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Happy love-filled, hearts-and-flowers, regular-old-non-holiday this fine Thursday, burners. The Jack Rabbit Speaks is pleased to note that with 192 days until Burning Man, the air is positively crackling ’round these parts, and we think we don’t need any excuse to gush about love.

This week we bring you the Coyote Nose newsletter once again… we daresay Tony’s giving us a run for our money in the newsletter department!! We hope you’ll enjoy reading about what Burners are doing around the country – from bare-it-all brazenness in Central Park to greeter trainings and potlucks, plus some projects gearing up, and more. Find out the latest on TICKET SALES, too, because we know you have questions.

PS We’re trying to fix the funky-characters problem in the JRS…

*************TABLE OF CONTENTS************



HAPPENINGS IN NJ – A report from Tacoland


***********BLACK ROCK CITY NEWS**********

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For a good look at home:

Panoramics by Brad Templeton from 2002:


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No matter how you feel about the global situation, it’s heartening to see Burners participating and expressing their beliefs. Last week, Wendy T. in NYC organized local burners for a statement that you’ve got to see to believe.


Great job, Wendy and crew!!_
AND she’s at it again. She writes:

“I’m planning the next one which needs a few hundred volunteers. I’m launching it before March 1st, but it all depends on the turn out of volunteers. The more I get the sooner I can blast it off. This one’s no nudity, and both genders can play. It’s another visual image created by people. This one uses masses congregating very momentarily in a NYC public location. Interested in hearing more?? Visit wendypolyploidy.com or email iam(at)wendypolyploidy(dot)com.”

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Then Spanky said, “Fellas! What we need in our very own clubhouse!”

To which Alfalfa replied, “Aaaaand howwwwww!”

Then, in true DPW fashion, one saw hammers and nails flying, old pieces of plywood and railroad ties being transformed into a makeshift bars and tables, with images of Darla and Buckwheat slapping paint over the boards and themselves and scrawling the words, “Our Gang” over the top of it all. And even Petey the dog had a hammer in his mouth, and a paint brush tied to his tail.

It was somewhat in this fashion that our beloved “Beach Club” was born on our work ranch twelve miles north of Black Rock Desert back in ’98. I remember it was Will Roger, Rod Garrett, Flynn Mauthe, and I standing there in the middle of a vacant and shadeless desert chaparral, wearing ankle boots to ward off snake bites, and trying to imagine a place to live. About a month later found a small four trailer bivouac with a few logs around a fire pit, which in the years to come would become the heart and soul central of the DPW; the Beach Club.

The Beach Club –
Where work-a-day friendships are forged for life.
A game of cards can go all through the night.

Where a tired crew goes for food and drink
I woke up with a tattoo from there, I think

With 7:00 am meetings and the breakfast bell
A nice place for some shade, some cool in hot hell

You can imagine the stories and songs by the fire
With warm times like these, it’s hard to retire.

So many times it blew down
To be hammered back up
Each time with more flair
Each time with more love

We work very hard, and we play hard, it’s true
So Saturday nights finds a party-bashed crew.
We might even have taped a keg or two…
Our club house, our Beach Club
It’s all gone, it’s all through. Boo hoo hoo!

So why are we crying? Last week’s column I mentioned our headaches with zoning laws, which has brought in scrutiny from the health department. The Beach Club was never an unsafe place to eat and drink, but one can find infractions in a hospital kitchen if they want to look hard enough. So we were forced to tear down our clubhouse, and all the tears, laughter, and memories with it. We might as well have just thrown the family photo albums into the fire, wedding pictures and all! Well you can burn down the church, but you can’t burn out a person’s faith! The DPW gang will surly find another way for our worship!! The Coyote said so.

{Jackrabbit note: for photos of the Beach Club dismantling and some great shots of the ranch, snow on the Granite range, and other hints of home, visit
brc-dpw.org }

* * *

Speaking of DPW worship, We’ve been forging a new playhouse in the city, (San Francisco), and we all had a solid ball getting together and talk talk talking last Wednesday night at a quant little bar that I work at called the Bacchus Kirk – (925 Bush St. between Jones and Taylor). Bacchus is the god of wine and drink and such, so worship we did. A little quip that Danger Ranger, Michael Michael wrote:

‘Beyond Bacchus

A good Bay Area DPW turnout last night and… at an appropriately named place, in view of this year’s Burning Man theme. Bacchus of course, being the pagan god of wine, intoxication, and ecstatic celebration. But perhaps lesser known is the term “Kirk” which is a Celtic word meaning circle or church. I look forward to next Wednesday’s services, when the good Reverend Coyote will hold forth at the Church of Bacchus.’

Thanks for the kudos. m2!

* * *

This years theme does encompass gods and ceremonies and I’m informed that the city design has been altered a bit to match it. Ceremonial processions are a large part of this years activity, so the Man standing at 100′ at the center of the city will have four, yes four promenades radiating out from him to create an “all roads lead to the Man” feel. The city is going back to being a clock, and these four lamp-lit walkways will be lined up with 12:00, 3:00, 6:00, and 9:00. It adds up to an additional 64 spires, and the lamp lighters are, again, surprisingly undaunted. My spire crew that sledge-hammers them in then pulls them down afterward are cocking an eyebrow at me though.

David Best (builder of last years “Temple of Joy”) swears that this year’s temple will definitely not be taller than the Man. Talking to him last year, he informed me that the temple was one foot shorter than the Man. What he said to me was, “anything that I build will always be one foot shorter than the Man – no matter how high I build it.” I think I catch his drift…

* * *

Some mini items and goings-ons, and such:
Congrats to Dr. Jessie Jones (manager of the Center Camp Café, Camparctica) and Machaela McCormick (I like the way that name rolls off the tongue – she’s the Café volunteer coordinator), Dr. Jones popped the question, and put quite the sparkler on her finger. I think that the diamond companies have been in cahoots with the gals to trick us fellas with some crazy formula of two months salary for a ring. Sheesh! What are ya gonna’ do? They even set a date for September 27th, 2004. I smell one hellova party!

One small bump for the road: Hangin’ at the work ranch one afternoon, Flynn asked Big Daddy just how he got so big.
“Ketchup,” was his stoic answer.

All for now till next week.

Coyote Nose

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Only 193 days left until Burning Man. Do you have your ticket yet?

Burning Man Tickets Online update:

The $185’s are SOLD OUT for ONLINE sales! Please read below to find out how you can get one by MAIL ORDER!

And here’s a note from the fantastic fellas at InHouse Tickets:

“Hellow fellow burners, is everyone as excited about this year’s burn as I am?? This is Urb, one of the providers of Burning Man Tickets online and otherwise known as Cosmic Connector, the Natural Time space traveler. If you purchased tickets online, you will be happy to know that your tickets are on their way! Our main man Maximillian has been leading the team non-stop for the past several days, making sure each ticket gets the love and care it deserves. He’s getting them out faster than you can setup a solar-powered radio station on the playa! Here’s some important information, please read on.

All ticket orders with Secure delivery will be sent via USPS Insured Priority Mail with delivery confirmation that requires a signature for your protection. Thank you everyone for your patience and feedback from last year. We hope you find this delivery method more convienient.

Please do not contact us about your ticket order. You will receive an email notifying you that your tickets are sent within the next week. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us online: Tickets Contact. It really is the best and quickest way to get support.
Music we are listening to during this update: Bob Marley’s ‘Judge Not’ and ‘One Cup of Coffee’

Thank you from the online support team at InHouse Ticketing,
Urb and Steve”

****And now an Update from the Mail Order Team at BMHQ:****

Please DON’T FRET if you missed the $175 or the $185 tickets online. There are plenty available for purchase by MAIL ORDER! Read on to learn how to get yours today.

To order tickets by mail. Send a money order or cashier’s check (made out to Burning Man) to this address:

Burning Man
PO Box 884688
San Francisco, CA 94188-4688

Be sure to include a CLEARLY printed note with your full name, mailing address, phone number and the number of tickets at which price level you would like to order. If you would like to have your tickets sent via secure delivery, please include an additional $10 with your order.

The Ticket Team is working as fast as our little hands let us sort through the thousands of mail order requests we have received. We understand you are excited and anxious to get your tickets, but please try to be patient as we tackle this mountain. Sometimes no news is good news. If there is a problem or a question about your order, someone from the Ticket Team will contact you.

Questions? Check out the Ticket Frequently Asked Questions page:

Tickets FAQ

Back to the ticket mountain we go…

Bex and Frog and the **fantastic** team of Ticket Minions:

Usa, Termeh, Julie, Fred, Gabrielle, Daria, Laura, Lori, Anne, Wendy, Dane, Roseann, Kayte, Biddy, Jennifer, Moe, Andy, Dylan, Sha, Amy, Ted, …hope we didn’t forget anyone else who’s come in to help!!! (Thanks all!)

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I’d like to hook up with anyone that wants to put together a tap-dancing performance group. If such a group already exists, so much the better.

Thanks, Sharon O’Connell / s.k.oconnell(at)worldnet.att(dot)net
(no playa name yet, I’m a first-time attendee waiting for inspiration)

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A ship’s augur and electric drill work well to put rebar and poles into the playa. Just drill a hole and tap the rebar into it. Poles will slide in, but the hole needs to exceed pole diameter by 1/8 to 1/4 inch. In either case, the trick is to repeatedly and rapidly pull the spinning drill out of the hole, taking dust with it.

Says Robert W.!

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**********EVENTS AND HAPPENINGS********

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6 PM

Greeter training took place in Seattle in 2002, and we walked and talked and learned the H.A.P.P.Y about greeting. Greeters ROCK, and this year we are taking the training a little further north. If you have always wondered what it would be like to be a greeter, please join us. For those of you who have volunteered at Greeters in the past, we feel that our focus in 2003 needs to be put on giving it back. To show our appreciation, the training meeting will be part business, part pleasure. Yes, be prepared to party it up after an hour of business. BYO to contribute to the merriments. Join us in thanking each other for a volunteering well done, and share your experiences with those who have not greeted before.

Tammy’s house
2111 Alberta Street
(2 blocks east of Cambie between 5th and 6th)


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HAPPENINGS IN NJ – A report from Tacoland

On Saturday, Feb. 8th, the New Jersey Burning Man Core Group held a Burning Man Video Night at tacoboy’s home in Freehold (Tacoland) New Jersey.

Two videos were shown, “Gifting It” and “Fall of the Man 99.”.

16 people, 3 dogs, and 1 one-month old infant were in attendance.
8 of the 16 have been to Bman at least once.
2 have attended various East Coast Regional events only
6 have never attended any Bman related event
3 dogs were only concerned about who would drop some food on the floor.

Photo albums (1999-2002) were on display, Drama in the Desert Book, various memorabilia such as a jar of playa dust, some “black rocks” etc. including BM newsletters and info.

When the videos were over, the Drama in the Desert DVD was shown. Music through the evening featured only CD’s given to me as playa gifts. A 2 1/2″ EL wire man, mounted on plexi-glass decorated tacoboy’s front porch. Within minutes a older neighbor across the street phoned to inquire what that strange glowing man was about. I told her it was the logo for that camping thing I go to in the desert. She thought it looked “way cool” thinking it’s about a scouting group.

Our core group will meet in 2 wks to plan our next event. We plan to conduct a BM intro video night two or three times a year.

I cannot say enough about both videos – they are just too spectacular. They portray the soul of Burning Man. Thank you, to those who produced them.


Visit the New Jersey page at New Jersey Regional for more information on this region!

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5 PM

HeartBurn: Albany/Troy area Burning Potluck/Meet’n’Greet, the day after Valentine’s day

Who? YOU! *grin*

What? The first ever Albany-Troy Regional burning event! A chance to meet and have a blast with Albany-Troy area burners and people who might not yet know they are already burners! Maybe some talk of and planning for Playa Del Fuego and Burning Man 2003 as well.

When? February 15th, 2003. starting at 5pm.

Where? 2119 15th St., Flr. 1, Troy, NY (518)272-1394 directions here: rpi.edu/~marcuj/

– Anyone who is even remotely interested in Burning Man, Playa Del Fuego, or the like should come and build bonds with like souls. This is a no-spectators event, of course 😉 Food and drink will be provided via a gift economy… In other words, this is a *potluck* so bring your favorite food or beverage to share!!

– No need to live in Albany or Troy, all are welcome. If you need a place to sleep, just ask and ye shall receive! email me at albany-troy(at)burningman(dot)com

– Drama in the Desert book and DVD will be around for your perusal.

– There may also be a bit of fire dancing!!!… weather and LEOs permitting.

So come and get to know each other before we’re all drafted to the army! Come and upstage that silly hallmark(tm) holiday that precedes our get-together!!! Come and BURN stuff!!!


Questions? Write to albany-troy(at)burningman(dot)com. For more information on this region, visit the Albany-Troy regional page at Albany Troy Regional.

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7 PM

Many of you will know Rosin Coven from their performances on the playa in the Pagan Lounge, at the SF Decompression in 2001 and in the Center Cafe after the Burn this year. Members of Rosin Coven have opened an arts space in Berkeley and are having a dinner benefit February 15th. Here’s the info if you are in the area:

Epic Arts cordially invites you to:
“La Belle Epoque”
A Gala Benefit Dinner Affair
for our new facility, Epic Arts Studios,
a community arts and resource center.
1923 Ashby Avenue, Berkeley.

Saturday February 15th
Cocktail hour 7:00pm
Dinner 8:00pm

Celebrate art, culture, and beauty in the romantic setting of our historic Victorian parlour. Enjoy an elegant four-course dinner in the French style featuring guest chef Miss P Segal from Caffe Proust, musical interludes by Rosin Coven, and allocutions by $teven Ra$pa and other notables of the creative community.

Since 1997, Epic Arts has been committed to producing diverse cultural events and developing resources to support education, production, and participation in the arts. This very special evening benefits the opening of Epic Arts Studios and supports the development of an exciting calendar of intimate live performances, classes, workshops, and educational programming.

Your $100 per plate donation is tax-deductible, payable to Epic Arts, a California non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

RSVP early as seating is limited. Call Justin at 510.506. 2210 or email gala(at)epicarts(dot)org.

Further information and menu: Gala

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