldn’t be possible without the involvement of the Portland Burning Man community. A portion of the proceeds from this event will be donated to the Black Rock Arts Foundation.

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<from the Vancouver Burning Man community>

We are thrilled to announce that, after much anticipation, Recompression 2 will be happening in Vancouver, BC Canada on March 23, 2002.

This will be a participant designed and created event. We are encouraging everyone to help make this space an extension of Black Rock City. Participants are invited to bring small versions of theme camps or other decorations, artwork, art cars, etc.

From the website: http://www.recompression.com — Recompression is a Burning Man-inspired Temporary Autonomous Zone. Our vision is to create an organic and metamorphizing free community that will transcend mundane realities by keeping the sacred fires of Burning Man alive beyond Black Rock.

We are all Participants. We have been a part of, or express values in the spirit of, Burning Man. These values include: the construction of a collective free space, radical individual liberty, participation, self-sufficiency, visionary creativity, gifting, ritual without dogma and support of personal freedom.

We will realize this vision and celebrate it through art, performance, theme camps, music, dance, verbal and physical communication and gift-giving. And by having a lot of fun!

Tickets are $15 and there are only 250 of them. Tickets will not be sold at the door. To purchase, see the website at http://www.recompression.com for paypal information if you’d like to purchase online with a credit card OR contact the reps at mailto: vancouver(at)burningman(dot)com. If you purchase via paypal, your tickets will be held at the door (will-call) for you to pick up, with I.D., unless you make other arrangements beforehand. TICKETS WILL NOT BE SOLD AT THE DOOR!!!

To receive announcements about Burner-related events in vancouver send a blank email to mailto: vancouver-announce-subscribe(at)burningman(dot)com

<end transmission from Canada>

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Tickets for Burning Flipside in beautiful Dripping Springs, TX are now on sale for $45 until April 15. Act fast — the site only holds about 700 people.

The event will be held over Memorial Day weekend, running from Thursday, May 23 until Monday, May 22. The theme is “Down the Rabbit Hole”. A plane ticket to Austin will set you back about $250 (AG Note: I found ’em for under $200 the other day from SF.) The event is fun as all get out.

For complete information, go to http://www.burningflipside.com. Ticket prices and options are all listed there!

(AG Note: There really are not words strong enough to tell you about the amazing time I had with the Austin burners at Flipside 2001. Come down, get in on the fun, leave no trace, and go swimming (!) at this awesome event, now in its fifth year!!!)

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BURNBABYBURN, that wacky film by that wacky chap, PAYNIE is off on tour. Due, as they say, to popular demand, he’s going all over the place. Here is the itinerary so far….

13th March Oakland – 4001 San Leandro St. #33 – 8pm – $5 in playa gear. ($10 without) 16th March Ojai – Calypsos Bar – 139 East Ojai Ave. – 805.640.8001 – $6 – 8pm – Big Party afterwards. 22nd March Sacramento – Venue TBA 23rd March Reno – Skoosh Inc – Free…at the Reno RECOMPRESSION PARTY 23rd March Carnevale! – Venice Boardwalk – 8pm(ish) 24th March Bend (OR). – The Grove. – 7:30pm25th March Port Townsend (WA) – Port Townsend Community. Center, 620 Tyler Ave. – $5 in playa gear. ($10 without). 26th March Seattle – Venue TBA. 27th March Portland – CANCELLED. – New Venue TBA (maybe I’ll just rest) 28th March Portland – “The Art of Burning Man” – 7:00pm – Crystal Ballroom. 29th March Portland – Clinton St. Theater – 2522 SE Clinton St. – 503.238.8899 – 11pm – $6. 30th March Ashland (OR) – Nuwandart Gallery – 258 A Street – 541.488.4278 – 8pm – $5 in playa gear. ($10 without) 7th April San Francicso – Flamb√© Lounge 9th April New York – Spa, 76 East13th st. – 8pm sharp – $10 13th April Atlanta (GA) – 1272 Murphy Ave. Atlanta 30310 – 404.753.8581 – 8pm – $5 in playa gear. ($10 without)

Please check http://www.paynie.com for updated details. The film is available on-line at the above address and a percentage of any profits go to The Black Rock Arts Foundation.

There will be a Tour of America coming soon ….. if everything goes to plan.

“I have to tell you that I came back from the desert depressed and broke. This rock spinner project crushed me under its weight, tested friendships to the breaking point and pushed me way too hard. I spent too much money and had been moping for the last couple of weeks. I watched BurnBabyBurn and my faith and joy was restored. It actually was worth it and people actually “got it”. – Zach Coffin – Rock Spinner.

*** EDITOR’S NOTE: The Burning Man organization doesn’t have the resources to produce a film after each event. We’ve relied on participants and their own drive and incentive to create videos. Some pieces are better than others. Paynie’s piece seems to hit a chord with many participants. Though we don’t plan to sell this video through our own newsletter or web site, we will continue to recommend participants enjoy this piece.

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From Rick Brown, one of the Reno Regional Contacts:

We’ve set the date for the annual spring Reno Recompression party at Skoosh Ink. Mark your calendar for Saturday, March 23rd. This is your party, bring what you want. It’s also a pot-luck as it’s been for years. The Tribal Band of Moons said they’ll play again this year. This will be the third year in a row. You should think of some kinda gift for the band as a token of appreciation. I already know what I’m going to give.

NOTE: to find out more about the event, and other cool things to do in Reno join the reno-announce(at)burningman(dot)com announcement only list: mailto: reno-announce-subscribe(at)burningman(dot)com From that list you’ll get info on the location of this great party. SF Burners have made this trip for a number of years and always have a good time. Make sure to bring a cotton t-shirt for the silk screening station.

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Below is an excerpted press release from February 8th, 2002.

“A gift of warmth and light was delivered to ground zero checkpoints beginning today. The city of New York will receive more of the gifts, fire barrels, through the rest of winter.

The NYPD, State Troopers and other assorted security and rescue personnel have been keeping warm at checkpoints by standing near rusty drums, which hold a scrap wood fire inside. Society for Experimental Arts and Learning (SEAL), a not-for-profit organization that supports and enables community-based interactive art, thought they could do better. SEAL gathered volunteers who made new barrels for the workers whose jobs have them stand outside in the winter months.

The barrels are raised up on feet to keep the fires safely off the ground, and have been specially designed and cut by volunteers. The first barrel was donated to The West Side Highway checkpoint is located along the Hudson River at Canal Street.

Cory Mervis, the Executive Director of SEAL said, “The barrels currently in use by the police, although functional, can be considered an eye sore. We wanted to help people focus their energy into a creative project and a gift, which would provide use for the community, while allowing the participants to connect with each other in the process. We are planning an art show of fire barrels near Ground zero in the near future,” said Mervis, “the theme of the project is ‘Phoenix Rising’, and it will be shown along the river, near the site, at night time. The date of the show will be announced at a later stage. There are 10 or more barrels planned by teams of volunteers. The barrels would be filled with wood and will warm and illuminate the vicinity.”

“Safety is a primary concern,” said Mervis, “firemen are invited along with the community to join together and enjoy the warmth and light of safely contained fire in NYC. We are reaching out to give a creative outlet for people and help the healing process, while sharing art with the city.” Mervis is currently in negotiations with city officials to make this show possible.”

You can see the barrels and video of their creation at http://www.sealspace.org/events/barrel/barrel.html

Hats off to the NY Burn community and SEAL!

SEAL: http://www.sealspace.org SEAL is participants Who invite participation Who help participants find and create roles Who channel participation By producing context

** EDITOR’S NOTE: SEAL is a not-for-profit organization started by Burners intent upon infecting people with value of community and participation. They’re co-sponsors with the Black Rock Arts Foundation of the NYC Cooper Union lecture by Larry Harvey in late April. Visit their web site for more information.

)'(    )'(    )'(    )'(    )'(    )'(    )'(    )'(    )'(    )'(

(AG thinks: Do. Not. Miss. This. Yow!)

Blown Big-Block Belt Sanders . . . Nitro Burning Funny-Saws . . . Wheel Standin’ Weed Wackers

It’s racing . . . racing . . . racing . . . Sunday . . . Sunday . . . Sunday . . . at The Shipyard . . . Shipyard . . . Shipyard . . .

Sunday, March 31st, Chopped Chainsaws and Supercharged Speed Wrenches will go head-to-head down 50 feet of two-lane dragstrip at The Shipyard International Speedway. From super stock off-the-shelf machines, to full tilt multi-motor mooooooonnnstrosities, it will be capacitor blowing, carbide tooth shrapnel mayhem brought to you by, well, *you*- the finest redneck fabricators (a.k.a. machine “artists”) in the Bay Area. Participants and spectators alike will thrill to the speed and smells as Black and Decker, Porter Cable, De Walt and Milwaukee battle it out for supremacy and $1,500* in cold hard cash.

<the rest of the information has been clipped… please contact jimmason(at)longnow(dot)org for more info>

The future of this event could be in jeopardy due to a recent visit by the City of Berkeley and several code violations, please contact Jim not the JRS for more info.

)'(    )'(    )'(    )'(    )'(    )'(    )'(    )'(    )'(    )'(


Matty the Muytator and a group of burners from Gigsville and Azteca camps will have a presence at this event, a Carnevale costume party on the Venice Beach Boardwalk, March 23rd from 7 P.M. until Midnight, South from Ozone Ave to Rose Avenue.

Producer and designer Esquire Jauchem of Venice has organized the event in conjunction with the North Venice Beach Association. It will include a performances of local singer/songwriter Peter Demian “Street Smart”, Venice recording artist Eric Reed, dancing to the sounds of DJ Jason Saville, Hillel “Mr. Baloonman”, and a special appearance by The Mutaytor, a performance group of drummers, firespinners, and dancers with more than 30 members on a stage adjacent to the Boardwalk.

Jauchem explained that, “We have been inspired by the annual Carnevale celebration in Venice, Italy where people get out onto the streets in amazing costumes. We hope we can create our own tradition here in Venice. We chose to align our party with the Vernal Equinox and celebrate the first Saturday of Spring to avoid having a religious affiliation.”

Esquire Jauchem who has executed designs for theater, opera companies, the Crystal Cathedral, Burning Man, and even the Dalai Lama (on the night he won the Nobel Peace Prize), is creating lighting and special effects for the event utilizing Carnevale images on video and film shot in Venice, Italy by local artist Jon Beau Lee.

There will be prizes for costumes at the Carnevale! Venice Beach 2002 with awards forvarious classifications. There is no charge to attend the party but donations will be accepted at the event to help cover expenses.

For further information, contact Matty at sugardavis(at)aol(dot)com

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Phew! Thank you for your attention, dear readers! See you next time!

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