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74 DAYS. Wow, right? Yes, yes, it’s really getting busy, as even the less avid, more relaxed burners have started to prepare for the playa. (Don’t worry — those Survival Guides are on their way in the coming weeks for those who have purchased tickets, so watch your mailbox.) And what’s my excuse for a late JRS this week? Well, let’s just say San Francisco picked a heck of a time to call me up for jury duty…

There’s all kinds of news flying around this week, so we’ll get right to it. After all, now is the time to read up on the Floating World Theme and how to participate in it. There are also several Artists Seeking Community Funding, two very worthy projects, including one by the Mystic Krewe of Satyrs, who in the past have brought works such as the Phoenix, the Bull, and 2001’s Moth to the playa. Plus, it’s important to note that the Theme Camp Deadline is this Saturday, so get those questionnaires in! The Seattle Greeter Training has been rescheduled for Sunday, June 23 — see below for details. Regional info for the Midwest and the East Coast, and then, a little info about a benefit for a local art charity that we’re happy to call a friend.

Table Of Contents

Blue Ball Photos Galore!
2002 Theme – Art Listings! Theme Participation!
Theme Camp Questionnaire Deadline: Saturday June 15th!
Seattle Greeter Training Rescheduled!
Volunteer Opportunity: Crafting Center Camp Café
Rc Hobbyists: Coordinate!!!
Volunteer Opportunity: Center Camp Café Sound!
Fundraiser for Synchronicity: Burn the Midwest
Playa del Fuego Planning Meeting
Art Angels in San FranciscoPlaya Gear Info: Three Glow-Fire Outlets For El WireGarage Mahal Fundraiser


The camerismatic CameraGirl has done it again! She did a wonderful job of documenting the Blue Ball and has posted images on-line for your undersea viewing pleasure. She has also updated the photo gallery on the Flambé Lounge page. Have a look-see and take a little swim down memory lane.

Unedited photos from the Blue Ball:

Updated Flambe pages (see photo archives of past events — please let us know if you have photos from events not represented on the photo pages):

Lastly, here’s a link to some pics taken by Nambla the Clown:
(Hey! Who’s that girl in blue?)



This year’s theme, The Floating World, takes us all on a voyage of discovery into the unknown world. The search for treasure — and the internal quest to know for ourselves what truly is an item of value in our world — takes participants through the theme art area as they seek a hidden treasure. But the quest doesn’t end when a coin is found — what does it mean, we must wonder, to hold treasure in our hands, or to share it with others; to save it for later, to experience its weight and presence in our lives as it lingers, or as it passes through our hands?

NEW! EXPANDED! Now, descriptions and pictures of the treasure, the new city map, and other exciting imagery can be found at:


Once again our community has come forward with a wonderful array of innovative art installations to populate the high seas of Black Rock City. They will line the walkway to the man and and continue out into the great Unknown. See descriptions of the Floating World theme art installations with drawings, email contacts, and URLs here:

This year two very worthy theme art projects are seeking funding from the community, and you can read about them at:

The first is the Mystic Krewe of Satyrs’ “Proteus”, a Mardi Gras-style float. The Satyrs, several of whom are float builders in New Orleans, have been bringing their craft to the playa since 1997. But this year they were set back a bit (and joyfully so!) by the birth of Richard (head Satyr) and Mary Valadie’s baby girl, Marguerite. Congratulations to them!!! However, they still want to bring a float to Burning Man, and with community support they hope to do so.

The second project is Myk Henry’s Wave Field, a huge billowing blue wave in which participants can stand. Myk is a Swiss artist currently living in Ireland, and he is seeking funding from the Irish Arts Council, but also needs community support. Feel free to contact these artists directly (see the link for more information. Again, that’s: http://www.burningman.com/whatisburningman/2002/02_art_funding.html).


Theme Campers,

This Saturday is your last day to get your questionnaires in! Please pick someone from your group that has past experience at Burning Man to fill it out. This person will become the conduit of information form the organization to the theme campers, so they must be reliable, have good communication skills and be ready to set up a communication network to get the information from the theme camp announcement list to the participants. They will be our contact person and will be the person we ask for and call with questions and requests.

Also, theme camps that have already registered: if you have not sent us a drawing of your desired camp layout, complete with dimensions and footage, we cannot map you. Please get those into us pronto!

Please note that this deadline DOES NOT apply to Art Installations. The deadline to submit an Art Installation Questionnaire remains August 1.

Thanks all,


It has become necessary to reschedule the Greeter Training in Seattle. New date, new time, new location. Don’t miss out!!

When: Sunday June 23, 3:00 – 5:00

Where: Industrial Arts Factory, Seattle’s new space for the fire and fringe-arts community.

3427 4th Ave S, which is just north of Spokane Street / West Seattle Bridge. A map of this location can be found here:

There are many bus routes that will get you near this spot. To find the best one for you, try Metro’s Trip Planner:

Important Note: Unless you really enjoy sitting on the floor, please bring a pillow or chair!


Sun. June 23, 12 noon til 5:30
San Francisco
Food and Beverages provided!

Woohoo! It’s the second Café Crafts Party, and we’ve got lots of fun for volunteers on “Cafe Island”. We’ll be continuing to make fabric lanterns, as well as new fabric projects and Tin-Can lights. Volunteers at any skill level can play! Come by and meet the Café team, including Marcia and Liv on Decor and Kelly on Lighting as we snip, cut, glue, punch and munch (yummy treats for all). Come by and meet the Café Decor team — and bring Large Cans: coffee can & larger, plus colorful fabric bits (prefer greens/gold/brown) and scissors. Got Questions? email: liv(at)burningman(dot)com

Directions to the offices:


If you are planning to bring any sort of radio controlled model, vehicle, or art installation to BRC this year, please contact Ben at benhirashima(at)yahoo(dot)com to coordinate the use of radio channels. Radio channel conflicts must be avoided at all costs to prevent loss of control of an RC project. An out of control model/vehicle/artpiece can cause serious damage to people or property, so it is important that RC’ers help us organize regarding radio use. Please email Ben with the details of your radio controlled project, including the radio frequency and channel number you will be operating under. We will try to make sure people are not operating on the same channels before the event begins.


Center Café
Anywhere, Anytime!

The Cafe Sound Team is all about radical inclusion for 2002! We have some audio engineers and stage managers, but we want more. This is a fun and high-profile way to participate in Burning Man. If you’d like to wrangle a club-style PA system, or a bewildering performance schedule, email cafe-sound(at)burningman(dot)com and we’ll give you the scoop. Thanks!


June 15th
Regional Fundraiser

Date: Saturday June 15, 2002
Where: Redno5, 440 N. Halsted St., Chicago
Time: 10pm – 5am
Cost: FREE!!! But to do so you must email your name to rsvp(at)synchroni-city(dot)org otherwise you will have to pay the $20 cover.

On June 15th, 2002 the folks bringing you SynchroniCity — Burn The Midwest are having the last fundraiser before the event at Chicago’s finest dance club, Redno5!

For your entertainment pleasure there will be drink specials, a raffle, kissing booth, and some great djs.

This just in!!! We have confirmed that Chicago’s very own fire spinning crew WildFire (http://wildfireentertainment.com) will be performing as well!!!

Please wear a costume. We will be selling tickets to SynchroniCity at this event — CASH ONLY, $30 each. If you want to order your tickets from the comfort of your own home go to http://www.synchroni-city.org and click the button that says “tickets”.

This is a 21-and-over event.


June 23
Regional Coordination Meeting

Date: Sunday, June 23, 2002
Time: 6pm sharp (please arrive after 5pm) until an early adjournment or 8:30 pm
Place: 2600 North Calvert St., Baltimore MD, 21218

Directions to the meeting site are up at:

As always, there is ample parking in the lot next to the house or on Calvert or St. Paul streets. Thefts have been increasing with the warm weather, so please remove all valuables from sight.

The meeting will be simulcast live on streaming audio. Instructions will be available on our web site. The simulcast will begin about an hour earlier than the meeting so you can test your connection.


Comments will be taken by cell phone (443-540-1957) and on IRC chat. To log into IRC chat, download an IRC client (mIRC suggested for Windows users, Bitchx for Unix folks), and log into irc.playadelfuego.org into the channel #playadelfuego.

This will be a meeting to discuss the success of the Spring 2002 event, agree on a date for the next one or two events, and create and affirm a solid mission statement for the group and agree on rules of order for future meetings.

For more detailed instructions or other questions please contact rob(at)vees(dot)net. If you get lost along the way please call 443-540-1957 for directions.

Please distribute this message to other Regionals who might be interested in participating.


EL Wire: it’s about as Burning Man as Burning Man gets. Take any design and light it up… illuminate your bike for safe night travel… make a glowing “neon” sign for your camp… so many possibilities, and three great resources for you to peruse for your needs.

As in years past, Coolight would like to announce to the burner community that they have special electroluminescent pricing just for burners.

Visit www.coolight.com and www.coolight-west.com and click on “register” at the top right hand corner. Send us an email telling us you’re a burner and they’ll change your status to “burner.” This gets you discounted wire for life!

LIGHT ‘N’ WIRE PRODUCTIONS helps wire the playa for our many customers who custom built light toys, costumes and stage props for fashionable nights of fun & frolic at the 2002 Burning Man Festival. We provide wire, sequencers and drivers for your great ideas for costumes, hats, masks, props, specialized fashions, bicycles, theater environments and other fun applications. For Burning Man campers we assist in designing and building theme camp decor and art project edge lighting. Free consulting.

Coming up, our latest free Tupperwire Party! JUNE 17th @ Cafe du Nord in San Francisco

Get connected to the wire by attending our free Tupperwire Party at Cafe du Nord, Monday, June 17th at 6:00 PM (du Nord is located at 2170 Market Street near Noe). We will discuss how to apply it as decorative night lights for costume evening wear, props, toys, bicycle lighting and for whatever else turns you on.

For directions to du Nord, (415) 861-5016 or check:

Can’t make Tupperwire — contact us for a sales order and info on getting L-wire products shipped direct. QUESTIONS: Louie Lights @ (415) 664 – 0694
e-mail: lightnwire(at)hotmail(dot)com OR drglowire(at)lightnwire(dot)com


Michael’s not only carries NeonLite EL Wire, but he also carries an array of LED earrings and magnets, battery powered light sticks, sequencers and miscellaneous light items.

They also carry rechargeable NIMH AA, and AAA and chargers, in keeping with their philosophy of trying to sell only those products that can be used again. We like that!

Visit http://www.michaelslighttoys.com to check out their offerings.


San Francisco
June 22nd
Theme Camp Fundraiser

June 22, 2002
10 PM – 5 AM
Location: must call (see http://www.opelproductions.com for details.)

Camp Garage Mahal, a collection of friends and freaks from Burningman, are throwing a shindig on June 22 for a couple hundred of our closest Burner pals, and we want you there. We’ve secured a nice remodeled warehouse with plenty of restrooms in San Francisco and have lined up some superstar local DJs spinning everything from groovy ‘n’ funky house music to high energy beats. Pre-sale tickets are $20 which includes tokens for 3 alcoholic beverages at the party (water is free all night), so when you do the math, it’s really like a $5 warehouse party. Any proceeds from the party will go to benefit the construction of the MobileMahal, our massive double decker art car temple which is making its debut on the playa this year. So come on out for a boogie with the Mahal.


From the “Friends of Burning Man” files, a group whose mission impacts many in our community:

ArtAngels is a nonprofit organization dedicated to cultivating a new generation of art patrons and increasing support for small and mid-sized arts organizations. This network of Art Angels is comprised of artists, art patrons, business leaders and art enthusiasts working to support emerging artists and to sustain the artistic and cultural vibrancy of the Bay Area.

ArtAngels also hosts the first and only charity website for the arts, which links arts organizations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area with volunteers, enthusiasts, patrons, and other art organizations.

Find out about their upcoming benefit, to be held Friday, June 21, at:



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