JRS Volume #6; Issue #18


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This JRS demonstrates something true: we’re definitely in the thick of it!

Our intrepid adventurers have returned from the East Coast wearing some very exhausted smiles! Larry Harvey’s speech in NYC was a success (online transcripts soon; video available later) and the week’s events are still being discussed on the New York list, and beyond. Ladybee had a triumphant return to NYC with her slide presentation of Burning Man art at White Columns Gallery. And SEALˆs “Day on the Playa” event brought a taste of the playa to the Big Apple, including a Greeter Training with Harley, a Show Me Salon with Crimson for a spot in the Fire Conclave, and art, gifts, and fun all day long! We offer a tremendous “MMMWAH!” (that’s a kiss) to the New York crew and SEAL for hosting everyone, weeks of strenuous work planning the events, pulling it all off with such panache, and being so darned wonderful to work with, to boot. You guys rule.

While Harley, Crimson, and Ladybee returned home, Larry and Marian continued on to Washington DC, where their days were filled with appointments and their nights were filled with new friends—the Baltimore/Washington burner crowd! The Regional Contacts there got together a group of over 20 locals who came together for a dinner with the man in the hat and the Jack Rabbit, and a good time was had by all.

The Flambé Lounge Blue Ball is coming up, and below you’ll find crucial information about presale, Cash/No service fee tickets at a walkup outlet in San Francisco. All tickets to this event are presale only, so please get your tickets now! We could also use some help with various aspects of this delightful event, so please read on for valuable information!


Get your ADVANCED-SALE-ONLY TICKETS on-line at http://tickets.burningman.com/evinfo.php?sid=3D&eventid=3D988

In person cash sales at these SF locations:

Tix $15 till 5/12; $18 after (Exact change, pretty please!)

M, May 6th: 6:30pm-9:30pm at Cafe Proust (1801 McAllister at Baker)
T, May 7th: 6:30pm-9:30pm at Cafe Proust (1801 McAllister at Baker)
Th, May 9th: 6:30pm-9:30pm at Cafe Proust (1801 McAllister at Baker)
M, May 13th: 6:30pm-9:30pm Cafe Proust (1801 McAllister at Baker). Come at 7 tonite to hear Frenchie on piano.
T, May 14th: 10:30pm-Midnight, 26 Mix (Mission and 26th St)
Th, May 16th: 6:00pm-9:00pm Cafe Proust (1801 McAllister at Baker)

(If buying tix at Cafe Proust, join $teven, Crimson, Frog or Camera Girl in the lounge for a coffee/cocktail and stay for one of Ms. P’s amazing dinner specials.)

The Blue Ball on May 18th is coming together nicely. We are looking for some specifics though that we are hoping the Burning Man community can help with.

  1. Licensed electrician—with gear
  2. Indoor/outdoor lighting artist—with lights
  3. Undersea-type ball decor
  4. Experienced ballroom dancers that wouldn’t mind having a group instruction on the dance floor.
  5. Licensed bus operator with large bus (to add to our bussing system from the parking area.)

Contact flambe(at)burningman(dot)com if you can help us out. Thanks!


Burning Man Presents: T H E B L U E B A L L

Saturday, MAY 18th

At The Glass Palace, Building 924 Mason St.
on Crissy Field, at Crissy Field Avenue, in the Presidio, SF

• 2-6pm: Family picnic on the grass (Bring picnic, blanket, sea creature kite and your grillables; DPW provides the grill)

•4pm-Midnight: The Blue Ball, 21+
Formal undersea attire requested. Blue encouraged. Coatcheck avail.

$15 until May 12th; $18 after

All tickets sold in advance at: http://tickets.burningman.com/evinfo.php?sid=3D&eventid=3D988.

Sorry for any inconvenience, but venue requires pre-sale tickets, so please order them NOW! Numbers are limited.

Please carpool, bike or take mass transit (Muni bus 29 to Crissy Field Avenue and Mason; also bus 28 or 43, but not as close).

Main Parking Lot and Shuttle Bus: Lombard Street to Lombard Gate of Presidio. Right on Presidio Blvd. Go straight until you reach Main Post parking lot. Park and ride the Green Tortoise or Sea Shuttle to the GlassPalace.

The ancient and benevolent sea gods Nereus and Doris cordially invite you to their mystical undersea palace for the gala Blue Ball Sea creatures of every inconceivable kind shall converge, bringing with them treasures of the imagination and inspired tributes to the fifty Nereids and the royal courtesans of the sea.

    Partake in:

  • Floating World interactive art
  • A sampling of theme camps and plans for Burning Man 2002
  • Unusual performers of the sea and distant shores
  • Undersea waltzes with the Royal Order of Ancient Dorsal Wonders
  • An undersea electro-luminescent parade
  • The 20,000 League Debutante Fashion Show
  • Nautical minstrels and DJs specializing in sonic aquatica
  • Plan for the playa, as well as for your own palace and Bay!

To volunteer, perform, bring your art, theme camp, or playa imagery, e- mail flambelounge(at)burningman(dot)com. More info: 415-TO-FLAME or http://www.burningman.com/. Burning Man tickets on sale at this event.

Stay tuned for listing of special guest performers and participating artists… and remember your glass flippers!


Flambé Lounge is a gathering of like-minded artists, eccentrics and other participants. It is one way Burning Man creates community year round; a venue to showcase new ideas for Burning Man 2002, to learn what others are working on, and to volunteer in areas that interest YOU! Begin planning your theme camp, art installation, performance, ritual, or other means of personal expression—whether your plans are for the playa or your own backyard!

WEBBY AWARD: The People’s Voice — be heard!

The Burning Man Communications department is truly excited to announce that Burningman.com has been nominated for a WEBBY award in the “Community” Category!

We are up against some great competition: Belief.net, Idealist.org, Nerve.com, and the Warren Ellis foundation. However, if there’s one thing we know, it’s that this community knows how to do things together—and how to share information!! So please, consider hitting the link below and casting your vote for our community’s website, Burningman.com.

The webteam is, of course, made up of hardworking Burners just like you and me, and their dedication to the site is evinced in the beautiful, ever-evolving pages of Burningman.com—the participant resource for everything from event preparation and survival, to how to get involved with local Burning Man communities, to connection and conversation on the ePlaya, to volunteerism, participation and the building of theme camps and art installations. We think Burningman.com is at the heart of much of what makes BRC possible, and the wonderful webteam deserves a round of appreciation for their tireless dedication to keeping it up-to-date and interesting. So please, consider casting your vote, and showing how this community support one another:


About the people’s voice: The People’s Voice Award winners are selected by the online public.

A new camp at burning man for wheelchair participants!

A message from Mr. Fixit in Reno:

Now accepting suggestions for a trendy, irreverent, inspirational, disgusting, hip and/or cool Name for a brand new Handicapped Services Camp.

For BM ’02, I will be bringing a few electric golf Carts, specially equipped with Hand-Controls for use by disabled Burners. These Carts will be available, (by reservation on the playa), to any of our fellow Burners who cannot walk or ride a bike. I hope wheelchair Burners will choose to camp at this convenient location to help with managing the Cart reservation system too.

I have asked our friendly Burning Man Placement Staff to locate Wheelchair Camp (temporary Name, awaiting some great suggestions for a way-cool Moniker), near Center Camp as a staging area for the Handicapped Carts. We have also asked to be placed on the power grid for charging our fellow Burners’ electric wheelchairs, as well as for charging of the electric Handicapped Carts. We hope to be near a Handicapped Porta-potty as well.

The idea here is to have a centralized location, near Center Camp support services, where Burners in wheelchairs can easily travel the short distances to Center Camp Café or the Post Office or any of the great Theme Camps etc. located in downtown BRC.

For longer journeys like out to the Man, or for roaming the streets of Black Rock City, disabled Burners can sign up to use one of my Handicapped Carts. I hope everybody can get in several driving opportunities, both day and night, to go and see the wonders of our community. You can take your wheelchair along, on the back of the Cart, so you can wheel into Theme Camps or anything you like while out cruising around.

We need your help to make this happen for our friends. I can walk, maybe you can walk too, but not everybody who comes to Burning Man gets to enjoy it like we do. Imagine the freedom we have to go anywhere on the playa by foot or on bikes etc. Well, lets make that mobility possible for our non-walking Burners too!

Please contact me if you would like to participate in creating (Insert cool Theme Camp Name here). I need both able-bodied and disabled Burners for ideas, hugs, concepts, whining, supplies, input, labor, spankings, feedback, kisses, complaints and all-round help.

Maybe you have another idea for a special service to offer at our new Help-Each-Other-To-Be-Free-To-Roam-And-Enjoy-Burning Man-Just-Like-Everybody-Else (HEOTBFTRAEBJLEE) Camp. See why we need you to make a suggestion for a new Camp Name!!!

Send stuff to:

Mr. Fixit, Creator of Burning Man’s Roaming Big Giant Head: onegianthead(at)yahoo(dot)com

Art Car Discussion List
<A message from an art-car enthused Burner!>

Got an Artcar that you use for Burningman?
Want one?
Want to build one?
Want to talk to others that have or are building one?

If yes is the answer to any of these questions then, we have an email list for you!

Go to this url for joining information.

Why join this list? To get ideas from other people who also have art cars that they use for Burningman, get help, offer help to others, hear other peoples opinions on past experiences on what the playa can do to moving parts, etc.

This email list is not for general art cars, like many other email lists are, however this one is specifically for Art cars that are used for, or only used at Burningman. Hope to hear from ya!

(Editorial note: this is a participant-operated list, not directly affiliated with the BRC DMV. Burning Man DMV regulations are currently in review. For questions about the Department of Mutant Vehicles, email dmv(at)burningman(dot)com.)

Recycle Camp Planning Meeting
<A message from Blue, Recycle Camp.>

Coming up: the Recycle Camp planning meeting. Remember, a get together to brainstorm ideas and hash out the details for planning our camp. Here is the plan again:

Who is invited? All recycle Camp volunteers!

When?? Sunday May 12th, 3pm to 6pm

Where??? The brand new Recycle Camp H.Q.
1341 58th Ave. Suite 17
Oakland, CA
see the map

I still would be willing and able to move this meeting to Saturday the 11th of May but I have received no responses from people that can’t make it on Sunday due to it being Mothers Day. Please RSVP via e mail so that I know how many of you to expect and be sure to tell me if Saturday would be better for you.

Come meet new and old staff members: Sugarbunny will be there, and Cap’n Crush in the flesh, and Harley, our fearless leader.

I will supply food and drinks for the meeting but if you have anything special you want to bring to share, please feel free to do that. I love surprises.

We have many new ideas for Recycle Camp 2002 and I know you all do too. So let’s pool our creative energies and do a little work now so we can all have a grate experience out on the playa.

If you’re interested in joining the Recycle Team, feel free to check out our web pages at http://www.burningman.com/participate/recycle_camp.html, and fill out the volunteer questionnaire at http://www.burningman.com/participate/questionnaire.html. Any questions about Recycle Camp, the meeting, or recycling at Burning Man should be directed to recycle(at)burningman(dot)com.


CALL FOR CREATIVITY: Floatin’ 27′ above the Playa
<A very enthusiastic Burner writes:>

Burningmadness has struck me again. This year I got it bad and only a huge project will break the fever!

Along with the return of Wizzard Oasis, I’ll be building a 3 story watertower so BRCitizens can float on an inner tube 27′ over the desert floor. This is a one man project, and I don’t think I need a lot of help in building the basic structure, but it seems like a perfect platform for the art and creativity of others.

Want to mount that windsock up where the wind always blows? How about getting your light sculpture up where it can be seen by all?

There will be occupancy/weight limits, but no matter how safe I can make it, some supervision is gonna be needed. I plan on opening up the tower whenever it is warm enough for splashing around in the pool, but don’t want to spend every daylight hour in camp, so I’d like to find a few folks who’d like to take turns being King or Queen of the Tower.

Want to reserve the tower for a swim party for your theme camp? Want the power to decide who gets to swim and who watches from the ground? I need you.

If this sounds interesting, visit: http://www.wizzard.com/bm2002/tower.html

Lite Brite Fundraiser

You may have seen the giant Lite Brite at the Black Rock Arts Foundation fundraiser, or at the Flambé Lounge in early April. The fun comes to the playa in 2002, but the camp needs your help! From the camp organizers:

Thursday May 9th 2002, 9pm to 2am
The Cellar — 685 Sutter Street, SF, CA

Lite Brite Camp is heading for Burning Man again this year—but this time brothers and sisters, we have upped the ante. Our camp has expanded into an enormous space, 60 feet in diameter. The theme for this space will be “Decadence Through the Ages”, and we turn to you—our favorite hedons—to help us raise funds to bring this vision to fruition. To bring all this fun and brilliance to Black Rock City, Lite Brite is hosting a fundraising party at this month’s Sacrelicious.

More info at http://litebrite.sogroovy.com/fundraiser/.

DPW Work Weekend

Attention all Desert Lovers.

During Memorial Day Weekend (May 24th-27th) Black Rock City Department of Public Works will be hosting the third annual Work Weekend and Memorial Day BBQ at Burning Man’s Nevada Properties. We have much to do to get ready to build Black Rock City and can use some hands to help. Most tasks do not require skills just labor and a love for working together. Come on up to our Work Ranch, lend a hand and enjoy the high desert with us. For more information and directions you must contact playground(at)burningman(dot)com.

(Jackrabbit note: please reply directly to playaground(at)burningman(dot)com, and remember—this is a work weekend, and not a social gathering for the general public. You will be expected to contribute if you attend, and you must get in touch in advance. Thanks!)

Talk to you next time, gang. Hope it’s sunny where you sit.


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