JRS Volume #6; Issue #20


95 Days until the Playa!!

Jack Rabbit Speaks: from our (big) ears to your eyes.

This weekend we learned something new: how great this community looks in blue. The Blue Ball was a smash! An afternoon of strolling musicians and barbecue on the lawn was enjoyed by burners and their families, and at night, the Glass Palace was alive with ballroom waltzes, lovely operatic divas, bubbles, undersea art, fire performance, a singer who carved a Tiki god with an axe while his band performed, and many wonderful old friends and new faces. Thanks to the Flambé Lounge team and everyone who chipped in to make it a truly memorable event.

Today, we remind you to register your theme camp, and we bring you news about Draka the Dragon from the work ranch in Nevada. Center Camp Café says hello; we remind you to vote in the Webbies; ask for your expertise for the SF Office; and we bring you news about Regional events and resources, and a Theme Camp fundraiser in SF.

Hopefully, the new format is easy to read. Comments always welcome to jackrabbitspeaks(at)burningman(dot)com.

“Once, twice… thrice, remember to bring spare keys to the playa!”
—BRC Playa Info Lock Out Team

Burning News

Theme Camp Registration — Get On The Ball!

Theme Campers — Have you filled out your questionnaire for placement yet? If not, now is the time! Space is filling up and the questionnaire will be pulled from the web site on June 15th. After that time no more submissions will be accepted. The person who fills the questionnaire out should be able to speak for your group, and act as a contact person between us and your group, before and on the playa. Please read all of the instructions first, preview the questionnaire, think about your answers and then fill it out. We place camps by the information given. The more accurate you are, the better we can assist you!

Visit http://www2.burningman.com/tc/ to fill out your questionnaire. If you have questions, send them to themecamps(at)burningman(dot)com.

Thank you all!


Draka Encounters A Serious Case of Heartburn
(From Lisa Nigro, Ze Dragon Lady)

What could have been just a small welding accident quickly turned into a blazing belly-o-fire for Draka last Tuesday evening, May 14th, just before dusk at Black Rock Station. Maybe the planetary alignment was to blame? Live by the Fire, Die by the Fire? What ever the case may be, a spark inspired Draka to transform herself once again.

But the phoenix-from-the-fire wishes to continue her flight. Draka is now accepting donations of any kind. Please contact zedragonlady(at)hotmail(dot)com, to obtain a copy of her wish list or to volunteer to help in her resurrection. Also, check out pics of Draka burning.

Draka 2002 Wish List

(Editor’s Note: Previously, Draka received partial funding from Burning Man. This year, Draka’s on her own, and is turning toward the community that loves her to fulfill her many needs to keep her alive. Hereös a long list of Dragon Wishes)

1 ton box or flatbed Truck
Back Hoe
Fire Extinguishers (6)
Fire Blankets
Plywood (1/4″ x 4′ x 8′)
Cedar Shingles
Polyurethane (semi-gloss)
.030 & .035 Wire (for welding machines)
Oxygen & Acetylene (for dragon repairs)
Steel rod & Flat stock
Steel plate (1/2″ thick or less)
Square tubing
Boat Wynch(s)
Rope (50′-100′, 1/2″-1″ thick)
6kw Generator
Blood Red Paint
Green Paint
Spray Paint (Gold, Silver, Red, Blue and Green)
Fabric Paint
Red Shimmery Fabric (for overhead sun protection)
Fabric (for curtains & bench skirting)
Fabric (for flags)
Black Faux FUR
Cushions & Pillows
Lights (for interior & exterior)
Sound System
Propane (for flame-thrower)
Radios or CBs
Bull Horn
First Aid Kits
Safety Gear
Uniforms & Goggles
Fire Retardant Supplies
Tune-Up Supplies (oil, filters, points, plugs, belts, etc.)
Automotive Battery
Battery Charger
Batteries (deep cycle marine for lighting system)
Control panel (for lighting system)
12v-DC Lights
wire & inverter
Smoke Bombs

(JRS wishes the Draka and the Dragon all the best as she emerges from the flames!)

Greetings From The Center Camp Café

Thanks to all the wonderful people pouring in to volunteer and help with the Café. Every year we expand the scope and vision of the Café project and every year new families of artists and volunteers come together to make it happen. New and exciting plans are on the rise at the Café this year.

If you are interested in volunteering at the largest temporary café in the world please contact cafe-volunteers(at)burningman(dot)com or check out http://www.burningman.com/participate/cafe.html for more information.

Last year artist David Best created the fabulous decoration that graced the coffee counters at the Café. This year we are looking for someone who will conceive, plan and create the artwork for the front of the Café Coffee Counters. If you interested or have ideas please contact liv(at)burningman(dot)com for more information.

Our Spoken Word stage is looking for performers to put on short plays related to the event themes: water, navigation, the known vs. the unknown. Do these themes spark your creative verbal juices? Have you always wished to create and present an abbreviated, 3-person interpretation of The Tempest? Something else original and appropriate? Contact cafe-spoken(at)burningman(dot)com for more information.

Less than 100 days until we make it happen,

Café Crew

Webby Award: The People’s Voice — Be Heard!

We’d like to remind you once more to take a moment to go vote for Burningman.com in the People’s Voice Webby Award! The deadline for voting is approaching on June 7.

We think Burningman.com is at the heart of much of what we all do in Black Rock City, and the wonderful webteam deserves a round of appreciation for their tireless dedication to keeping it up-to-date and interesting. So please, consider taking a moment to register and cast your vote:


Burning Man Office: Seeking Sliding Walls

There’s a corner of the Zocalo (our central space in the new Burning Man digs) that we’d like to transform. It would be a perfect spot for viewing videos (media clips and such), or having small side-meetings without dominating the whole space. What we need to make that happen is temporary walls. We’ve seen these before — sliding walls that offer some soundproofing and separation to create a “room” where none existed before. However, we can’t seem to find any distributors!

Know something about this thing we seek, and where to find them? Maybe your company has got some stacked up, ripe to donate? Write to jackrabbitspeaks(at)burningman(dot)com!

Regional Events

Boston Truck Share And Weekly Meetings

  • Massachusetts
  • Every Wednesday
  • (Regional rideshare/resource)

The BostonBurn group is organizing a round trip truck from Boston to BRC. If you live in the New England area and need to get your stuff West, check out: http://burningtruck.chaoshacker.org/.

for details and sign up. We also host a weekly Meet ’n’ Greet gathering for the region. If you live in the area or just passing through, we would love to have you join us.

You can find out the date and location of the next Wednesday gathering at: http://chaoshacker.org/wiki/wiki.pl?MeetNGreet.


(JRS reminds you: Visit the new Regionals Section at http://www.burningman.com/blackrockcity_yearround/contacts/regional_contacts.html and click on your own location to find out more about connecting with other burners in your area.)

Reminder: Playa Del Fuego Is This Weekend!
PLAYA DEL FUEGO: East Coast Community!

  • Delaware
  • Friday May 24th – Monday May 27th
  • (regional gathering)

Playa Del Fuego is here!

The eleventh gathering of the East Coast Burning Man community offers “feasting, burning art, burning company, and general craziness!” Advance tickets sales are done, but tickets will be available at the entrance of PDF on Friday, May 24 at noon when PDF starts. $35 bucks covers four days of playa vibe — a bargain!

Playa del Fuego is burners camping and a way to spend your long full Memorial Day weekend, on land operated by folks who have served this country. Burners and Veterans mingle around the fire. Specifics, pictures, directions, exhortations, and celebrations are available from the pages within http://www.playadelfuego.org.

P A R T I C I P A T E !

(Again, JRS reminds you: Visit the new Regionals Section at http://www.burningman.com/blackrockcity_yearround/contacts/regional_contacts.html and click on your own location to find out more about connecting with other burners in your area.)

Flipside: Austin Burn: Sold Out!

  • Texas
  • Friday May 24th – Monday May 27th
  • (Regional Gathering)

Burning Flipside 2002: Down the Rabbit Hole May 23-27, Dripping Springs, Texas

We’re sold out! There just aren’t any more tickets left. We are excited by how our community has grown, but very regretful that we must limit the size of the event. Alas, Recreation Plantation can only support so many campers. Please do not travel out to the site if you aren’t a ticketholder; it would be a shame to disappoint you. It’s going to be tight as it is!


(Again, JRS reminds you: Visit the new Regionals Section at http://www.burningman.com/blackrockcity_yearround/contacts/regional_contacts.html and click on your own location to find out more about connecting with other burners in your area.)

Bianca’s Fundraiser

  • San Francisco
  • Saturday May 25
  • (Theme Camp fundraiser)

Bianca’s Bring May Flowers
Saturday, May 25
8 pm ’till morning
2211 Mission @ 18th, San Francisco
$15 presale-only tickets (find ’em at http://bianca.org/events/tickets/)
Invitation at http://bianca.org/upcoming/

Bianca loves you. She realizes that it’s been a long, cold winter, and that summer’s warm nights are on their way.

She’s decided that May’s the time for her very first gathering of the year. Time for all her friends to come together and share their love, make art, and of course shake lots of booty to plenty of shackgroove and grilled cheese.

Get tickets soon — bianca only has room for a few of her friends.

Come bring a little love, and take more with you.

Thanks, all (and especially new JRS bunny Suzie Robertson, who is helping to make sure your subscription requests don’t get lost in the shuffle. Welcome aboard and many thanks, Suzie!)

See you next week!

Your Wednesday girl,

{Soundtrack to this JRS: Patty Griffin “1000 Kisses”; Sheldon Drake “Spanglemad”… and a mixCD from last year someone sent to the office marked “FOR YOUR LISTENING ENJOYMENT (HOPEFULLY!)”. Who sent this? It’s a rad mix of old and new, perfect for working. Thank you, whoever you are!}

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