JRS Volume #6; Issue #31


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Hey there ho there! (I did *not* say Ahoy!)

24 days until the event, my friends. One cannot even express the excitement. It’s all going smoothly! How are your plans?? Packed yet? Shade structure done? Grey water disposal plan coming along ok?

Highly exciting…this morning at 8:30 AM on the playa, the “golden stake” was driven into the ground at the exact spot where the Man will stand. That’s right! The survey starts now – huzzah! Black Rock City is no longer just an imaginary place in our minds – the first stake of our temporal and spatial existence together has been hammered into the earth!!

And this week, the news continues: LEAVE NO TRACE PLANNING TIPS, part 3. Plus, guess what? We’ve got one, two, three…no, FOUR WALK-IN OUTLETS FOR TICKETS in San Francisco! There’s a DIRECTORY FOR WALKIE TALKIES (register your camp’s channel on FRS!) and we’ve got some great Survival Info – TIPS ON TRANSPO AND STORAGE OF WATER ON THE PLAYA. Plus check out the HOME PAGE FOR NEW INFO – SURVIVAL GUIDE AND SUMMER NEWSLETTER have been posted! And, a camp is planning a MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE project that you might enjoy. PARTICIPATE in the CENTER CAMP CAFÉ CRAFT PARTY in SF. OR! Hit some events – get yer ride slicked up at the FREE BIKE REPAIR EVENT in SF…the FLIGHT TO MARS BENEFIT takes off in Seattle….plus LITE BRITE CAMP and PINHOLE CAMP benefits in SF…plus a couple of BAY AREA EVENTS where you can get your blinky-thing fix!

Let’s blast off. Or shove off. Or…whatever. Let’s go.







LEAVE NO TRACE Planning Tips, installment #3

Clean As You Go and Grid Your Camp at the End! Don’t wait until the end of the week to pick stuff up – clean as you go. This will help you from getting overwhelmed by the mess and help keep trash from blowing out of reach. Then, when you pack up and load everything (including trash) into your vehicle, do a line sweep across your camp. Give everyone a ziplock bag, line them up along one edge of camp, look down and slowly walk to the other side. Cover your entire area looking for those last bits of trash- every twist tie, cigarette butt, food scrap, carpet fiber, match, nut shell, scrap of plastic, everything.

A buried stake doesn’t disappear. Instead, its hazard is magnified. Even when pounded below the surface, a stake will slowly, inevitably, emerge from the playa. Then it might be found during the BLM’s Spring inspection, producing a black mark against permit renewal; or it might not be found until it tears a tire or gashes a foot- maybe during next year’s event, maybe to a windsurfer or another group that, like us, uses the playa.

Vise-grips will almost always remove a stuck stake. First clamp on the vise-grips and rotate the stake back and forth, to break the playa’s grip. Then continue rotating and also pull upwards. Still stuck? Ask a neighbor for help. As a last resort, make the stake highly visible by fastening something to it. Someone else with heftier tools will be able to get it out.

Devote Two Hours to General Cleanup in Black Rock City. On your ticket, you’re asked to contribute two hours to community cleanup before departure. This means the streets, public spaces, and open playa where stuff may have been left behind. Stop by the Earth Guardian camp on Sunday and Monday and we’ll direct you to the areas of the city that need the most attention.

Consider joining the post-event clean-up crews. Spend time with the hard-driving DPW and the silent playa. Help us get it out of here, so that we can all return again.

The Bureau of Land Management, the agency that writes our Special Recreation Use permit, must agree that we’ve left no trace. They inspect random samples of the city, in the Fall and in the Spring, and if we haven’t left 99.997% empty playa, our future is in trouble. But every year we’ve surpassed BLM expectations, and with your help the city’s disappearance can be as exceptional as its life.

See the EG LNT pages for more: http://home.earthlink.net/~karinaoc/burn99/playa.html


24 days until Burning Man – Do you have your ticket yet?!?!

We are happy to announce four, yes FOUR San Francisco Walk-in Ticket Outlets!!!

Distractions (Upper Haight) – 1552 Haight St (at Ashbury)
Ceiba (Lower Haight) – 463 Haight St.
Stormy Leather (SoMa) – 1158 Howard St. (between 7th and 8th)
Neverland (North Beach) – 241 Columbus

All outlets have $200 tickets on sale at this time. They will accept cash and money order only, no checks, no credit cards, and please, no phone calls.

More SF outlets to come, we’ll let you know soon!

Tickets can also be purchased at these other outlets:

Sacramento – Cheap Thrills – 1217 21st St
Winnemucca, NV – Red Cat Records – 1051 W 4th St
Reno , NV – The Melting Pot – 888 S Virginia

Online Tickets:
Tickets can be purchased online until midnight of 8/24/02 (this means the night of 8/23/02). All tickets purchased online AFTER 8/1/02 will be held at WILL CALL.

To pick up a WILL CALL ticket for ONLINE orders you will need to bring a photo ID and the confirmation number you receive when you place the order.


Mail Order Tickets:
Tickets can be purchased by Mail Order until 8/16/02. PLEASE get mail order requests in the mail ASAP. We are not able to process mail order requests received AFTER 8/16/02. Please make payment in the form of a money order or cashier’s check. Burning Man no longer accepts PERSONAL or BUSINESS CHECKS!!

We are no longer mailing tickets ordered via Mail Order. If you order a ticket via Mail Order you can pick your ticket up at WILL CALL. To pick up a Mail Order ticket, you will need to bring a photo ID and the invoice that we send you.

Tickets purchased at the Gate will cost $250 and will increase in price each day of the event.

If you have a question about an online ticket purchase – send an email to: support(at)burningman(dot)com.

If you have a question about a mail order ticket purchase – send an email to: partiserv(at)burningman(dot)com.

Have you received your Survival Guide yet? Click here to view the online, printable version. http://www.burningman.com/preparation/event_survival/index.html

~adrift on the ticket sea~

BURNDIR Walkie-Talkie Directory Service

Forget the days of frustration knowing your friends are running around on the Playa but not knowing how to find them! BurnDir is back to let you both publicize your walkie-talkie channels before you get to BRC and look up all your friends’ channels too. BurnDir is a web-based directory service that allows searching for Talkabout channels, camps and addresses. Burners can register their contact info and have BurnDir automatically notify their friends by email. Sign up on BurnDir at: http://burndir.sogroovy.com/


…and nary a drop to drink (unless you bring it yourself!)

The challenge of transporting our own water to the playa has prompted many a creative solution. After all, water is heavy, and you need a lot of it.

Did you know that milk-jug style water containers breathe? That’s why it’s not smart to store them with your onions! And what if you’re headed over the Sierras – is it really necessary to schlep all your water from home? Heck no! Find out great locations in Reno to fill up on this #1 playa necessity. Jerry Smith’s “Water: Vital Information and Resources” is our latest preparation page on the Burning Man site. Here you’ll find out the scoop on where to get water (including price breakdowns and mineral content!) and how to get it to the playa, and store it when you get there. An acutely researched and very informative article!

Check it out at: http://www.burningman.com/preparation/event_survival/water.html


Just a note that I hope you’re popping over to http://www.burningman.com once in a while to check in for info too…right now the brand-spanky new SURVIVAL GUIDE and 2002 BURNING MAN NEWSLETTER are glistening and gleaming and waiting for your online perusal!


“Wizzard writes:

I have a distant memory of 35-40 years ago about searching a beach for shells and pebbles and finding a message in a bottle-though it may have been someone I was with, and don’t ask me the content. With this year’s theme, I have an idea I’d like to share in hopes a few more camps may come up with their own variations and/or see who can come up with a more responible way of making it work more like the real thing.

I want to collect a limited number (less than 50-I’m a 1-man camp) empty plastic bottles and let visitors to my camp put a message into each. As I cruise around the playa, I’ll tuck a few into my bike bag. As I run into people who look like they are searching for something-typically the key to finding a message-I’ll offer them the opportunity to accept a message-or at least the contents and I’ll reuse the bottle. One thing I’ve often thought about on the playa is the fact that any physical gift given also represents a responsibility to carry it until you return to camp and then to home–or to pass it to someone else in need of it.]]

In accepting the gift, I want to make sure they are willing to take custody & responsibility of the note or other object contined within.

I’ll be on 240 degrees just outside theme camp area if you want to write something before you find me-look for a big nonsymmetrical (blue tarp? maybe canvas-sided) pyramid sun/wind block and 12′ crow’s nest.

I’d appreciate any constructive suggestions.


The 4th (and final) CENTER CAFE CRAFT PART

Sun. Aug. 4, 12 noon til 5:30
at the New Burning Man Offices (see address below)
Food and Beverages provided!

Ahoy! It’s the 4th and final Cafe Crafts Party, and we’ve got lots of crafty fun for volunteers to participate in making “Cafe Island”. We’ll be adding designs on plastic lanterns, making shaggy fabric bushes and leaves, sewing flags, brainstorming on some ‘decor challenges’ and other projects. Volunteers at any skill level can play! Come by and meet the Cafe team, as we get creative and munchy (yummy treats for all). Bring colorful fabric bits (prefer greens/gold/brown)- and burlap. got Questions? email liv(at)burningman(dot)com

Directions to the offices:
1900 3rd St



4-7pm at the Bike Hut
Pier 40 (Embarcadero @ Townsend), San Francisco

Get your playa bike checked out by expert bike mechanics from the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, who’ll be sharing their tried-and-true desert bike know-how, and performing free minor repairs and tune-ups!

A limited supply of free bike parts will be available on a first-come, first served basis. Seriously ill bikes can get a free diagnosis and appointment for more extensive repairs on a future date.

The tragically bike-less can pick up a perfect playa cruiser for $50-150, assembled by the kids in the Bike Hut’s youth training program. After the event, you can trade in your dusty playa bike for a spiffy commuter model perfect for San Francisco streets.

Got random bike parts to donate or skills to share? Volunteer at this event by calling Victor at 415.543.4335. For more info visit the SFBC website: http://www.sfbike.org



Take a ride to the Red Planet in this pre-Burning Man fiery fiesta and fundraiser!

Flight to Mars has refueled and is ready for blast-off to Black Rock City. But before heading to Burning Man 2002, this interstellar love lounge will be presenting a special tour of the Red Planet in our hometown!

Get ready for ignition on August 17 @ 9 p.m.

Dance to the smooth interstellar grooves of:
Jeff Booher

Feel the heat from triple-armed and twelve-toed Martian fire-spinners with members of Ignis Devoco Industrial Fire Circus and The Fire Academy.

And take a tour of the Flight to Mars, from the mystical and mesmerizing Gland Canyon to the stunning vistas of the Martian landscape where gravity takes a holiday beyond the doors of our starship hull. A rare visit to a full blown theme camp without traveling to Nevada! You’ve heard us wax poetic about it, now come experience it.

Tickets to Mars can be purchased at the gate for $15 with a valid interstellar 21+ ID. Come dressed for space travel and receive our special $10 honorary Martian flight pass! (Or contact me for $10 pre-sale tiks)

Launching pad will be primed and waiting for lift-off at The Industrial Arts Fire Factory.

3427 Fourth Ave. South (just north of West Seattle Fwy) Seattle, WA 98103

For updated flight times and departure information, visit http://www.flight2mars.com/countdown.

Reserve your seat today on the solar system’s ultimate luxury liner and dance club! FYI – if you already have plans that nite, this is also a great after-hours party, we’ll go till at least 4am!

see ya there! 10…9…8…


August 10, 10 PM to 4 AM
Werepad, SF

You’re invited to the Lite Brite Party!

Saturday Aug 10th – 10pm til 4am
At The Werepad – 2430 Third Street
$15 in advance – $20 at the door
Sexy playa costumes encouraged!

Save money and guarantee you get in: Go to http://litebrite.sogroovy.com

What can you expect?

DJ Dervla O’Reilly – funky break beats to get the party started
DJ Dragn’Fly – tribal techno with trance & dark NRG primetime
DJ Douglas Butler – chill grooves for your late-nite pleasures
DJ Residents – DJ Klecknern, Fubari, Jelo, and Greg Goodwin

The Lucinda Lounge – sky blue soft clouds and the orgasmatron
The Moroccan Lounge – deep red velvet and flickering candlelight
The Blacklight Lounge – dazzling trippy treats for magic glasses

The Giant Lite Brite – make your own art for everyone to see
Temporary Tattoos – decorate your body with our lickable tats
Ziggy The Robot – if you’re lucky you’ll get to dance with him!

Lite-Brite Camp is heading for Burning Man again this year and our camp has expanded into an enormous party space. So we turn to you – our favorite hedons – to help us bring this vision to fruition, this fun and brilliance to Black Rock City!


Saturday, August 3rd, 9pm – 2am 21+
Sublounge, SF
Theme Camp Benefit

628 20th St. between 3rd and Illinois, SF

The pinhole camp has been taking large scale pinhole portraits of and for festival participants for the past 3 years. Please join us for a benefit whose proceeds will go towards the construction of our 16′ camera, gallons of developer and fixer, over 200 feet of 42″ photographic paper, and other operating expenses. There will be an exhibition of our photographs from previous years, as well as reproductions available for purchase. Musical entertainment provided by dj’s laird, dubwise, noah, stephane, and jai.

View the gallery of mural sized pinhole shots at: http://www.pinholecamp.org/gallery.html


AUGUST 3, 4, 10, 11
11 A.M. – 4 P.M.

You are Invited to the 3rd Annual

MichaelsLightToys.com Open House

Saturday and Sunday
August 3, 4, AND 10 & 11, 2002
11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

310 N. Civic Drive, #302
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Dail “62” on the telephone next to the Front door and we will let you in.

We have a Super COLOSSAL collection of EL Wire, LED Lights, and other battery operated lights, toys and jewelry not seen in stores.

Before you go to the Burn, stop by and get the Lights that turn you on.

PLUS! More fun blinky stuff:

6 PM
The Glas Kat, SF

LIGHTGOD.com (Amazing Illuminated Merchandise) presents artists, engineers, designers and pioneers who create light art and fashion and will be on hand to help you create yours in time for Burning Man. Experience and Acquire the latest light toys, blinking fashion accessories and amazing glow and lighted technologies for your vehicular,artistic & fashion creations. Meet LIGHTGOD and the artists, get hooked up and select from Incredible options for bicycle and personal safety lighting and a host of cool cool cool visual technologies.

When: 6:00-9:00-PM (NO COVER) Happy Hour: drinks/appetizers available
1. Wednesday evening August 7 6-9 PM
featuring Len Rogers & flat/sound sensitive EL lighting
2. Thursday evening August 15 6-9 PM
featuring Howard Cohen electroluminescent wire art!
3. Wednesday evening August 21 6-9 PM
LAST CHANCE Light Affaire-featuring LIGHTGOD and special guests

Where: The Glas Kat Supper/Niteclub
520 4TH ST@ bw Bryant & Townsend in SF
(shoes and shirt required!)

Contact: 415-681-7805 www.glaskat.com/

Thanks all! Just a few more days now…


{Soundtrack to this JRS: Mum – Finally We Are No One. Wow thanks!)



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