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Another Marian JRS? Yes! Are you still taking in that Pink Census form? And, is “Confessions of a Burning Man” still playing in San Francisco? Yes. How was your Burning Man experience? Participate in the poll and tell everyone how YOU feel. Feel like a trip to the Black Rock Desert when there AREN’T 30,000 other people there? Wanna do some community service work with the BLM and other desert users while you’re there? How about Santa Cruz for some surf, sun, ‘ritas and Burning Man films? Oh, and you can engage in Fray Day in several cities around the U.S. What’s Fray Day?

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*** <>/<>/ URL worth looking at:

I’m sorry to gush again, but I just love Rick’s images.


Newbie report:


*** <>/<>/ What’s with that Pink Census form?

Hey, thanks for taking the time to fill out the census form. A couple hundred of you actually walked to the pink boxes (that we painted ourselves, and which I personally placed at Playa Info and the Ranger Outposts) and inserted the pink census forms for collection by us on Monday! A couple hundred of you have emailed us asking if 1) can we send you the pink census forms, 2) Can you give us the census online.

Answer: 1) here’s the address: Census, Burning Man, P.O. Box 884688, San Francisco, CA 94188-4688

Answer: 2) Well, I’d prefer we do this paper-based, but I relent. If you have filled out the paper-based version, do NOT fill out the online version. Thank you. Like last year, here’s the online version

And, for those asking about 2002’s census results. The pink paper-based forms were lost when the janitors threw them out. We do have 1500 respondents to the 2002 online version. We’ll make it available to you when we post the results from the 2003 census.


*** <>/<>/ What’s NEW on Burning Man dot Com?

This week’s poll: How was your Burning Man 2003 experience?

Ah, missed the Burn? The News section of the home page has your link to 26 minutes of it.

Have you seen “Confessions of a Burning Man” yet? It’s STILL in SF at the Metreon. There’s also an ART show of Burning Man work! Details on the home page.

October 12, Burning Man Decompression, ‘Heat the Street Faire’ San Francisco. Details on the home page.



*** <>/<>/ National Public Lands Day, 9/25-9/27

September 25-27
Black Rock Desert

Hey all: Burning Man has a board position on the non profit Friends of the Black Rock organization. Burning Man, FOTBR, and other desert users will be part of the national Public Lands Day. I participated last year, and explored an area in the Black Rock Desert I’d never seen before all to clean up messes left by other users. Skeet shooting disks. Ah, 3 of us spent over 4 hours picking up every last piece over a wide swath. Yuck. Met interesting people, and had a good time. Come and join us again this year!

National Public Lands Day 2003:

In order to celebrate, explore and give back to our public lands, land-management agencies, nonprofit organizations and citizen volunteers will be organizing the following event:

Black Rock Desert: Saturday and Sunday, September 27-28

WHEN: Saturday, September 27, 2003. (Activities are scheduled Saturday and Sunday, and people will be setting up Friday night. Feel free to join us for a few hours or the whole weekend).

WHERE: Camping on the Black Rock playa, with work projects to take place at various locations in the region. Please RSVP for DIRECTIONS TO THE CAMP and an agenda for the weekend.

WHAT: Work projects to fit every interest and fitness level will include litter clean up, habitat restoration and exotic weed removal. Other activities will include talks on Black Rock Desert geology, historic trails, wilderness, astronomy, “Tread Lightly” and “Leave No Trace” practices. The BLM will barbecue Saturday night dinner for all participants, and Friends of the Black Rock will provide breakfast on Sunday. There will be opportunities to hike and explore on Sunday before heading home.

Participating organizations: Bureau of Land Management, Friends of the Black Rock, Friends of Nevada Wilderness, the Oregon California Trail Association, Trails West, Burning Man, Northern Nevada Astronomy Society, Desert Survivors, High Rock Trekkers and the Motorcycle Racing Association of Northern Nevada

RSVP: Please RSVP, so we have an idea of how many people to expect, so we can bring enough food and tools for everyone. Those who RSVP will receive detailed information about where to camp and what to bring.

RSVP to either of the following people:

Vito Carmosino, BLM Volunteer coordinator, Winnemucca BLM, (775) 623-1771; Vito_Carmosino.

Brian Beffort, Friends of Nevada Wilderness/Friends of the Black Rock, (775) 324-7667; brian.


*** <>/<>/ Lost? Found? What?

The lost and found from 2003 is a rather small collection of cameras, video cameras, and keys. If you have lost something OTHER than a camera, video camera, or keys – please check the E-Playa to see if you can locate your missing stuff that way.

If you have lost a camera, video camera or a set of keys, please email us at lostfound

In the coming weeks we will develop all the film from the found cameras and will either post the photos or a descriptive list of the photos. Please check back with the JRS and/or the website.


*** <>/<>/ Complaint about Mutaytor

Okay, I am forwarding a complaint about sharing an email address at Burning Man for a seemingly reasonable purpose and the resulting “commercial solicitation” that came about. I’m doing this because this person’s gripe is real, valid and I fully support his issue. I believe most of you do also.

I should make it clear here, that Crimson has been in touch with Mutaytor, though someone else called her in return. And said there was a “mix up” and an apology would be sent out. Crimson asked that they remove all email addresses gained at Burning Man from their distribution list. So, if you receive an unwanted solicitation… please let them know you’re not pleased.

Additionally, On Sunday I was standing enjoying the Temple burn, when someone actually handed me a flyer for an upcoming event in San Francisco. I was so shocked and the folks with me quietly watched as I quizzed the woman. I wanted to know where she came off passing out promotional flyers at Burning Man? She stated that she’d not found any information explicitly forbidding what she was doing. Clearly she’d been asked already. I was stunned. Do we REALLY need to have rules for everything? Every time we create a new rule participants squawk like crazy. Shouldn’t intelligence and common sense rule. Do you all really want people to pass out flyers of events outside Black Rock City while we’re there? You tell me?

Here’s the complaint about Mutaytor:

<start letter>

Maid Marian
Mistress of Communication
Office of the Jack Rabbit
Re: Mutaytor’s Commercial Solicitation at the Man

Dear Maid Marion, JRS, and Burning Man Staff,

I know you folks are very busy now with serious matters, and I deeply appreciate all you do in so many areas. If you decide this is important enough, I respectfully request that you take action to address the band Mutaytor’s using the area at the base of the Man for commercial solicitation this last year.

Briefly, my wife and I were approached at the base of the Man by an earnest young man who said that Mutaytor was trying to break the Guinness World Record for number of drummers drumming at the same time, and asked if we would help. We agreed to drum at the appointed time. He asked us to write our names and e-mails on a list he had. He absolutely assured us it was only for Guinness’s use in validating participants in the drumming. I asked specifically if this would also be given to Mutaytor to send commercial solicitations. I said I absolutely did not want that and would ask Burning Man to investigate if I got any commercial solicitations from Mutaytor. He flatly assured me that would not happen. We believed him and provided our e-mail addresses.

I was very saddened to receive two e-mails yesterday that clearly asked me to buy Mutaytor CD’s and book them for paid events (text below). They also said they would be sending me similar solicitations on a regular basis. The e-mails said:

“Please contact tay (at) mutaytor (dot) com if you would like to book the mutaytor,” “you can pick up our CD’s and DVD’s at our website”, and “we’ll add you to our no-spam/no-chat mailings to periodically update you.”

As fellow Burners, I assume these are all very fine people who have simply made a serious mistake. I respectfully request that you ask for a public apology in JRS from Mutaytor for using the space at the base of the Man for commercial solicitation and to obtain e-mail addresses with false statements. Further I respectfully request that you insist that Mutaytor purge all e-mail addresses obtained at Burning Man through this misrepresentation from their databases in some verifiable way.

Thank you for all your diligent work in keeping Burning Man from being a commercial space.

Yours sincerely, Stardust,

<end letter>

There ya go, folks.



Come to Santa Cruz on Saturday, Oct. 4th from 2-8 pm for an afternoon and evening of burning film. Several shorts and features, all of vintage 2001 or later, will be shown at the Rio Theater. Burning Man Project founder and executive director Larry Harvey will give a talk, and after the films the group will move across the street to The Crepe Place for an outdoor afterparty. Tickets $15/$12 with three cans of food; playawear always encouraged. Children under 12 are free. More info, tickets, directions, and information about all the films at burningbeach.com/filmfestival2003.html. Questions? e santacruz (at) burningbeach.com.


*** <>/<>/ FRAY DAY IN 14 CITIES, OCT 3-5

Derek Poawzek’s Burning Man offshoot “Fray Day” storytelling celebration is coming up. (Derek’s Burning Man storytelling link is at powazek.com/burning_man. Fray Day 7 is a celebration of true personal storytelling that’s taking place in 14 cities worldwide October 3-5. Come to the event nearest you for true stories told live! Each event includes featured performances, interactive art, live music, and a storytelling open mic – so bring a story to tell! Full details are here:
frayday.com. The SF event is at the Victoria Theatre on October 4.


*** <>/<>/ REGARDING event posts… to the JRS

If you’re a regional, theme camp, whatever. Please use the Year Round Calendar to post your special event. You may also send your posting to the JRS for inclusion, but we don’t post everything we receive. And, starting today, unless you’re in the Year Round Calendar there is zero chance we’ll be posting it to the JRS. Send your post, YOUR event URL, and the Calendar URL to jackrabbitspeaks@burningman.com if you’d like to request an event posting. Events are posted at the whim of the Office of the Jack Rabbit. But, for the most part, here’s a guide. 1) We avoid posting fund-raisers for theme camps, but there’s always an exception; 2) We like to post regional events, but the accompanying email address must point to the regional in addition to any organizers of the event; 3) We rarely post events totally unrelated to Burning Man, but there’s always an exception.

Hope this helps.

Maid Marian


Mistress of Communication
Burning Man
jackrabbitspeaks (for questions and post requests)

The JRS: guaranteed to be interesting every now and then.

Old rabbits: burningman.com…jrs

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