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WHAT, only 143 days until the dust begins to blow???

Howdy all – happy April! Another bustling little issue of the JRS for you – the only internet newsletter written entirely by rabbits. (OK, maybe not.) Anyway, this one’s got a must-get-to-it urgent message about the MTV/Burning Man deal…announced on April 1! In addition, there’s info about this weekend’s Burning festivities in San Francisco (Town Meeting 12-4 at SOMARTS with discussion Forum 12:30-1:30, Volunteer opportunities and Pot Luck BBQ), and some information about upcoming events, including an East Coast Ranger Training, and info about an ELWire soldering party on Sunday! Mucho thanks to The Crucible (artists and ardent Burners) who’ve contributed a prize to the BRAF Art Awards cocktail party. Michael reminded me their next series of classes in Berkeley start this coming MONDAY! <www.thecrucible.org>.

And for those Rabbits that like to hang with other Rabbits…check out the Bunny Jam on Friday night 4/5/02…

DISH Collective, in association with Climate Theatre, presents the 2nd Annual Bunny Jam…

The Duality of the Bunny

Friday, April 5, 2002 9pm – late/ 21& over
Gallery Spanganga (Newly expanded! 5 Environments!)
3376 19th Street, off Mission, SF
$7 Full Easter Attire, $10 w/bunny, $15 w/nuthin’


And now, without further ado (and really, who wants ado, anyway)….here we go!





Yes folks, you can step away from the shredder with your beautiful Burning Man ticket, and call and reconfirm your truck rental. You may have seen the news story this week stating that MTV and Burning Man had entered into a multi-year, 7-figure deal, with cross-marketing rights and the whole shebang. We’ve received dozens of phone calls and letters, some angrily demanding ticket refunds, and most just begging us to “say it ain’t so!!”

If you have no idea what we’re talking about, go here now:


Did ya read it? Did it make you nervous? You, and a couple hundred other people who didn’t notice it was released on April 1.

Well, we’ll say it now: “IT AIN’T SO!”

Rest assured, burners. We have not, and will not, be inking any such deals with MTV, or anyone else. We promise…really. Actually, Marian says if we did, they’d bring in a bucketful of money and then let all the burners know NOT to buy tickets to the MTV-owned event…and then let us all know where the REAL Black Rock City was going to be located.

Check the date on the story again, and you’ll see that the whole thing was a darned well-executed prank by our friends at www.playachicken.com. And when I saw it on the morning of April 1, I will tell you even I thought it was really a story at CNN, and, knowing it wasn’t true, couldn’t for the life of me figure how they could be so utterly misinformed. Then I remembered the date.

For the story behind the story:


And >^..^< From a velvet kitty cat:

Remember folks, Burning Man is a cultural state of mind. No one can buy it. It’s not for sale. Black Rock City is where like-minded people come together in Nevada, but you can make it happen anywhere. However, it has been said that the revolution will be televised!

AG again: My thanks to David Peterman for the really good laugh.



<from the rabbit, treasurer of the BRAF>

Thanks so much to everyone who has stepped forward to contribute in one way or another to the Black Rock Arts Foundation. For a Foundation in its infancy we’re really proud of the progress we’ve made so far. The administration is being run on a shoe string so we can fund as much interactive and community based art as possible. Our first Awards Ceremony and Cocktail Reception for 2002 BRAF art grant recipients will be this Saturday. It’s a short program with a raffle and silent auction (including photographs from Spencer Tunick; ~1987 image on Baker Beach by Stuart Harvey, for more items see full event listing at the bottom of the JRS)

The following event is contributing proceeds to the Black Rock Arts Foundation:

—— Laugh Your Metaphysical Ass Off and Support Black Rock Arts…

The Yoda Counsel of the Astral Plane cordially invite you to Support the Black Rock Arts Foundation by coming to see The Ken and Andy Show at 8pm on April 11,12,13,14 @ Venue 9 in San Francisco.

The Ken and Andy Show is a metaphysical comedy about the two most self absorbed characters on the face of the planet. Ken is sure that every world event is directly caused by his actions–Jim Jeffords switched political parties the day Ken started masturbating with his left hand–and that he can cure world hunger with just his mind. Andy hones his body through yoga into an antenna that channels theatrical energy from the astral plane. He wears only a green speedo and never leaves the house.

When a satanic defector from the Yoda Counsel Of The Astral Plane attempts to hypnotize earthlings into buying her “Happy” products-and steal earth’s soul in the process-Ken and Andy are called to be larger than their narcissism. It’s Siegfreid and Roy meets the Bhagavad-Gita meets Southpark meets The Rainbow Bridge.

All proftits from the performances will be donated to the Black Rock Arts Foundation and The Yellow Solar Seed.

The Ken and Andy Show
April 11th, 12th,13th and 14th @ 8pm

Venue 9
252 Ninth Street (between Folsom and Howard)
San Francisco, CA 94103

Ticket price: $10
Reservation line: (415)923-5234
More info: www.kenandandy.com


TOWN MEETING: The Full Skinny! – Saturday, April 6

Forum, Volunteer Opportunities, Pot Luck BBQ

Brannan St (8th/9th)
San Francisco

12:00 noon: doors open, charcoal lit

FORUM: Discussion – Q & A 12:30-1:30ish PROMPT start time

General hoo ha, BBQ, volunteer ops, and connectivity: until 4:00


This Saturday’s TOWN MEETING at SOMARTS promises to be a terrific kickoff to the high planning season. Visitors from all over the map are converging on San Francisco to participate in this day of connectivity and volunteerism.

We’re particularly excited about this event, not only for the face-to-face that brings us out of winter mode to connect with volunteers, but because of a special addition to the program.

Starting PROMPTLY at 12:30 and extending 1 to 1.5 hours, we will present a dialogue with Senior Staff members from the stage. Conceived as a follow-up to the Afterburn report (which we highly encourage all attendees to read before Saturday’s discussion: http://afterburn.burningman.com), this dialogue will address some of the Burning Man Project’s long-term goals for outreach and community, as well as current issues pertaining to the 2002 event. There will be a brief opportunity for Q & A at the end of this period, but we do remind you, it is our sincere hope that you’ve read the Afterburn report first, so that this small amount of time together can be used wisely! This portion of the program should be webcast (if everything goes well!) but if for any reason the technology fails, it will be made available at www.burningman.com for later download.

Then we will move on to the Volunteer portion of the day, where teams will meet and greet potential new volunteers. Pot-luckers will all enjoy Crimson’s Ceasar Salad and Bob Stahl’s potato salad. Bring something to contribute to the potluck, and some meat for the grill! We look forward to meeting you!

Saturday April 6th, from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Forum: 12:30-1:30

WHERE: Somarts Gallery
934 Brannan St (8th/9th)



Burning Man Presents:

FLAMBE ISLAND: A Pirate, A Sailor, A Seafarer’s Folly!

(note: this is NOT a street fair, but is at the same location as the Decompression)

Club Cocomo, 650 Indiana (between Mariposa and 19th), SF

SUNDAY, April 7th
4pm-2am; 21 and over

Tiki Happy Hour 4-6; Island Punch Specials all night $10 in costume or with leis/gifts of your making; $15 not. (Create unusual leis or other gifts and sail beyond your wardrobe imagination!)



  • Tiki and Hawaiian Bubble Hour with DJ Otto and DJ Neil Nkizmas + strange and unusual patio rituals, island games, and roving participatainers! (4-6pm)
  • Floating World art and treasure by The Flaming Lotus Girls, Starboy and Cary (Ganesha Fish), Paul Cesewski, Buckethead, and the Nomad Tiki Gang…
  • Salty Sea Tales by Master Ed Holmes (7pm inside/8:15 patio)
  • Bawdy Sing-Alongs with Pirate First Class Bonham (7:30pm and here and there)
  • The Hula Hoopas (6pm and 11:30pm)
  • Vintage acoustic Hawaiian instrumentals by Waikiki Steel Works (9pm)
  • Erica Candycane’s Travelling Bimbo Limbo Contest (Hourly; Finals at 10pm)
  • Pirate punk rock by THE SCURVY BASTARDS (10:30 pm
  • A Midnight Volcanic ARTruption!
  • Exotica and Sea Worthy tunes by DJ Jay T. Tempura, DJ Lorin, Zach Darling, Boris Darling, Laird, D6 and others throughout the day and night
  • New Burning Man videos showing at Rainforest Peak
  • Free island t-shirt transfers (bring a shirt!)
  • Non-stop Coconut Bowling Championships sponsored by Billigan’s Island
  • A treasure hunt of shareable invaluables–throughout the island
  • More island fun than you can shake a shrunken head at! (Hooray!)


More info:

Join us for Daylight Savings and a night on the fabled shores of Flambé Island! We shall be tying our boats together to create a flotilla of art in a floating world inhabited by mysterious natives, visiting ambassadors, pirates, sailors, sirens, mermaids, sea monsters and other creatures that live by the sea. YOU are an islander, a visiting emissary, or some other fanciful creature with a mission all your own. Come prepared to exchange art and information, give gifts, and educate one another in fanciful traditions of your creation. Navigate your way around the island and create a night of lively adventure. Along the way visit the Volcano Lounge, Quicksand Box, Sea Monsters Grotto and Rainforest Peak. Lounge to island favorites, unusual art and seaworthy performers; engage in local customs like hula hooping, coconut bowling and the treasured hunt. But beware of culture pirates, artist cannibals, naughty boa dodos, barter zombies, and the Midnight Volcanic ARTruption that could save or destroy us all!

To volunteer, perform an island-themed act, bring your art, theme camp, or playa imagery, e- mail flambelounge(at)burningman(dot)com. See the Flambé Lounge section at www.burningman.com for invite and further info.

For those that didn’t receive it in the mail (we didn’t mail it to all of you outside the area) here’s Eggchairsteve’s cool flyer design: home.earthlink.net/~eggchairsteve/flambeisland.html)

Burning Man tickets on sale at this event.

NEXT FLAMBE LOUNGE: The next Flambé Lounge will be the May 18th BLUE BALL at the Glass Palace in the Presidio, SF. The focus of that Flambe Lounge will be all things underseaespecially blue! I believe TICKETS FOR THIS EVENT WILL BE PRE-SALE ONLY. MORE INFO TO COME.

Flambé Lounge is a gathering of like-minded artists, eccentrics and other PARTICIPANTS. It is one way Burning Man creates COMMUNITY year round; a venue to showcase new ideas for Burning Man 2002, to learn what others are working on, and to volunteer in areas that interest YOU! Begin planning your theme camp, art installation, performance, ritual, or other means of PERSONAL EXPRESSION whether your plans are for the playa or your own backyard!



East Coast Black Rock Ranger Training is a Haaaappennin!!!

On Saturday May 18th the Black Rock Ranger Training team is going nationwide. The site for this training is the Assateague Island National Seashore. ( www.nps.gov, go to “Visit your Parks” and select Assateague-24th on the list) This was the original site of Playa del Fuego, an east coast regional burn event which is now held in Delaware. This is the first training session of the year and should be a real hoot. To be eligible for ANY Ranger training, you must first sign up to volunteer as a Ranger on the Burning Man web site using the Volunteer Questionnaire.

Then to attend the Assateague Training please contact splinter(at)rangers(dot)org or junebug(at)rangers(dot)org

The schedule for the weekend is as follows:

Arrival available after 12 noon on Friday May 17. We have two 25 person group sites. The group sites are near a parking lot and are separated from the ocean by a small sand dune. After these group sites are filled, further information regarding individual camp sites is available from this link. www.nps.gov/asis/pphtml/camping.html

Training is on Saturday the 18th. Starting roughly after coffee and in some proximity to 10 am.

…Saturday night we will have a bonfire and party.

By noon on Sunday the 19th we should have left no trace.

Extra info so you can be in the know:

Group food is being planned on for Saturday night. If’n you want to help let any organizer know. Bring your own breakfast and lunch for Saturday. Please, no elaborate lunch plans. Save the elaboration for Dinner. Bloody Mary’s on Sunday Morning supplied by Splinter. Sunday afternoon drive home crab fest, plus book your time to ride on the Ferry to Cape May early. (Neither required but when in Maryland, eat the crabs, and an hour on a ferry boat with all your gear, a bunch of rangers and a bar don’t sound toooooo shabby do it?)

So come on out and learn the new tricks. We’ll keep the crabs fresh for ya.



Soldering Party on Sunday, April 7th

Noon to 6pm
Rain or Shine ~ We are now indoors!

The perfect place to put the finishing touches on your fantastic Flambe Lounge costume! New products, new location — plus, a mention on TechTV’s “The ScreenSavers”!


  • 1600 sq ft of space to solder, weld, or sew your amazing Cool Neon creation.
  • No matter what your level of expertise, we’re here to help you glow!
  • Learn special techniques for soldering, sewing and protecting your Cool Neon
  • Brainstorm with Cool Neon artists about your fantabulous Burning Man Project
  • Take advantage of special party deals
  • See the newest additions to the Cool Neon line


We are located in sunny West Oakland, about 1/2 mile east of the 880/80 Interchange at 2421 Peralta. For thorough directions, go to:

www.coolneon.com click on “directions”



Saturday, April 6, 2002
8:00 – 11:00 pm

$15 donation (includes one raffle ticket)

$65 gets you membership (50$) and entrance! Join us!

—-> Event Description <————————–

The Black Rock Arts Foundation will be hosting our first Awards Ceremony, on April 6 at the SOMARTS facility in San Francisco, to be followed by cocktail reception. This is a small, short, though important event. This is NOT a typical Burning Man or Flambé Lounge event…attend Sunday’s Flambé gig if that’s what you’re looking for!

— The Foundation, founded as a separate non-profit entity by the founders of Burning Man, sponsors the creation and display of interactive and particapatory artwork. We have had a very successful first year fundraising, and look forward to an event that celebrates our success, the outstanding work of our awards recipients, and the generosity of the arts donor community that has made these awards possible.

Saturday, April 6, 2002
8:00 – 11:00 pm
SOMARTS Gallery, 934 Brannan

We will be inviting lights from the Bay Area arts scene, both artists and patrons, and creating an elegant atmosphere for interaction and enjoyment of their work. Other attractions of the evening include:


  • interactive art installations by Jenne Giles, Paul Cesewski, Aaron Wolf Baum and others
  • raffle of extensive list of very cool prizes
  • video footage of several successful particapatory art pieces, and including preview footage of a soon-to-be-released feature length film.
  • no-host bar, with Local Celebrity bartenders
  • complimentary hors d’oevres from some of San Francisco’s finest restaurants
  • Sonic environments by Catweasel and Brian Bellendorf to enhance the atmosphere


The Raffle items are quite cool, and there are a few very cool silent auction items including a vintage b/w image of bman being assembled on Baker Beach.

Photographers and artists/groups contributing to booty include:

ACT, Anon Salon, Antenna Theatre (www.antenna-theater) Antique Co. – Sacramento, Bijou Hotel, Zac Bolan, Bruno’s Restaurant (SF), Burning Man, Cheap Thrills – Sacramento, Howard Cohen, Costumes on Haight, Crucible (www.thecrucible.org), Carol Fong, FoolsFURY Theatre, Charles Gadeken, Haight Costumes, Louise Jarmilowicz, Dave King, Holly Kreuter, Lulu’s Restaurant, Michael J. Marx, Playaphone, Q Restaurant, Salon.com, SF Exploratorium, SFMOMA, Tentacle Sessions (sessions.laughingsquid.org), Thunderdome, Barbara Traub, Brien Burroughs, Heather Gallagher, Stewart Harvey, Al Honig, Lawrence Hultberg, Ladybee, Leo Nash, Mask Italia, Inc., George Post, Spencer Tunick.

—-> Venue Info <—————————————-

SOMARTS Gallery 934 Brannan Street (between 8th and 9th Streets)
San Francisco

—-> Additional Info <—————————————

events(at)blackrockarts(dot)org or visit www.blackrockarts.org

More from Marian:

A huge number of people have dedicated a pile of time to helping make the BRAF Awards Ceremony and Cocktail Reception happen. We’ve had a number of highly self-motivated tech, media, food, set up, print production, video, lighting and miscellaneous volunteers bustin ass to make this event happen. A handful of folks we’ve never seen volunteer for that “desert event thing” before…huzzah! No point in mentioning everyone, but we do want to give a special meow, meow to the woman who’s been running in the hamster wheel for weeks on this…Jess Bobier affectionately known as the Nurse. She zipped up her high-heeled boots, and has been swatting fannies into motion. A class act she is!


(AG soundtrack to this JRS: Nothing. Even a music freak likes a little silence once in a while, yes?)

And that, my friends, is it for now. Keep your eye on your inbox for an all-events JRS early next week.

See you this weekend! Be sure to say hi!




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