JRS Volume #6; Issue #28SE


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Jack Rabbit Speaks, out of breath and schvitzing!

38 DAYS UNTIL THE EVENT? Holy incredulous cow, how did that happen?

Coming to you on this fine Thursday, and we have much ground to cover. Whew! With so many great happenings this weekend — Chicken John’s Rock the Boat tonight, Burning Silicon in the South SF Bay tomorrow night, and Flambé on Sunday — I am feeling like a (very happy) lunatic.

This week, the JRS is brought to you by the number 23, the letter S, and most of all, by LEAVE NO TRACE!! We’ve got a reminders about a few important LNT principles, and a word about BURNING on the playa. As we really start packing in earnest, let’s all make a commitment together, to pack well, pack it ALL out ourselves when we go home, and to truly leave the desert (and surrounding towns and areas) better than we found it!

With that, let’s go: we’re looking for SIGNS FOR THE GATE ROAD — send in your submissions!! This weekend is, of course, the FLAMBÉ LOUNGE, and it’s looking to be the best one yet, so don’t miss it. Those LEAVE NO TRACE TIPS are up next – the first installment of three valuable missives from the Earth Guardians. After, we’ll see a NOTE AND RESPONSE ABOUT PUBLIC BURN PYRES, found at the end of each “spoke” street in BRC. There’s also a peek at the THEME CAMP LIST on the web. We’ve got two great resources for getting the word out about YOUR EVENTS ON THE PLAYA – AND ALL YEAR ROUND – The Playa and Year-Round Calendars at www.burningman.com.


You say you want to participate? Well, we’ve got COOLNEON EL WIRE WORKSHOPS in LA and SF, and another CALL FOR ANGELS AT THE TEMPLE OF JOY, too. Coming up in the land of events: THE DESERT ART PREVIEW at SF’s Exploratorium… RE’KOM-POZ’ from the Vancouver Burners…info on RIDESHARE from other regions…. LE PETITE FLAMBÉ IN SANTA BARBARA….and, a FUNDRAISER FOR WATERBOY, another for camp FLAMING C*NTS AND RED HOT POKERS (hey, sorry guys, we keep a clean newsletter around here) and finally, a MOVIE NIGHT IN LA with a film from a couple of years ago that brought deconstructionist filmmaking to the playa.

Don’t blink, you’ll miss something.




Once again in 2002, we are soliciting your ideas for signs on the entrance road to Black Rock City. Imagine for a moment your arrival at Burning Man. You’ve just given your ticket to the smiling folks at the Gate, and they direct you to proceed to the Greeters’ Station. You let your foot off the accelerator, and as your car rolls at a sedate 4 MPH (you’re a cautious driver) down the sweeping arc of the entrance road., the glory of Black Rock City glistens and shimmers on your left.

Then, you spot them. Every few feet, like the Burma-Shave signs of another era, a crisp black and white sign calls out to you, informs you, teases you, warms you…welcomes you home. You had almost forgotten about that idea you submitted…and then you see it – YOUR sign. The idea that you submitted to signs@burningman.com, made into a real black and white BRC road sign, welcoming you, and your carload of excited friends, and every car that will pass through the gates in 2002

Got a funny phrase, a sweet short poem, an ephemeral quote? A thought about the Floating World theme? A reminder for the people (think Leave No Trace, participation, portapotty education, other BRC wisdom), a wish for the week, a thought for the start of our shared journey? Send your ideas to signs@burningman.com. If your submission is selected, you will be notified by the sight of your sign as you enter BRC. Anyone can participate!


Burning Man Flambe Lounge Presents:

NO SPECTATORS DAY & The S.S. BLACK ROCK LAUNCH PARTY A full day of PARKticipation & Floating World art and community!

Sunday, July 21st
2pm-6pm Esprit Park: Free – all ages!
6pm-2am Club Cocomo: $10 seaworthy attire; $15 street wear, 21+

F I R S T …

Esprit Park – Indiana & 20th
FREE – All Ages! Please carpool/bike/take mass transit.

Celebrate the fourth anniversary San Francisco mayorial proclamation of NO SPECTATORS DAY by taking over Esprit park and engaging in radical PARKticipation!!!

Enter the mysterious “Green Rectangle” and create interactive art and roving performance! Bring croquet sets to combine, horse shoes and other games!! Test your shade structure and dust off your tent! Come as your aquatic imagination dictates and share your art!!

– A BYO Picnic (Bring grillables; DPW provides grill)
– Twisted Twister
– The Human Hula Toss
– Bunny Ball
– Tiki Tom’s Tiki Toss
– The PVC Build-it-yourself Connect-it Game
– Prayer Flag Paint Squares
– Musical Blankets
– InFATaball Volleyball
– The Zen Garden
– Refrigerator Box Fortress Camp
– The Pre-playa Treasure Hunt
– The 1st annual NO SPECTATORS DAY Parade (Bring instruments and kazoos! Starts 6pm in park.)
– Many roving performers and aquatic wonders!!
– Much and many more!

Create interactive and radically inclusive games of your own! A no vending, LEAVE NO TRACE event. E- mail flambelounge(at)burningman(dot)com if bringing large art or using stakes. (EVERYONE TO LEAVE PARK BY 7!)

T H E N …

Cocomo, 650 Indiana St (bet Mariposa & 19th)
$10 seaworthy attire; $15 street clothes. Coatcheck avail.
Happy hour 6-8pm, 21+ over

Gather one last time before we ship off to the playa! Floating World interactive art and theme camps!! Sea-inspired performers, musicians, dancers, art cars & aerialists! Join the Ship-To-Shore Fashion Show!! Dance with nautical minstrels and some of the Bay’s best DJs! BE the art! Use the day to plan for the PLAYA!! We’re almost there!!!

– David Best and the Guardian Angels of the Temple of Joy
– Howard Cohen’s undersea creatures
– Evening Lounge T-shirt Transfers (bring a shirt!)
– Help launch the SS Black Rock!
– A preview of Renea Roberts’ Gifting It
– Many and More!

– Xeno, with excerpts from their new show!!
– The Funk Mobile – all funk all the time!
– Scott Huckabay!!
– Eric Glick Rieman, prepared piano!
– CaroLuna, operatic arias!!
– Connie Champagne, The queen of loungery!
– Erica Candycane, the beauty, the horror!!
– The Mad Piper and his insane bagpipes!
– Daniel Ari’s Octopal accordian!!
– Temple’s Foolish Love Black Light Show!
– Bubbular creations by Bubble Gique!!
– Your MCs, $teven Ra$pa and Joegh Bullock!
– Many and much more!!!

– Zach Darling
– Laird
– Laron
– Anemone
– D6
– El Gato

To volunteer, organize an interactive group game, perform, bring your art, theme camp, or playa imagery, e- mail flambelounge(at)burningman(dot)com. More info: 415-TO-FLAME or www.burningman.com Burning Man tickets on sale at this event.

Flambé Lounge is a gathering of like-minded artists, eccentrics and other PARTICIPANTS. It is one way Burning Man creates COMMUNITY year round; a venue to showcase new ideas for Burning Man 2002, to learn what others are working on, and to volunteer in areas that interest YOU! Begin planning your theme camp, art installation, performance, ritual, or other means of PERSONAL EXPRESSION-whether your plans are for the playa or your own backyard!

See invite here.


First in a series of three, some excellent, important words from the Earth Guardians about LNT!

“It takes thousands of people to create a disappearing city, and the how-to lore keeps growing. The Earth Guardians collect good ideas from camps and citizens, mix in Leave No Trace principles, and pass them along. Heed them! Not only will you reduce the Matter Out Of Place (“MOOP”), you’ll make your camp life easier and more pleasant.

Bring the Right Stuff, Leave The Rest Behind. Figure that everything you bring, you have to take home. Shop smart and pack even smarter to eliminate what you don’t need. Have a cleanup plan, like http://home.earthlink.net/~karinaoc/burn99/clean.html.

Here’s food wisdom from a decade on the playa: http://www.burningman.com/on_the_playa/garbage_recycling/lighter_trash.html.

Plan simple, easy-cooking, low-dishwashing meals. Bring two-thirds the food you think you’ll need. Bring at most two days’ supply of fresh food; the rest should be dry, or canned. Experience says you won’t feel like doing much cooking. Go heavy on finger foods that don’t need individual plates. Bring sturdy cups, mugs, bowls or plates, not styrofoam that will blow all over the playa. Or use paper dishes- food scraps go into your wet trash, dishes go into your burnable trash. Ask visitors to your camp to BYOM (bring your own mug).

Repackage and prepare food in advance. Stock up on a few half-gallon food storage containers and leave the cellophane, plastic wrap, cardboard and other packaging at home! If you bring dozens of small plastic bottles, plan to take every one of them home with you! Better- bring water in big reusable plastic containers plus a few small bottles as personal canteens. MINIMIZE USE OF GLASS BOTTLES; those you do bring, keep ’em in camp. For walk-around drinks, use a mug or canteen or plastic bottle. Or a can. There are many good beers in cans! Check out http://www.burningman.com/preparation/event_survival/drinks.html to find some. Remember that every little shard of accidentally broken glass must be picked up by hand, by someone.

Bring tethers, anchors, containers, and covers, to keep light stuff from blowing away. Make a multi-bin trash holder from buckets (with lids) and PVC pipe or wood. You’ll want separate containers for recyclables, burnables (paper and wood), and nonburnable trash. For food waste have a mesh bag, like an onion bag. The stuff will dry up, becoming light and nearly odorless.

Take aluminum cans to Recycle Camp. Burn paper and wood on a community burn platform. Seal the small amount of trash you have left in big plastic bags, or in five-gallon buckets with lids, to take home, or… http://www.burningman.com/on_the_playa/garbage_recycling/take_trash.html.”


More LNT information… a question from a participant:

“I’d like to hear what the Earth Guardians and LNT masters have to say about burn platform cleanup.

For the past few years we’ve had a camp burn barrel {ed note: permitted only in designated areas -read your survival guide], that we used for warmth and paper/wood trash burning. We brought the resultant ashes home.

The community platforms are a different story. Two years ago, we burned wooden structures on Saturday night in the designated burn area, intending to clean up all our ashes (this was before the burn platform policy). By Monday, our burn site contained the smoldering remains of a couch and a couple mattresses. We pulled out two hot, smoldering mattress skeletons, and brought them home along with a couple trashcans of ashes. We felt guilty about the situation, so the next year we decided not to use the platforms at all, so they wouldn’t be our responsibility.

Well, this year we are building a facade out of scavenged, rotten wood. It must burn, and it’s too big for our barrel. How can we do the right thing? Perhaps we make our own burn platform? But since all burn platforms must be on the open playa, how can we prevent knuckleheads from polluting it?

Seems like the way this has been handled in the past was to have dpw clean all platforms after all the fires have burned out.

It’s not leave-no-trace, but what other option is there?

SINdicate/OmBayou trashczar”

Nancy from the Earth Guardians responds:

“Thanks, Cameron,

You have identified one of those areas of conflicting messages. The LNT announcement that went out to theme camps this week states the following:

‘Plan your burning to include removal of ash and unburned residues after they have cooled. If you’re hardcore, pick out recyclables (a magnet helps to find metal). Then bag up the rest to haul home. Be sure you clean up anything you burned on the public burn platforms. They’re not dumping stations!

If you’re planning on doing serious burning, be sure to check out http://www.burningman.com/preparation/event_survival/burn_scars.html.’

The BLM, our permit agency also makes stipulations on complete cleanup of burn sites. http://www.nv.blm.gov/Winnemucca/recreation/burningman/index.htm.


Obviously, DPW will be forced to clean what we leave behind but we need to promote ways to reduce that load and prevent damage to the Playa. http://afterburn.burningman.com/dpw/setup_cleanup.html.

I am also referring your question to our Earth Guardian panel of experts and the LNT Masters within the BM organization for further comment.

Keep it rolling.

It is important for everyone to remember that if you’re planning to burn, you truly must use a burn platform, and that there WILL be something left behind that you must also attend to. Ashes, nails, etc. are also your responsibility. Please do NOT assume that the DPW or other camps are there to clean up anything after you. And please, please, once again, do not burn toxins such as couches, mattresses, futons, plastics, or other nasty items!


For Theme Camps Only!

Are you a theme camp that registered in March or April? If the answer is yes and you also wanted to be listed on our web site please check this URL to make sure your camp is represented:


If you are not listed and you wanted to be contact us at themecamps(at)burningman(dot)com and let us know.


**PLAYA (and year round!) EVENTS: GET YOUR LISTINGS IN!**

The What, Where, When is a booklet you receive from the Greeters when you arrive, containing listings of events from around Black Rock City. How do you get your event listed in the WWW? Simple: enter it NOW on the PLAYA CALENDAR.

The deadline for this printed production is August 1. (That leaves enough time to print it and get it to the playa.) So visit NOW and get your items on the calendar!


BUT WAIT – there’s more!

Got an event TODAY that you’d like other burners to see? Planning a regional get together, a meet and greet, a workshop, a craft night, a guerilla art project, a picnic? Put it on the year round calendar for everyone to see! This is the place to look for fun and flames in your area – there are MANY more events around the country than just the ones you see on the JRS. Click the calendar and just look at all those little dancing flames! Add your event and browse for fun here:


TWO GREAT WAYS to connect with your community – on the playa and all year long!


A participant wrote us this last week:

“Thanks for advising people to put lights on their bikes! But wherever this is mentioned (JRS, printed newsletter), please put “headlights”, not just “lights”. When people put a light on their bike it’s usually a REAR red blinky light, which does little good. Pedestrians and other bikers need to be able to see the bike coming TOWARDS them (so they can avoid getting run over), not away from them.”

Right you are, amigo. Consider it mentioned.

And this, from BCR Bicycle Repair and Bait shop:

“Hi all, with less than 40 days before we once again head home to the playa, the friendly folks at Bicycle Repair Camp would like to suggest a gift for your trusty steed.

If your bicyle has been out to the playa before, and you haven’t ridden it since you left the playa last year, it’s probably in desperate need of love and affection…it’s certainly in need of lubrication. We recommend that you wash it off one more time, and then check it thoroughly to see what sort of help it needs. Once it’s dry, lubricate anything that moves…. the cables, the chain, the pivot points for the brakes…then put air in the tires and let it sit for a few days. If after three days you can ride your bike without it complaining, then it’s probably safe to put it in the “to the desert” pile, and move on to other things…if not, you need to figure what it needs to make it ridable before you strap it to your car. You can certainly pay your local bicycle shop to do this for you, but some of them might just look at your playa bike and laugh.

If your bicycle hasn’t been out to the playa before, ask yourself if you’re taking the right bicycle. A bicycle is almost a necessity on the playa, but the playa has been known to eat bicycles in large numbers…we don’t recommend you bring your good bike.

We do recommend that you pack either a patch kit, or a couple of innertubes…make sure they’re the right size for your bike. Check your tires to make sure that they’ll hold up for the week, if they look really bad, buy new ones. When you do finally strap your bike to your car, be careful not to situate the tire too close to the exhaust pipe…we see 1/2 dozen tires ruined this way every year.

What happens if my bicycle breaks once I’m on the playa? Bring it to us and we’ll fix it!! Actually you should probably ask your camp mate’s and neighbors first, because it can be a long walk into center camp or out to the three o’clock outpost…but if you bring your bike in to us, we’ll get you rolling again. We only see a couple of bikes each year that can’t be fixed with what we have on hand. Which brings us to our request….we need help to make sure we have what it takes to keep black rock city rolling.

How can I help?, you ask? BRC Bicycle Repair and Bait Shop is glad you asked!

In order to keep the wheels of blackrock city rolling, we need some help from the community. We’re looking for donations the following items.

  • Random metric fasteners: if you’ve got nut’s or bolts that you know came off a bike, but you don’t have a need for them, bring them by Center Camp…we’ll gladly find them a good home.
  • Wheel nuts: Yes, those might qualify as random metric fasteners, but we never seem to have enough of them.
  • Axles: We don’t need axles all that often, but when we do, it’s nice to have a stash.
  • Quick-release skewers: For some reason, most people seem to prefer a new quick-release over our soon to be patented “bolt-cutter release”.
  • Pedals: yep, we’re pedalphiles.
  • Crank Bolts: We suspect a conspiracy here…every year, no matter how many crank bolts we have, we always seem to need two more.
  • Tires in near new condition: I’f you’ve got tires in near new condition that you don’t know what to do with, we’ll take them. We’ve got plenty dead or nearly dead ones.
  • Welding wire: If you can spare any 0.025 solid or 0.035 flux core it would be much appreciated.
  • WD40: We prefer it NOT in the aerosol cans, but in a 1 gal container, or in a squirt bottle filled from said 1 gal container.
  • Shop rags: no such thing as too many shop rags….

If you have any of the above items you’d like to donate, just bring them out to the playa with you, and drop them by BRC Bicycle Repair and bait shop…we’ll be in center camp right next to Recycle Camp. If you have items that are not on this list, but you think we could use, feel free to drop us a line. Cyclopath(at)GMX(dot)net


**Tickets! Tickets! Tickets! Tickets! Tickets! Tickets! Tickets! Tickets! Tickets!**

Do you have your ticket yet? Here is your chance to get a ticket with the instant satisfaction of walking away with it in your hot little hands!

Tickets will be on sale at the upcoming Flambe Lounge on Sunday July 21st. Payment can be made by cash, money order, or credit card. Tickets currently cost $200 and can be purchased the following ways:

1. They are available online until midnight on August 24 (that means the night of the 23rd y’all!). All tickets purchased online after August 1st will be held at WILL CALL! Go here to learn more: http://tickets.burningman.com/

2. They can be purchased by mail order. PLEASE get those mail orders in ASAP, we want to make sure we receive everything before our office closes.

We are no longer mailing tickets from Mail Orders!!! All Mail Order tickets are being held at WILL CALL. This means that you will need to bring a photo ID and a the invoice that we send you to the Box Office to collect your ticket. The Box Office is located at The Gate of Black Rock City.

To order by mail, please send a money order or cashier’s check to the address below. Please note, Burning Man no longer accepts personal or business checks!!!

Burning Man
PO Box 884688
San Francisco, CA 94188-4688

Please be sure to include your full name, mailing address, and a phone number where you can be reached with your order. We’re MOST pleased when you use the downloadable mail order form from the web site. 😉

If ordering Mail Order Tickets please note that we are not able to process any orders received after August 16th (8/16).

3. Tickets can be purchased at the following walk in locations.
Sacramento Outlet – Cheap Thrills – 1217 21st St
Reno Outlet – The Melting Pot – 888 S Virginia
Winnemucca Outlet – Red Cat Records – 1051 W 4th St

COMING SOON: San Francisco walk-in outlet. Stay tuned

Tickets purchased at the Gate will cost at least $250.00 and will increase each day of the event. NO tickets will be sold at the event after 11:00 PM on Thursday, August 29, 2002.

Read on if you are unable to attend this year and need to sell your ticket. We advise buyers to be VERY CAREFUL buying second hand tickets from an unknown source. It’s preferable to buy tickets from someone you can meet face to face to inspect the tix beforehand, and look for the holographic foil stamps. If you can’t make it to Burning Man this year and would like to offer your tickets for sale, we recommend that you register for a login and password at http://bbs.burningman.com, and post a message in “Burning Man 2002/Ticket Talk/Tickets for Sale”. And if you DO sell or buy a ticket, please write to partiserv(at)burningman(dot)com and let us know, so we’ve got the right info on who is holding tickets. This will help ensure you get the Survival Guide and other printed material we send out before the event. Thanks!

Just in case your Survival Guide hasn’t hit your mailbox yet, you can go here to view the online version: http://www.burningman.com/preparation/event_survival/index.html

~adrift on the ticket sea~


Travelling to Burning Man (especially useful if you’re coming from Canada):

How to Fix a Flat Tire on a Bicycle:

Burning Man for the Porta-Potty Shy:

Cheap Airfare Tips:


Check out the Man’s construction, in progress: http://www.rainbowpuddle.com/dpwmanbuild01.html

He’s finished! Now he reclines in his box in the Nevada summer, waiting for his debut on the playa..


I’m looking for a photograph of the playa during the time of year it is covered with water. Anyone who can help can contact me at tscheu(at)earthlink(dot)net

Thanks – Michael Tscheu


Upcoming Cool Neon Electroluminescent Wire Events and Information Burning Man Cool Neon information is located online at: http://burningman.coolneon.com

This is our Participants Only Info page with detailed information on:

– How to shop Cool Neon and get your special Burning Man prices
– Our personal favorite items that we’ve marked stupendously low
– Other important information that’s good stuff to know
– Survival advice tips from Rantin’ Rane

Upcoming Events —

July 27th – Cool Neon’s First Ever Los Angeles Soldering Party

On Saturday July 27th, Ben James, from Cool Neon will be coming to LA with all his fun toys. This is an all day workshop of the do’s and don’ts of working with EL wire.

– When: July 27th 10:30am till 5:00pm
– Where: 7600 Melrose Ave 2nd Floor(at Curson in the Melrose District)
– What to bring: Your imagination and vast creativity. Whatever you want to hook the COOL NEON electroluminescent wire to (ie. costumes, art project, etc.) You are welcome to bring your EL wire that you bought but never did anything with or Ben will be bringing every color you can imagine and plenty of sequencers to work with. Oh and if you have a soldering iron, please bring it. We will be taking a break for lunch, so bring lunch or we can order out.
– How much: There is a $10 suggested donation to help cover the cost of the building and snacks – if you can afford it great, if not then you can contribute whatever you can. For more info contact Athena at athenademos(at)yahoo(dot)com or call 310-810-9844 Please RSVP by email so Athena knows how many are coming.

August 4th, we’ll be back home in Oakland for another Soldering Party. Come by to finish up your project or get help getting past that one tricky spot

Noon to 6pm, Sunday August 4th.

As always, our Northern California soldering parties are free to all. Directions on our website:


Thanks a bunch,

The Indefatigable Funhouse Crew
by phone: 510 547 5878
email: info(at)coolneon(dot)com

**THE TEMPLE OF JOY IS *STILL* Calling All Angels!!!!**

The artist David Best is creating another Temple to follow in the wake of the beauty of his “Temple of Tears” from 2001. He is gracing this new temple with the Title of “The Temple of Joy”…a place of Reflection.

David is in serious need of a Legion of “Guardian Angels” – Protectors to guard and protect this 3-story masterpiece of architectural design, 24 hours a day. The purpose is to warn people from climbing upon the structure, to prevent injury to themselves and others. The desire to climb is natural, but the delicacy of this structure will not handle the weight and the new height would make climbing quite inadvisable. You’ll also help keep an eye out for any misguided attempts to conflagrate the piece before its time.

If there is a calling inside of you to stand guard one of the world’s most ephemeral cathedrals, whilst witnessing the profound communion of people placing their thoughts gently upon its walls…to ignite into brillant transformational flame Sunday evening… email the Arch Angel Termeh in charge of heading up this masterful Legion at goodoos(at)earthlink(dot)net. Headquarters shall be on the playa in the Lamplighter camp.




Burning Man’s Third annual Desert Art Preview features this year’s art theme, The ‘Floating World.’ The subtext is ‘Navigation,’ how we find our way through the world and what we seek in it. Founder, Larry Harvey will introduce the theme and Bay Area representative artists will offer a sneak preview of their work as site-specific and interactive installations. Ladybee, Burning Man’s art curator, will also present. Our MC for this event will be the indescribable $teven Ra$pa.

This is a fantastic opportunity for those who might never attend Burning Man (due to work, school, family, or other limitations) to be able to experience the art and magic of the playa. The art of Burning Man is unique to the event, and it is a pleasure to bring it to Fort Mason to share with the world, burners and non-burners alike.

Artists using fire, water, light, sound and metal as creative mediums will discuss their works-in-progress. Speakers will include Paul Cezewski and Jenne Giles (LOTUS ISLAND -interactive sculpture); Tim Black (SHIP TO SHIP -light sculpture); Radiant Atmospheres, Mark Jones and Minx, (THE LEVIATHAN -light sculpture); Deidre de Franceaux (THE SIRENS -sound and figurative sculpture); Jeremy Lutes (THE LILLY POND -interactive light sculpture) and Simon Cheffins and Mateo (La CONTESSA -interactive theater and a mobile 16th Century galleon).

This event has drawn standing-room-only crowds in the past, and the organizers expect another sellout evening in 2002.

• Sponsored by Black Rock Arts Foundation and Burning Man,
• Hosted at Fort Mason at Cowell Theater on Tuesday, July 30th @ 7:00 PM
(doors open @ 6:30, on-site parking available, all ages welcome) • Tickets are available on a sliding cost between $15.00 – $20.00 Call (415) 345-7575 for tickets and direction information


**Vancouver, BC, Canada
**JULY 19-21
**Regional Burn

ALL the news & info on the website. http://escape.to/burningman

This is a FREE event open to all Burners and those who should be. This is YOUR event and as such we’re looking for your help to put it together. PARTICIPATE! LEAVE NO TRACE…

A breathtakingly beautiful sacred location set in the forest along the edge of a river with a dramatic glacier/mountain backdrop.

July 19: camping, reconnect with friends, setup of theme camps and whatnot
July 20: big party, Visuals, Hot Tub, Sweatlodge, DJ’s, etc.
July 21: winding down, cleanup…

***Featuring a main stage, ambient EmoXara dome (mini-Xara jungle), a London double decker party bus, KBK Radio station, on-site creation of a hot tub & sweat lodge, community kitchen, etc.

All those interested in participating in the organization or offering to volunteer are asked to join the Re’kom-poz’/Burn in the Forest discussion list. To do this, send a blank email to: burnintheforest-subscribe(at)yahoogroups(dot)com or visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/burnintheforest

Looking forward to seeing all of you in the woods!


If you are in the BC Region and are either looking for a ride to BM2002 or have some extra room in your vehicle to offer, please post all the details at http://www.arborwood.com/forums/bm2002rideshare .

AG Note: those in all areas seeking rideshares should be aware that there’s a section of the ePlaya devoted to the cause: the “Getting There/Ride Share” folders at http://bbs.burningman.com/index.cgi?14@@.eedd5be. Log on, browse, and stick out your virtual thumb.)


*Camp fundraiser

Come one come all – Help us get revved up for the Burn. The Age of Aquarium Camp will be hosting its final fundraising party before the 2002 Burn on Sat Aug 3rd – La Petit Flambé at Muddy Waters Café in Santa Barbara. Encore performances by the high flying Eclectix and the sultry Glam-Mystic Gypsies. Fire performance by Saturnalia. Art by Jerico. The unveiling of The Chaos Bar (car). Music by Jusmouse, JD Edit, Gryphin and many more! For more info go to www.theageofaquarium.com, or call Muddy Waters at 805-966-9328. We are asking for an $8.00 donation at the door and this will be a 21up event. Doors open at 8:00 – Performances begin at 10:00 – This is Fiesta weekend is SB so come on out and add to the insanity!


*Art/Camp fundraiser

WaterBoy’s Undersea Carnival of Oddities and Wonder. A fundraiser for the Temple of WaterBoy theme camp and art installation at Burning Man.

Thursday, Aug. 1st
8pm – 12am

@ XenoDrome
1320 Potrero (@ 25th)
San Francisco, CA

$15 @ the door/ $10 in costume / $10 pre-sale web site: www.falsegods.com/benefit

Guests are encouraged to come in circus, watery or playa attire.

WaterBoy presents a cabaret/variety show with a techno-victorian aesthetic,, featuring an eclectic line up of performance artists, acrobats, robots and music, including the neo-circus stylings of Xeno, funk/rock by The Peaches Harding Trio, and Sparky the robot jazz singer. Between acts, DJ linZ will spin watery tunes.

In the gallery space we will have an ongoing sideshow, with a WaterBoy installation, BucketHead Ringtoss, live mermaids and plenty of other freaks, raffles for art and Burning Man photos, and more. You could win a ride in WaterBoy!!



The Flaming C*nts & The Red Hot Pokers present:
a Burning Man theme camp benefit
Petrol * HumilitySwim Dancetheatre * DJ Puddy Santiago *Kinky Betty Crocker
PLUS, a special SURPRISE guest!
Friday July 26th
The Warehouse, 1447A Stevenson (at 14th Street between Valencia & Mission)
9 PM – 2 AM
$10-20 requested donation
Contact: 415.250.3771, tangerinedreams(at)eathlink(dot)net

(The Flaming C*nts & Red Hot Pokers are a sub-camp of Woonami Village-Woo Woo! )

[JRS note: these rabbits smilingly keep the JRS rated PG. )


*Film Screening

New York Independent Film and Video Festival Present


“A visionary celebration of Unity in Diversity as seen through a group of artists on the road to BURNING MAN where they attempt to create a massive chain of linked hands around the man.” (Starring Timothy “Speed” Levitch of ‘The Cruise’, AG’s 2nd runner-up for “Sexiest Man On The Playa”.)

Los Angeles-
(Corner of Beverly and Fairfax
) Special Appearance by The Cosmic Cowboy for Q & A and After Party!

More info contact: infinitefilms(at)aol(dot)com or call (626) 441-1423

What a week! You can sure tell it’s mid-July. See you this weekend at the Flambé!

love and dusty smooches,

{Sountrack to this JRS: opera. I’ll spare you. Also, a cool reworking of “Living for the City” by Stevie Wonder, sung by a group called One Tribe…}



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